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NikMik: also not to sound greedy, but a part 2 could totally work ;P i'd love to see what happens during their dance. & possibly flashbacks, especially klaus coming to her door. i'm just saying :P

Guys, you know I’m susceptible to peer pressure! ;) Hope you like it, NikMik!

Sequel to Best Wishes

To the Happy Couple || Klaroline

“A toast,” Klaus called, tapping the side of his champagne glass to gather the reception’s attention. He grinned at a blushing Freya as Lucien whispered in her ear. “To the happy couple, the oddest pairing no one expected to get here.”

Chuckles rose from the crowd. Caroline warily kept the head table in her peripheral vision while supervising the catering staff plating the cake the newlyweds had just cut.

The night had been a weird experience for her, both familiar and startling. Her work automatic, natural - she was in her element. But it was strange to realize it was Klaus’s element, too, especially with his eyes lingering on her so often.

He was with his family, celebrating with his business partner. She couldn’t remember a time he had looked so comfortable in a room full of people. Klaus was always on guard for something, his eyes scanning the area to get his bearings.

The only time he had that look during the wedding was when his eyes searched for her.

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So I'm reading INCYAL now, on chapter 6 and THANK YOU!!! Ofc, you were right and it's amazing!

I hate to say I told you so, BUT I TOLD YOU SO! INCYAL is made of win. 

And awwwww chapter six, that means you just finished with Hannah! Don’t you love her? Poor Hannah. Just wait, it gets even better. OMG the girl we’re on now. JUST WAIT!