best line in a cartoon ever

Who is Chen?

♡ Kim Jongdae

♡ “Chensing machine”

♡ “Dinosaur”

♡ *Screams*

♡ *Screams more*

♡ Jongdae:Just say it.

   Inner jongdae:scream it.

♡ Voice from heaven

♡ Was on King of masked singer a few times and got praised for his voice

♡ Vocal vocal vocal

♡ Has amazing songs

♡ Lil’ something,I’m not okay,Best luck

♡ Wrote “she’s dreaming” which is the most soothing song ever

♡ In a sub-unit called Cbx with xiumin and baekhyun

♡ Beagle

♡ Super weird friends with chanyeol and baekhyun

♡ Chinguline

♡ Kyungsoo + the beagle line

♡ Has the best smile 

♡ His smile can literally melt anyone’s heart

♡ His laugh is so cute but funny

♡ He also screams while he is laughing

♡ “Hehehehahahahehhe”

♡ Or something similar

♡ Looks a lot like an anime or a cartoon character

♡ He’s actually Tadashi Hamada from big hero 6

♡ He is so cute

♡ A soft fluff ball

♡ Loves and protects everyone —> especially the members

♡ A soft baby

♡ has a little look-a-like called Dae Eul who is also famous

♡ Is great with kids

♡ Cause he knows what the kids want

♡ Is married to xiumin

♡ He’s like “his wife”

♡ Xiuchen is important

♡ Must be protected at all costs

♡ Loving married couple

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♡ Chen is also a great dancer

♡ His penguin dance in Ka-Ching!

He was soooo hot

♡ Another member of exo who looks like a god in whatever he wears

♡ Even if he’s just breathing,he looks ethereal

♡ Handsommmeee

♡ His face isn’t appreciated enough

And his arms

♡ Has *cough* nice *cough* abs and *chokes*

♡ He is seriously an angel

♡ I ain’t joking

♡ His smile

♡ The way his lips curl at the end 

♡ His eye-smile

♡ His looks

♡ The way he treats people

♡ His love towards his members

♡ Him with kids

The way he grinds on the cane during artificial love

♡ Kinda speaks japanese

♡ Looks hella good in photo shoots

♡ Curly chen who we all miss

♡ The “170 cm line”

♡ Considered short along with kyungsoo and xiumin

♡ Chen-drop that ft.the rest of exo

♡ #givechenarockalbum2k17

♡ He’s a meme

♡ He is actually a soft bean who wants to protect and love everyone while he’s screaming.P R O T E C T  H I M

Can we take a minute

to appreciate the background art

in Genndy Tartakovsky’s

show about teenage aliens

and a robot stuck on earth


Sym Bionic Titan might be the finest show that Cartoon Network ever cancelled. It should have run for at least another season, or to the completion of the meta plot.  BECAUSE IT WAS A GORGEOUS PIECE OF ART WITH A HIGH SCHOOL AGE STORY LINE THAT WAS BEFORE AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER AND IT WAS CANCELED AFTER TWO SEASONS AND I’M STILL SALTY ABOUT IT.  

Pokemon Theory: What Jigglypuff is based on

Jigglypuff is probably the third or fourth most popular Pokemon of the original 151, behind only Pikachu, Charizard, and maybe Mewtwo. It had a prominent role in the anime, it’s been catchable in almost every game in the series, and it even has been a mainstay of the Super Smash Bros series. But, for all the love and exposure Jigglypuff gets, there’s still one thing about it that there isn’t a clear answer to:

What the heck is Jigglypuff supposed to be based on?

I mean, look at it!

Adorable, but like, what is it supposed to be? Most Pokemon are at least to some degree based on something existing, be it an animal, plant, object, myth, or something else, but Jigglypuff just seems to be, well, a puff.

Even Bulbapedia seems confused:

I mean, a “pink puff”? Is that supposed to mean anything? 

Well, here’s a few theories to try and help decipher this Pokemon.

Theory #1- A Balloon

It is called the Balloon Pokemon after all, and that seems to be the biggest obvious source of inspiration. It’s round, and it inflates itself when angry in the anime and deflates when defeated in games like Stadium. Still, that leaves a lot unexplained, like why it sings, or why it evolves with a Moon Stone or why it has cat ears or pretty much anything else about it. 

