best line in the film

Some movies that will help put you in a good mood especially if you're feeling down:

• the kings of summer
• the grand budapest hotel
• footloose
• the breakfast club
• soul surfer
• silver linings playbook
• the best exotic marigold hotel
• RV
• we’re the millers
• the internship
• we bought a zoo
• the spectacular now
• the perks of being a wallflower


They done did gave me a show where I get to talk about why movies are awesome. It’s done. It happened. You should watch it. You might…pause for effect…Enjoy the Show!


Rogue One (2016)

Directed by Gareth Edwards

Cinematography by Greig Fraser


Prompt: That weird stage between friends and lovers with Chanyeol, but like becoming lovers(?)

Genre: Fluff, suggestive content(??) aka not really smut but it could be if I kept writing

Word Count: 612

A/N: This is bit different that my usual style, and I haven’t exercised it as much so sorry if it reads weird.

They used to be friends, but now it was different. Not quite this or that, but rather, they had resided in the undefined middle ground between the two.

Platonic flirting. Then half serious confessions that were hidden under a mask of banter and sarcasm. One thing led to another, and they realized that they were growing into something more.

And they were ok with that.

Stealing glances, they playfully circled around one another, testing the waters of transition, until finally, a quick kiss was tentatively stolen, too.

Their relationship grew and was about to receive a name, and their kisses began to brave depth and passion.

Now, a well watched movie played in the background rather than at the forefront of their attention on their tradition of “you survived test day, let’s watch something to celebrate.”

“Chan,” she softly gasped between breaths before Chanyeol closed their lips together again. He made a low noise in response, pushing their bodies closer, further into the couch. He held her shoulders firmly but gently, and one of his long legs began slipping beneath her knee to slyly secure his place between her legs. She was becoming a bit overwhelmed by his kiss and what his forward advances entailed, but she gave him permission to continue.

Chanyeol’s lips moved to her neck as his hands traveled ⎯ one to her settle in her hair, the other to rest at her waist. She groaned quietly as he began to suck at the sensitive skin, teeth grazing against her ever so slightly. He slowly pushed her legs apart, and she could feel him harden against her thigh. Her heart jumped.

She wasn’t-

Not here.

“Chanyeol,” she said, pushing her hands against his chest.

“Hmm?” He pulled away and looked at her, startled by her flustered face. Was she scared? “What’s wrong?”

“I…I-I don’t,” she stuttered before biting her lip in embarrassment.

“Too fast?”

“N-no! It’s just…” she trailed off, unwilling to confess.

“I need you to tell me,” he said gently as he smoothed her hair down. “I don’t want to do something you’re uncomfortable with.”

“I just didn’t think my first time would be a Netflix and chill, didn’t want it to-”


“I wanted it to be more…”

“Hold on.” He pulled away a bit more, taking the majority of his weight off of her, And his eyebrows scrunched together. “You’re a virgin?”

She felt her face heat up furiously at the question and avoided his gaze. “So what if I am?” she mumbled.

“No, no! I didn’t mean it that way! I just assumed…I mean, I gotta hand it to you, you went along with it so smoothly, I just thought-”

“Well, I’m not…surprise,” she said half sarcastically.

“Why didn’t you say anything before? What if I hurt you?”

“I didn’t-”

“I could’ve hurt you! You should’ve told me earlier, that way I would’ve made it more…” It was his turn to get embarrassed.

“More what?” she asked curiously.

“…More special than an unplanned Netflix and chill, at least.”

The two fell silent. One of the characters in the movie still playing in the background cracked the best line in the entire film, and neither of them could help but crack up. Chanyeol pulled her up into his chest and laughed into her shoulder.

After they calmed down, Chanyeol kissed her forehead. “Do you still want to…”

“I think I’m done waiting with you.”

Chanyeol smiled. “Let’s do this somewhere that’s more comfortable than the couch.”

She nodded, and he turned off the TV before picking her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the bedroom, kissing her softly.


under appreciated films challenge - favourite character
captain amelia (treasure planet)

- I … don’t much care for this crew you hired. They’re … how did I describe them, Arrow?   I said something rather good this morning before coffee.
- ‘A ludicrous parcel of driveling galoots’, ma’am.
- There you go. Poetry.

(SPOILERS) I just got back from Rings. It was good...I think.

-You could tell they had paid attention to the movies and even the original Japanese ones.

-The opening scene was terrific.

-I liked the idea that the video itself is now a science experiment for college professors. Ringu 2 had a similar plot. These people are too stupid to even be scared: It’s all intellectual curiosity at this point. Gabriel was crazy.

-You see the twist coming in the first 20 minutes but that seems to make the whole thing a lot more more ominous. 

