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Are you unsatisfied after finishing romance games? Do you find yourself disappointed when you can’t find that singular romance that speaks to you every time you play a dating sim or otome game?

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Coming April 1st, 2017!
Anyone: Keep owning pet foxes legal in the state of Virginia
My husband and I are the proud owners of two pet domesticated foxes. The VDGIF (Virginia department of game and inland fisheries) wants to ban pet foxes and make it illegal to own them in the state of Virginia. Our pet foxes are part of our family just like any other pet, we love them as so and most...

It has come to my attention that many misinformed and uneducated (not to mention very hostile) animal rights activists are considering passing a law that will adversely affect future fox owners in the state of Virginia. Please join my friends and I in signing this petition to put a stop to such asinine and unjust AR activism and laws such as this. Please sign and share, thank you :)


This is the second longest video I’ve ever made and editing + rendering was such a pain but I just to had to convey my feelings for this show and its main character into a video. It obviously cannot do either of them justice but it did make me appreciate this show, this art, a little bit more than I already did.
The Young Pope is easily the best thing, that happened in 2016 and I’m more than thankful for it.

Now, give me a second season and Lenny his well-deserved and needed hug.

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WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA NICK ENJOY THE SPIDERS AND MOTHER NATURE'S MOOD SWINGS //it's downpours one day and glorious blue skies the next about as consistent as Fai's ability to tell the truth - Tsubasa anon ❀.(*´▽`*)❀.


It was “cold” (for Australia) all week long and it even rained briefly. Which is a thousand times better than Summer weather in any situation. 

A Lover in Law - Chapter 13

Jimin started trusting Hoseok more after that, admitting that he only asked because he had been wondering about it for a while and never felt he had the chance until then. It certainly made them closer than before and they became much more comfortable together. Jimin always seemed a little reserved whenever they would be alone together, but it certainly changed after that night. They also spent more time with the gang too, and Jimin got extremely close to Seokjin and Yoongi over time. The couple adored him and soon he became all they talked about when Hoseok would speak to them alone. Occasionally, they would talk about one of the other members, but Seokjin admitted that they think of both together rather than apart anymore. They would always tease him about how he and Jimin were meant for each other and tell him to just go for it and date him already. Hoseok would always deny them, even if Jimin would smile if he heard Yoongi call them ‘boyfriends’ or ‘husbands’ or even ‘hopelessly in love with each other.’ He knows that Yoongi and Seokjin have been referring to each other as ‘my husband’ recently and that they love referring Hoseok and Jimin as the other married couple in the gang. It’s not that he didn’t want to date Jimin, it’s just that he was still scared to. He doesn’t want Jimin to get hurt. Not like he was a couple of weeks back when Dog attacked them. (Even though no one has heard from Dog or his gang for almost a month, Hoseok had to assume that Taehyung stayed true to his word when he said that he would kill him if he did so much as touch Jimin.)

However, a day came that the truth just couldn’t be hidden any longer.

“So, Taehyung came to visit the office today.” Jimin said while he got into the car, sounding annoyed and pissed off. He didn’t even greet Hoseok like he normally does, and that means that whatever Taehyung did when he visited completely pissed his dongsaeng off. He threw his briefcase into the back without care and started taking off his tie and divesting of his tight clothes. “I didn’t think anything of it, y’know, I like him so I was sure they’d just hang out. They did too, at least for a while.”

“Okay.” Hoseok leaned back and watched Jimin with a look of surprise on his face, but saying nothing to stop him. He threw the tie into the backseat and soon his suit jacket was off too. He had to hide the fact that he was enjoying watching Jimin strip like this and wanted to know just how much Jimin was going to take off. He couldn’t help but wonder what Taehyung did to piss him off so much. “But what happened? You don’t sound too happy…”

Jimin’s fingers nimbly undid the top buttons of his shirt and he started to pull it out of being tucked into his pants. “I walked in on them making out. I walked in on them fuckin’ making out while I was trying to fuckin’ work.” Jimin then started undoing his belt and threw it in the backseat too. “Tae was sitting on his desk and was kissing him and Jungkook had hickeys all over his neck! We have a case that we have to present on Thursday!”

