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when you expect your best friend to prank you, but you get this instead

Black History Month: NCAA Gymnasts

February 2nd- Kennedi Edney (LSU)

Kennedi Edney (born August 14th 1998) is a former level 10 gymnast who is currently a freshman at Louisiana State University, majoring in sociology. She did her club training at Precision Gymnastics under Trent and Jill Spaulding. 

Pre-collegiate achievements:

  • Seven-time JO Level 10 National Champion 
  • 2012 and 2014 Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifier
  • Took home every all-around title in every meet she competed in during the 2015 season

Collegiate Bests: 

  • Vault: 9.950
  • Bars: 9.925
  • Beam: 9.950
  • Floor: 9.925

Collegiate Achievements (to date):

  • SEC Gymnast of the Week (01/31/2017)
  • SEC Freshman of the Week (01/09/2017)
  • Has won four individual titles in the first four meets of the 2017 season
Can we take a moment to appreciate

Take a moment out of your day to notice these:

In ns4, during the tournament of elements, there were two girls. Chamille and Tox. During most fights, Tox never left Cham’s side.

(Also Neuro and Griffin) They always were together, even when everyone was against them. Remember Cham vs Lloyd? Everyone turned to the ninja, leaving Chamille by herself. Guess who stayed? Tox. Also Shade, but he’s Tox’s best friend, you’ll see in a sec.

So they were together even then. And after Chamille lost, look how upset Tox was, and how concerned Shade was about her. He looked between Tox, and the pit Cham just had fallen into with brief concern.

After that, when the camera focus was Kai and Skylor, you could see Tox crying and Shade comforting her in the background.


After that, when they reunited, she still never left her side.

But, after everything, when they were flying on their dregons, guess who Tox waved to?

C h a m i l l e

Relationship goals, frens. Best couple 10/10.


Watch it ! (´◕ฺω◕ฺ`)

Give that girl faith, that she is good enough
—  Norwegian Cedric
Think about it

Love Square is sort of a counterproductive relationship, right? What if Alya/Volpina and Chloe/Queen Bee’s relationships with heroes are the same?
What if Ladybug butt heads with Volpina?
What if Queen Bee is her best friend?

Just imagine those reveals for a sec

he’s been going at it while, hand wrapped around himself for the past 20 minutes, moans slipping past his lips. sprawled out against his pillows on his bed, not a thing for him to care about, as far as he’s concerned. so when the door opened in the middle of his alone time, he’s completely caught off guard. — shit. hey,  he greeted her, nonchalance his best friend at the moment. quickly covering himself with a blanket, he sat up. ‘ you didn’t tell me you were coming over.


best of exo selfies 2015 (⬅ click for other members) // suho (✿◠‿◠)

I got a cat. His name is Cow.

I know I talk literally nonstop abt rubiam but I wanna take a sec to appreciate chubs and rubys relationship

•best introvert friends remember at the bonfire in tdm when Liam and Zu were off making a million friends and they were just sitting there like lmao nah

•best book friends tbh I love the idea that they’re constantly reading and recommending books to one another and talking about them for hours

•I also really love how well they compliment each other they really balance each other out a lot because I feel like Ruby is able to be more emotional and he lets himself be emotional with her and he tells her when she’s making stupid choices that could get her hurt or killed

•remember that time in ITA when Liam and Vida were coming up w nicknames for him and Ruby was like “I made a mental note to give him a hug before we set off again” Ruby Daly is a tru friend

• they communicate so well honestly like they’ve perfected that parent eye contact language they don’t even have to talk to understand one another