best logo ever ;~;

The Genius That Is Kwon Jiyong

  • Before anything else this logo was copyright protected.
  • Coup d’etat means a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government. (This logo was the inverted symbol used by SK voters to mark their ballots.)
  • Peace (logo) minus one (leg) is the literal description of the logo
  • Exploded version of the design will reveal “GD”
  • It also pertains to “8:00″ on clocktime, GD’s favorite number (his bday is on 880818)
  • Peace minus one can also mean “fuck you” 
  • Basically the best personal logo ever existed
  • (Photos were not mine; Credits to their amazing owners!)

Guuuuuuuuuuuuys I got to tour the Annex set this weekend! I got to play with the books on the table and hold the globe that Stone/Flynn are always playing with. I got to step through the Back Door and go up the staircase and poke around Jenkins’ lab and it was all so amazing and mind blowing! I’ma be riding this wave for DAYS.

Then at the end they gave me a signed cast photo and the cast/crew wrap gift from last year: a little Bluetooth speaker with the Librarians logo on it. BEST. DAY. EVER.


Branding 💋

I got to my shop and got the best surprise ever. My big bro Darius got logos made for my business. My sis Rachel @destinysplayhouse with the design. This is one of them and I love it so much. I was in tears. This is so me and what I pictured for my company/brand. I can’t wait to grow my business even more to be an amazing empire. Definitely going to plan out a photoshoot with my new logos. 

Thank you so much Rachel and Darius. I love you both so much.

General Hux
**pls don’t repost, edit or steal any of my art**

chrisbeckbarnes  asked:

johanbeck family headcanons?

Sorry for the super late reply! I got a very busy weekend and then didn’t feel like writing anything, but here we go :)

  • They all dress up for Halloween with grupal costumes and since Mark uses a lot of media and he likes to spend halloween with them, they become viral like the Burtka-Harris family for how cute and creative they are every year.
  • Chris always tells a story to his kid/kids before sleep, he usually makes them up and sometimes, he tells them about the times he went on missions before meeting Beth and when he was in the Air Forces. Beth always stays to hear him, she loves to hear those stories.
  • They change the theme in their kids room every year and when the kiddo is old enough to decide himself/herself, they change it when their son tells them. They do it as a family, the three (or four) of them working all day for an entire weekend until is done.
  • Like we have told before, Beth enjoys her pregnancy and enjoys being a mom too, especially when she has first class view of Chris being adorable to their kids.
  • Of course, they would never try to guide their kid in one especific direction. They let their kid choose its stuff and what he wants to do/play until they find out maybe he/she is or not into science like them.
  • Mark is number one uncle, he buys things for the kids and spoils the shit out of them.
  • He also got shirts for everyone with the “Thing 1″ and so logo, his says “Supreme Thing”. He also got “best daddy ever” and “best mommy ever” shirts for Chris and Beth, his says “But not as much as uncle”.
  • Also: everyone calls Beth and Chris mom and dad, no matter what. Thanks to that, their child thought those were their names and cried when Beth explained it wasn’t.