best line in supernatural ever

themaskismyface  asked:

Not an ask but seriusly Say Optimus or Megatron are, ah, whale sized, and fell for a human. The said human lives on land, little bit further from the beach, and they have yet to create a human-sona, but they really, really wants to meet the human Just imagine how many times the beach people have to push these beached whales back to the sea. Like "Great beings of sea and storms, why the fuck you keep doing this"



Olicity ficlet

Just a quick one based on one of the best lines Dean has ever uttered on Supernatural, it was just to good not to give it an Olicity spin:

“Felicity, you really think you can hack their system in 20 minutes? It seems like it should be more complicated than that to get into a federal database.” Roy was absent-mindedly spinning an arrow between his fingers while they all waited for a new lead on a suspect they were tracking.

Felicity turned her chair around vaguely gesturing at Diggle. “His relationship status is complicated, sex in the shower is complicated, hacking the federal watch list data base, not really at all. Can someone get me some coffee?” Message delivered she spun back around her fingers moving rapidly over the keyboard once again.

Across the room Roy whispered to Diggle. “Did she just?”

“No.” Oliver answered quickly.

Diggle shook his head and nodded toward the door. “I think I’ll go get the coffee. You should come with me Roy.”

“No, I heard it.”

Diggle chuckled before reaching around him to grab his jacket. “Suit yourself. I’ll be back.”

“Roy.” Oliver put up a hand in warning.

Ignoring it Roy started forward, “I’m going to ask her.”

Oliver moved to position himself in front of Felicity effectively blocking his path. “No, you’re not.”

“You’ve gotta let me ask her.”


“Don’t you want to know?”

Oliver raised an eyebrow, taking a quick look at Felicity before turning back to Roy. “What makes you think I don’t?”