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Can you do the prompt "I have the best idea." with Nino and Adrien?

“I have the best idea!” Nino said, holding up one of the wiggling kittens they had found in an abandoned cardboard box outside the school.

“What?” Adrien asked, nuzzling his cheek against a furry little face.

“You can take these little guys home with you. Your room is, like, massive. No one would even know they were there.”

“I should totally do that!” Adrien beamed.


“My dad may kill me though,” Adrien sighed as a kitten climbed his arm. “And I’m pretty sure Nathalie is allergic.”

“But, dude, kittttttens.” Nino held up a little calico kitten and frowned.

“I do love kittens.” Adrien picked up an orange one and kissed its head.

“I know you do.” Nino grabbed a squirming black kitten before it scampered away. “Oh man, I just got an even better idea!”


“Chat Noir, man! We find a way to get in touch with Chat Noir. Surely that guy can take on some kittens.”

Adrien scratched the back of his head nervously. “I don’t know. He seems like a busy guy.”

“Are those kittens?!” Alya pulled Marinette over to the boys. “M, weren’t you just saying how much you liked cats?” Alya smirked.

Marinette turned bright red. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Alya plucked up the black one. “Look at this little guy. Does he remind you of anyone? Look at me, I’m meow-velous.”

Adrien coughed and turned pink. 

“They need a home, dude. Take one!” Nino encouraged.

Marinette delicately took the black kitten in her arms. “He is really cute.”

“Almost like the real thing, huh?” Alya nudged her.

And if Chat Noir happened to visit Marinette that night and happened to notice she had a new black kitten, it was purely coincidence. 

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Oops, my hand slipped and some Marichat leaked in, @numbuh-7-knd :) Hope you enjoyed the story! Thanks for taking part in the 200 Followers Celebration Prompts!

So I found a website that identifies dogs in a picture and threw BTS members in it...








you know how finger gunning is lance signature move™ i want keith to do it back but in a context when he’s trying to cheer up lance.

he sees him sad and approaches him, but struggles with what to tell him so he’s just like “what is that thing you always do to be cool? ah yeah this” and finger guns at him and lance just starts laughing so hard he has tears in his eyes. “thanks man i needed that” and keith is “:DDD” cause he made him happy even if for just a few minutes