Hoseok looked him over while Jimin was rolling up his sleeves and smiled to mask his infatuation with his body. “That’s really unprofessional. ‘Hope Kookie has concealer to cover those up.” He said while Jimin finally sat comfortably. “You comfortable now?” Jimin nodded and stared forward, looking completely done with life.

“Yeah. I’m just annoyed and pissed off they had to fuckin’ do that during work. He had a meeting with our boss after Taehyung left and I heard him get yelled at.” Jimin ran his hand through his hair and looked over at Hoseok. “Who knows what else they were doing in there. Taehyung had that look on his face, you know the one. I fucking hate it. It’s his fault for getting Jungkook in trouble.”

“Who knows.” Hoseok reached over and ran his hand through Jimin’s soft hair too. “Well, is there anything you want to do? You’re getting off early today and I still have money to waste from my paycheck last week.”

“Take me away from here.” Jimin sighed and stared forward, towards the traffic that passed them without a care in the world. “I want to do anything but think of Taehyung and Jungkook.”

“Okay. I have a lil’ place I like to go when I feel this way. I think you’ll like it.” Hoseok said as he finally got ready to start driving. Jimin put on his seatbelt and stared out the window. He looked worn out and Hoseok made it his goal for tonight to make him feel good again.

Their drive to the corner store closest to Hoseok’s apartment was nearly silent. After the silence got too much, Jimin put on the radio and sang along to some songs. Hoseok wanted to, too, but Jimin sounded so angelic that he didn’t want to ruin the songs. He parked in front of the corner store and got out of his side “What?” Jimin asked when Hoseok opened his door and undid his seatbelt for him. It may have just been an excuse to get close to his face, but Jimin didn’t seem to mind.

“Let’s get some snacks and stuff. Let’s be out as long as possible tonight.” Hoseok said with a wide smile. He pulled Jimin out of the car and closed the door behind him. Jimin laughed happily while Hoseok dragged him into the store. He didn’t pull his hand away like Hoseok had expected, and it made him happy.

“I thought you were gonna take me to a bar or a club or something.” Jimin said while they walked through short aisles, and Hoseok smiled at him. Jimin stopped when Hoseok stood in front of stacks upon stacks of candy, and looked up at him with innocence in his eyes. It’s always so cute to see him look innocent when he knows from their many conversations that Jimin is really not as innocent as he seems.

“I don’t think you need alcohol tonight, dollface. It’s the middle of the week. Let’s wait until Friday to even think about that stuff.” He poked Jimin’s nose and winked at him. Jimin giggled and squeezed his hand. They started looking through what was there rather than talking about alcohol, though Hoseok could tell that’s what Jimin wanted.

The worker behind the counter seemed annoyed that two people came into the shop, but Hoseok didn’t care because his mission was to make Jimin happy again. “So, where’re we going if it’s not a bar? Why are we here then?” Jimin asked as they parted their hands and started looking around for things.

“Just choose what you want, our next stop is my house.” Hoseok said with a smile before grabbing sodas from the coolers in the back. He watched Jimin as he looked through chips and candy, feeling happy that Jimin was finally feeling a bit better.

They played around and threw things to each other over the shelves and giggled when the worker would yell at them to “stop playing around and act like adults.” They (Hoseok mostly, and Jimin joined in when he saw how fun it was to piss this guy off) obviously didn’t and finished their shopping after their second warning. They got chips and lots of different types of candy and a couple of drinks before they made their way back to Hoseok’s car.

Jimin was eating gummy worms when he got into the passenger’s side and sat down. The bags of their stuff were in his lap and he looked at Hoseok with wide eyes as he got into the driver’s side. “So, where to next?” He asked with a cute voice from his full mouth.

“My house.” Hoseok said matter-of-factly while putting on his seat belt, despite his apartment being just down the street. “I can’t have you going out in that! It costs a lot to dry clean that stuff, I’m sure.”

