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  1. things that inspire you
  2. things that motivate you
  3. name three favorite writers
  4. name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why
  5. since how long do you write?
  6. how did writing change you?
  7. early influences on your writing
  8. what time are you most productive?
  9. do you set yourself deadlines?
  10. how do you do your researches?
  11. do you listen to music when writing?
  12. favorite place to write
  13. hardest character to write
  14. easiest character to write
  15. hardest verse to write
  16. easiest verse to write
  17. favorite AU to write
  18. favorite pairing to write
  19. favorite fandom to write
  20. favorite character to write
  21. least favorite character to write
  22. favorite story you’ve ever written
  23. least favorite story you’ve ever written
  24. favorite scene you’ve ever written
  25. favorite line you’ve ever written
  26. story you’re most proud of
  27. best review you ever got
  28. worst review you ever got
  29. favorite story/poem of another author
  30. hardest part of writing
  31. easiest part of writing
  32. alternate title for (insert story title)
  33. alternate ending for (insert story title)
  34. alternate pairing for (insert story title)
  35. single story or multi-part story?
  36. one-shot or multi-chaptered story?
  37. canon or AU?
  38. do you reread your own stories?
  39. do you want to be published some day?
  40. which one of your stories would you most like to see as a movie/series
  41. one song that captures (insert story title)
  42. do you plan or do you write whatever comes to your mind?
  43. would you ever write a sequel for (insert fic title here)
  44. do you write linear or do you write future scenes if you feel like it?
  45. share the synopsis of a story you work on that you haven’t published yet
  46. share a scene of a story that you haven’t published yet
  47. how many unfinished ideas/stories are you working on at the same time?
  48. three spoilers for (insert story title)
  49. writing advice
  50. open question to the writer

“Your the reason I feel pain                                                                                   IT feels so good to feel again”

Nirvana-Verse Chorus Verse

This is simply one of the best lines Kurt have ever written. It’s beautiful, emotional and deep and I personally think that it has something to do with his break up with Tobi Vail. I think this is one of the moments when Kurt looks so vulnerable and so fragile and that makes me admire him actually because he managed to turn his sadness into such beautiful work.

Well, as he said before :                                                                                       “Thanks for the tragedy, I need it for my art”

poet ask meme

a. what other poets style do you emulate the most?

b. do you write with too much imagery or too little?

c. write four poems in one day or go three weeks without writing anything?

d. do you have your poetry organized or are you more likely to write half a stanza on a one dollar bill and then spend it by accident?

e. bird imagery or ocean imagery?

f. what was the last poem that you loved?

g. do you write about people or landscapes?

h. dreams or real events?

i. who do you write for?

j. what is the worst thing about your writing? what is the best?

k. what’s the best line you’ve ever written?

l. how much do you edit a piece before you consider it complete?

m. how long does it take you to write a poem?

n. ghosts or angels?

o. god or sunlight?

p. soft or harsh?

q. safety or happiness?

r. how long have you been writing?

s. who is your favourite poet? you have to pick just one.

t. what is your favourite line of poetry?

u. would you be okay with never being well known?

v. slow or frantic?

w. what colour is your poetry?

x. who, if anyone, do you send your new poems to?

y. is your poetry light or dark?

z. write a couplet (a short poem with just two lines) about pulse points.

I didn’t know that Levi had the power to wreck me and build me up afterwards. Stir my emotions and have control over them. Make me cry and make me worthy. Show me hell and show me heaven.
—  “I’m Levi’s”, Chapter 32
‘May I have this dance?’

Maleficent leaned against a tree and watched Regina.

Behind her, the party continued. It was a celebration of…well, of everything. A celebration of surviving, of beating the odds, of finding friends, and holding on to family. It was spontaneous and loud and bright and very, very happy.

She had seen Regina slip away from the crowd, out from under the marquee that had been hurriedly pitched in the middle of the park. She’d waited, watching for her to return; but when the minutes ticked by with no sign of Regina, Maleficent had excused herself from a confusing conversation with an inebriated Snow White, and followed Regina out into the night.

She found her in a little clearing among the trees, not so far away from the marquee that the music and laughter could not still be heard. The noise of the party was muted here though, making the sounds gentler, less grating on the ear.

Maleficent leaned against a tree and watched.

Regina was dancing.

