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McAvoy: There was one moment in that scene where we go into the world of cross-dressing. Which ultimately got cut out. [To Michael] You loved it.

Kravitz: You loved it. You f*cking loved it.

Fassbender: I found a whole new side of my personality. [To James] That’s just ‘cause you found me attractive, James.

McAvoy: I’ve asked you not to reveal that bit while we’re on camera.


It’s very simple. I’m alive. I live in Pittsburgh. I like men. Not just as friends. I’m also a human being. And my gear works. So I want to have sex. I like to have sex a lot. That’s the story. Now, I’m good at what I do, an advertising exec. I have decent taste. I’m crass. I’m snarky. I’m very sarcastic. And a lot of people make me want to kill them. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a man, my sex organs work, I’m not attracted to women for whatever reason, I didn’t create the human race so I don’t know how that works, and maybe someday somebody will, but for the moment nobody does. I just know what makes me excited or gets me up or gets me down or however you want to put it. That was Brian. He wanted what he wanted and he was going to get it, and he didn’t care. It’s not because he didn’t care about other people. It’s because he had equated reality with satisfaction and he was acknowledging his animal side. And not to say the animal side is better or worse than the intellectual side or the spiritual side but it’s a side, and it’s one of the things he enjoyed expressing. So we just have to be honest with each other. Everybody, whether you like it or not, has sex in your brain, somewhere. And hopefully it’s in your body a lot, too. So, get over it, right? Just get over it. Just do it. Be safe, but just do it.
—  Gale Harold on how he understood the character of Brian Kinney [x]
Pretty Lies - Part Two

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Genre: Angst

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven

Word Count: 2,503

Summary: You knew the truth, but still clung onto the pretty lies he told you.

The wind nipped at Namjoon’s skin as he bolted out of the dorm, barely remembering to lock the door. He started to curse as he headed to his car, memories of the call he just had with Y/N bouncing around in his head.

“Namjoon,” you slurred as soon as the call had connected, startling Namjoon. He had been in the middle of tweaking the song he finished earlier, but the random call from you had made him stop. “I’m so done.”

“What are you talking about? Are you drunk?” Namjoon questioned, hearing voices in the background. His eyes wandered over to the clock on his desk. It was almost midnight, you wouldn’t have guests over this late- let alone get wasted around them.

“I’m done with everything! I’m done with not being good enough, Jungkook, and all the lies…”

You knew. 

Namjoon was at a loss at what to do. He had always assumed you just didn’t know about Jungkook’s lies, never considering that you also knew. 

“Shit,” Namjoon hissed, pushing back his hair as his chair swiveled around. “How long have you known?”

“Long enough, Namjoon. Long enough to know it hurts and there’s nothing I can do about it but leave.” It was as if the background noises faded away as you sobbed on the line. Namjoon’s fingers itched to run through your hair as he comforted you, but he couldn’t. “But I keep stopping myself from leaving because I still love him.”

A sudden crash startled Namjoon, hearing glass break on your side. 

“Where are you, Y/N?” Namjoon immediately started to grab his keys and a jacket. Your silence was unnerving and Namjoon didn’t want to entertain what could’ve happened on your end. “Damn it, Y/N! Where are you?”

Your voice was a faint whisper, only letting four words slip out before cutting the call, “Where it all began.”

Namjoon slid into his car, already knowing where you’d be. You were where it all began, at the bar where you had met him and the rest of the boys.

The car roared as it came to life, Namjoon immediately pulling out onto the road. Namjoon didn’t usually drive recklessly but the thought of you in danger had him speeding through the streets. With the speed Namjoon was going, it didn’t take long for him to arrive to the bar. 

Just looking at the building brought back memories of the night he met you.

All of the boys were stressed from the pressure the company was putting on them to be their best at all times. The week had been packed with interviews after interviews, people constantly requesting that BTS make an appearance on their shows. While the attention was good publicity for BTS, the boys were exhausted with trying to keep up with the fast pace of the media. 

One night, when the boys had been let out of practice early, Yoongi had suggested going to a bar near their dorm. 

“We’re all stressed and I could use a drink or two to unwind,” Yoongi reasoned nonchalantly. “It’s pretty small and doesn’t get a lot of traffic so I doubt anyone will notice us.”

While the idea was risky, the boys were dying to get out of the dorm for something other than their usual routine. 

The bar was just as Yoongi had described; small and dead. There were only a handful of people inside, not including the boys who basically made up half of the occupants in the bar. 