Besides, it’s kind of hard to argue that this

Is 100% supposed to be a balloon when this

Is a Pokemon that exists. Granted, Drifloon was made three generations later, but I think it proves that Game Freak knows what a balloon looks like.

Theory #2- A Plush Doll

Another theory I’ve seen floating around is that Jigglypuff is based on a plush doll- just a general cute cuddly thing. And that makes a bit more sense than it being just based on a balloon, it doesn’t hold off at all when you realize that Jigglypuff was introduced in the same generation as the PokeDoll item, which

Yeah. Wrong pink puff that evolves with a Moon Stone to support anything.

Theory #3- Kirby

When I was little, I assumed Jigglypuff was based on Kirby. I mean, look at them!

Both pink puffs, same general body shape, and they’re even around the same size. Plus, one of Kirby’s most iconic abilities is the Mike ability- in other words, a song that causes some serious damage (closer to Hyper Voice than Sing, but I digress), and Jigglypuff can learn a much wider array of attacks than most Pokemon, mirroring Kirby’s copy abilities, including the move Mimic. Not to mention, old ads called Kirby the “super tuff pink puff”. 

But, despite what my eight year old self thought, this doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny. For one, despite both being under the Nintendo umbrella, Kirby isn’t particularly connected to any of the developers of the original Red and Green in any way. The closest thing I can think of is that both some developers from what would become Creatures Inc and HAL worked on Earthbound, but that isn’t the best support. And, despite the move existing since Gen 1, Jigglypuff could only learn Mimic through level up starting in Gen 3. If it was really based on Kirby, wouldn’t it make sense to have that move as its signature move from the start?

Theory #4- The Rabbit on the Moon

And here we come to the part of the theory that’s just my own baseless thoughts. But, mostly this theory comes from Wigglytuff, because, well

Look at it. This is a cartoon rabbit if I’ve ever seen one. Add in that it evolves with a moon stone, and we’ve got ourselves a reference.

But, you might ask, what does this mean for Jigglypuff? Well, in the Japanese versions of the myth, the rabbit on the moon is pounding mochi.

You might not get the resemblance, but how about 


Conclusion- ????

I still have no real idea what the Jigglypuff line is supposed to be based on, or where the singing comes from, but my best idea is a combination of balloons and mochi/rabbits. Still, I’d love to hear any further ideas!

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My dude. can you PLEASE teach me how to do dynamic poses? I love how yours look but mine always look super janky

I’m going to be completely honest with you, I’ve never considered the poses I do to be dynamic at all and constantly try to figure out the same thing you’re asking me right now!

I suppose all the advice I can really give is stuff that’s been repeated a lot and that’s: look at references! Cartoons you like, artists you like, just general pose things on the internet, those are all helpful.

I’m really not terribly qualified to teach anyone anything. I just think of the pose i feel is right for that scene and then make it as cartoony and ridiculous as I think is necessary.

So, basically it’s just a lot of practice. Don’t let your hand be stiff, just kinda.. jelly it up a bit, draw exaggerated lines, watch a lot of cartoons or animatics on youtube!

There’s nothing wrong with learning from references or other artists. It’s tracing and art theft that’s the issue, but there’s nothing ever wrong with examining art and being like: “Yo!! I could learn something from this!”

And if you want an actual step by step of how i draw poses, I’d be willing to do that instead!

Dreams Do Come True (Kim Taehyung Scenario)