“Oh. Okay. It doesn’t cost that much but whatever.” Jimin put on his seatbelt and nodded. He offered some of the gummy worms to Hoseok and he gladly took them. He immediately started to eat them as Jimin fed him. “Your clothes are still at my house, but I washed them.”

“That’s good.” Hoseok said with a full mouth. They started to go down the road again and the trip was much shorter. He parked in his usual space before Jimin had time to attach his phone to the radio again. “Leave the bags and stuff in the car, we’ll be right back.”

“Okay.” Jimin said with a smile on his face. They got out of the car and started heading into the building. Jimin was obviously happier after their little shopping trip and it made Hoseok feel better now that he was getting to feel better too. They made small talk on the way to Hoseok’s apartment and Hoseok told him what he had to do during work today. He told him about a visiting girl group tried to hit on him, but what surprised him the most is that when he told Jimin that girls hitting on him, it seemed to annoy him.

“What do you want me to wear?” Jimin asked as they immediately headed for the bedroom. Jimin looked around, but didn’t waste time coming to his favorite part of Hoseok’s apartment.

“Something comfortable, but I need to see if I have pants big enough for you and your fabulous ass.” Hoseok opened the door for Jimin and started going through his drawers to see if he had any pants big enough for Jimin. The younger giggled when Hoseok said it, and he seemed really pleased that Hoseok complimented him like that. He didn’t pay attention to Jimin after the younger didn’t even try to help him find clothes for him. They continued to talk about a couple of things while he searched, mainly the rest of Jimin’s day when he didn’t have to deal with their two youngest friends. He found a pair of pants that were loose on him and turned around to give it to Jimin when he nearly dropped them out of surprise. Jimin was sitting on his bed, like he had expected, but he wasn’t wearing any pants and his shirt was haphazardly on his chest and body, revealing his small shoulders and collar bones. Hoseok heard himself squeak in surprise and it surprised Jimin.

“What?” He looked down at himself and his cheeks flushed when he realized what he looked like to Hoseok. He lifted his legs up to try to cover himself and he laughed awkwardly. “I guess it looks weird, huh? Sorry.”

Hoseok walked over and couldn’t help himself from touching Jimin’s leg before he looked up at the man with a smile. “Nah, I think you look really cute like this. You’re too cute, dollface. No one comes close to how nice you look right now.” Hoseok ruffled his hair after seeing Jimin blush again and handed him the pants. “These might fit you.”

“Okay.” Jimin took the pants and disappeared into the bathroom. Hoseok watched him as he left and felt himself get a furious blush when he realized what he did. He needs to keep his crush under control! He needs to have a good time with Jimin tonight if this relationship is going to stay the way it is! He calmed himself down and Jimin soon came out of the bathroom in his pants. His shirt was still barely on, but the pants looked tight on his legs, especially on his thighs and his butt when he had turned around to show them off. “These seem to fit fine. Do they look good?” Hoseok nodded while entranced with his body. Jimin’s smile came back and motioned to Hoseok’s clothes again. “Can I wear one of your shirts too?”

“Yeah, pick what’cha like.” Hoseok watched him lift his shirt over his head and he ran his hand through his hair. His body was toned and he had faint abs, all sorts of soft edges all over. He looked like he could easily lift Hoseok and it made him wonder how he had never known this before. “Whoa…” Hoseok’s gasp distracted Jimin and both blushed.

Jimin covered up his body with his hands and smiled bashfully. “Wah, you’ve never seen my body before, huh?” Hoseok shook his head and Jimin moved his hands and put them behind his back. He didn’t seem nearly as embarrassed about his bare body than he did when he was covered up. “I used to go work out every morning, but I’ve gotten kinda lazy recently. I’ve really let myself go.” He laughed and shrugged before looking for a shirt again. “I need to start losing weight again…”

“God, I’m learnin’ new things about you every day! I think you look beautiful no matter what. You don’t need to lose weight.” Hoseok said with a laugh, now being the one to sit on the bed and wait for Jimin to finish changing. Jimin didn’t say anything when he said that, instead focused on trying something to cover himself up. He watched with anticipation how Jimin’s muscles worked beneath his skin and had to keep himself on the bed so he wouldn’t touch his back or anything else he wants to touch. Jimin found a tattered t-shirt at the bottom of one of the drawers and slipped it over his head and the outfit was complete. “You look so cute. You almost look cuter like this than when you’re in one of your suits, Mr. Lawyer-Man.”

