best iphone 4 cases


GIVEAWAY (if you can call it that)

My pile of failed DIY attempts is getting out of hand, so I decided to give some stuff away.

RULES or whatever: must be following me. I’d like to just give the stuff to one of my current followers, but its whatever.

note: at anytime if you really want any or all of these items, you can make an offer. and you’d win the item(s). even if its like a buck or two. idc, im not in this for followers or money.

reblogs only.


1 basement patch (not my best work).

1 touche amore patch (also not my best work).

1 touche amore iphone 4/4s case (pretty fucking terrible if you ask me).

plus some stickers i dont want/ have multiples - turnover, sainthood reps, harms way, modern life is war, plus some no sleep and deathwish stickers (not pictured).

ok i think thats it.

this ends tomorrow (march 11) at like idk, 7ish pacific time. if it gets 50+ notes. otherwise i’ll do it the next day.