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“How was it like to work with [Y/N]? I remember in a different interview you had mentioned that she was your celebrity crush.” The interview chuckled as Tom’s face turned a little red. 

Shifting, Tom winced but laughed. “Yeah, uh, embarrassing. But, no, it was absolutely amazing. [Y/N] is so incredibly talented, it was amazing to work with her. She brings this contagious energy on set and made it so much fun to film. I mean it’s insane how down to earth she is. My first time meeting [Y/N] was not my smoothest, either. I got completely tongue-tied and distracted because she’s so stunning in person. She’s got these big [eye color] eyes and they just stand out. I, it was very embarrassing.” 

“Did she know about your crush?” 

“No, actually, she didn’t until I mentioned it.” Tom winced again, running a hand over his face. “She forced me to pull up the interview on Youtube.” 

“Well, I’m sure now that you know her, the crush went away. The usually do.”

Tom breathed out, “It got worse.” 

I’ve been trying to get back into writing, it’s been busy start to the new year. Request some things to get my juices flowing. I can’t promise that I can do all of them but I will try. 

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Imagine Teasing Tom in an Interview

“No WAY!” Tom exclaimed, his voice getting high pitched and making you throw your head back in laughter, “Spiderman is WAY cooler than Batman!” he defended his superhero persona as the interviewer smiled nervously, “I’m just a bigger fan of batman that’s all,” the interviewer says nervously as you and Tom gasp in shock, “How dare you sir!” You mock offense, a hand over your heart as Tom laughs slightly, “Spidey is the!” you exclaim as Tom snorts, “The” he asks, a weirded out look on his face as you give him an amused smirk, “Yeah,” you say, “Do they not have that term in England?” you ask jokingly as Tom rolls his eyes, “We DO,” he defends, “But only the non-cool people say it.” he says sassily, crossing his arms across his chest as you glare playfully, both of you forgetting about the interview, “Are you saying you’re cool?” you ask playfully as Tom smirks, “I am cool.” he declares, pretending to dust dirt of his shoulder as you scoff, “Only non-cool people say they’re cool!” you exclaim, lifting yourself up off your seat and lifting yiur chin up as Tom glares, “So you’re saying Spiderman isn’t cool?” he asks, knowing he’s got you trapped. You freeze, contemplating before sighing in defeat, “Spiderman is the coolest person in the entire world.” you decide as Tom smiles smugly at the interviewer, “And that actor that plays him is so hot!” you declare, making Tom’s eyes widen in surprise as his cheeks flush, “O-oh yeah?” he asks you, trying to smile through his embarrassment as you nod at the interviewer vigorously, “Yeah, he’s so cute and talented!” you go on as Tom’s smile grows, thinking you’re boosting his ego as you continue, “Whenever I see him I just can’t control my overies!” you try to say with a straight face before you and Tom burst into giggles and you struggle to go on, “Yeah he’s one attractive british son of a bitch.” you say as Tom smiles at you with admiration, “Yeah he’s BY FAR the best Spiderman.” you finish as Tom gushes at you, “I sure do love Andrew Garfield.” you declare, bursting into laughter as Tom’s smile falls and he gives you a glare. The i interviewer joins in on your laughter and stare at Tom’s bewildered face as he stares at you with a shocked glare. Eventually your laughter dies down and you look over to see Tom pouting like the little kid he truly is. You lean over and plant a drmatic kiss on his cheek to show your affection. He can’t help but the gigantic smile that moves across his face as you pull away, his cheeks pink as you return the smile to him. “Thanks babe.” he says cheekily as you roll your eyes, giving him a playful shove and accidentally making his chair topple over, causing you to laugh at his expression after seeing he wasnt hurt. He joins in on your’s and the interviewers laughter as you decide that this was by far the best interview you’d had with anyone ever.

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Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell | Fandango Interview for Despicable Me 3


This is the best interview so far omg

I’m Going For It.

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Author’s Note: Very first Sebastian Stan fanfiction. Completely inspired by the interview taken place on the Late Late Show with James Corden with Sharon Stone and Sebastian Stan. I didn’t edit it yet. 