She was barefoot in the grass under the moonlight, her eyes closed as she swayed in time with the soft sound of music; her hair brushed against her face as she twirled a slow circle, the hem of her skirt gently rose and fell. Her arm curled around her stomach, holding herself; she smiled wistfully, the corners of her mouth downturned. And, without thought, Maleficent was moving.

She kicked off her own high heels as she strode forward, silent, intent, a hunter stalking prey. Maleficent was almost on Regina before she noticed her; her eyes flickered open, widening in surprise when she saw Maleficent standing there, her inky-black dress covered in hundreds of silver beads, glittering enough to rival the stars.

Regina stiffened, steeling herself for the sardonic teasing that was the usual way of things between them.

But Maleficent simply held out her hand and said levelly, “May I have this dance?”

Regina tilted her chin up and examined Maleficent’s face, seeking out any sign of even well-intentioned mockery. She found none. She placed her hand in Mal’s open palm.

Maleficent’s fingers closed firmly over Regina’s and she pulled her into a twirl, her other hand  coming up to Regina’s waist, guiding her through the movement. Regina was laughing when she came to a halt, facing Maleficent.

They started off in a very formal and proper position, standing slightly apart. Maleficent’s right hand curved lightly around Regina’s waist, her fingers against the small of her back; she clasped Regina’s right hand against her chest, covering her heart. They started to move, following the rhythm of the haunting melody that wafted from the marquee. Regina’s inexperience made her hesitant, but Maleficent’s hand was steady at her back, leading her through the movements as she smiled down at her. Even barefoot, the dragon still had the advantage of height, and she was smooth and sure as she danced them around the clearing.

The grass was cool beneath their feet, the moonlight bright around them, and with every twirl and sweeping turn that ended with her back in the circle of Maleficent’s arms, Regina grew more confident. She slid her free hand along Maleficent’s shoulder until she could curl it around the back of her neck, and she shimmied closer so that their bodies brushed against each other as they danced, at thigh, and hip, and breast.

Maleficent’s eyes darkened, and Regina rested her head against the dragon’s chest with a sigh of contentment.

Regina felt Maleficent’s arm move up along her back, felt her tighten her grip, then she was being turned, but still held close against Maleficent’s body. She had to shift her feet and bend her knee to keep her balance, and suddenly she was looking up at Maleficent as her grinning partner lowered her into a dip. Regina clutched at Maleficent’s shoulder, laughter bubbling up. This felt like flying, but she was not afraid that Mal would drop her - the dragon’s hold was strong, her body firmly rooted to the ground.

Mal raised her back to an upright position. They stood unmoving for long moments, neither one speaking, simply looking searchingly at each other. Then Regina sighed, went up on tiptoe, and kissed Maleficent. She felt Mal’s mouth stretch into a broad smile that broke their kiss, but then she sobered and returned Regina’s kiss with passion.

In the marquee, the music changed, becoming fast and spirited with a pounding beat. The revellers whooped and shouted, and the wooden dance floor thrummed under their leaping feet.

But outside, under the moonlight, barefoot in the grass, Maleficent and Regina swayed softly together, moving to a sound that played for them alone.

Woodfire Embers
Woodfire Embers

I’ve been messing with some of my older tracks recently because I’ve learned a lot about the music app I’ve been using this summer. As such, I changed the key and rerecorded this song. It’s still not perfect (I recorded the vocals half an hour ago in a parking lot), but I wanted at least a slightly better version of this since it’s a very personal piece to me.

Lyrics under the cut.

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Okay, so we all know how dense Ushiwaka is, so what if his s.o is trying to use pick up lines on him, but he isnt getting it. Like, "did you sit on a pile of sugar, cause you've got a sweet ass" hes like "no I didnt, I havent sat in anything today"

YouI would like to say thank you to this anon for not only giving me an opportunity to have Ushijima be a dense fluff-ball, and for making me google “cheesiest pick up lines” 

You were on a mission today, and that was to make your boyfriend Ushijima Wakatoshi to blush. More specifically; blush at a pick up line. 

You plan your first one as you’re walking to class with him, your arm linked through his as he continues to grumble to you about how Oikawa should have come to Shiratorizawa. 

“Ushi-kun you need to tie your shoes! I don’t want you falling for anyone else,” You grin, fluttering your eyelashes up at him as he looks at you with furrowed brows. But alas, his cheeks remain their tan colour. 

