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I don’t care if I get blacklisted for this because I feel that all ARMYs should read this. (This was Namjoon in the chat today. They’re in a layover in New York on their way to Chile).

This is why I love him. This is why I’m gonna be forever alone. He knows just what to say to us. He knows just how uplift us and make sure we keep going forward. Whether it’s in school, work, or even be criticized for being an ARMY.

This is Kim Namjoon. This is our leader. One of the best humans to exist in this world.

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Jake and Amy as parents plz

sorry that this has taken so long! credit for maya and benji of course goes to @phil-the-stone whomst created them, we are all so blessed for it

  • no matter how many books amy studies/binders she makes/prenatal classes she goes to, nothing can truly prepare her for the realities of life with a Newborn Baby: the 4am helplessness when maya’s simultaneously screaming and refusing to latch, the endless rocking to try and put her to sleep, the pangs of anxiety when maya finally goes down but then is quiet for Too Long,
    • it’s okay tho because jake’s there and he’s helping however and whenever he can (he is a Pro diaper changer now and a well-practised expert at calming both his wife and baby down),, amy & maya love him so
    • it’s also okay because maya smells like pure love and her big brown eyes are all jake and she curls into amy like she’s the only thing she wants in the entire world 
  • amy and jake have a mini competition as to whether maya’s first word will be “mama” or “dada” - they each try to secretly coach her when they’re alone with her but end up both losing when she cheerfully babbles a sound that somewhat resembles the word “noice”
    • “jake, that’s cheating, it’s not a real word! she clearly said “no”” exclaims amy, but she also can’t stop laughing and can’t help but be immensely proud of 7 and a half month old maya for being above average in reaching such a milestone
  • bedtime stories are jake’s speciality - he does All the silly voices and actions because there is nothing better than the sweet sleepy giggles of his babies (and the soft laughter of amy as she hovers at the doorway before kissing benji goodnight and carrying maya back to her own room to tuck her in)
  • lie ins? maya and benji have never heard of such a concept. sundays are exclusively for bursting into mom and dad’s room and climbing on their bed, and then snuggling with them under the covers when they groan that it’s 5:30am 
  • jake is usually the one to dress the kids in the morning; amy is secretly jealous of his flare for co-ordinating their outfits
    • he buys matching pajamas for the entire peralta-santiago squad “that’s like the entire point of having kids”
  • amy’s method of parenting 2 children under the age of 5 is about 70% stickers
    • jake, too, gets stickers for allowing mommy to have some chill time by taking the kiddos to the park,  and also for helping her to Relax once kiddos are fast asleep ;)
  • even as captain, amy always finds the time to pack the school lunches the night before (partly because she knows jake will sneak chocolate into them otherwise) (he sometimes does anyway, but it’s the super healthy organic, fair trade kind that’s not Chocolate chocolate so she lets it slide) 
  • amy is honored to be the prettiest, smartest, and strongest person maya and benji have ever known (“it’s just a statement of fact, babe. i didn’t tell them to say anything” says jake as he kisses amy’s smile later on)
  • amy and jake are not all that Pushy…but they do both get a thrill out of the knowledge that they’re raising tomorrow’s world leader (maya) / tomorrow’s best doctor-lawyer (benji) when they ace their first kindergarten tests
  • it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of her cooking because maya and benji’s favourite meal of all time is amy’s homemade moros y cristianos and they insist that no one in the whole world makes it perfecter than her (”more perfect, niño” amy corrects, with absolute adoration in her voice)

How imaginative is this kid? I’m sensing future world leader, just saying 😊


The funny thing about ambitions is that they aren’t always what you’d think. It’s not uncommon for ambitions to be selfish, but it’s equally as common to have ambitions that are to help others, to improve some part of the world, to make something not solely for personal gain. Because, after all, the best world and humanitarian leaders and inventors are ambitious as well in some way.

“Memleket dahilinde iktidara sahip olanlar gaflet,delalet ve hatta hıyanet içinde bulunabilirler.” Başbuğ MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK

Benim tek bir Başkumandanım var Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK !

The Leader Who Never Lets His Baby Tao Feel Left Out

“To the one who can’t be on stage with us right now, Tao, I love you” - Kim Joonmyeon, Inkigayo, Call Me Baby First Win, o4.o5.15

“Tao-yah, it hurts a lot, doesn’t it?  You want to perform with us but it hurts because we can’t do it together.  Rest well and get better quickly.  I love you” - Kim Joonmyeon, Naver Starcast; Exocast, o4.o7.15

“I want Lay’s power; healing, so I can heal Tao’s injury” - Kim Joonmyeon, Naver Starcast; Exocast, o4.o7.15