HEY GUYS! Omg this is my first scenario! I made it short but sweet I hope you enjoy!!! “Okay, on three everyone say Disney!” At the sound of the camera going off we all smiled, making sure to get the classic group photo in front of the Disneyland Resort castle. Finally the day has come! You had been planning to go to Disneyland with your friends for weeks to celebrate summer vacation. The park was filled with other groups visiting the happiest place in earth, and your friends couldn’t help but mention the boys parading around in tank tops and muscle shirts. Admittedly, you also found it to be a pretty good view but you were more excited for the characters walking around. After a few rides, stopping to try the cotton candy and then a few more photos, it was your turn to pick something to do. The group of girls knew what you would pick, to meet the princesses. Something about meeting strangers dressed as your favorite cartoons just made you smile. The few minutes where princesses, true love, and of course happily ever after, just made you giddy. While waiting in line, your little group couldn’t help but play a few games. One of them being, who is the princess. “Okay let us see” you pretended to think really hard. “She wants to feel the grass and dirt. Just like the way she dreamed” Your best friend rolled her eyes. Knowing you’d make something so hard yet the answer was so obvious. Friend after friend they tried to answer and failed. “Come on guys” you said while walking backwards to talk to them, “it’s a simple lyric” You giggled at their unamused expressions. Suddenly you felt something firm hit your back. Thinking you had run into a wall you stayed against it. “It’s Rapunzel” the wall had said in a deep voice. Jumping away you turned to see a boy slightly taller than you in a lose shirt and shades. He was with a group of guys, he had a boxy smile plastered on his face. “Sorry, but your friends were taking too long. And I think you made it too easy.” He took his shades off to smile at you. “I’m Taehyung, by the way.” “I’m so sorry!” You blurted out, “I thought I had hit a wall or something.” He laughed, something that sounded like heaven to you. Realizing that he was still looking at you, a blush crept onto your face as you told him your name. “Beautiful,” he smiled at you as his friends groaned and yours giggled. He was about to say something else when I thought hit you. “What do you mean too easy?” You said. Thus beginning an argument between you two and having your own competition. “I didn’t even know you knew so much about Disney,” said one of his friends, Jungkook. “They seem to be made for each other” Your other good friend asked. “Couldn’t have said it better myself dear” another ones of his friends said with a giggle, this ones name was Jimin. “Next group step on in to meet the princess!” The cast member smiled at the line. “No thanks. I already met my princess” Taehyung winked at you as his friends pulled him inside. Sadly by the time you had gotten out of the castle, the cute boy and his group were gone. Your friends told you to cheer up, and offered the sweetest treat. A churro. You couldn’t resist it. Walking to the churro stand in the front of the castle you heard that amazing melody. The laugh to the boy with a boxy smile. “I was wondering where my princess had gone, I’ve been looking for you” Taehyung said behind you. You were honestly shocked, that he was looking for you. That he found you. “Did you think I was going to let you get away?” He asked as he held out his hand. “Not today princess” Yet the last thing you thought before you took his hand. Dreams do come true…

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So with the recent-ish rumours of a possible season 3 of Young Justice from Netflix, I thought that I would try to do my part to raise awareness for this amazing show. Young Justice was a cartoon that followed some of the sidekicks of the Justice League, including Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Artemis and Aqualad. When first watching the show, I thought that this was quite a strange line up for what was essentially the Teen Titans, especially since I was so used to the previous 2003-2006 incarnation of the Titans. But, boy, was I mistaken.

So what is Young Justice about exactly? Well, like I said, the cartoon focuses on the sidekicks of superheroes as they form their own Team. Throughout the first season of the show they have to face off against the mysterious Light, who are kept extremely secretive for the majority of the season. Justice League members also make appearances, particularly Batman, Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel, Black Canary and Red Tornado, who act as the Team’s mentors. While it is always awesome to see the League on screen, they never take too much attention away from the Team.

Another awesome part about the show is how all of the characters themselves are actually handled within the show. As Young Justice takes place on Earth-16, rather than in the mainstream DC universe, the writers were able to incorporate characters from all sorts of eras, such as the Jay Garrick Flash fighting alongside the Barry Allen Flash. We also get to see an incredibly fleshed out line up for the League, with B-list and C-list heroes even making appearances such as Doctor Fate, Icon and Black Lightning. Even some of the lesser known villains make important appearances, most notably the incredibly developed Sportsmaster, a lame comic character turned deep and sinister TV villain. All of these characters work in tandem to create one of the best universes that I have ever seen in a superhero cartoon and really makes you care for this world more than you really should.