“[Name]-san, my shoes are already tied, and I have perfect coordination. I won’t be falling,” He monotones, glancing at you like you were crazy. You stare in shock at how ignorant he is. He probably wouldn’t know someone was trying to flirt with them even if they were dancing naked on top of him.
Pick Up Line #1: FAIL


You realise that to get through the density of his intelligence, you might have to go a bit more obvious. You take a breath after your mouthful of lunch, turning to Ushijima, who is also eating. 

“You know, my lips won’t kiss themselves,” You coo, your eyebrow raising as you stare directly at Ushijima. Satori tries to keep his laughter to himself as he waits for Ushijima’s reaction from across the table. Ushijima looks at you, his own eyebrow raised. 

“Obviously. That’s impossible,” He scoffs, continuing to eat his lunch. His answer has you gaping at him, your eyes wide in disbelief as Satori laughs boisterously, his fist hitting the table. Yet Ushijima ignores him, enjoying the rice you’d made for him. 

You’re unsure with how to continue lunch. Do you just drop it? Do you insist? Do you cry out in despair because your boyfriend is just  so stupid? 

You decide to slowly continue eating, slightly annoyed at your failure. 
Pick Up Line #5: FAIL


It’s the end of the day, and you’re waiting at volleyball practice, dropping pick up lines here and there. Still extremely irked at Ushijima. 

“Oi, Ushijima. Did you sit in sugar? Because you’ve got a sweet ass,” 

“No, [Name], I haven’t sat in anything today,” 

#13 FAIL 

You begin to get a little more miffed at each failure. 

“You look like trash, can I take you out?” 

“That’s not very nice [Name]-chan…” 

#18 FAIL 

You’re close to screaming, the tips of your ears bright red with anger and annoyance.  

Ushijima walks over at the end of training, taking his towel from you with a small thank you. You grab his arm and put your face close to his. He’s looking at you; and he’s bluSHING. 

“You smell… Let’s take a shower together.” You state, not waiting for an answer before dragging him to the female’s showers (just to avoid the boys coming in). When you look back at him, his face is bright red, and he’s completely averting his eyes, fidgeting. 

You smile. You did it. You finally, painfully, did it. 

Pick Up Line #21: SUCCESS

CANON – I keep reading these posts where some viewers of Doctor Who do not believe that the Twelfth Doctor was “in love” with Clara Oswald. They feel that their relationship was simply a fatherly/daughterly affection.  But, nothing could be further from the truth.

In the show-runner’s own words – while appearing at the “Doctor Who: Anatomy of a Hit” panel in November of 2014 –, Steven Moffat said that Twelve had “absolute mono-maniacal devotion to Clara Oswald.  He absolutely loves her.”

He goes on to say that while Clara couldn’t find a way to say “I love you” to Danny Pink at the beginning of Dark Water and Danny Pink couldn’t find a way to say “I love you” to Clara in Death in Heaven, the cracked, old Caledonian gets it right.  He says it PERFECTLY.

It surprises him that he even has to say it. He just assumed that she knew.

Moffat still says that that one line of dialogue is the best line he’s ever written – for any show. Not the excellent soliloquy from The Rings of Akhaten, or the “sit down and talk” plea in The Zygon Inversion, nor any dialogue from his Sherlock series, but the simple declaration of love from the Twelfth Doctor to his tiny “teacher”.

So, if Moffat – the creator of Eleven, Clara and Twelve – says that it’s true, then that’s canon enough for me.

Mic drop!

Edit:  Some people have responded to this post by saying that “not all love is romantic”.  This is true.  However, Peter explained to Wil Wheaton at the Fathom Events that Clara and the Doctor have a TRULY romantic relationship. This is Peter talking about his Doctor. Again, I would think the main people involved in a television program (both writers and actors) would have the best insight into their character’s “motivations”.

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[“No. No no no, stop right there, Max. We never got anywhere because you’re a pretentious, selfish asshole. Also, I’m a lesbian. The things are completely unrelated.”] BEST LINE EVER WRITTEN ON A FANFIC (or any story ever really). DEAR MEN, THE REASON WOMEN DONT LIKE YOU IS BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE NOT BECAUSE OF WHETHER YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS ARE COMPATIBLE OR NOT!!