best italians


1: What is your native language?
2: Have you learnt any other languages? If yes, what are they?
3: Have you ever read a book in a foreign language?
4: Did you learn any languages at school? If yes, what were they?
5: What is the prettiest language?
6: What is the ugliest language?
7: Have you ever made up your own language?
8: What languages do your parents speak?
9: If you were granted a wish that allowed you to instantly be able to speak any language, which would it be?
10: Have you ever tried to learn sign language?
11: Have you ever watched a movie with subtitles in a different language, or vice versa?
12: Choose a Scandinavian language you’d like to learn.
13. Choose a Slavic (eastern European) language you’d like to learn.
14. Choose an Asian language you’d like to learn.
15. French, Spanish, Greek - which is the best?
16. German, Dutch, Italian - which is the best?
17. Have you ever been embarrassed by a native speaker of the language you are trying to learn?
18. Name a dead language that you wish to make a come back.
19. What is your native language / homeland famous for?
20. What language is overrated?
21. What language do you think is too intimidating to learn?
22. What language should more people speak?
23. What language uses the prettiest alphabet?
24. What language uses the weirdest alphabet?
25. Try to find some foreign currency in your house. Where is it from?


Warnings: None

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: Thank you to all those who followed me and read my first fic!  I’m thinking of doing a part two to this one, so if you like it, let me know!

Your fire escape had always been your favourite part of your apartment.  Situated outside your bedroom window, you had spent countless hours of your life lounging on the metal steps, reading a book or catching up on some homework.  Last summer, you had wound a string of fairy lights around the rails, which were coated in shiny dark paint.  Your landlady had protested at first but, after you proved that they weren’t endangering the use of the fire escape in any way, she had let you keep them.  The small victory had brought a smile to your face, and now your escape was even cozier than before, and was still just as cozy a year later.  This year’s summer brought scorching heat and clear nights, and you spent most of your free time out on your escape, trying to catch a breeze.

You sat on your fire escape now, wearing a lightweight hoodie and pajama shorts, doodling in a journal.  School was out for the week and tomorrow didn’t require a six am wake up call, leaving you free to stay up late and admire the Queens skyline at night.  It was nights like these that you loved the most; nights that seemed like they were pulled straight from a movie scene, with stars that glimmered like flames, a full moon bigger than you had ever seen before, and the sounds of the city mixing in with the quiet melodies that drifted out of the speakers propped up on your window sill.  You would be content for the rest of your life if you could keep moments like these forever.

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Il tuo cuore disfatto lo sa che l'unica cura è il tempo.
—  Il mestiere della vita - Tiziano Ferro

Thanks to the fabulous ElenaC we can continue to enjoy the best figure skating commentators in the world, the wise, the funny, the Hanyu fanboys, the italians Max Ambesi and Angelo Dolfini.

She already uploaded the 4CC programs and as always the comments are fantastic but fair. I can particularly recommend the Free Skate, because you just know it blew their fucking minds and they don’t disappoint. XD

An intro…

M - “And now, it’s the turn of Hanyu Yuzuru, the alien from Sendai.”

After the popped 4Sal…

M - “And now?”

A - “And now let’s see what he decides to do…”

As Yuzuru starts to change his program…

A - “Tries the Toeloop again! Quad toeloop, double toeloop! We are practically at the end of the program!”

M - “He’s improvising.”

A - “Yes, it was supposed to be the second 3A there.” checks program. “Yes, it was supposed to be an axel euler salchow combination.”

As Yuzu prepares the final axel…

A - *holds breath* “Another axel!”

M - “I don’t believe it!”

A - “A 3A at the end of the program!”

M - “After 4 minutes!”

A - “It’s incredible! And what a 3A, dudes.”


The foreign-language films best must see :

1 . Life is Beautiful ( 1998 )
2 . The Lives Of The Others ( 2006 )
3 . The Intouchables (2011)
4 .  Amélie (2001)
5 .  (1963) 
6 .  The Sea Inside (2004)
7 .  Raise the Red Lantern (1991)
8 .  To Live (1994)
9 .  La Dolce Vita (1960)
10 . Good Bye Lenin ( 2003 )
11 .  Everything Is Illuminated (2005


  • Lance: Hey guys, if you could live anywhere in the universe, where would it be??
  • Shiro: I'm not sure I like the thought of settling down somewhere permanent... I would be fine living like this in the ship, travelling the universe helping people.
  • Lance: Wow,,, that is like a way deeper response to this question than I was expecting. I was thinking more like 'somewhere by the ocean' or 'a planet full of cute girls'
  • Keith: I'd live in a volcano.
  • Lance: What??? No. Keith. No one would ever want to live in a volcano.
  • Keith: I would. You said anywhere in the universe. I'll live in a volcano.
  • Lance: But.... That doesn't even make sense! It's so hot. You would literally melt!
  • Pidge: Well I'd like to live on a grassy, peaceful planet.
  • Lance: Hm
  • Pidge: What's so 'hm' about that???
  • Lance: Oh no, it's just, I thought you'd want to live somewhere really tech-y. Lots of computers and stuff like that
  • Pidge: Well maybe I'd want to take a break from all that once in a while; somewhere green and quiet...... And I mean, I'd take all my equipment with me too of course. I can take all my equipment with me right??
  • Hunk: Wait, does this mean we'd all be living on different planets??? Because I'd want to live on the same one as you guys.
  • Lance: Aw Hunk
  • Hunk: Because I could totally find a planet with a volcano-
  • Lance: Keith is not living in a volcano!
  • Hunk: -lots of grass, and like a space station for Shiro or something.
  • Lance: ........... Actually.... That kinda sounds like Earth doesn't it? I think... That's still where I'd pick to live.
  • Everyone: ...........
  • Lance: Doesn't hurt that it's got the best Italian food in the galaxy.
  • Everyone, collectively groaning: Uggghh
  • -------
  • Based on the now infamous Lion Quiz in the Voltron Guidebook

Italian Eurosport commentators on Yuzuru Hanyu’s winning performance at GPF 2014 [x]

“Such a pity for that lutz, because it would have really silenced all the sceptical people around him. Well he silenced them anyway, and it’s better for them if they start dedicating themselves to something else, like marbles, bowling, horse back riding (beautiful!) and leave figure skating, because those who question Hanyu don’t understand anything about this sport.”

Massimo Ambesi, laying down the truth since 2014.

Japan → me

America→My American boyfriend 

Italy → my Italian best friend 

I drew my first impression of him before but today I asked what were there first impressions of me. When I first met my boyfriend, he was wearing black scarf and black jacket, so he looked like a bear.🐻


 • "You can do it ... I  K N O W  Y O U  C A N  ... " • 

| ↳ ✿ Joyeux anniversaire Mairoko! ✿ |

Siamo ai primi di luglio e già il pensiero
è entrato in moratoria.
Drammi non se ne vedono,
se mai disfunzioni.
Che il ritmo della mente si dislenti,
questo inspiegabilmente crea serie preoccupazioni.
Meglio si affronta il tempo quando è folto,
mezza giornata basta a sbaraccarlo.
Ma ora ai primi di luglio ogni secondo sgoccia
e l’idraulico è in ferie.
—  Eugenio MontaleI primi di luglio