The tone in Young Justice is also extremely different to superhero shows in the past and takes on a much darker, serious tone. There are quite a few laughs here and there, mind you, particularly from Kid Flash, but I say this show is serious, it is serious. Even an episode of Teen Titans Go made fun of how dark and brooding some of the characters could be, which was…creepy, to say the least. What’s even crazier, is by the second season, they managed to make the show even darker with insane storylines and subplots and basically cranking the dark and brooding up to 13. It was truly beautiful. While I do complain about how DC is handling their movies at the moment with how dark they seem to be going, with Young Justice, it just works. Perfectly.

The best part of this show though is definitely the chemistry between all of the members of the Team. Even when new members join the team later in the first season, like Zatanna, Red Arrow and Rocket, the Team manages to work extremely well together physically and emotionally, despite them getting pretty angry with each other every now and then *cough* Superboy *cough*. However, the fact that the Team actually does disagree every now and then adds another layer to their dynamic and makes their friendship together feel much more real and helps you to invest much more in their squabbles. On top of this, the relationships and shipping in the show is off the wall insane and so perfect. I don’t want to spoil any of the ships in the show, and you may not even be interested in ships yourself, but I feel that the romance in the show is handled extremely well and pays off massively when the two characters that you want together finally do.

So Netflix, if you ever read this, please renew Young Justice Season 3. Not just for me, but for the fans for who have been clamouring for years to find out what happens after that intense cliff hanger. And if you’re a reader who hasn’t seen the show yet, do yourself a favour and go watch the whole two seasons on Netflix. Not only will you be watching a fantastically made show with stellar characters and storylines, you’ll be telling Netflix that, hey, people are interested in watching more so please make more of this thank you.


Something a little different: the contour lines of Re[arctan(z)] in black and Im[arctan(z)] in white, x,y∈[0, 2π], 29 contours. I’m really happy with how this turned out (and with the thinner border), and I’m definitely going to do more of them, but for most of these trig functions the contour lines don’t go all the way to the edge for one part or the other, so I’ve got some further experimenting to do. Probably with less contours. Hopefully in color.

And this one’s for Banj, who was found shot dead in his car last night, who made my favorite weird ass trippy doodle cartoons, who always made me laugh, who was the best 2.5th roommate ever, who was a great guy and a good soul, who was doing something with his life and had people that cared about him, who didn’t deserve to die and die so young just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s not fair and it doesn’t make sense. So many people I care about are hurting so badly right now. I loved you to death, bro, and I’ll miss you and treasure your weird doodles always. 

🎃 Inktober Day 26: Werewolves of London - Okay, follow along with me here… yes, this is courage the cowardly dog - you know why? Because courage the cowardly dog is bloody brilliant. What does courage the cowardly dog have to do with the song werewolves of london? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. EXCEPT: the absolute best line in the song is “little old lady got mutilated late last night”. In fact, it might be the best line from any song, ever. So I started to think, what if the little old lady got mutilated, but didn’t die? Hence, little old lady warewolf. And as we all know - the best design of a little old lady in all existence… is Muriel from Courage The Cowardly Dog. Et viola! 🎃


Can we please talk about how absolutely sad and defeated Asami looks here? I don’t think there’s ever been a time when anyone was able to put so much emotion into a cartoon character with like 5 lines and 8 seconds.

And she’s this upset because she couldn’t save her best friend and herself from being captured. I just….can’t. Like I can’t handle this stuff.

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Do you have any advice for a beginner artist?

The best advice I can give is, never ever limit yourself. Draw EVERYTHING and draw as often as you can. Study anatomy in humans and draw real humans before trying to draw cartoon ones. It helps SO MUCH. Look at real people and try to stylize them, make them cartoony. 

Dont do what I did and draw nothing but anime for 6 years. I did not improve much because I did not vary my skills in any way. Draw from real life and draw quickly (1 minute to 30 seconds) , that helps you learn to get important lines on the page faster. Study gestural drawings! Once you get the hang of gesture, you can go into more detail when drawing from life! It helps you apply structure to the drawing and help you make drawings look more acurate to how you see them in your head.

I also find that, taking an artist you REALLY admire and trying to mimic their style of drawing or colouring can really help you learn in general. Give it a try! Just be sure you dont publish these drawings unless they are 100% original and not exact copies. I like to keep a sketch book and re-draw art i really like online, not only is it fun but it just gives you an idea of how people draw and then you can apply that into your own art!!

