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Bubblegum- or Hot-Pink Lip Glosses (plus Swatches)


hello! i really like to wear bubblegum pink colored lip glosses, kind of with lots of pigment? i’m thinking things like nyc kiss gloss “jay walkin’ jam”- it’s the only one i have and i am almost running low. do you have any suggestions?


I don’t love glosses but when I do wear them, I like those with plenty of color. I’d call NYC Jay Walkin’ Jam a Coral- or Strawberry-Pink more than a Bubblegum (pale) pink because it’s got a red/coral tone to it.

The most similar shade to it would be:

1. Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Strawberry - This is slightly more opaque and pigmented than the NYC, which is quite translucent. Texture is thick but not too sticky.

2. NYX Doll Pink Lip Gloss (round) - One of my favorite and super affordable. Doll Pink is a blue-based hot pink which is really flattering on many skin tones. If you’re afraid of wearing an electric pink lipstick, this is a lighter way to wear the look. Texture is nice and non-sticky.

3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pop - This gloss is a cult classic for a reason. It’s bright and rich enough to give you beautiful juicy pink lips, but it’s not too red, not too coral, not too blue, and not too bright. It’s also not sticky.

4. Bourjois Effet 3D Max Gloss in 63 Rose Eclat - The most subtle of the lot, this gloss is a soft translucent candy-mauve which is very easy to wear. This is the most sparkly of the lot too, but you won’t feel gritty bits of glitter. Lightweight and non-sticky, but can sink into lines in your lips.

5. MAC True Babe Lipglass (Limited Edition) - Hot, hot pink. I don’t know if MAC will ever bring this back but I love this. Really thick and sticky like all MAC Lipglasses are, but this will give you good coverage without sinking into grooves and cracks in your lips. NYX Doll Pink is a bit more blue-toned, but on the lips, it’s almost an exact dupe.

6. Shu Uemura Lip Gloss in PK 359 - The only gloss I have in a squeeze-tube because most squeeze-y glosses tend not to be very pigmented. And I like pigmentation. But this is a lovely true fuchsia that borders on strawberry pink. Great if you don’t like blue-based pinks but don’t want any sparkle either. Not cheap though.

7. Face Shop Face it Extreme Rouge Gloss in PK102 - The true Barbie Pink gloss. Muted mauve-tone similar to Pink Nouveau in shade. This is a very sticky, very opaque lip gloss which is gorgeous on those who are pale- to medium-skinned.

Honorary mention: If you want something super-saturated, try Cherry On Top by Lime Crime, which is an intensely-opaque, sparkly, cherry-pink. I did not list this with the rest because this is more like a lipstick than a gloss, and is very different from NYC Jay Walkin’ Jam.

@  icanseetheheartssinking: Cool, thanks for the tip on the Kat von D glosses! (I don’t think my local Sephora carries them :(, but I’ll check it out!)

L'Oreal Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick Swatches

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Does Vaseline cure dry lips?

Vaseline has been a product people have loved for generations and I’ve never quite understood why… Tell someone you’ve got dry lips? They’ll instantly respond with “put some Vaseline on them” but does Vaseline (or petroleum jelly) really cure dry lips?

Vaseline doesn’t provide any benefits to the lips, none, zero, nil. Vaseline is a “barrier” product, not a hydration product so all it will do is lock in moisture and help protect the lips from any further damage, this is all well and good but if you have very dry lips your lips wont have any moisture which means the Vaseline can cause them to dry out further.

Lips don’t have any oil glands which means they don’t produce any moisture. If you have dry lips you will want to use something that treats them and provides moisture like a lip treatment or mask and THEN apply a barrier lip balm on top, preferably one that is natural and organic rather than petroleum based.  Still got dry lips? Read how to fix dry lips and keep them in tip top shape.

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