best kdramas


“this is perfect.”


Can’t believe that this drama ended already 😭 THIS IS THE BEST KDRAMA I’VE WATCHED!!! ❤️❤️❤️ THE CHEMISTRY OF LEE SUNG KYUNG AND NAM JOO HYUK IS THE BOMB!!! I HOPE THAT THEY WILL BE A COUPLE IN REAL LIFE TOO hihihi ☺️ It was a light- hearted story with a balance of romance and comedy 👍🏻 I wish that they also included the deleted scenes, which is shown in some of the photos posted above ☹️ However, I’m already contented with how the story ended—showcasing their love and support for each other, also how they progress, grow and mature as an athlete as well as an individual. Kudos to Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk for portraying their roles well that gave life to Kim Bok Joo and Jeong Joon Hyung as well as to the director, writer and the production team/staff for putting up this well-executed drama. All of your hardwork really paid off. 💖 I’m really going to miss this drama a lot 😭😩☹️ Most especially the swag couple and their squad 😭💕 Also the “WHAT” sound effect 😂🙃
It’s sad that I will no longer wait for Wed and Thurs 10 PM KST for another episode of WLFKBJ 😭💔 I really love this drama!!! 😭❤️❤️❤️
Until then, WLFKBJ! SWAAAAAG! 💖🤘🏻 🏋🏻💘🏊🏻 *cto for the photos*