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Exhale, Inhale

Hi, everyone!
I’m taking part in competition of concept arts for famous russian fairy tail “Ruslan and Ludmila”. I am going to create 10 concepts of people and creatures. Some of them will be here:)
This is the concept of a young princess and Grey Wolf.

👑В темнице там царевна тужит, 

А бурый волк ей верно служит 🐺 


When someone asked me if I would be on a film about the Trolls dolls back in 2013, I said hell no! But now, I couldn’t be more proud.

One of my goals at PDI Dreamworks was to work with Kendal Cronkhite, the shining mother goddess of production designers. She would head up this project. I was still skeptical. It would take a lot of heavy lifting. I wanted to see animation incorporate a more sophisticated aesthetic, be as modern and relevant as fashion, interior and industrial design. I shared some art inspiration with Kendal, one of which was Amelie Flechais’ comics, Sayuri’s World, an incredible fiber installation artist, and Philip Vose’s grungy indie art. I was genuinely surprised when Kendal’s response was to run with it! I was stoked enough to work on a film I believe in. But it keeps getting better! I ended up hand building stop motion scrapbook sequences that weave in and out of the film. Stop motion at Dreamworks Animation? How unreal! That led to our studio’s first ever Little Golden Book and so much more. Can’t wait to share it all. Congrats to the entire team!  

Trolls comes out in theaters today! Go check it out, I dare you not to smile.

A piece I did the other day but I forgot what day! More ni no Kuni because for some reason I just seem to be obsessed… It was a little rushed as I’m very impatient with watercolours so It could of been better! 

I also did a little light practice and I think it turned out pretty well! But still have a long way to go to feel comfortable with working with watercolour.


✨🌿Was asked to do a Groot and Rocket Raccoon commission, how could I say no?! Had a blat with these guys - thanks again Chad! A limited amount of prints are available in my Etsy shop🌿✨