15 reasons to #SaveWOY by you

So as the creator of the SaveWOY petition I’ve been moderating the comments made by supporters since Day 1. I’ve seen so many heartwarming stories about the show’s impact on people. I have a couple of projects lined up for #SaveWOY using these comments from fans once I dig through them all. But for now here are 15 of the most recent comments that I felt I should share with you all.

1) Wander Over Yonder is one of the best cartoons ever. I thought that this generation of cartoons was hopeless until it came along. Please don’t end it, it has changed my life dearly and I’ve learned to help others and to not be angry all the time.

2) WOY gave me amazing energy, fixing every sad day and gently forcing me to change into somone who I was in the past, but who was destroyed by bullies. Please. Bring back this amazing cartoon!

3) this show is helping me be a better person and it helps me be more optimistic about my illnesses

4) This show is amazingly witty and hilarious, and has helped me through the rough days of dealing with my depression.

5) I started watching this show just as my life was starting to get really hectic and difficult. It’s been a safe place for me to just enjoy myself and Wander’s taught me a lot about how to stay positive. If it ends before it’s ready to end, it’ll be a real shame.

6) This show literally steered me away from suicide. I’m not going to sugar coat this because of how important this show is. This show is a life saver

7) This show is awesome. Made me laugh through some sad periods of my life.

8) I’m signing because Wander Over Yonder actually gave me a meaning to not put myself down everyday as I used to.

9) I love this show, it has brought me closer to my friends, and put a smile on my face.

10) I love this show so much. I’m a new and aspiring artist, and this show has helped me through so many tough times. It’s motivated me to keep doing what I love even when everything’s gone wrong. More than that, it’s inspired me to be a nicer person. I love this show, it’s hilarious and it needs to keep going.

11) This show got me through hard times, might as well help it get through it’s.

12) Wander over yonder has been the go-to show whenever I felt sad. The show would alway influence me to be a better person, so please don’t stop the show.

13) I have a brother with Autism and he just ADORES this show. It has helped him a lot and I hope it stays on the air for him and the other people who feels this show has help them!!!

14) Wander Over Yonder has been so huge to me throughout the year. As a person that suffers from severe depression, anxiety and many other mental illnesses, I know for a fact that Wander Over Yonder is always the place to go. It’s one of the original shows that fills you with pleasure, joy and love, and having WOY to comfort me is just huge in my life. 

15) Just tonight, I had a really rough day at work, and all I could think of was how I can never get my life straight. Then I got home and watched so much Wander Over Yonder, and had all I needed and more to start tackling life a new.

Everyone please keep fighting to #SaveWOY. Not only for yourselves but also for those who hold the show close to them and use it as a lifeline. 