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 1511

“Welcome back to the show,” James Corden greeted. “Let’s welcome our guests. She stars in the hit TV show Jessica Jones, Y/N L/N.”

The drapes on the doorway opened, revealing you in high heels and a dress. You smiled brightly as you saw the audience and James Corden applauding at your entrance. You walked down the aisle enthusiastically, greeting the audience around you. Your heart was pounding out of your chest, and your mouth ached from your large smile you were holding. You carefully walked down the steps to the stage, trying not to trip over your heels. 

You walked to your designated seat and looked around to see a full house tonight. You tried to even out your breathing, because you were nervous. But you were excited to be there, not only because you were in a talk show but because of your fellow guest star. 

“He stars in Avengers: Infinity Wars Part One, Sebastian Stan,” Corden announced. 

Your eyes shot in the direction of the same aisle you just walked down to see Sebastian Stan, standing there in all his glory. You have been a fan of Sebastian Stan since Captain America: First Avenger, easily falling in love with the characters Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. So much has happened in that 7 year span. You would have never had guessed you would be apart of a TV series, let alone it being a Marvel series.

With a full-blown smile, you gazed after Sebastian Stan as he walked towards you. You crossed your legs in anticipation, thinking about all those smut fanfictions you read only a few years ago. And here you were. Actually meeting him.

You were grateful that you came out first, because you probably would have fell down those stairs with Sebastian’s eyes on you. He walked towards the seat next to you and gave you a smile. You were internally fangirling inside, but you pulled it off with just a silent sigh.

Sebastian took his seat next to you. His knee was just inches away from yours. You never went to any comic-cons or movie premieres that Sebastian went to, so this would be your first meeting. The thought of him sitting inches away from you for a full hour or two made you scream internally. 

You looked over at Sebastian and noticed he hasn’t aged a bit. He still looked like how he did seven years ago in CAFA, but he had a certain maturity to him that just made him more hot. You leaned forward and took a sip of water from the mug in front of you, feeling the sudden need of thirst. 

James Corden started, “How are you guys?”

“Jet-lag,” Sebastian answered simply, smoothing down his tie. 

You nodded in agreement, too flustered for words. His voice was even more beautiful in person than on scene, if that were possible. “Same,” you said.

“I bet you guys are,” Corden responded, sitting on the edge of his chair. “You guys just finished filming, right? Marvel does go all around the world for filming, holding the most filming locations for one movie.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Sebastian stated. “We go everywhere. Though our main filming spot is always Atlanta, or as Chris called it Hot-lanta.”

You smiled at this, for you watched all the interviews and TV spots from the Marvel movies. 

“Well, I’m so happy you guys are here,” Corden said. “Y/N. I know, you are really happy to be here.”

“Yes, definitely,” you said with reddened cheeks. “Definitely enjoying this interview. Best one so far if you ask me.”

“So you’re a fan of Sebastian?” Corden asked, even though he knew the answer to it. 

You chuckled lightly before answering, “Yeah. I’m a big fan of Sebastian and his character Bucky Barnes.” You faced Corden when answering, not wanting Stan to see how flustered he made you. It was pretty obvious on your face.

“I heard you’re a big fan of Chris Evans as well,” Corden added, gripping his cue cards in his hands.

“Oh my gosh,” you murmured. “I’m a huge fan of the entire Marvel cast. They are such amazing people and actors. I’d be honored to hangout with any of them.”

“We can hangout after this,” Sebastian offered, taking your hand with his. You turned to finally face Sebastian but immediately regretted it because of how goddamn gorgeous he was. This guy can flirt with a fish. Not many people can get you like this. Most people knew about your outgoing personality.

Looking down at your guys’ intertwined hands, you tucked your hair behind your ear before murmuring “Oh my god.”

Corden laughed at your response, but you didn’t give a care. The Sebastian Stan that you were completely obsessed with and still obsessed with is sitting right next you and offering to hangout later, even though it might all be an act.

“But this is true, right?” Corden asked to you.

You rubbed your face with your other hand, flustered beyond belief. “Yeah, I’m geeking out a bit. I’ve been a fan of Sebastian’s for seven years now, and I’ve dreamed of this moment,” you admitting, slowly gaining your confidence back.