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll be over there getting some drinks.” Yoongi gave a mock salute before turning to the bartender to get himself some drinks. The boys all slowly drifted around, half of them finding a booth away from the others to drink at. Namjoon, as the leader, took charge of Jungkook who was underage. 

“Aw, hyung. Just one drink?” Jungkook pleaded, as the pair moved over to the bar so Namjoon could keep an eye on Yoongi and ensure that Jungkook couldn’t get drinks without Namjoon catching him. 

“No, you just turned 18 and you’re still not old enough to drink,” Namjoon chided as they took a seat near Yoongi and another girl. You absentmindedly turned to look at who had sat down before downing the rest of your drink, feeling the burn sting your throat. 

You were a new drinker but your friends wanted to try this bar to celebrate the end of exams. It was a small bar and security wasn’t very tight there, the bartender barely glancing over the fake ID before handing you your first drink. 

Now that your drink was gone, you decided to order another one since your friends were busy dancing. You were too tired to try and keep up with them so you settled at the bar instead. Sliding the fake ID over, you ordered another drink and left the ID out. It didn’t matter anyways, the bartender obviously didn’t care and you hoped it would discourage others from trying to hit on you.

Namjoon refrained from ordering any drinks, knowing someone had to drive them all home. His eyes roamed around, falling onto the girl beside Jungkook. She was stunning and Namjoon resisted the urge to tell her that. Out of all the people he had seen in the bar, she was the only one that stood out.

It seemed that Jungkook had reached the same conclusion because he started chatting with the girl. 

“You know, your ID photo doesn’t really look like you,” Jungkook commented, smirking at the nervous look on your face. 

“I don’t know what you mean,” you mumbled, taking a sip of your drink to give yourself some confidence. “Maybe you need your eyes checked.” Jungkook chuckled, his laugh causing butterflies to appear in your stomach. You had to admit, he was breathtakingly handsome.

“Maybe I do, cause the girl in the photo is nothing compared to the beauty of you in person.” Your cheeks flushed at the compliment. 

Namjoon glanced at the ID, noting how fake it looked. The girl in the photo barely had anything in common with you, only sharing the same hair and eye color as you. 

He made sure the bartender had left to tend to something else before speaking up, “You know, you really shouldn’t use a fake ID to get drinks.”

You turned at the new voice and looked eyes with another handsome stranger. God, was everyone in this bar good-looking?

“Uh, it’s not fake. I-”

“Save it,” Namjoon cut in. “Anyone can tell that the ID is fake. You shouldn’t be drinking if you’re underage, especially at a bar.” 

You rolled your eyes, “Listen, this really isn’t any of your business.”

Namjoon gritted his teeth. How was he supposed to teach Jungkook that underage drinking was bad if Jungkook was watching someone else get away with it? 

“Well, I suggest you stop drinking or else this is going to become not just your business, but the bartender’s. I’m sure his manager wouldn’t appreciate this bar getting a bad reputation because they let one underage girl drink,” Namjoon retorted, gesturing to the bartender to intimidate the girl. “You do realize it is illegal for you to drink, right? I’m sure you have better things to do then spend time at a police station.”

Your mouth dropped open at the stranger’s bold words. His words made sense and you internally groaned as you pushed the drink away. You knew you should’ve just celebrated at home. “Good girl.”

Before you could bounce onto Namjoon for the comment, Jungkook intervened. 

“Man, don’t worry. I’m underage too and I’ve been trying to bug him into letting me have a drink all night. He’s just looking out for us minors,” Jungkook teased lightly, easing the tension. You cracked a smile, nodding your head. 

“Yeah, it’s a good thing he’s looking out for us. Who knows what we’d do if we got drunk?” you pondered, imagining if someone wasn’t there to stop you from going over. “Thank you, uh…”

“Namjoon, Kim Namjoon,” Namjoon filled in. You smiled gently before continuing. 

“Thank you, Namjoon.” He wanted to ignore how much he enjoyed hearing the sound of his name from you. You turned to Jungkook and lightly nudged him. “I didn’t get your name either.”

“I’m Jungkook, and you are?” 

“Y/N,” you replied, and the boys continued conversing with you throughout the night. You were so easy to talk to that they almost forgot about the others they came with. Once Yoongi crashed into them, they knew it was time to leave before Yoongi made a scene. He was way too drunk and kept gesturing wildly to you and mumbling about how pretty you were. 

