best look of the night hands down

dreamy aesthetics

- flickering neon motel signs that always seem to be missing a really significant letter rendering the glowing word or phrase meaningless

- carnivals that move from town to town; the air hot and ripe with secrets and the sugar-icing scent of cotton candy

- those nights when the wind sounds like the breath of the beautiful stranger sleeping next to you

- crop circles and fields of singed grass where local residents claim alien ships land on the darker eves of the year

- the back alleys of the dingiest night club on the block that look like places where serial killers claim their victims or superheroes swoop to the rescue or cults practice witchcraft

- those nineties themed diners with rollerblading waiters, jukeboxes and cold fries but bucketlist worthy milkshakes

- sitting atop a rooftop you skilfully climbed up but with a terrifying prospect of getting down, pointing to every star that never granted you wishes running your hands through your best friend’s hair and the air feels like warm milk in the throat

- listening to a stream gurgling and gargling rocks in a forest so green it’s like sitting in the heart of an emerald

- binge watching the X-Files in your pajamas there’s chocolate chip ice cream and your two dogs are cuddled up against you, one on your lap and the other curled around your ankles

- greenhouses that swim with sunlight all these exotic flowers that you can’t name aquamarine and scarlet and canary yellow blooms it smells like dirt and honeysuckle and budding life

I used to secretly love doing this.

The waiting. Kneeling. Knowing I was about to make my Master feel very relaxed and help him unwind after a hard week of work. I loved being all dolled up and serving him in this beautiful way.

Clipping his nails. Trimming his beard. Shaving and massaging his glorious cock and balls was dessert.

Seeing the little look he got once he was truly relaxed and at ease was heavenly.

Getting to feel his soft balls in my hands while his cock was down my throat after we were done was pure satisfaction.

Knowing I’d get that satisfaction if I served him wonderfully enough made me want to do the very best I could every time. Bringing him joy and pleasure was my ultimate goal and on grooming nights I felt like I got to do it best.

Anti-Richonners claiming the reason that they are anti is because they ‘care’ about Michonne (even though I have seen hide nor hair of them when it comes to supporting her and DG) are showing their behinds.

I mean, does it look like Michonne needs their faux-concern? No, honey; she does not. She is the BEST and most skilled fighter in TF; excellent with hand-to-hand combat and can use various weapons. She is leading, alongside Rick, the fight against the Saviors. She has a loving family. She has a community. She’s getting dicked down by Rick 'I eat that pussy like the Last Supper’ Grimes every night. She is happy. She doesn’t need fake concern. She will, however, need support and love when the racists in fandom show their ugliness again. I hope to see the antis who are so worried about Michonne there with me defending her when this happens.

  • Aires: cigarettes, black hair, hot summer nights, first heartbreak, bruised knuckles.
  • Taurus: vanilla cake, first crush,hazel eyes, drunk laughter.
  • Gemini: texting on your first phone, first flower of spring, getting a C on a test, breaking wood.
  • Cancer: late night walks, drinking tea with your mom, holding hands for the first time, cold winter mornings.
  • Leo: playing with cats, pastel blogs, learning a new language, being asked out by someone you don't like back, high fiving your best friend.
  • Virgo: seeing your breath in winter, sitting by a warm fire with a pet, drinking beer at your first highschool party, crying on a notebook, hugging your first love.
  • Libra: looking through cracked glass, swimming at night, riding your bike down a hill, running with your favorite dog, laying in bed at 2 am.
  • Scorpio: being gently made love to for the first time, scraping your knee when falling, going to the hospital at 5 am, losing a friend, sitting in a car with your family.
  • Sagittarius: heavy breathing, warm blankets, seeing a newborn baby, holding a flower, childhood memories spending time with your siblings.
  • Capricorn: seashells, sandy feet, running as fast as you can, making new friends, changing schools.
  • Aquarius: rainy days, watching your lover sleep, nice clothes, planning your future with your friends.
  • Pisces: sitting on the beach at night with your highschool sweetheart, going to a fair or boardwalk amusement park, early morning snow, riding a school bus, reading a coming-of-age novel.


“Boo!” Your little girl woke the two of you up by shouting it as she ran into your room with her bed sheets dragging behind her on the floor and completely obscuring her little feet. Her first year trick or treating with the big kids had her wide awake until far past her bedtime last night and she refused to wear anything but her witch costume all day yesterday and today. When Luhan also put on some scar makeup to take her trick or treating, she started squealing in happiness and he had to pick her up to calm her down again. Holding her little pumpkin-shaped candy bag in one hand and Luhan’s hand in the other, she pulled him out the door into the cool evening, but not before looking back at you with a big grin. “Hurry up! Daddy said he knows all the best houses!” Luhan laughs at her enthusiasm - she got that from him - and holds out his open hand to you.

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Bloody Mikaelson’s - Kol x Reader

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Pairing: Kol x Reader

Prompt: Kol is jealous about you being affectionate with everyone but him. He decides to tag along when you go shopping to try and get you to like him more. Fluff and confessions ensue!

Warning: Smut (?)



You sat down next to Niklaus on the sleek leather couch, phone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. As you lent against him, his arm automatically wrapped around your shoulders. You and Klaus were best friends, the kinda of friends that spoon at night and talk about relationship problems. You sighed contently as you sipped your coffee. Despite his psychotic tendencies Niklaus was the biggest cuddle whore ever.

“What the hell! Why do you cuddle Nik like that and not me?” You heard a childish voice ask, looking up you see Kol stood there his arms opened wide like he was waiting for an explanation.

“Because little brother if she did, you’d try something extremely unrefined.” You heard Elijah’s sophisticated voice chuckle. You smiled when Elijah bent down and place a loving kiss on your forehead. To Elijah and Rebekah you were like a little sister.

“More so than you already do.” Nik added smirking to himself as he took a sip of your coffee that you hadn’t even realised he’d taken. You shot him a glare taking your coffee back before glancing up at Kol who was just glaring at everyone.

“Elijah gets to kiss you! Nik gets to cuddle you! What do I get!?” He growled angrily.

“A punch in the face if you carry on Kol.” You grunted as you went back to reading a post you had seen on Facebook. You heard a deep smooth chuckle from behind you resulting in you throwing you head back, hanging upside down to see Marcel stood directly in behind of you. Meaning your face was about 5 inches away from Marcel’s crotch. You stared at the fabric covering his jeans trying to see the shape.

“Are you finished staring at my crotch Y/N.” Marcel snorted making you tilt you head slightly.

“I’m trying to see if the myths about black guys is true.” You replied bluntly before sitting up and turning to Marcel kneeling up so you were looking into his eyes.

“It’s not always true but in Marcel’s case it is.” You heard a smug voice add, you looked behind Marcel to see Rebekah stood there with a smirk. She threw you a wink and walked over to sit with you.

“Jesus Bekah you got the full package huh? Voice that’s makes your panties wet, ripped as fuck, looks to die for and a big dick.” She laughed at your dreamy voice making you smirk.