“Well hello then,” Sebastian greeted, placing a kiss on your hand. His Romanian accent was seeping through his words.

“Hi,” you said back. 

“I feel like I’m intruding in this moment. You can just feel the love in the atmosphere,” Corden stated.

“I can too,” you said, not taking your eyes off of his. “You look very handsome Mr. Stan. Very…” You licked your upper lip. “Sexy.”

The audience and Corden applauded and laughed at this. But you paid no mind when Sebastian mouthed ‘Thank you’. You bit your bottom lip at the sight of his.

“So this is how you would get a girl?” Corden asked. 

“Are you speaking to me?” you joked, finally taking your eyes off Sebastian but not releasing his hand.

Corden laughed at your response. “No, I was asking Sebastian, but how do you flirt with girls? Do you use the same method on girls with guys?” You were one of the few openly bisexual celebrities, but you were proud of it. Some interviews brought up the topic, but you were never uncomfortable about it. 

“I do actually,” you answered, unconsciously rubbing your thumb on Seb’s hand. “My taste in men is very similar in my taste in girls.”

“How about you Sebastian?” James asked. “How do you get the girls?”

“He doesn’t even need to try,” you answered before he could. “All he has to do is smirk and say something in Romanian.”

“Oh, like this,” Sebastian said, releasing your hand. You smile faltered at the loss of touch but quickly shot up when Sebastian placed an arm around your shoulders and leaned in on you. “Ce mai faci?” he said with a thick Romanian accent. 

Your inner thighs squeezed together at his words. You gave him an once over. “Just kiss me already,” you teased. 

You laughed when you saw him playfully leaning in. You quickly thought you’d only have this chance once in your lifetime and spontaneously left a kiss on his cheek. You laughed when you saw lipstick on his cheek and gently wiped it away with your hand.

The crowd went wild at your guys’ interaction. You looked up at Sebastian to see him smiling proudly. You probably were the same. 

“Oh my god!” Corden exclaimed. “This is actually happening.”

“I’m not going to lie,” you stated. “16 year-old me is screaming internally right now.”

“Wow, so much drama in just five minutes into the interview,” Corden laughed, making those around him laugh as well. “Speaking of drama, tell me about Jessica Jones. That series is really intense.”

“Yeah,” you said. “The series is very intense, touching some dark topics, but it makes it that more interesting. It’s like a telenovella in that kind of sense.”

“And Avengers: Infinity Wars,” Corden continued. “I mean, Civil War was really intense. What should the audience look forward to in Part One of the Infinity Wars?”

“I’m not going to lie,” Sebastian admitted. “I think this is going to be the best one out of the Avengers series. I mean, we have such an amazing cast and so many new characters like Captain Marvel and Thanos.”

“I’m definitely looking forward to seeing you on screen,” you teased. “Haven’t seen your face in HD since Civil War.”

“Well, here’s my face in person. Does it look better in real life or in theaters?” Sebastian played along.

“Either way, it has the same effect on me,” you answered, biting your bottom lip to insinuating your innuendo. 

Sebastian’s eyes widened in shock, mouth ajar. “Oh my god,” he said, placing a hand over his heart. 

“You’re actually going for it,” Corden stated. 

“Hell yeah, I’m going for it,” you said. You were so looking forward to see this on TV, but for now, you were going to value your time with Sebastian with him sitting right next you. 

Best interview ever.


Reasons this is the best BBMAs interview for BTS so far:
- “I’m surrounded by such good looking men!”
- J-hope’s smile
- 0:11 Tae’s yawn/yeah
- 0:28 Jungshook returns
- “What is a heartthrob?” AAAAAH
- 0:52 Namjoon’s little adorable laugh
- Namjoon’s cringe at Jin’s flying hand kiss
- Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook’s smiles at Jin’s flying hand kiss
- Tae’s face when Namjoon said Céline Dion to him
- Tae crossing his hands over his heart. - “You might meet her.” “REALLY??” *starts looking around for her and is so freaking excited*
- “I love Céline Dion. My heart will go on.” And his smile and bounce while saying it is EVERYTHING
- Tae’s little head bob
- J-hope’s,“Thank you!”
- Namjoon translating throughout the whole interview for the others

The best comedy about North Korea, far better than The Interview, was made six years ago.