Namjoon and Jungkook offered you a ride home but you politely declined, pointing to your own friends and saying that you were in charge of getting them home safely. Jungkook frowned, before whipping out his phone. 

“At least give me your number. You’re fun to talk to and I’d love it if we could meet again,” Jungkook suggested shyly. You grinned and quickly gave him your contact info, eyes flitting over to Namjoon. 

“Could I get your contact info also? You two saved me from a night of boredom and embarrassment,” you laughed. Namjoon quickly pulled his phone out and the three of you exchanged information before parting ways. 

Once you had returned to your friends and the boys were safely piled into their car, Namjoon set off towards their dorm. Jungkook was oddly silent, eyes trained on the image he had taken of you for your contact. 

“Hyung,” he whispered, gaining Namjoon’s attention. “I think I really like Y/N.”

Namjoon’s hands tightened on the wheel, his heart aching at the confession. ‘Me too.’

“Yeah, she’s a nice girl,” Namjoon replied before going silent. He wanted things to be different, but he knew that this was the first time that Jungkook had admitted to having feelings for someone and Namjoon didn’t want to ruin that. 

You seemed to genuinely enjoy Jungkook’s presence and Namjoon had no reason to selfishly hold onto someone he had only just met. So he convinced himself that this feeling would fade- that the butterflies and the pounding of his heart would disappear.

“Still not going away,” Namjoon muttered to himself before pushing the doors open and entering the bar. Soft music was playing through the speakers as he tried to locate where you were. It didn’t take long to spot you at the bar, another man getting closer than appropriate to you.

Namjoon stormed towards you and the man, noticing the broken glass on the ground around the intoxicated man. The bartender was cowering behind the counter, not wanting to go against a man bigger than himself.

“Come on, let’s get out of here and have some real fun,” the man slurred, face bright red from drinking too much. You grimaced, trying to edge away from him but the man’s hand shot out and captured your wrist. “Don’t run away when I’m talking to you!”

Namjoon pulled him back before he could get violent. The man looked surprised, not fully processing the fast movement in his stupor. 

“Back off,” Namjoon growled, shoving the man away and pulling you towards him. He turned to the bartender and barked at him to control his customer before pulling you out of the bar. 

You shivered as the cold air hit your skin, having forgotten to bring a coat. Namjoon removed his jacket and draped it over your shoulders before he started lecturing you. “What were you thinking? Not only were you drinking with a fake ID but you didn’t go with anyone else. What if I hadn’t made it in time? What if-”

You stopped Namjoon with a tight embrace, and he finally noticed the slight tremor your body was experiencing. 

“Thank you so much for being there, Namjoon. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t shown up.” Namjoon stayed silent, slowly lifting his arms up to hug you back and smooth your hair back. 

Eventually the shaking stopped and Namjoon finally asked the question he had been dying to ask since he had found you, “Why didn’t you call, Jungkook?”

You mumbled something against his shirt that Namjoon couldn’t decipher. “What? I didn’t catch that.”

Your hands pressed your phone into Namjoon’s hands and his eyebrows scrunched together before he brought it up to his face to see what you wanted to show him.

On your phone was your call logs. Namjoon was shocked at how many calls you had sent Jungkook before calling Namjoon. None of them had been received and Namjoon wanted to smack Jungkook. Where was he and what was he doing that was so important that he ignored all of these calls from his girlfriend? 

As if Namjoon had just remembered exactly who you were to Jungkook, he slowly detached himself from you and guided you towards the car. Once you were inside, Namjoon made sure that you had your seat belt on before driving to your place. 

Along the way, you drifted off and Namjoon was left to his own thoughts. He knew you had gone to the bar to get your mind off of Jungkook. But where was Jungkook? Namjoon hadn’t seen him at the dorm at all after the boys had finished practice. 

Once Namjoon had arrived at your house, he pulled out his phone to question Jungkook on his whereabouts. It was unsettling how quickly he got a response compared to how many calls Jungkook had ignored form you. 

Jungkook: I stayed behind to get some extra practice, I want to do my best for the comeback! 

Namjoon scoffed at the lie.

Namjoon: Practice ended over four hours ago. You’ve been practicing for that long?

He was tired of all the lies and just wanted Jungkook to man up and say what was really going on. These lies were just slowly destroying what was left of Y/N and Jungkook’s relationship. 

Jungkook: I bumped into Areum and we went out for some food. I’ll be home soon.