“Y/N I adore you however if you could refrain from talking with my sister about her boyfriend’s genitals I would much appreciate it.” Elijah sighed shaking his head lightly as he continued to read.

“Sorry ‘Lijah, Nik.” You added knowing he was probably uncomfortable too. You scrolled through your Instagram liking a few picture along the way before you felt someone trying to shuffle there way between you and Klaus. You knew it was Kol straight away.

“Kol what are you doing?” You huffed making him stop moving as he settled down next to you. Earning himself a glare from Klaus.

“I’m coming to cuddle! I deserve affection too!” He exclaimed pairing his enthusiasm with a cheeky grin.

“Really Kol? I mean really?” You deadpanned making him shrug.

He wrapped his arm around you resulting in an eye roll on your part. You weren’t the closet with Kol, mainly because you never really spoke, not because you didn’t like each other. He irritated you and teased you but you knew it was all in good fun. You didn’t move away from his arm but you didn’t snuggle into him like you did Niklaus and sometimes Elijah. Elijah liked to cuddle on occasions, mainly when he was stressed. You continued scrolling through your Instagram, seeing a racy lingerie photo posted by one of the photographers you follow. You smiled and opened the comment box.

‘This is beautiful Jason.’ You commented on the photo before look at the picture again. It might be a lingerie photo but the way it was taken was art not sexual.

“Ooo I think you should do a photo like that and give it me for my birthday!” You heard Kol say from right next to you. You unwrapped his arm from you and moved to the opposite couch were Elijah was sat.

“Dammit come on Darling I was only joking!” Kol whined like a child who had just had his favorite toy taken from him. You didn’t respond instead picking up a pillow from the couch and throwing it at him. He caught it with ease and grinned very much resembling the Cheshire cat.

“Kol what did you do this time?” You heard a soft voice ask from behind you. You knew by the voice that it was Freya but you decided to drop Kol in it.

“He asked me for lingerie pictures for his birthday.” You pouted angrily as you looked at Freya with slight puppy dog eyes.

“Kol Mikaelson! That is no way to treat a lady!” Elijah and Freya shouted at the same time, I smiled at how much they were a like sometimes and turned to Kol who looked like he was ashamed in what he had just said.

“Sorry Y/N.” He muttered softly making you feel bad for ratting him out.

“It’s okay Kol. Anyway I’m going out today so I’ll see you guys later!” You hopped off the couch before you were stop by Niklaus.

“Where are you going?” Nik asked looking up from what he was doing.

“I’m going shopping. I realised I haven’t got much and I’ve been borrowing Rebekah’s clothes since I got here.” You smiled at him sweetly before leaning down and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Can I come with you?” You heard an unexpected voice ask. You looked over at Kol in surprise but nodded anyway because maybe it would do you some good to bond with Kol. After getting ready you met Kol in the courtyard, double checking you had your credit card and phone. Once you were sure you had them you nodded at Kol who offered you his arm. You smiled sweetly and took his arm gently before you both made your way out onto the bustling streets of New Orleans.

You stopped at the first shop and Kol had yet to let go of your arm which you found extremely endearing. As much as he was cheeky he was still a Mikaelson which meant he had to be at least 5% gentleman. You picked up a few different colored pairs of jeans, a few pairs of plain black leggings, some skirts and shorts before handing them to Kol who let go of your arm to help. You next went to get some plain vest tops, some crop tops and a few different types of blouses. You knew you and Bekah would most likely have a shopping spree soon so you only bought things you needs. Next you grabbed things like socks and tights, you tried to pay for them but Kol refused to let me and gave the woman his card. Kol took them bags from you and held them all in one hand before offering you his arm once again which made you grin threading your arm with his once again.

You laid your head on his bicep as you made your way to the nearest shoe shop. You strolled in with Kol and picked up a few different styles of heels and only 2 pairs of flats. One pair was running shoes and the other were a pair of sandals. You usually wore heels so you didn’t usually buy flats. They were only for when it was too hot and you couldn’t be bothered with the strain heels had on your feet. Once again Kol ignored your pleas to stop her paid for your shoes too. The last stop was a lingerie shop which made you snort slightly, remembering Kol’s teasing earlier. When you got inside you made your way to the simple 2 pieces sets. You looked the racks up and down before turning to Kol who unexpectedly looked quite uncomfortable.

You smiled reassuringly and quickly grabbed a few sets that you liked before making your way to the register, arm still linked with Kol’s. You set the stuff down smiling sweetly at the elderly woman behind the counter. Kol took out his card making me whine.

“Kol I can pay for them you don’t have to.” You sighed guiltily. He let out a chuckle grinning at you softly.

“I want to Darling.” He stated his pet name making you blush slightly.

“How long have you two been Married?” The little old lady asked as she accepted Kol’s card. You blushed further and was about to correct her but Kol nudge you and grinned.

“Not long.” Kol replied sweetly making you look at him with slightly widened eyes. After he retrieved the bags you made your way outside before you nudge him angrily.

“Why did you let her believe we were married?” You asked softly yet the hint of anger still evident in your voice.

“Because it’s not like we’re going to see her much and why spoil an old woman’s day by embarrassing her.” Kol stated with a small chuckle.

“So Mrs. Mikaelson how about we go get some food at the pub and then get all this stuff home?” He teased making you grin at his antics.

“Well if you insist Mr. Mikaelson.” You flirted. You grabbed some of the bags so you could intertwine your arms again which made him smile. After ate and laughed together you finally made it home Kol shouted at the top of his.  

“Y/N and I got married while we were out.” He knew his voice would reach everyone in the house and soon Nik and Rebekah came running out with wide eyes which made you laugh so hard you had to lean into Kol for support.

“You did what!?” Rebekah screeched making me laugh even harder.

“Yeah it was great there was sexy lingerie.” He nodded happily you saw the game he was playing and you decided to play along.

“Heels too die for.” I added nodding my head seriously.

“The dress she bought was absolutely beautiful.” Kol sighed dreamily almost making me crack.

“I contemplated getting my hair done but decided there wasn’t much point.” I shrugged.

“Oh and then we had a meal and a glass of wine!” Koll finished.

“Tell me you’re joking!?” Rebekah screamed her voice reaching the higher pitched stage. You looked at Niklaus who looked at you with wide eyes.

“But…But I had everything planned in my head!” Rebekah yelled making me and Kol look at her confusedly.

“Planned? Planned for what?” You asked cautiously.

“Yours and Kol’s wedding! Duhh!” She huffed angrily.

“What!?” You and Kol screamed in unison!

“We were joking Bekah! An old woman thought we were married and we didn’t correct her.” You replied laughing awkwardly.

“Oh okay that’s good because I planned everything.” Rebekah stated more calmly this type.

“Rebekah, Kol and I aren’t even dating…Why would we get married?” You asked looking up at Kol who just shrugged at you with wide eyes.