-The actors were, eh, fine. Not terrible, but, well, sorta there. The lead actress was not Naomi Watts, putting it nicely. 

-Julia liked exposition way too much. Stop talking to yourself, girl!

-”You think you’re the first Good Samaritan to try and help her? No. You’re the twelfth.” The best line of the film because it summed up the whole franchise. Everyone keeps trying to help this girl but, well, they just can’t. Julia ends up with a fate worse than death because she tried to love and understand her. Rachel got it in The Ring Two: She survived and saved her son because she finally understood something about Samara.  

-Those weird two minutes when you found yourself rooting for Samara for standing up to the creepy rapist priest dude.

-More intriguing a film than a scary one, though. Only Julia glimpsing Samara‘s shadow at the door and the cemetery scene creeped me out. 

Love Actually (UK, USA, 2003)

Predictions: Is there anyone who has not seen this movie?? If you have not seen this movie, GET OUT NOW and go watch this movie. We had obviously seen this movie about a million times, so we had no predictions.

Plot: Ah, Love Actually. The movie that began this questionable trend of holiday-themed movies with way too many characters who all know each other in different ways. Thankfully, though, it’s not called Christmas, or Christmas Day, or Six Weeks Leading Up To Christmas. Starring every British actor you’ve ever heard of, Love Actually is about the idea that love is all around. Gross, right? No, it’s super charming, shut up.

In order of appearance: Bill Nighy is a washed-up pop star who makes a comeback by adapting one of his greatest hits and turning it into a cheesy Christmas single. He realizes that, more than fame or sex or whatever, his greatest love is actually his best friend, his manager. Colin Firth is a cuckolded writer who runs away to France and meets a Portuguese girl there. They fall in love, despite not speaking the same language, and he eventually goes to…France? Portugal? to…propose???? Liam Neeson is the widowed stepfather of 11-year-old Thomas Sangster, who has fallen in love with one of his classmates. He wins her heart by…learning to play the drums? with Liam Neeson’s support, and Liam Neeson meets Claudia Schiffer, to boot.

New paragraph – too many storylines! Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman are married, but then his eye wanders to his weirdly sexually aggressive secretary (WHY ARE YOU HITTING ON HIM, LADY???? HE IS MARRIED, AND ALSO OLD), but then Alan Rickman regrets his choices, as well he should. Kris Marshall, a creeper weirdo, announces to his friend that it’s not him, it’s England, and American girls would love him, due to his British accent. Sadly, he…is not mistaken???? Martin Freeman and Joanna Page meet as naked stand-ins and fall in love. Chiwetel Ejiofor marries Keira Knightley, but then Andrew Lincoln, his best friend, inexplicably confesses his love for her also???????? Like, not in a predatory way, but still, seems SUPER WEIRD. YOU ARE A WEIRD BEST FRIEND.

Last but not least, newly-appointed Prime Minister Hugh Grant gets together with some girl who works for him (after some obligatory shenanigans; they’re pretty cute), and Laura Linney gives up Rodrigo Santoro to be with her mentally-ill brother on Christmas. Ah, the holidays. Isn’t love grand? This movie is so much more delightful than all the movies that came after it. It is R-rated, so more risqué than any of them, and yet SOMEHOW MORE CLASSY???? Much more classy. Maybe it’s because it’s half-British. ;)

Also, RIP Alan Rickman, the classiest of us all (in real life; sadly not so much in this movie). We will miss your eyebrows.

Best Scene: At one point, would-be cheater cheater pumpkin eater Alan Rickman is trying to purchase a necklace for his secretary (!!!! NO. DON’T DO IT, ALAN RICKMAN) and has the misfortune of being helped by salesperson Rowan Atkinson. Rowan Atkinson spends basically a year wrapping the gift, and it is marvelous. Everything he does is a Christmas miracle, not to mention the look on Alan Rickman’s face at every additional frill. Runner-up: Prime Minister Hugh Grant and his door-to-door search for his hopefully-girlfriend.

Worst Scene: When Kris Marshall arrives in Wisconsin, and Wisconsin debases itself in the form of FOUR HOT GIRLS who, for some reason, share ONE BED and are eager to bring this British stranger into it. Not that we mind seeing surprise!Elisha Cuthbert and her hot friends, but like…what is even happening here???? Was Richard Curtis writing a porno, but then lost his funding, and thought, well, God, I’d hate to waste this amazing scene I already wrote?!

Best Line: This entire film is VERY funny and touching, so it’s hard to pick just one line, or even three or four. Everything that comes out of Emma Thompson’s mouth is amazing. Colin Firth’s bilingual interactions with Lúcia Moniz are very funny. Prime Minister Hugh Grant is exactly as you would imagine.