It’s called The Red Chapel, and it’s a documentary about two Danish-Korean comedians (and their director/manager) who go to North Korea to perform for Kim Jong Il.  The idea they had was that they would do subversive comedy, they would come up with a sketch that looked like goofy slapstick but slyly mocked the North Korean government, and it would be a hilarious slap in the face to do it right in front of Kim Jong Il.  That big silly wouldn’t even know they were making fun of him!  Ha!

Over the course of their stay in North Korea, the idea falls apart.  It becomes clear during rehearsals that their government minders are very aware of anything that could be the slightest bit subversive (or even really funny), and if any of that makes it into the final performance, the consequences will be very bad.  Anything remotely satirical gets cut from the routine very early on.

Things go from demoralizing to horrific when the government minders take them on outings to see life in North Korea.  Of course everyone they see looks totally fine and claims everything is wonderful.  But one of the comedians has cerebral palsy, and he starts asking: why don’t I see any people like me?  We’ve been here for weeks, and seen thousands of people; how is it that not one of them is visibly disabled?

He doesn’t get an answer.  He breaks down emotionally and refuses to keep going along with the charade, but because his voice is hard for the North Korean minders to understand, the director “translates” his protests into praise for the regime.  He’s trying to protect his friend but it’s awful and cruel and gut-wrenchingly hard to watch the scenes where the comedian is screaming “that’s not what I said!” and the director is frantically whispering “just play along!” at him.

In the end, they go out in front of a heavily coached audience and do a completely harmless show with kazoos and spring snakes and silly costumes.  All hope for satire breaks down and they give exactly the show the government minders wanted, because it’s the only thing they can do.  Subversiveness wouldn’t be clever; it might be fatal.  Instead of getting away with something, they end up hating themselves and violating their own principles.  They came to mess around with a silly weird country that doesn’t know how ridiculous it is, and instead they found themselves surrounded by very serious and real and terrifying oppression.

The Red Chapel isn’t funny, and totally fails to satirize or expose or change anything, and that’s why it’s the only good comedy about North Korea.

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Just wanted to pass along that I'm familiar with Josh Horowitz previously because of other fandoms, and thought it's worth saying that he's just consistently a really strong entertainment interviewer. He knows his stuff, has great rapport with most everyone, and he brings out the fun in his subjects. No surprise that his interview was the best this weekend!

yay thats nice to hear! he seems like a really good guy just in general and yeah his interview is definitely the best one so far and one of the only ones with just Sam and Cait, which I really appreciate!

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The interviews I've heard so far have been fun and interesting, and I'm happily surprised that Nick's is the best so far. It's clear that Louis & the interviewers have been given talking points they have to cover. So far Fred, Elk, Simon Cowell, girlband have been mentioned, and James Arthur was in one. Avoid Heat, kmfm and The Sun's interviews if you don't want to die from cringing. God when are they going to end the stunts?

as long as the positive interviews overshadow the negative ones i’m all good (even though obviously he shouldn’t have to be dealing with stunts at all)
And here’s what you might have missed: - The second the interview starts, CS and KJA’s arms are linked. - 00:17 CS makes a face at KJA to make him laugh - 1:00 CS looks at LR when she talks about...

With a bonus:

CS and KJA making fun of SHs in the ET interview is by far the best part.

Which, of course, they saw as heart eyes.

1:00 for anyone wondering

Neither of them remotely “make fun of SH” at any point (though Cole’s “erotic” remark later IS bagging on even the concept of Jouchie or Cornholio). Cole is staring down Lili’s top at her rack

The rest of this, honestly—not gonna go point by point, cause it’s two dudes goofing. Cole would clearly like to sit down (he’s very fidgety when he stands, I’ve noticed)—-and I even see his anxiety tics starting to creep out. He also bros a bit with Casey, as well.

That’s it dudes, sorry this wasn’t longer, but there wasn’t much going on…

Oh and Cole and Crabmeat’s mutual dislike (tho Crabi’d still like to star fuck him) creeps out a little, as well