So that was why Jungkook had ignored all of your calls. There was no emergency that prevented Jungkook from picking up, he had just merely chosen to spend time with Areum uninterrupted. 

“Jungkook, what are you doing?” Namjoon mumbled, shaking his head at the maknae’s behavior. He had always thought Jungkook was a responsible boy who would’ve taken good care of you. That was the only reason he had willingly given up on you so Jungkook and you could be a couple. 

His gaze turned to you and it softened at how calm you looked. He knew the past few weeks had been hard on you and his heart ached at how much pain you were probably going through. Jungkook didn’t deserve you if he was going to treat you like second-best. 

“If you continue to act like this, I really won’t be able to give up on Y/N.”

a/n: i hope you guys enjoyed part two and i’m sorry for being so dead lately. i’ll do my best to update more and apologize for the lack of fanfics. also, i don’t support underage drinking and only used it in this fanfic as a way that the reader could meet bts

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Compliment 3 people you follow then send this to 3 other people ✨💛

three? but i love so many

@victoriasugden i’m highkey the biggest laura stan, she keeps me believing in the ‘robert breakdown theory’ and is lovely in every way possible 

@thisdamndesire em is lovely and wonderful and kind, she’s just the best 

@sapphicsugden/ @thisissirius there aren’t enough words to describe how lovely and talented siri is, she’s just brilliant

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Top 5 Dan quotes.

I know this is late…but How about five quotations from one of my all time favorite interviews?

My best teacher - by Dan Stevens

I’m not sure how much I would have enjoyed my time at Tonbridge School in Kent had it not been for my English master, Jonathan Smith. He was one of those magical teachers who could spot a kid in trouble and know the right thing to say to him. I owe him a tremendous amount.

Not that I was miserable at Tonbridge, but in some ways I did feel out of my element there. For starters, unlike most of the other boys, I was a scholarship pupil - the son of two teachers rather than wealthy parents. And on top of that, while I was pretty good on the academic front, the sporty culture of the school wasn’t my bag.

…being told that I must play sport brought out the worst in me. You would either find me behind the proverbial bike shed smoking a cigarette or going off to do a school play. But then, from the word go I had always been the idiot who wanted to get up on stage and perform.

In the oddness of the public school system, English and drama were my salvation. Jonathan and Lawence made the English department feel like a special place; they also recognised my passion for acting and were able to channel the various problems I might be going through as a teenage boy on to the stage. It helped a lot.

My relationship with Jonathan runs deep. He was a great mentor and always had a wise word to say about something, but never in a patronising, now-sit-down-and-listen-to-me-sonny kind of way.

I can remember, for example, the day when, in not so many words, he suggested that I might enjoy Cambridge. “Trust me,” he said, “You’d fit right in.” If he had cornered me and barked, “Stevens! Oxford! Magdalene College!” I’d have thought, ‘Oh sod off!’ But it was just a subtle intimation and when I went to Cambridge to see it for myself I thought, “Umm, the old boy might have been on to something here.”



The best interview of all time.
Hunter Hayes On Touring With Taylor Swift, Maren Morris
Hunter Hayes and Taylor Swift toured together in 2011 - now the country singer has new music, talks Maren Morris, Lady Antebellum, and Little Big Town. subsc...

This is both the awfulest and best interview all at the same time. I can’t figure out what I feel about it. 

I’m a little weirded out by the lighting: he looks kinda drunk. have we witnessed a drunkhunna?

but then he gets stupid charming by the last couple of questions

so whatever you wanna do about that is fine with me

  • me, when a job asks for a cover letter: you know and i know that a cover letter is a useless article you use as a barrier to keep out anyone who lacks a basic command of grammar, something you convince yourself is that person's problem. you think nothing of your brothers and sisters across humanity and in doing so you condemn us all. even if i were to write the best cover letter of all time i might have a bad interview for an infinite amount of reasons that might have nothing to do with me. i could also be up against a cover letter writer even better than myself. in any regard, the effort it would take to write your damned cover letter would be a disgusting waste of my precious remaining moments of the beautiful and horrible thing that is human life, and your intent on stripping that time from me shows you for what you truly are: a caricature of a psychopath, intent on denying others even the most basic of comforts in a world that offers none
We have achieved a freedom that makes us happy and it’s something very important and we have to protect it. Those attacks limit us. I have two young daughters, it’s difficult making predictions on the future.  But I’m optimistic that they will find a better world in the future. Yes, I really hope it.
—  Seb about what he thinks about attacks by Isis (x)