“I’m a woman that’s been around for 1000 years and I know that Kol is very clea-”

“Okay!!! That’s enough of that! Why don’t we go put your new stuff away?” Kol screamed interrupting Rebekah, his cheeks slightly flushed.

You shrugged it off and decided to follow Kol with the bags you were holding. Once you got to your room you fell forward onto the bed after dropping the bags. Kol fell onto it next to you, his warm brown eyes staring into your Y/E/C ones. You smiled sweetly at him before he reached over and tuck some of your hair behind your ear. You closed your eyes enjoying the feeling of his rough hand against your soft flesh. His hand lingered for a while before he pulled back making you almost whine at the loss of contact. You had been alive for over 200 years but Kol’s touch wasn’t like anything you’d felt before. It was gentle and loving, it undoubtedly made your heart flutter. You opened your eyes to see him staring at you like he had a question on the tip of his tongue but he couldn’t find the courage to voice it. Which you found ironic since he was usually so sure of himself.

You smiled at him shyly knowing full well you had a blush covering your cheeks. His hand reached back out but this time it gently cupped your cheek. You nuzzled into his hands before looking back into his eyes. You had both somehow rolled onto your sides in a loose fetal position, knees touching slightly. His thumb circled you cheek gently before he spoke up.

“I really want to kiss you right now.” He whispered softly, looking into your eyes as he spoke. You didn’t respond just looked at him waiting for him to reach over. He sat up leaning on his elbow as he lent down and brushed his lips over yours. You reached between your bodies your hand gently gripping his t-shirt. You finally felt you lips meets and it was like you heart was beating so fast it would leap out of your chest, your stomach was going wild with the strength of the butterfly’s you were currently experiencing. After a few minutes of tender kisses he pulled away slowly. You sighed happily as his eyes met yours once again. He laid back down on his side.

“Y/N I think I’m in love with you.” His voice was timid and scared you would reject him but his confession only made you heart leap with happiness. When you didn’t say anything he started getting up which made you panic.

“Kol…” He turned round to look at you, sadness in his eyes.

“W-Will you please make love to me?” You asked timidly a blush bracing your face once again.

“I know I’m not in love with you yet but you make my heart beat louder than it ever should, when you kissed me I felt like everything disappeared so if you give me time I think I could fall in love you…If I haven’t already…” You whispered your eyes meeting his as he stared at you with the biggest grin you’ve ever seen him were but this time it was filled with love and hope.

He rushed over to you as you knelt at the end of the bed. His lips crushed against yours his emotions bursting out through the kiss. His hands cupped both your cheeks, your hands were gripping his t-shirt as he gently laid you down. He hovered over you, his body on top of yours but not uncomfortable. You gripped his biceps as you whimpered into the kiss, your heart was going a mile a minute. He broke the kiss only to trail soft kisses down your neck causing you to shiver. His hands slid to the hem of your shirt tugging it slightly he looked up at you as asking for permission, you nodded biting you lip which made him groaned.

You both sat up so he could pulled you top off tenderly. You tugged his top off and dropped it on the floor before taking your bra off and letting it join the pile of clothes by your bed. He gazed at you appreciatively before laying you back down. His lips were soon kissing slowly down your neck to you breast before taking one of your nipples into his mouth gently swirling his tongue while using his left hand to caress your thighs. You let out a soft moan as he moved to your other nipple showing it the same affection.

His hand finally made its way to the button on your jeans. He undid the button before pulling away for my breast, pulling down your jeans and plum coloured lace that was under your jeans. He let them poll on the floor before kissing your stomach softly, his hands sliding up your thighs. You gasped as his thumb found its way to your clit, his kiss slowly getting closer to your appending arousal. You hummed in appreciation as his thumb made small delicate circles on your clit.

His lips moved to your thigh before kissing up until it reached your sex. His breath brushed over your dripping heat before it finally made contact. It started of slow and seductive but soon turned so dominant and fast. You were a writhing mess of moans and panting as you felt you orgasm approach. His tongue dip inside you a few time before it continues its assault on your clit.

“K-Kol gonna cum..” You panted as you felt your end coming nearer with every move of his tongue.

“Let it go baby…I got you.” He whispered sweetly his finger slowly entering you, curling to reach your most treasure spot. He went back to kitten licks as his fingers did the rest of the work.

“F-Fuck Kol feels so good…” You whined. You were so close to the edge you would practically taste it. And finally you fell.

“M’ cumming Kol…Holy shit!” You moaned loudly you hand clutching the bed sheets as your back arched up, your mouth falling open in a silent scream of pleasure. Koll pulled back and stared at your with a small smile.

“Good you look beautiful when you cum.” He leaned over and kissed your forehead gently. You were still panting at he pulled back undoing his jeans. You reached over as soon as his member was free but he stopped you shaking his head making you frown.

“Not that I don’t want your hand or mouth wrapped round…It’s just I feel need to feel you right now.” That sentence should have sounded dirty but when Kol said it, it sounded like pure love. You nodded and opened your legs further, he slid in between them. You slid your arms round his neck embracing him like he was breakable. He kissed your lips tenderly and he lined himself up with your entrance. You were panting slightly, gripping onto him tightly. He slid himself into you at an agonizingly slow pace but you knew this wasn’t him fucking you. This was him showing you how much you mean to him and that was better than a quick fuck.

“F-Fuck!” He swore his head resting against the point where your shoulder and neck meets. His breathing was heavy and he was gripping the sheets tightly. You knew he was trying to control himself so you cupped his cheeks and brought him up so you were face to face. You stared into his eyes as if tell him ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re doing so well’. He gave you a shaky smile and began slowly thrusting into you. You gripped onto his shoulders as your breathing started getting heavier as well. He changed his angles so he could hit your g-spot which made you arch up and whimper at the amount of love and pleasure you were feeling all at once.

Once you collected yourself slightly. You move you both into a different position so you could be closer. Kol sat on the edge of the bed, his legs hanging off the bed. You were sat in his lap, your chest and forehead pressed against his as you continued to move your hips. You were thrusting forward instead of up and down so your clit was gently rubbing as his pubic bone with every thrust. You threw you head back letting out a moan, Kol’s lips going straight to you throat placing soft wet kisses on the hollow of your throat. You started to feel yourself building steadily, moaned husky moans and panting getting loud with each thrust.

“Y/N I’m c-close..” Kol panted against your throat making you shutter out a breath.

“Me t-too…Cum with me…” You stuttered before letting out another choked sob. Your pace got slightly fast as your orgasm was finally reaching its peak. You pulled back and look into Kol’s eyes, His left hand cupping you cheek and he stared at you with so many unspoken words. His brows were furrowed and his eyes kept trying to shut as he neared his end. One arm wrapped around his neck and the other placed on his chest.

“I’m c-cumming..” You whispered against his lips your panting loud and deep. He nodded letting you know he was too you gasped as you finally came, your walls clenching around Kol triggering his orgasm.

