best jeans ever

  • “Too bad I didn’t do that in ‘Dueling Cavalier’. They might have liked it.”
  • “Why don’t you?”
  • “What?”

“Singin’ In The Rain”, 1952  (dir. Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly)

with Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Jean Hagen 

Guys you really need to listen to this. My friend made an english cover of the Snk opening and rearranged it into a soft slow acoustic version. It’s so hauntingly beautiful. 

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Wow, the new season of Yuri on Ice looks really good 

¿Ha tocado fondo? No lo sabe. Ha escuchado decir que a veces hay que ir hasta abajo del todo para impulsarte hacia arriba. Entonces aprietas los dientes, flexionas las rodillas y saltas con fuerza para salir del pozo. Esa es la vida. Una constante entrada y salida en pozos imaginarios, más o menos profundos, en los que caes y de los que tienes que tratar de fugarte con el menor número de rasguños posibles.

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jerejean going to a p!atd concert (sometime after Jean has sort of gotten used to crowds and trusts Jeremy enough) and Jeremy can't see shit bc hes standing with Jean and that means they're further back and there are so many tall people in front of him so he jumps on jeans back

currently listening to p!atd (a.k.a. my fave rock band) and this just happens to be in my inbox so LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!

  • it just so happens that p!atd is jeremy knox’s Favorite Band Ever
  • and it just so happens that jeremy knox is jean moreau’s Favorite Person Ever
  • jean buys VIP tickets for the two of them as a birthday gift
  • (which, sadly, effectively beats out kevin day’s procured front row seats at the next pro exy game happening in argentina, between the greenridge tigers and the blacktail jaguars)
  • jeremy happily goes “How the fuck did you know, Jean–”
  • “Well, if you were less subtle with the number of posters you have up in your room, the times you blasted Pretty Odd songs in the shower, and how you freaked out to Neil over the phone over them having a concert here, then I might not have noticed, Jere’.”
  • (andrew goes: “Yeah, Neil woke me up. I remember it perfectly well. and dan sniggers)
  • jeremy scoffs, rolls his eyes, and walks over to kiss jean. then, jeremy hugs him, whispering “Thank you, thank you, thank you” over and over again
  • jean could practically feel jeremy’s happiness wash over him, and it’s the best feeling in the world
  • fast forward to the day of the concert - jeremy is in his p!atd shirt and jean has his phone ready with all the song lyrics of the setlist
  • (jeremy doesn’t need the lyrics because he memorizes every song forwards and backwards)
  • they are 4 songs into the concert and, even though they’re in the VIP section, there are still a lot of tall people in front of the two of them
  • suddenly brendon urie decides on a bit of a surprise throwback with Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off 
  • jeremy freaks out because honestly damn, this song
  • jean notices jeremy trying his best to tiptoe and decides that this has gone on long enough
  • he can’t have his boyfriend struggling to enjoy his favorite band like this
  • so he bends over and shouts, “Get on my back!” and before jeremy could protest, he adds, “Quick!” 
  • jeremy gets on jean’s back and jean stands up just in time for jeremy to shout, “LET’S GET THESE TEEN HEARTS BEATING FASTER, FASTER!” in time with brendon and the crowd
  • jean waits for the whole song to end before letting jeremy off his back
  • jeremy breathes a quick, “Thanks,” before going back to the concert
  • the crowd in front of them subsides a little, and they’re now able to fully enjoy the music
  • during Northern Downpour jeremy puts his arm around jean’s shoulder and rocks them both side to side
  • at the end of the concert they get to meet p!atd and jeremy brings out every piece of merch he owns for them to sign - albums, posters, pictures, shirts, etc.
  • (he holds up the line and people are giving him death glares but jean flips them all off)
  • afterwards, they get to take pictures with them because apparently brendon urie is a lowkey exy fan who recognized them
  • (”Who’s that striker again? Ah. Neil Josten? Yeah. He’s badass. I like him.”)
  • jean and jeremy go home and jean sees jeremy with the biggest smile on his face
  • “Best night ever.” jean smiles and replies, “Happy damn birthday, idiot.”
  • (bonus: later that night, on instagram, jeremy posts an after-concert picture of him and jean, with jean happily holding up the tickets and jeremy kissing the top of his head. he tags jean and p!atd in the picture, and the caption is: “A moment I’ll always remember, and a night I’ll never forget.