best idea is best

I had a dream in which Mick went to rescue Len because somehow they found out that the Oculus energy responded to those who resided in the Vanishing Point for a long time… but in the process, some of Mick’s thoughts and emotions transfered to Len and so Ray ended up with both Len and Mick flirting with him and just generally making themselves a hot nuisance, and Ray was incredibly confused (and a bit turned on) because at first he didn’t get why Mick doesn’t mind when his best friend is making advances on Ray

So I found a website that identifies dogs in a picture and threw BTS members in it...








you know how finger gunning is lance signature move™ i want keith to do it back but in a context when he’s trying to cheer up lance.

he sees him sad and approaches him, but struggles with what to tell him so he’s just like “what is that thing you always do to be cool? ah yeah this” and finger guns at him and lance just starts laughing so hard he has tears in his eyes. “thanks man i needed that” and keith is “:DDD” cause he made him happy even if for just a few minutes

You are not responsible for the happiness of others. Even the people you love. Sometimes, no matter what you do, sadness is unavoidable. But please remember that that is not your fault. You can’t love someone’s pain away, but you can love them through it. You cannot stop them from hurting, but you can be there to hold them when the hurt settles in. Being there with them and doing everything you can is sometimes all you can do, but that is more than enough in every way. I know you want to be the hero of their story, but the hero of their story is them, whether they realize it or not. Do not think any less of yourself because you can’t save them. But be so damn proud of yourself that you are there to help them save themselves.
—  Something I Needed to Hear