Once you had ridden out your orgasms, Kol picked you up with shaky legs and laid you on the bed carefully. He crawled under the covers with you and pulled you into his chest, kissing you hair lovingly.

“I love you Y/N and I’ll wait forever if it means you’ll love me back.” Kol’s stated his voice was quiet and spent after earlier activities.

“It won’t take as long as you think…” I muttered into his chest before placing a kiss on his chest bone.


“It’s about bloody time!” Rebekah screamed as she slammed to door open.

“For the love of all that is bloody holy! Rebekah get out!” Kol screamed making you jump slightly which made him look down at you.

“I’m sorry baby I didn’t mean to make you jump…” He muttered apologetically.

“It’s okay. Nik! Can you respectfully drag your lovely sister…who I adore…out of my bloody room!” You screamed only making Kol chuckle but also making sure everything was covered before Nik came in. Nik soon came in and pushed Rebekah out the room but turn to look at us.

“I’m happy for you both. Hurt her Kol and I’ll dagger you.” Niklaus threatened before leaving the room and closing the door on his way out.

Bloody Mikaelson’s.

You were in another meeting taking notes to Steve’s left, as he was briefing the team on the upcoming mission Fury was sending them on. Your job was to document everything to put into files later on. So you were pretty much in charge of all the paperwork for and from the mission. You didn’t mind it since you were the one who was the best at it.

You jotted some notes down as Steve talked, but lost focus when you looked up. You couldn’t help but gaze at him. How he stood tall, pointing at the schematic map of the Hydra base they were going to infiltrate. They were going to be attacking at night so they wouldn’t be seen. Steve had decided to wear his stealth suit, the suit every female S.H.I.E.L.D. agent here has dreamt of. But you shook off the jealous feelings quickly, focusing back at the meeting at hand.

Thankfully it was over a little while later because the last fifteen minutes were absolute torture. Well not really, it was a number of notes and paperwork you would have to fill out later on. You began to pick up your papers when being the clumsy girl you were, you tripped over your own two feet and fell. Only to be caught by the man in blue.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?”

“You know my name? Uh…yeah, yeah, I’m okay. Just a little tired.” He helped you into a standing position and followed your gaze towards the mess of papers on the floor. Letting out a sigh of frustration, you knelt down to pick them up. Steve came up to help you. “You don’t have to help me you know.”

“I don’t mind, plus I quite like the idea of you getting distracted so easily. I mean it’s just a suit.” Your hand froze, a blush forming on your cheeks.

“W-Well, it’s not just the suit. I guess it’s mainly the man behind the suit.” Your words came out so quickly, you hoped he didn’t hear you. Standing up, taking the papers from Steve’s hands, he stopped you with a soft touch on your shoulder.

“How about getting coffee with me? Get to know the man behind the suit?” You were shocked, that Captain America, Steve Rogers actually asked you out.

“I’d like that Steve.” You smiled shyly at him. You swear you almost died on the spot when he leaned down to kiss your cheek gently.

“I’ll make sure not to wear the suit, no need for you to fall for me again. Course, I’ll be there to catch you if you do.” He winked at you and left you standing in the room, touching the place where he kissed you. A huge grin plastered on your face. You had a date with Steve Rogers.

this was a prompt??? from i think bee, wolf, and buffles????? maybe??????

“Alya out today too?” Adrien asks.

Marinette looks up from her sketchbook in surprise, pen dangling from her mouth. “Huh?”

Adrien is standing next to Alya’s seat and tapping his hand on the desk. “Nino caught that bug that’s been going around. I wasn’t sure if Alya went down with it too.”

Marinette thinks back to those texts from Alya the night before, the ones where Alya was insisting she was dying and then suddenly stopped before saying goodnight. She hadn’t checked her phone before leaving— she’d been running late again. She discreetly checks it under the desk.

From: the best™
To: partner in (phone stealing) crime

wont be in school

Marinette rolls her eyes.

From: partner in (phone stealing) crime
To: the best™

Feel better
Don’t die on me yet

Alya responds surprisingly fast for someone who, according to everyone else who’s been sick, probably is actually dying.

From: the best™
To: partner in (phone stealing) crime

too late
rip me
have fun dont die ill wait for u in the afterlife

Marinette puts her phone away and looks up to Adrien. “Alya says she’s dying.”

“That’s what Nino said too.” He taps the desk again. “Mind if I sit here then?”

“Uh…” Marinette’s brain decides that now is a good time for it to shut down. “S-sure!” she says as soon as she restarts. “I-I don’t mind.” She moves her sketchbook over a little.

Adrien smiles brightly as he sits down. “Thanks. Sitting by myself can get kind of lonely. And boring,” he adds, his voice dropping to the whisper.

“Y-yeah, I know what you mean.” Marinette stares down at her sketchbook, feeling her face grow hot as her cheeks go red.

Once class starts, it’s easier. It’s pretty easy to focus on the lesson and ignore the fact that her crush is sitting right next to her. She doodles mindlessly as she listens, letting herself fall into old doodle patterns. She never comes up with anything new during class, but it keeps her from getting too bored and from fidgeting constantly.

“Cute doodles, Marinette,” Adrien says as the class is packing up for lunch. “I love the little ladybugs.”

Marinette freezes. She slowly moves her gaze to Adrien’s arm. Which is now covered in her ladybugs. “OhmygodI’msosorry,” she says quickly, capping the pen and shoving it into her bag.

Adrien laughs. “It’s okay,” he promises. “I don’t mind, I really do like them.”

“It’s, um…” Marinette tugs on her hair. “Alya really likes Ladybug and so she likes it when I doodle them on her arm and it’s kind of a subconscious reflex now I mean I didn’t even realize I was doing it and you should’ve said something and I would’ve stopped because—” She tenses as he puts his hands on her shoulders.

“They’re cute,” Adrien insists. “I promise I would’ve told you to stop if I had wanted you to.”

“O-okay. If you’re sure.”

He smiles and she melts. “Of course I’m sure.”


Tiny black box felt burning and heavy in Elijah’s pocket. You thought it was going to be just a date night with dinner but he had planned it all to be perfect. Because you deserved only the best. Elijah was nothing less than nervous, nearly in state of panic. For goodness’ sake, he was centuries old original vampire but he couldn’t get his nerves to calm down.
“Elijah? Are you alright?” You approached him slowly, placing your hand on his shoulder. He turned to look at you, smiling warmly. 
“I’m fine, my love. I have been thinking something”, Elijah said before dropping on one knee in front of you, making you to gasp as surprised.
“(Y/N), you’re love of my life. I love you more than anything. Will you marry me?” He pulled the box out of his pocket, showing you a ring inside it. You were in edge of tears but your smile was so wide and bright.
“Yes, of course I’ll marry you. I love you, Elijah.”

Someone To Love (One Shot AU)

Pairing: Bucky x pregnant!reader

Word count: 1,076

Warnings: like, 4 swear words

Genre: fluff, I suppose

a/n: Perhaps there could be a part two  if any of you wanted it

Walking around with heavy shopping bags while being six months pregnant probably wasn’t your best idea, and to make it worse, one of the bags had fallen from your hand, spilling all of its content on the busy sidewalk.

