best lovestory ever


I know you all scream queerbaiting and if it would end like that I could really understand the uproar. I’d be screaming, too if it really ends like that, but it will not. Just watch it from another side. Imagine there will be Johnlock. How could that be reached with the state the show is in right now? 

Everything came crashing down around John and Sherlock. Now it’s again the two of them against the rest of the world.

Mofftiss always put much love and detail in every single episode and scene. That’s not all just coincidence and they would not make such and effort and let it go to waste with a shitty last season that doesn’t make sense. 

What stood in the way for John and Sherlock to become what could be the best lovestory (n)ever told? 

1. Mary

2. Sherlock and John not talking about their feelings.

3. Mycroft meddling with some villains

4. Having an image of each other and not beeing sure if their love is mutual.

5. John trying to protect himself from beeing hurt

6. Sherlock trying to protect himself from beeing hurt.

1. That problem got solved in a way, I would say ;D. Even if I still think that TST went a little different and Sherlock is writing his own version while high.

2. They did talk. Not about each other but about John not beeing what Mary wanted him to be. What he himself wanted to be. John telling Sherlock that he did not kill Mary. Sherlock showing John that he will be there for him whatever happens, even if John beats him up and hurts his feelings.

3. I do think Mycroft has learned his lesson, whatever really happened.

4. They sorted their gridlocked images of each other out. John came to the conclusion that Sherlock does need romance. Sherlock now knows that John wants more than just playing the domestic husband. They come to the mutual understanding that they both are just human.

5. + 6. It IS just the both of them. When the world comes crashing down they are the ones that will protect each other. They will understand that their trust in each other will last even if they burn. 

Mofftiss wanted to write tv history. How else would they do it if not planting the image that it ended with a great friendship and everything is fine, right before they slap everyone with the truth that everyone who thought Johnlock wouldn’t happen is a fool and that their love for each other is the only thing that makes this series complete. That all the loose ends come together when Johnlock takes place. They needed to do this to make an impact on the blind people not seeing their love.

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