Worst Line: Probably something that either Kris Marshall or one of his new American lady friends says, because why.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: So, like, if Keira Knightley turned up at your door, asking to see the wedding video that you obviously shot but equally obviously can never show her, maybe you could (1) shut the door in her face because she turned up unexpectedly and WHO DOES THAT except a MONSTER or (2) make a babbling excuse and immediately throw the VHS out the window. Things we would not do: let her watch it and make our relationship even weirder than it was. Other things we would not do: later appear at HER door unexpectedly (!!!!), ask her to lie to her husband slash our best friend, play a recording of NOT CAROLERS (this CD = obviously accompanied), and then confess our unwanted and unsolicited love. Garbage friend. Garbage story.

How Many POC in the Film: A few supporting characters – Chiwetel Ejiofor, Abdul Salis (Kris Marshall’s friend), Olivia Olson (Thomas Sangster’s love interest) and her mom, and Prime Minister Hugh Grant’s…secretary? chief of staff?? Some important lady who works at Downing Street. Also, a whole bunch of background people. This movie did an okay job, POC-wise.

Alternate Scenes: Every time we watch this movie, we hope that somehow this will be the time that the movie is different and Alan Rickman just gives Emma Thompson the goddamn necklace instead of ruining their life together. It’s so easy not to cheat on people, guys. Just, why.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse. The poster says, “Merry Christmas! Here is my gift to you – the faces of 10 white famous people, coming to murder you tonight.” Whereas the movie, of course, is delightful.

Score: 9.5 out of 10 Christmas-is-all-around-us smooches. We would, however, like to qualify that it’s EXTREMELY HARD (as we’ve now seen many times, to our chagrin) to make a movie perfect, or even any good at all, that has this many characters and storylines. While there are certain things we might change, overall, we both deeply enjoy this movie and find it impressively put together.

Ranking: 2, out of the 56 movies we’ve seen so far.

mumbrielle  asked:

Hi Kayla, I just read your response regarding the relationship dynamic between a minor and someone older. If you are comfortable with it, would you be able to elaborate on your experiences? Though I do not condone pursuing a relationship with a minor, I've also never been able to fully defend against the "what if they are happy together?" argument. I would be interested in your opinion if you are open to sharing.


I think that descriptions for why this is bad need to be tailored to two different audiences because they are two different perspectives. So I’m going to write one for each party.

For the purpose of this exercise, I am going to be discussing relationships without active: coersion, psychological, physical or sexual abuse. Textbook “good relationships.” We already know why the Bad ones are Bad, but this is specifically about why the ones that don’t seem to be actively hurting anyone are still bad/damaging.

For perspective, I am a 25 year old woman. I dated a 19 year old at 15, a 27 year old at 16, a 43 year old at 17. All of them were men; all of them were actively pursued by me or reciprocally. All of them treated me “well” and all of them do not appear to have a repeated pattern of singling our youths both pre and post encounter.  The 19 year old was a high school student, the 27 year old was a graduate student, and the 43 year old was a professor (who is not currently working, did not have sexual contact with me, and is extremely high profile so I will not out him). So literally the very BEST case scenario available.

To Adults: 


The most impactful thing about these relationships is very simple: The minor grows up.  (Lolita read from Lolita’s perspective)

Life is a journey of broadened perspectives. Every year we grow older, we learn more about what is around us and our “world view” for lack of a better word, gets broader. While an adult may be a fully formed and realized individual, their minor partner is still in a state of development and growth (despite any intellectual qualities). The minor WILL change rapidly in the next coming years. It is the reason why many young marriages (read 17-25) fail.  Their perspective on your choice to date  them will also change.

How this impacted me: I am 25 years old now. Very close to the age of one of my previous partners. As a 25 year old, looking at 16 year olds  makes me feel queasy because I know that someone looked at a 16 year old me and did not see a child. 

That someone looked at 16 year old me, that had no true concept of any power imbalance between us and decided that that didn’t matter. That someone looked at 16 year old me and let me make decisions that had real legal ramifications in my state. That someone looked at 16 year old me and thought “she’s hot and cool so it doesn’t matter that she lives at home with her parents who love her and who are wondering where she is. That she her largest problems are science fair and being late to school and her world is no bigger than that.

That someone looked at 16 year old me and didn’t even slightly envision a world in which there was a 25 year old me . Or that the  25 year old me would be their peer and would be filled with disgust at 27 year old him and the selfishness that it must have taken to imagine that there was anything like equality between us.  That the 25 year old me would feel compassion and concern for 16 year old me, and protective of 16 year old me.  That 27 year old him could have ran into 25 year old me in a bar and that if anyone there our age heard he was dating a 16 year old we would be filled with embarrassment and horror and disgust and would call the police.  That we wouldn’t even ask questions like “what do you get out of a relationship with a kid” because we would KNOW.

