best karkat


(sorry for my horrible handwriting aha) i wanted to do so many things today and this wasnt even on the list lmao heres more of that alien au

john and dave just wanted to enjoy their date but now they have 12 injured aliens hidden on the flatbed of their truck and zero idea for what to do about it

they go back to johns house where it honestly doesnt take long for dad to find them. but hes dad so he basically adopts them on the spot and spends a lot of time baking for them. he also helps out when the govt starts sniffing around

for now im just gonna tag this earthstuck i guess just bc i want to have a tag for it on my blog and i literally cant think of anything better

guys im so proud of karkat seriously

hes the best and hes so smart and pure and even though he cried more than anyone in the comic hes still so strong and he deserves more credit and love
he could get all the love in the world and he would still deserve more i mean it

literally the best he needs more support


they think the cats vs dogs stereotype is hilarious but roxy cant keep it goin for long bc jade cant stop waggin her damn tail and bein adorable in general. theyve probably only done this once or twice before but karkat has this condition where he refuses joy and happiness at every opportunity

i was never rly into runawaystuck the first go around bc everyone made it Dave the Bird: the AU and i can only handle so much strider but my gay furry heart cant deny This


i finished this the other day so i thought i would share! click to enlarge!

i did my best with the symbols but a lot of things have a handful of different ones depending on the source? so i did colors too. please ignore the lack of clothes and faces on some ;; 

EDIT: im adding a key under the cut 

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