Now, getting all the contents was going to be pretty difficult with your belly, and no one seemed to have the decency  to stop to help a pregnant lady.

Bucky was walking back home, looking down at his phone, waiting for his best friend, Steve, to give him an answer regarding their plans that night, until he bumped on someone, you.

You fell on your butt -fortunately- and squealed, surprised as to how you ended up sitting on the sidewalk. Realization settled in and you looked up at the stranger who made you fall.

The man was looking down at you with big blue puppy eyes, trying to form the words to apologize to you.

“Don’t you ever look when you walk?,” you said first, your brows furrowed at the man, who, you had just noticed, was handsome – brown, soft looking hair that reached his built shoulders, lips so pink tha made you want to bite onto them, and a jawline for days.

And now you were getting horny. Blame the hormones.

The stranger seemed to break out of his trance after hearing your words -

“I’m - I’m sorry,” he said with a deep voice that made goosebumps appear on your skin, extenting a hand for you to take, “please, let me help you,”

You took his hand and thanked him for his help. Meanwhile you had forgotten about your bags on the hard floor,

“Shit, my bags”, you said, looking at a can of sauce. Not even a second passed that the man, whose name you had yet to find out, was already kneeling down, taking the contents from the floor and putting them all in the bags.

“Hey, you don’t have to do that, it’s fi-,” but he soon interrupted you,

“Hey, no, it’s my fault, I should have looked where I was going,” he told you, showing a smile that took place as an apology, he then extended – again -  his hand to you as a sign for you to shake it.

“My name is Bucky,” he said, as you took again his hand, softly shaking it, “Nice to meet you,”

You smiled at him, the fall now forgotten and you had fallen on your butt, so your baby was fine,

“I’m Y/N, nice meeting y-,” but you didn’t get to finish your sentence as you saw Bucky’s eyes widening-

“Shit! I’m sorry, I-I didn’t know you were pregnant, shit! Fuck! Are you okay? Do you need an hospital?,” he kept on moving his hands around, sweat forming on his forehead.

You promptly stopped him- “Hey, it’s okay,” you rubbed your growing belly, “We’re fine, no need to worry,”

He let out a sigh of relief as he saw you were fine, “Here, let me at least take your bags for you -  you shouldn’t be carrying them anyway,” he then proceeded on taking the bags that you had managed to save from the fall, plus the ones he was already carrying as he had retrieved them from the sidewalk when he had helped you up.

You honestly didn’t have the heart to tell him to do otherwise, because you were simply hoping to discard the weight of the bags on your kitchen counter as soon as possible.

“Thank you, Bucky”you smiled at him again and then showed him the way, and you both started walking towards your home.

Bucky was the first one to start a conversation as you were passing the park where all the children were playing with their parents, thinking about the fact that pretty soon you’d be the one playing with you baby boy. The thought warmed your heart, but at te same times you were sad – sad because the father wouldn’t be there for the both of you, since he had decided that a baby was a responsibility too big for him.

And Bucky seemed to know just what you were thinking about as he asked,

“So, what are you doing out alone in your conditions?” he turned to you a bit, genuine curiosity showing on his face, “Shouldn’t your husband – or boyfriend –  be here to help you?”

You broke away your gaze from the park and the children, turning to him,

“Well, truth is, he left me…just after I told him I was expecting a baby, said it was too much of a responsibility for him,”

“Oh, sorry, didn’t know,” he went on, “He sounds like an asshole,”

“He is…”

You kept on walking, an unconfortable silence between the two of you, that he, once again, decided to break.

“Hey, I know it could seem weird, but, you know, I’m here if you need someone, and I know you shouldn’t trust strangers, but hey,” he smiled, a hint of a blush showing on his cheeks, “I swear I’m not that bad,”

You genuinely laughed at how cute he looked, “Don’t worry, you don’t look like a maniac,” and a smile stretched on his handsome face.

Before you had noticed, you reached your house and you turned to him, smiling,

“This is my stop,” you turned around, putting the key in the lock and twisting it.

Bucky broke out of his daze, he was looking at you as you were the most beautiful woman he had ever seen,

“Okay, should I put these inside for you?”, he told you, nodding at the bags.

“Sure, thank you,” you smiled and blushed, not used to having someone in your house.

You both went in, “You can place the bags on the counter,” you pointed the kitchen and then took off your coat, “Would you like some tea? Coffee?”

Bucky took off his coat as well, after putting down the bags, “Yeah, tea would be nice, if it’s not a problem, perhaps I could help you and-”

You interrupted his rambling, “Bucky, dear, stop, I’ll go prepare some tea, you can sit down. You’ve already done enough for me,”

Bucky listened to you and sat down, while you prepared tea, the groceries long forgotten.

And as the night went on and you and Bucky kept on talking and sharing stories, you felt less alone and hope sparked in you that you had found a friend, and, perhaps, someone to love.

Chemistry (BTS Namjoon)

Genre: HighSchool!au, just disgusting fluff ugh

Word count: 3,574 (BTS Rap Monster/Namjoon/김남준

“Y/N, are we getting coffee after school?“ Nari asks you. You look at her, and she has two heads, and the room is spinning. You rub your eyes and look again, and everything is normal. Your eyes focus on your best friend, and you try to decipher her question.

She looks concerned. Her hand touches your arm, and you remember your answer.

“Yeah, of course. Coffee. Yes,” you say, rubbing your eyes again. You look at your hands to see eyeliner on them. “Shit,” you whisper, and excuse yourself from the table to use the bathroom.

As you walk down the hallway, you keep your eyes glued to the floor. You don’t want anyone to see you with your eyeliner everywhere. You almost never fall asleep in class, but you couldn’t sleep last night. Your mother said it was because it was a “full moon” but you have your doubts.

Once you reach the bathroom, you look at yourself in the mirror, and it startles you.

You don’t recognize yourself as you try to wipe the excess makeup off of your face. It looks like you haven’t slept in days, and you probably haven’t. After getting the makeup off of your face, you look better. However, now you don’t have any makeup on. You decide that you don’t care, and you exit the bathroom.

Once you open the door, someone slams right into you, hitting your shoulder with the door. Pain spreads down your arm, and you curse loudly.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” a girl says quickly before hurriedly scurrying into the bathroom behind you.

You mumble that it’s okay as you walk down the hallway, back to class. You secretly hope that Nari was taking notes for you, as you hadn’t been paying attention at all. Especially this class, it was your worst grade and you had to keep your grades up or you’d get disappointed.

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We’ll Never Be Truly Free

(Tw for Henry Laurens manipulating the Bible and being a homophobic jerk!!! Wanna read the first three chapters? Here you go!)

CHAPTER FOUR: Between the sinners and the saints

“Remember Bible School?”