“Thank you. I really try to look good no matter what I’m wearing.” Jimin spun around to show off his new outfit and smiled happily. “This outfit smells like you, so I’m good.”

“You like my cologne?” Hoseok asked with a raised eyebrow, receiving a sheepish grin from Jimin while he held the shirt in front of his face. Hoseok smirked and stood up to face him, trying his best to seem confident when in reality he wanted to scream into his bed about how cute Jimin was being. “’Guess I gotta wear it more often if this is how you’ll be when I do.” He put his arm around Jimin’s shoulders and pulled him close to his body. “So, you ready for the night of your life?”

“What are we gonna do?” Jimin asked, looking up at him with a smile full of anticipation on his face. Hoseok had a hard time ignoring the fact that Jimin fit perfectly in his arms to keep his crush a secret. Who knows what might come out tonight, maybe his crush won’t be a secret for too much longer. He can’t let that happen, not yet, it’s not the right time.“What could be so fun that we don’t need to get drunk in the middle of the week?”

“I dunno. I didn’t actually think about it, think about it, y’know? I just wanted to take you to the park and hang out and look at the stars. It’s what I do when I’m really stressed, so I thought you’d like it.” Jimin giggled and wrapped an arm around his waist, stopping their movement right before they made it to the door. “What?” Hoseok tried to sound annoyed, but he knew that Jimin could see right through it.

“Gosh, you’re so cute. What did I do to get the cutest hyung in the world?” Jimin said, hugging Hoseok tightly around his waist. He put his head in the crook of Hoseok’s neck and they stayed there for what felt like a long time. “Hyung, you’re the best.” Jimin whispered before he pulled away enough for them to look each other in the eyes. If Hoseok wasn’t scared, he could take him right then and there. He would kiss him and put him back on the bed to really treat him to the best night of his life. But, Hoseok is terrified of the idea that Jimin doesn’t like him like that. This entire time he could have been thinking their relationship was completely platonic while Hoseok has been falling in love with him more and more the longer he’s been with him. He doesn’t want to ruin everything. He’s spent too long to let one mistake ruin it all for him. Hoseok knows his cowardice will never get him anywhere in life, but this time he has a valid reason to be scared. Jimin is too important to him to let him do this. “You know… I’ve kinda kept a secret from you, hyung.”

“What secret would that be, Jiminnie?” Hoseok asked, pushing Jimin’s hair from his face so he could trace every little thing with his eyes in the pale-yellow light of the table lamp next to his bed. He tilted his head to the side and gave him a loving smile to make him continue speaking. “It’s not too important, is it?”

“It’s a really big secret, so I don’t want you to freak out hyung.” Jimin was purposely putting it off. Hoseok wanted to know, he really wanted to know if Jimin’s going to keep it from him like this. “Promise me you won’t hate me forever when I tell you.”

“You know I’d never hate you forever, Jimin. I don’t think I can hate you at all. You’re my favorite dongsaeng in the world and there’s nothing that can change that. Now stop being a silly butt and just tell me already.” Hoseok poked his nose, and Jimin grabbed his hand before he could put it back around his shoulders and made him pinky promise that he would never hate him, no matter what it is.

“I think I’m in love with you, Hoseok.”

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I had a thought: Kakashi does kind of look like Tobirama, which would make Sakumo his son (since I hc him older then the Sannin and Tobirama was the younger brother). So when SakuOro happens it would make Orochimaru Tobiramas son-in-law. Best relation between in-laws ever. And then I thought about what would happen if MadaTobi was also a thing, tried to imagine Orochimaru and Madara as in-laws and now I'm cackling like mad xD

The timeline (what there is of one, gdit Kishi) actually line up really well for this. And Tobirama and Oro woudl totally be the best in-laws ever, to the point of jealousy from Sakumo and/or Madara, I’m sure.