best line of this entire franchise

  • you: i've been climbing this holy mountain for three years, is the summit on which sits the Good Opinions Prophet, haver of the True and Good Opinions?
  • me: (awakens from my ancient slumber) batman returns was such a good movie dude. its probably one of the best tim burton movies, definitly the best batman movie period. i mean it really embodies all the good qualities you can possibly wring from such a sprawling fuckshit franchise. fuck that fake deep nolan shit. danny devito shrieking and spitting green goo while catwoman swallows a live bird to prove that shes fucked up is really where its at. the art design is masterful and the every line of the script is absolutely shocking ("EAT FLOOR HIGH FIBRE" is in itself worthy of an entire academy vault dedicated to its preservation for future generations). AND its a christmas movie. its got a theme song by siouxsie and the banshees for fucks sake