John was seated at the kitchen table, the informal one he and his sister typically ate at, most nights without their father. His younger sister, Martha, was seated across from him, on the side of the table that had a bench instead of chairs. John remembered how they used to lie down on it during rounds of hide-and-seek with their parents when they were younger. They thought it was the best hiding spot ever.

Martha looked like she wished she could hide there right now.

Henry Laurens was seated at the head of the table, hands folded and placed atop the woven placemat in front of him. There was a serene look on his face. If John didn’t know his father’s stance on weed (“it’s the devil’s plant!”) he would’ve sworn his father was high.

“Of course,” John said after a tense few seconds of silence passed between the three of them.

“What are some Bible stories you two remember from those days?”

John knew something was up. His father never asked them questions just to get to know them. Or at least he didn’t anymore. John knew there was an alterative motive–– he just wasn’t sure of what it was yet.

“‘Jonah and the Whale!’” Martha offered.

John smiled. That had been Martha’s favorite story as a child. I want to go in a whale’s belly, she’d told John. John had been too wooed by her cuteness to tell her what the story was really about.

“Moses and the Israelites fleeing Egypt,” John said with much less enthusiasm.

“Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors,” Martha added.

“The Prodigal Son,” John said with a smirk.

Their father looked as if he wanted to say something to John about that last one, but Martha thankfully saved him with another title.

“Noah’s Ark!” She exclaimed.

Another favorite of hers. She’d even had a Noah’s ark playset, carved from the wood of trees that were (supposedly) from the Holy Land. John wondered where his parents had ever found such a thing, and who had ever decided to make it in the first place.

“Good, good,” their father said, holding up his hands as if to silence them.

John hated that it worked.

“There is one that they probably didn’t tell you,” Henry said, expression still serene, but considerably more solemn. “Have you ever heard the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?”

John froze. Martha, only ten, still so pure and innocent, shook her head no and looked at their father expectantly.

John hated him right now. He hated that he was going to tell Martha such awful things. He hated that he was going to have to hear them. He hated that their father was using the fact that he rarely interacted with his children to draw them, or at least Martha, further and further in. She obviously craved his attention, and Henry, of course, knew that.

“Well, let me tell it to you,” he said with an eerie smile. He looked at John. “Do you know this story?”

John could feel the malice, the challenge, behind his father’s words. “Yes,” John said, not caring to keep the bitterness from his voice any longer.

“Then perhaps you would like to tell it?”

John narrowed his eyes at his father. If he wanted to play it like this, then, by god, they would play it like this.

“Sure,” John said. He cleared his throat and looked at Martha, making sure to smile and use a lighter, more lilting tone for her sake. “Sodom and Gomorrah is a story from the Old Testament, from Genesis.”

“That’s the one with Adam and Eve!” Martha said, excited to know something about this story already.

“Yeah, it sure is,” John said, the smile on his face hurting something deep inside him, like maybe his soul.

If you even have one of those still, a voice in his head snickered.

“So in the story, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah are doing bad things. Naughty things,” John continues, pulling out his best storyteller voice. “And God is very angry with them.”

“What were they doing?” Martha asks, brown eyes wide.

“They were being inhospitable to their guests,” John said. He saw his father tense out of the corner of his eye, so he continued on before he could stop him. “They were being very rude to the people who were visiting them from other places, and God didn’t like that.”

“So what’d he do?” Martha asked, her voice a curious whisper.

“He struck them and all but one other city surrounding them and burned them to the ground.”

“But all those people!” Martha exclaimed.

“They were sinners, Martha,” Henry interjected. “And your brother left out a vital part of that story; a part that explains just why God was so harsh and swift in his judgement of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“What was it?” Martha asked, looking back and forth between John and their father.

“Finish the story, John,” Henry demanded.

John thought about resisting. He thought about playing dense, claiming not to know it. But his father would know that was a lie. His father would see right through it, and the consequences would be much worse.

Still, these words pained him. How many dreams he had had about their house burning around them, fiery wooden beams falling, crushing Martha, trapping him.

“So of the people in the city were engaging in… sinful behavior.” The word hurt him. It hurt him so badly.

“What was it?” Henry prompted his son.

“Men were loving men,” John said. “In a way that is unnatural. In a way that is an insult to God.”

“That’s right,” Henry said with a stark nod.

Martha’s eyes were wider than John had ever seen them.

“So we have a new lesson to add to our repertoire today, kids,” Henry said as if they’d just finished some fun activity. “Love is between a man and a woman. Anything else––” He looked John in the eye. “Anything else is a sin.”


This week’s activity to counter-act the awful things the Trump Administration is doing is perfect for all you writers out there. Here’s all you’ve got to do!

1) Get a post card.
2) Write a note to Trump about a policy of his you disagree it. Make it personal, make it political, make it a combo of both–– just let him know how this is hurting you and those you care about.
3) Mail that post card to President Donald Trump / 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW / Washington, DC 20500
4) Have a lot of issues with Trump? Write and mail as many cards as your heart desires! ;)

Get writing, kiddos, and feel free to submit pics of the cards you write to me so we can share it with the fam! <333 Stay strong and keep fighting! We’re gonna defeat him as long as we do it together <333

Die A Happy Man

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 1,250 

Song: Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett

Warnings: This song being cute as fuck, other than that we’re all good

I was listening to the 59th Grammy Awards playlist on Spotify and was inspired by this song, plus as much as I may not care for it, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so heres a hunk of Dean for you to dream about.

A/N: I am thinking about posting more versions of these with Sam, Cas, etc. Let me know if you like this and want more Valentine themes ;) 

Originally posted by sweetpea9873

Baby, last night was hands down
One of the best nights
That I’ve had no doubt
Between the bottle of wine
And the look in your eyes and the Marvin Gaye

Dean was never a romantic and he always refused to completely let his wall down. That was before you came along.

The scars of his past, both mental and physical, made it hard for him to express his love for you the way he would like to, but with a little help from a Cosmopolitan article and his not so little-little brother, Dean figured out how to show you what he was feeling.

Although neither of you truly cared for Valentines Day, it was the perfect time for Dean to tap into the inner chick-flick side he always kept quiet.

Except for his moments of weakness when he slips out of your shared room to watch Dr. Sexy MD.

Without your knowledge of where he was taking you, Dean began to explain why, all of a sudden, he wished to preform such a romantic act.

“I wasn’t originally planning to do something this extravagant, but after all this time of you knowing me, let alone us being together, I think its time I show you how much you mean to me.”

Dean stopped driving and pulled the car over on a small dirt road next to a large lake. Exiting the car, he opened the truck to the pitch black Impala which reveal a large plaid blanket and a basket holding wine and desserts.

“What movie did you get this from?”

You teased, nudging him with the side of your arm.

“Shut up, (Y/N).”

You laughed, closing the trunk for him due to his filled hands, and followed him off the dusty road and through the green grass, brightened by the sunset. 

