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Murata stream update: Suiryu, your desperation and concern are duly noted but the egg has already taken care of this monster situation!

Back with another update! Flowey gives a hint about how the Greater Dog fight went, and… states that he’s tired. But great, more Sans and Papyrus action! Who’s excited? Not Flowey :D

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“Over, under, or through,” Edilio said. “There’s got to be a way.”

“Kind of like when your folks came over the border from Mexico, huh?” Quinn said. 

Sam and Astrid both aimed shocked looks at Quinn. 

Edilio stood even straighter and, despite being six inches shorter than Quinn, seemed to be looking down at him. In a calm, quiet voice Edilio said, “Honduras is where my folks come from. They had to come all the way through Mexico before they even reached the border. My mom works as a maid. My father is a farmhand. We live in a trailer and drive an old beatee. I still have a little accent because I learned Spanish before I learned English. Anything else you need to know, man?”

Happy birthday Edilio (24.08.1994)!


camp weewees is back for its yearly update and its a whopping twO fully detailed pages this time!! we’ve come such a long way :’)

After WAY too much effort for only sub-par results, I have finally compiled a “My Fics” page

Go to the link below to see the full list of all my Cockles and Destiel fics– categorized by Angst/ Fluff/ Smut and Chapter Fics

I have written so much, that I thought it was about time I organized it so it was all a bit easier for you all to navigate.


                                          ~My Fics~


I mean… er… I did it! Here’s the page!! Look at that sick dodge B(

More next Saturday!! :D

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News of the psychotic breakdown incidents had brought her to Tokyo, though so far she had made little progress in her investigations with officials so tight-lipped. It was with a headache that Naoto entered the coffee shop, taking a seat at the counter and appearing lost in thought until the barista approached her. She looked up at the dark-haired teen, then at the menu. “I’ll have the house blend.”

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“What part of that gives me anything to work with? My choice is say nothing, be sarcastic or bark yes like a trained animal, it’s not a conversation you’re taking me verbally hostage.” -Summer Smith


my trust issues date back to 2012