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My Top 15 Kpop Songs of 2015

This is just a little post (which got too long) about my fav kpop songs of 2015. I just thought it was a cool little idea and I wanted to kind of document them for myself. It’d be awesome if others did this too I think because I love finding out what people’s fav kpop songs are so I can discover new ones! ^^ There are a whole bunch of songs I loved this year which didn’t make it on here, but I think that’s just because it’s been such a crazy good year for Kpop actually, but yeah…

15. Code Kunst ft. Oh Hyuk and DOK2 - Parachute
The only reason this one is at no. 15 is because I only discovered it a few days, but it’s already just one of my favourites and I’ve been listening to it on repeat. It’s such a chill song that’s so easy to listen to, and the guy’s voice really suits the beat. I definitely recommend checking out this song if you haven’t and like slower, chill, rap songs!

14. MONSTA X - Hero
Monsta X was definitely my favourite rookie group of the year, and I’m totally obsessed with all of their songs. ‘Hero’ is probably my favourite though; the beat’s great and the juxtaposition of rapping and singing worked really well imo. I haven’t checked out much of their promotional/variety appearances this year but they seem like cool guys too, and I look forward to what they release next year and in the future!

13. Red Velvet - Cool World
Sadly this song doesn’t have an mv. The whole Red album was soooo good in my opinion (better than I was expecting it to be) but this song really stuck out to me. I like the fact that, out of the album, it’s probably the least ‘in your face’ out of them all. I kinda like the slower side to Red Velvet with ‘Automatic’ and ‘Be Natural’ some of my fav songs by them, so I’m looking forward to their Velvet album if they end up sticking with that kinda concept!

12. TTS - I Like The Way
This song is so new yet I’ve listened to it so much. I really liked TTS’ Christmas album … like, a lot. I actually think I liked it more than EXO’s tbh because it felt more Christmassy. This song is my favourite though just because of how funky it is. It makes you wanna dance and sing along at the top of your lungs, and tbh I like the way this song makes me feel! >.<

11. GAIN - Paradise Lost
It took me a while to get into this song. At first when I listened to it and heard like the organ music I was like ‘wtf??’ but over time it grew on me. In part because of how different it is to a lot of the music Kpop produces - variety’s always a good thing. Gain’s voice works for this sort of song really well, I think. And that dance tho.

10. Infinite - Walk to Remember
I never listened to Infinite before because I found it really hard to enjoy their music, and that’s still kind of true for their older stuff. But their mini album Reality this year just blew me away. I absolutely loved it and listened to it pretty much every day when I was on my field trip in Spain. This song was my favourite, I think because it’s a bit slower and chilled out (which I think tends to always be my kinda jam tbh) but also because of the lyrics. They seem to tell a really sweet story about the boy’s journey which I think is really endearing!

9. Primary ft. Choa and Iron - Don’t Be Shy
This song~~ I absolutely adore this song. The mix of that kind of reggae beat with Choa’s soft and husky voice is just so fucking good. I think her voice is more suited to this sort of music and I wish she got to be in more stuff like this. And it was great of Primary to notice her range and feature her on this song too. Absolutely great song, and deserves more views imo.

8. f(x) - 4 Walls
Man, I was so looking forward to the f(x) comeback this year, and it didn’t disappoint. I think 4 Walls was the best track to title the album too, in all honesty. And I really enjoyed listening to it on repeat for a loooong time. I don’t really listen to it that much anymore because I overplayed it, but I still like it. The song (and album) mostly reminds me of a lot of music that used to play in the UK in the 90s (especially Rude Love that song completely takes me back somehow) which is pretty sweet tbh. I don’t understand the video though and I don’t think I’ve watched it that many times: I prefer the live stages with the dance!

7. AOA - Really Really
I’m a big fan of AOA: they’re one of my top girl groups tbh and I pretty much love anything they do. I love their title tracks and mv’s but I think they’re best songs are always album tracks. This song is my favourite ever AOA song and I listen to it all the time, especially when I’m sad. As Jimin’s my bias I really love her bits in this song, but I also love that they all get a moment to shine in it to. Such a lovely song and I really hope that they’ll one day perform it live.

6. IU - Twenty Three
This album was so good I think I really loved every song. This song was a great title though as it’s really catchy and gets stuck in your head. I can’t say the video is bad either, although I heard it got a lot of controversy? But I liked it nonetheless! It’s a very cute song with hints of sophistication in it too, which I think was what she was trying to get across!! Love it!

5. Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint - I
I dunno how long everyone’s been waiting for a Taeyeon solo but it feels like forever. I loved the tone of the album as a whole and I think every song has it’s place and time, but this song totally deserved all the praise and love it got and more! Such a beautiful song with a calm beat that melts perfectly with Taeyeon’s strong voice. It’s just such a beautiful concept, and the music video too is gorgeous. If I could sing I’d be belting this out day and night tbh.

4. GOT7 - If You Do
GOT7 is a really strong band and I think they’re gonna do really well. I started listening to them last year and got really hooked on ‘Stop It Stop It’ and ‘Girls Girls Girls’ but I’m not gonna lie there are a lot of songs by GOT7 that just miss the mark with me so I don’t really listen to them that much all things considered. ‘Just Right’ as well was very cute but still kinda repetitive and got boring after a while (no matter how much I loved the video and the meaning of the song) but if they’re gonna start to go more in the way of ‘If You Do’ then I am beyond excited! This is their best song, I think, and I can’t get enough of it even now. It’s a more mature sound which I think suits them honestly, and I’m glad because I love them as people and I so wanna be in love with their music too!!

3. Big Bang - Loser
Top 3 were hard to choose, but I think this song deserves its place. Big Bang is undoubtedly one of the strongest bands in Kpop, and I think it’s impossible to argue that they aren’t influential and talented. I, for one, like a lot of their music. A lot of it I don’t. That happened with their album this year too, but more than any of their other albums so far I liked the majority of the songs. ‘Bang Bang Bang’, ‘Sober’ and ‘Loser’ were the top contenders for my favourite but ‘Loser’ took the edge simply for the vocals in it. I’m a sucker for the vocalists in Big Bang and I love their voices and the emotion they express in this song. It’s really just beautiful.

2. GARY ft. Miwoo - Get Some Air
Yes, I found out about Gary through Running Man, and yes I only started listening to it recently, but man have you heard this song?? It’s fucking insanely beautiful. I can’t get enough of it, and I can totally understand why Gary was so proud of it. The singing from Miwoo is stunning and Gary’s rapping is on point and just !!!! I’m so in love with this song, and I wish it had all the recognition it deserves. Gary’s quickly becoming one of my favourite K-artists now tbh. Absolutely perfect.

1. EXO - El Dorado
I’m an EXO blog for a reason. It couldn’t have been any other song than this for the no. 1 spot as much as I tried to think it might have been possible to choose another. This song just got to me so hard as soon as I heard it. I think it’s what really made me fall for EXO because before this song I’d kinda been like ‘yh EXO are okay I kinda like their songs’ but now I’m convinced their the best pop artists to like grace the Earth!! =P I don’t even know why it’s so important to me this song but it just so is. I love the beat, the backing track, the little ‘boop boop’s throught - it’s all amazing. I mean, if I had to choose the main reason it’d be a toss up between the fantastic vocals (mainly speaking about Soo here but also Baek’s high note and Chen’s in the M version too) and the lyrics. I’m a sucker for the lyrics of this song because I love how they tell a story. It makes me want to go on an epic journey with them across seas and countries… although in some ways I guess we kinda are, which might be the point. This will forever be my favourite EXO song.