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Petition to address Maeno Tomoaki

as BEST SEME please


Kaidou Haru (Super Lovers)

Yukina Kou (Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi)

Kaburagi Motoharu (Ameiro Paradox)

Kurose Riku (Ten Count)

He has voiced a lot  more seme characters, but after Kurose, do we really need more arguments? 

BL Awards 2017

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai dominates the award by winning in four categories. Congratulation Yoneda Sensei ^^

Best BL Series

Best Voice Actor (Shingaki Tarusuke, Yashiro’s voice actor)

Best Top Character, Doumeki (followed by Kurose from Ten Count)

Best Bottom Character, Yashiro (followed by Tomoyuki Katsuragi from Yuuutsu Na Asa)

This means Yashiro has been voted as best bottom character for 2 consecutive years. Aaaww, everyone loves Yashiro!!

Saezuru BLCD ranked 2nd place in best BLCD categories, the best BLCD goes to Original BLCD, Danshi Koukousei Hajimete No. 

anonymous asked:

Best BL series?!? I'm trash and must find ALL OF THEM AND WATCH THEM

You guys and your hard questions :o

I don’t know what you’ve watched so far but here you go:

 Go ahead and have fun ♥

H:“You have hair!”

R:“Yes, I have hair,it’s good to see you to,”

H:“Sorry it’s just kinda weird…You have hair.”


Really Hal?

It been 10yrs and that’s all you have to say about seeing Razer again…it is rather nice hair.


That’s better.

stupendoustyrantfox  asked:

How did we fall for such cute, weird, perverted, useless, neets? 😁😁❤️💙💚💜💛💝

I question this quite alot actually, let me demonstrate:

Osomatsu: Perverted dumbass that’d sell his own brothers for a can of beer, childish and clingy as fuck, apparently the ‘original flavour’ or ‘default character’ despite the fact that he has many definable characteristics people just don’t fucking notice, oldest and but probably the most immature, eating 24/7, but i fully support this

Karamatsu: Glittery narcissist that shows way to much skin for his own type of anime, Heh~ He’s going to c*m, probably Bi, deep voice that would probably work best in a BL CD, eyebrows, good ass, despite his angsty smug expressions we’ve never seen him truly pissed in the anime

Choromatsu: Frog man, triangular mouthed precious bean, the straight man, says things but he never does them (Rising little bitch), he fap, weakling as fuck but could probably throw a punch at one point, RIP sokudo in -san, not very liked but I beg to differ, easy to snap, has the same voice as a penguin, no ahoge

Ichimatsu: Depressed trash that continuously wants to die, some sort of cat furry that can bring out his fursuit on demand, aggressive towards glitter dick, dead on the inside, lowered eyelids and never smiles, crazy cat man, he doesn’t need friends because he has his brothers, the fandom’s favourite

Jyushimatsu: wHAT thE fUck, :D, the yellow sunshine one that brightens up your day, probably the only one that got a girlfriend despite being the most fucked up, ‘ICHIMATSU NIISAN’, no one hates him, into some really fucked up bug porn, MUSCLE MUSCLE HUSTLE HUSTLE, Loves baseball despite never actually played it before

Todomatsu: Satanic fake little pink bitch, :3c, youngest, can probably manipulate people with his :3 faces and cuteness, secretly the actual satan, soft voice but can lower his voice into some not even Karamatsu could attempt, feminine and probably gay for Atsushi, did I mention he’s the reincarnate of satan?, social media freak

Why do we like these muppets?