Because the minor grows up. And sees the Adult for what he or she really is. A predator. Even if they are one without claws.

Because emotional damage to children is often like pin pricks on rubber. Completely invisible at first, but if the rubber is stretched, become gaping holes that completely mar the structure.  

And as such, age and growth add perspective that completely illuminates the original damage, even if it was too small/veiled to see at first.


To Children/teens:


I was very bright and very beautiful when I was a kid, like you might be. I could hold my own in adult discussions, could rhapsodize about literature and philosophy and art.  I was seductive because I enjoyed power and freedom. I pursued older men because boys my own age around me weren’t as knowledgeable about certain things I was interested in. I had hobbies that people my own age didn’t often like (writing, the ballet, design, etc). I was actively looking for a partner who I felt matched me intellectually and had the means to provide me with creative nurturing.  But I was a child. I was just a fancy child. You are just a fancy child. And that is okay. But one day, you’ll grow up and you’ll be even smarter and fancier and you’ll realize that you were never at your true potential. You were not an adult with “consent”, you were just smart and very very good at imitating an adult. But when you are an adult, you will KNOW.

The best way I can describe this is a line from the incredible film Hard Candy(x)

“Just because a girl knows how to imitate a woman does not mean she’s ready to do what a woman does.”

Things might be alright currently.  Acting adultish isn’t particularly difficult and its very nice feeling to hear that you’re mature and sophisticated because it makes you think “success!” and feel like you’re on their level. That you’re their equal.

But the issue is a bit more complex than that.  You know how if you are really familiar with something, you can tell the difference between the real deal and a dupe? Like if you buy fake M.A.C or brand name sneakers. online and get a really high quality dupe sold to you as the real deal? And it can be the smallest thing like the texture being wrong or a color isn’t e x a c t l y the right shade. And everything else is perfect except for that?

That is what your ability as an adult is like to see when you’re in a coercive and abusive relationship, or when there are very large red flags about the person you are interacting with regardless of whether they are “attractive” or not.

That is what the danger is from the other side.

Choosing to date someone significantly older than you is like being told to pick up a series of grenades that look almost identical to each other and pull the pin out.  You are not a weapons expert and you can barely tell any differences between them.  You won’t know until you are literally dying whether you are right or wrong.

You won’t know whether you have stumbled upon someone who is truly dangerous until you are in too deep to escape unharmed.

Growing up is like getting a series of classes on grenades. You see your friends blow themselves up and you get wiser. Your eyes get keener. You start to use your other senses to tell what’s going on. You start to feel horrified that you were picking them up randomly with the lack of knowledge that you had. You begin to know that your survival was nearly completely up to chance.

Right now you are a civilian doing a really awesome job pretending to know what you’re doing. You’ve watched a lot of war films and youtube documentaries and read a lot of books and maybe you’ve even seen some practice grenades maybe once or twice.  You are holding your own really well but at the end of the day you are just pretending.

I got lucky. I just kept up picking up practice rounds. But I have several friends who wound up in pieces.

And it wasn’t worth it for them at all.

  • Steve Rogers: Fury you son of a bitch.
  • Nick Fury: you kiss your mother with that mouth ?!

“Not unlike her 23rd century counterpart, Bibi Besch was also a working professional and single mother. From the time she made her stage debut as a young actress in New York, Bibi never stopped working. She spent her early career in regional theater, on and off-Broadway and as a regular on TV soaps. After moving to Los Angeles, Bibi appeared in countless film and television roles. She could segue from creating the planet Genesis - where she delivered what one film critic called the best line ever to adorn an SF movie (“Can I cook, or can’t I?”) - to portraying a housewife in Lawrence, Kansas, who delt with nuclear disaster in the critically-acclaimed Nicholas Meyer television film The Day After.

“Over the course of her career she earned two Emmy nominations, one for her work in the TV movie Doing Time on Maple Drive and another for a guest appearance on Northern Exposure. She also became an accomplished stage director, producer and teacher while doing a very fine job of raising a lovely daughter, Samantha Mathis, who, like her mother, has also become a successful actress.

“Unfortunately, Bibi’s life was cut short when she lost her battle with cancer in September 1996. It was a tragic end for someone who gave so much of herself to others. And I know, having met Bibi in San Antonio, Texas, at her very first Star Trek convention in 1983…Immortalized on film, she will continue to entertain generations yet to come with a passion for acting that came straight from her very heart and soul.”

- Eric A. Stillwell, quoted in the Star Trek Communicator, September 2000