Dean carefully laid the blanket down close to the lake and sat down, carefully placing the basket to his right and began patting the spot next to him.

Sitting down next to him, he placed his arm gently behind your back and kissed you on the cheek.

“Are you feeling okay? Never once in my time knowing you, you’ve never acted this way before.”

“I feel fantastic, in fact I don’t think I have ever felt better.”

Dean responded with a smile, pouring the dark red wine in two glasses for you to share. When he finished pouring, he placed the cork in the bottle and set it aside, raising his glass for a toast.

“To us.”

“To us.”

With the clink of a glass and a sip of wine, the night begun. Taking a night to break the stereotypical mold of a hunter, you and Dean laughed, smiled, sang, joked and kissed all night long until the whole bottle was gone. 

Dean stood up, a smile still evident on his face and pulled his phone out of his pocket. Thinking that the night was coming to an end, you frowned wishing that this affectionate side of Dean would last longer. As you stood up, music began to play out of his jacket pocket where he had placed his phone and gently took his hand in yours. 

Then we danced in the dark under September stars in the pourin’ rain

In an effort to get you to dance, Dean began to sing along to the song and subtlety sway his hips to the tune of the guitar. Swinging around the blanket and towards the edge of the lake to the sound of the soft country music, You smiled at Dean and looked up after feeling rain drops on your face.

When you looked back down, Dean’s forehead and cheeks were covered in clear water droplets. 

Giggling, you laughed and wiped them away, only for identical droplets to appear seconds after you removed your hands from his face.

And I know that I can’t ever tell you enough
That all I need in this life is your crazy love

Dean was smiling back at you, when he placed his thumb over cheek and took away some of the rain drops. Slowly, he leaned in and placed his forehead on yours, while you moved your hand to meet his.

“(Y/N), as you know I am not a sappy man, but when you are around you make my knees go weak. In this life there aren’t a lot of perks, but you make me the happiest man to walk the earth no matter the situation. Hell, I could be surrounded by evil but as long as you’re around, I’ll forever be smiling. I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N), and I don’t think I could tell you that enough.”

He lifted his head off of yours and placed his hands on your hips, still swaying to the beat now nearing towards the end of the song.

“Dean Winchester, I love you too. I don’t know how we ended up here with all that we have been through, but I’m sure as hell glad we did. You make my life so much easier, and I’m glad that you’re always by my side.”

Pulling you closer, Dean placed his lips on yours. His soft lips moved against yours gently, as if you were a thin piece of glass. When the song ended, he slowly pulled away, although neither of you wanted to separate. 

If I never get to see the Northern lights 
Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night
Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand
Baby, I could die a happy man

“There’s one more thing I want to say, before we pack up and go.”

You nodded along and encouraged him to continue.

“In this life that we lead, there isn’t really a big chance for us to be happy. Most hunters die alone one way or another and I always believed that’s exactly how I was gonna end up. (Y/N), you have no idea how glad I am that you came into life, you bring out the best of me and I wouldn’t want to ever dream of losing you so-”

Dean got down on one knee, laughing to himself about the many cliche lines he used to get your attention, while you stood there with a grin on your face and you hand covering your wide smile. 

“While I may not be able to travel the world and see the Northern Lights or the Eiffel Tower in my lifetime, if you could do the honor of letting me be your husband, I will be able to die a happy man.”

Now, with tears falling down your face, you nodded your head and stuck out your left hand out for him to slide the ring on your finger. Dean then stood up mud now on his knee from the ever falling rain. Grinning like a beautiful idiot, the moonlight reflecting off the tears in his bright green eyes. 

You placed your hand on his cheek and wiped away a tear that had strayed away from his eye, leaned in and kissed him again, this time more eager and ecstatic, the excitement running through both of your veins.

When you separated, he took you hand a let out a long held breathe.

“I was so damn nervous.”

You shared a laugh and leaned into his side, helping him fold up the blanket. 

“How could I say no to a man as great as you?”

I could die, I could die a happy man

Movie night - Kyungsoo (18+)

You plop down into the large seat with a soft sigh, looking over at the two others couples as you scrunch your nose, having just realised you chose the wrong seating area, having decided the best place was right at the back. You sigh again but just shrug, unable to do anything now as you prop your feet up on the seat in front of you, turning when your best friend makes his appearance. 

‘Right so I got the popcorn and threw all the chocolates in there.’ He grins and hands the box over, making you grin right back as you pat his head. He gives you a disgruntled look and pushes you back, making you laugh and turn to face the screen.

You don’t realise that he’s caught sight of the other pairs, his eyebrow raising at the blatant PDA they’re showing as he glances over at you, leaning closer to whisper.

‘I didn’t realise we paid to watch porn.’ You snort and throw popcorn into his mouth, forcing him to munch on it as you give him a look.

‘You pay for that channel anyway Kyungie~’ You sing song, giggling lightly in accomplishment at the sight of his shocked face, blinking cautiously when you see him quickly recover and move closer to you.

‘I don’t remember you complaining when we used it the other night to fuck each other.’ He whispers brazenly, winking at you when your mouth drops open, taking the chance to grab some of the popcorn and shove it in your own mouth. He chuckles under his breath and turns to focus when the movie starts, happily ignoring your splutter. 

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okay but i guarantee you slytherin upperclassmen are the nicest upperclassmen ever (within their own house of course)

  • dont have any more ink? lily in sixth year has some that turns misspelled words red so mcgonagall wont take points off
  • cant figure out the cheering charm and flitwick’s quizzing you on it after lunch? you can test it on me, my roommates great with countercharms just in case
  • gryffindors been bullying you? the prefects will be glad to ambush them and dock obscene amounts of points
  • guess who go a care package from home? the entire house practically bc emily from fifth year’s mom makes the best cookies you will ever have in your life and her mom cant bake enough
  • fifth years risking being late to their own classes bc the firsties havent gotten the hang of the castle yet
  • magic maps that outline the best paths to each class that are handed down to the incoming first years 
  • cant seem to stop blowing up your cauldron and snape’s face is a permanent look of hatred? there’s an empty potions room on the third floor and we do friday night tutorings
  • i just
  • upperclassmen taking care of the underclassmen
Take Me Back, Please?

Request: Can you do one were Grant cheats on the reader and the reader finds out and Grant does everything to make it up to her..?

Author: Cailynn

Word Count: 1,234


“Is something happening between you and Grant?”

I almost choked on my coffee at the openness of the question. Candice looked at me with concern-filled eyes. Thoughts of all the missed dates and late nights waiting for him ran through my mind.

“ I mean, we aren’t in our best place right now. He’s been missing a lot of dinner dates which has lead to fights. Other times, he’s not coming home until the late hours of the night but he never tells me where’s he’s been.” Tears pricked their way around my eyes and I began to shake due to the painful memories. Candice and Danielle wrapped their arms around me, running their hands up and down my back in attempt to console me.