- Peepsqueak 

Keystone Motel - Episode Notes
  • Greg confirms “Keystone” is a state, meaning “Delmarva” as mentioned in keepbeachcityweird​ is likely the name of the state Beach City is in, and not just a colloquialism for the geographic region. [this has actually been confirmed by crew]
  • Steven talks about the brushes not feeling good on your fur- from when he went through the carwash as a cat-monster in Cat Fingers (Ep 6).
  • Garnet appears to be wearing a seat belt in the back seat of the van. Also, her hair is smooshed against the roof because of how tall she is.
  • Greg checks for bed bugs because this freaking cartoon is more true to life than most television shows and movies and Greg is the best dad ever thankyouthankyouthankyou
  • Greg put on a shirt to go meet the internet man.
  • Ruby confirms that Pearl’s apparent disregard of what fusion means to them was a bigger issue than her lying and tricking/using them
  • “You’re not as above this as you think you are!” “Yes, I am.” Sapphire’s refusal to admit her own anger to even herself, is equally upsetting to Ruby as their issues with Pearl. (Also, very punny Ruby, her line is said as Sapphire floats up and out of frame, smh)
  • Ruby actually openly tells both Sapphire and Steven what she’s upset about, which contrasts to… well, all the other Crystal Gems.
  • Steven already understood that Future Vision was a Sapphire power.
  • Sapphire readily attributes the frozen toilet to fate… instead of her own lack of control over her ice powers.
  • Despite Sapphire’s prediction and his momentary outburst, Steven’s cool with squares, he likes all basic shapes. Re: Joy Ride, Ep 52. 
  • “SHE’s pacing around in what used to be the pool.”
  • Greg has seen Ruby and Sapphire before. He says “Something pretty serious must be going on if it made Garnet split up.” Meaning that the last time they split was probably over something really bad… possibly Rose’s decision to have Steven.
  • Greg references breakfast’s power to bring people together. Re: Together Breakfast (Ep. 4)
  • Ruby’s weapon appears to be … just a smaller gauntlet? Without the knuckle studs though.
  • After literally flipping the table, Ruby can be heard screaming “you don’t know me!” to Sapphire (which is hilarious and ironic and very meme-y)
  • Empathy, Honesty, Communication, and cheesy puns (and kisses) save the day.
  • Despite mentioning getting free Ice, the bag of ice they return with is in a labelled bag, instead of in a bucket like free motel ice typically is, meaning its probably store-bought ice. But that’s beside the point because Sapphire has freakin ice powers. I can’t even. type this. omg
  • Steven’s line “It all worked out!” directly referencing the end of last episode - “It sure would be nice if things worked out the way they do in cartoons.” Re: Cry for Help (Ep. 63)
  • After paying the hotel and diner damages (and for the bagged ice!), this trip / deal on brushes was probably not the bargain Greg had hoped for… 

history and memory. 

this is you and him. 

the history: this is what happened. this is the eighties, the nineties, beyond. this is newspaper articles and headlines. this is presidents. this is trends. this is fashion. this is songs on the radio. this is dates and events and recordings and schools and scrapbook notepaper and old photos and bad scripts and dumb jokes and graduations and summer jobs. this is dusty snowglobes. this is textbook. this is your story. this is birthdays and plays and concerts. this is ticket stubs. this is expectations for good young boys. this is the way that she died. this is matching purple shirts. this is documented. this is what you fabricate and condense when people ask how you met. this is coloring a mythical beast. this is what they hear. this is thirty years. this is commercials and vlogs and bad haircuts. this is skits. this is mythical merchandise. this is music. this is glasses and struggling beards. this is first cameras and weddings and new babies. this is road trips and california houses. this is award shows and wikipedia articles. this is dancing across state lines. this is the internet. this is garage sets. this is old world views. this is the best cartoon character ever. this is your brand. this is the long line of facts that might stray from truth. this is silver thread tied to both of your pinkies that stretch all the way back to north carolina. this is your mother and his father. this is grandparents and thanksgiving dinners and church sundays and tradition and christmas. this is last names. this is ancestry. this is written. this is a shift in career. this is doing what you love. this is a thousand episodes. 

the memory: this is what you remember. this is how you saw it. the way his face changed through twelve, fifteen, twenty three, thirty nine. this is the whispered words in dark bedrooms during thunderstorms. this is tipping cows and river stompin’ and camping. this is abandoned houses. this is the sound of his young voice. this is school locker rooms. this is cheering. this is the glittered shades of purple and blue prom. this is the time he broke his pelvis. this is how he laughed. this is your dorm room. this is the people you know. this is comic books. this is peanut butter and saturday afternoon bike rides. this is the gray in his eyes in the rain. this is his face when sleeping. this is the touch of his hand at the small of your back. this is his mouth. this is backstage words of affirmation. this is support. this is what you feel. this is dreams. this is how things seemed to you, when you were young and scared and dumb. this is how he smells. this is swatches of scenery out bus windows. this is what you learned. this is what they told you. this is also music. this is wax paper bands and bleached hair. this is stained glass and copper coins. this is nervous fiddling. this is the park in the sun. this is the university campus. this is the click of a keyboard and the frames of editing. this is you looking at him from behind the lens. this is him looking back at you. this is worried lines in his face when you yelled at him. this is beauty. this is what you’ve never told anyone. this is what doesn’t fit the summary. this is what to keep between you. this is the golden thread strung between your hearts. this is what you know. this is your child’s birth. this is your wife’s body. this is personal. this is human. this is a thousand lifetimes. 

this is the two of you.

this is love.