“Oh (Y/N), I’m sure everything is going to be fine. Grant loves you so much. If I knew you were going to get so upset, I wouldn’t have asked, it’s just Grant has been acting a little strange and we were concerned,” Candice stated still trying to comfort me.

“No, it’s fine. I’m just afraid that we’re falling apart and I don’t want to lose him,” I said, my voice still shaking from the present tears. Danielle rubbed her hand up and down my arm. “Well I guess I better get home, since Grant is actually there.” I picked up my purse and walked out of Candice’s apartment.


When I got back home, I noticed an unknown car parked in our driveway. I opened the door and took my shoes off, quietly closing the door behind me. The comfort of mine and Grant’s shared home filling me with instant relaxation.

Suddenly, I heard a high pitched squeal coming from upstairs. I walked upstairs to fulfill my curious mind. Standing outside of the bedroom door, I heard excessive moaning and panting. Tears began to collect around my eyes as I opened the door to confirm my suspicions. There he was, Grant was having sex with another girl in our bed. Neither of them noticing my presence, I walked into the closet and grabbed my suitcase. When I heard the moaning stop, I turned and looked towards the bed and made eye contact with the random girl.

“Grant, baby, who is that on the floor with a suitcase,” the girl said, causing Grant to stop his actions and look over. Grant quickly got off the girl and started putting his clothes on.

“Get out!” He shouted at the girl and pointed towards the door. He made his way over to me and started taking clothes out of my suitcase. Tears flowed freely from my eyes as I put the clothes back into my suitcase. Grant pulled my shoulders, forcing me to make eye contact with him. My puffy, red eyes matched similarly to his as he wrapped me in his embrace.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), it was an accident.”

“Oh, so putting your penis into someone’s vagina is an accident? No, Grant, It’s not an accident! Why did you do it? Am I not good enough for you?” I shouted at his sobbing form, stuttering over several words. Grant looked at me with sympathetic eyes, and pulled me into his embrace again.

I yanked myself out of his tight embrace, beating his chest with my fists. He made an effort to wrap his arms around me again, tears rolling down his face. He ignored the punches that I was throwing into his rib cage. I sobbed harder as he tried to pull me closer, me pushing him away with all the strength left within me. I was too weak to let go. After giving up resisting, I let him engulf me into his arms. Tears continually fell from both of our eyes, mine soaking his chest.

“Why?” I let out softly after a while of silent crying between the two of us. He let out an exasperated sigh. “Why?” I repeated. I felt one of his warm tears fall onto my shoulder. He didn’t say anything, because he didn’t know why. I stood up, leaving him sitting on the bed.

“(Y/N), please don’t go. I-I love you,” Grant pleaded as tears fell from his eyes. I shook my head, whimpering at his soft and broken words. Without looking back, I shut the door and left.


After a while of driving around, I found myself back at Candice’s apartment. I parked my car and knocked on her door.

“(Y/N)! What happened?”

The once silenced tears began to speak again. I through my arms around Candice in a search for comfort. She lead me inside and sat me on her couch.

“(Y/N), tell me what happened.” Candice spoke in a soft tone. I attempted to calm myself down and I wiped away my tears. “G-Grant… Grant cheated on me. When I got back to our house today, I walked into our bedroom and I caught him there with some random girl.” Sobs rushed over my body once again.

Candice’s arms wrapped themselves around my body. “How could Grant do this,” Candice asked loudly, “(Y/N), he won’t get away with this. Just wait until I'm  at set in a couple of days and I’ll make sure I give Grant a piece of my mind.” Candice’s furious mini-speech made me let out a small laugh. “Well, before I bore you with the details of how your ex will regret what he has done, you must be exhausted. Go to my spare room and get some rest,” Candice said, noticing my yawning.


I was awaken in the middle of the night by shouting coming from the living room. I open the door to where there is a little crack so I can hear better.

“Please Candice, I’m begging. Just let me see (Y/N).” Grant. Why was he here? He has already caused enough distress.

“No Grant. You had one job and that was to be true. I know her and you’ll never find anyone as trusting or as kind. You’ve really messed up.”

I walked out of my room and down the small hallway making myself known. Grant looked over Candice’s shoulder and stared at me. His hair was disheveled, pieces sticking up all around his head. His eyes were not their usual bright green, in fact, they were red and puffy. His cheeks were still wet from his tears. At the sight of me, Grant’s tears started again. Candice turned to me, “(Y/N), go back to sleep. I’ll get rid of him.”

I pushed past Candice and made my way to Grant. “No, I feel like I should let him explain himself.” I looked at Grant. There was a moment of silence between us. “Well, start explaining,” I said crossing my arms.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry about what I did. Even before I started missing our dates, we were fighting non-stop. I thought that I wasn’t making you happy anymore. I was so afraid that you were going to leave me. Look at where we are compared to where we started, I know I don’t deserve you (Y/N). Take me back, please?” Grant’s eyes were cloudy with tears.

“You get one more chance but if you pull a stunt like this again, we’re through.” Grant pulled you into a tight embrace and kissed you passionately.

“That’s all I’m asking for, love.”

Drunken Confessions

minhyuk x reader 


585 words

anon nymph wished – hey can i request a no.89 with minhyuk? thanks :)

Hi dear! I apologize in advance if this one is a little all over the place, -.- I’m in the middle of three papers for my classes and I’m swamped to say the least but I haven’t forgotten about you guys and I hope you forgive me! TT I do hope you still like your gift! 

- Pasithea

#89 Are you drunk?

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Stay The Night

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Word Count: 3,089

Based on: Prompt #345 from this post

You sighed as you heard the familiar fanfare of the song that the string quartet had already played several times tonight and watched as men scrambled to find eligible dance partners. Soon, the whooshing of skirts sounded in time with the music, and you looked down at your clasped hands in disappointment.

In your opinion, these wretched balls were always wastes of time. Even though you were the best friend of the highly desired Schuyler sisters, your reservedness usually kept you out of the limelight. Plus, the dresses that you always wore to these events always seemed to start itching halfway through the night, making it less than attractive to keep standing around. Peggy always insisted that you go, though, telling you that men always cowered in the sight of true beauty.

The said sister was talking your ear off at the current moment, not heavily concerned about the fact that she had been whisked away by suitors only a couple of times. She loved watching Eliza and Angelica have their fun and claimed that she would soon have hers as well.

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If you think you don’t have anyone,
just look at your hands,
and remember how perfectly they held mine.
And if you feel like you need a bottle
to remedy the things that keep you awake at night,
then drink up,
and call me about what is breaking your heart.
If you get plastered, and can’t think straight,
I will take you to your best friend’s house
and lay you down next to him with a kiss on your forehead.
If you need a day off,
then I will go with you into the woods to lay on the forest floor,
and the creatures making noises around us will sing to you,
trying to patch up the holes you have with their beautiful notes of life.
You are leaking, and I have no disposition towards the blood.
I am here, and I will tell you every minute:
“I won’t leave,”
even if you continuously forget -
and I know you do.
—  January 7th, 2016 (g.p.)