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in light of ur recent skating blogging: i love watching figure skating but i've never followed the sport consistently. what are some of your favorite programs?

oh gosh, salma, my darling, my precious pomegranate, you’ve done it now. deep breaths. here we go.

my favourite programs from this season are:

my favourite womens’ programs:

my favourite men’s programs:

my favourite pairs programs (this is gonna be shorter):

  • shen & zhao (my faves): “pas de deux,” “adagio in g minor,” and “who wants to live forever
  • sale & pelletier have squandered all goodwill i may’ve once held for them by being massive dicks, but “love story” is still brilliant
  • berezhnaya & sikharulidze have a story that deserves a movie, and “dark eyes” was part of the beginning of that story

my favourite dance programs:

  • davis & white (my precious children): their sexy latin short from 2012, “notre dame de paris” (very likely my favourite figure skating program of all time), and their olympic gold-winning “scheherazade
  • virtue & moir (my other equally precious children): also skated to prince this year. ice dance is so good to me, always. “the great gig in the sky”: almost too sexy to deal with. and, of course, “funny face” and “the umbrellas of cherbourg
  • they may not jump, but these days, ice dancers are the best skaters in the world. that wasn’t always the case - they used to be really good at posing and not much else. the team who did the most to see that changed that is shae-lynn bourne and victor kraatz, who were often too ahead of their time to ever get the medal recognition they deserved. they did, however, give us one of the most famous figure skating programs of all time: their iconic riverdance free dance
  • torvill & dean are probably the team that started the change, and their “bolero” is still famous
  • dubreuil & lauzon came after bourne & kraatz and continued to push the envelope, but were far enough into the change that they got rewarded: “at last,” “ne me quitte pas,” and “singing in the rain

(some) of my favourite exhibition numbers:

Wrap-Up Challenge - Day 6

If I though choosing 10 off ice moments was hard core, choosing 10 on ice is impossible. This was the first season I got to watch them competing in real-time and not in retrospect and while it’s thrilling and gives such a high it’s also nerve wrecking to the point where if like I believe it’s all going to escalate next season - there are decent chances I’m going to get an ulcer 🙈🙈🙈

Also, I completely ignored my favorite three categories of “moments”: pre skate moments, post skate moments and butt taps moments since each deserve a dedicated post 😊

My (some) top 10 in no particular order:

1. “Hey, let’s have fun and goof around (a.k.a cuddling) in the middle of practice of an important competition!”

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2. ‘“Hey, let me show the world that I think you are the best in the world!”

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3. “Hey, the camera is not on us, I can cuddle you and not get caught! Oops…”

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4. “Hey, I want to hold you hand with both of mine and put them next to my heart because this is how all ice dancers hold hands, right??!”

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5. “Hey, let’s intertwine fingers and stare at our combined hands intensively because this is how all ice dancers hold hands, right??!”

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6. “Hey, let’s not perform our closing pose and instead press our foreheads together and stare at each other like we are about to kiss while running our hands slowly against each other bodies!”

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7. “Hey, you look like you are cold, let’s cuddle and then I’ll run my hands against your arms because keeping you warm is my number one priority!”

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8. “Hey, who needs to spin normally?? let’s just hug and I’ll swing you in the air while pressing you to me and burying my face in your neck!”

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9. “Hey, let’s dismount a lift with out foreheads and loins pressed together and ignore the fact that PEOPLE ARE WATCHING!”

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10. “Hey, look how slick I am, I can use choreography to pull my sleeves up!”

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*This is of course a joke, nor the audience or the other teams are losers.

Ballet Masterlist #1


Let Us Be the Unexpected -  Yuri is used to overworking himself but Otabek helps him see everything he’s been missing out on.

ILYSB -  Beka — if Yuri still had the right to call him that after ditching him with nothing three years ago.

Cups of Coffee and Cats -  When Viktor offers Yuri a job at the cafe Bean Queen, Yuri decides to try out. While there, he finally recognizes a person who has been admiring him from afar for a long time.

Legendary Lovers -  Leave it to Yuri Plisetsky to humiliate himself and then have the only person on campus that he wanted to avoid also end up being the only person who he sees all the time. And also who never does anything but stare at him. Like, seriously, why is this dude always staring at him?

Sticks and Stones -  After noticing that his grandson has no friends, Nikolai Plisetsky requests that Yuri joins his schools dance club, there he meets Otabek Altin, a fantastic singer and dancer with a mysterious personality. After landing the lead roles in the ballet “The Nutcracker” Otabek and Yuri must work together to improve eachothers weaknesses while balancing the stress of their highschool career.


Yuuri in Love -  He was going to be late. He was going to be late to the biggest audition of his life. Everything he had always dreamed of - being an actor at the Play House - hinged on today. As fate would have it, today was also the day he ran into a lost dog. And as fate would have it, Yuuri returned that dog to the address on the tag, which just so happened to be the lead actor of the Play House, Viktor Nikiforov. Funny how things work sometimes.

Fondue -  Male dancers are not supposed to dance en pointe. Yuuri knows that. Everyone knows that. But he can’t help but want to. He wants to be graceful and beautiful and float across the stage. And if he can find the confidence to explain that to Viktor, Viktor might just be able to help.

Pas de Deux -  Katsuki Yuuri has managed to secure a spot in one the best Performing Arts Institutions in the entire world; The Castle Academy. He is finally going to have the chance to dance in the same ballet company as infamous principal dancer, Viktor Nikiforov (who is rumored to be in the last year of his own training). With a backdrop of new friends, anxiety troubles, confidence building and a new budding romance… Yuuri plans to do his very best to show the world just how good he can be.

Bear Your Soul on the Ice -  At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan’s next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. The Yakov Feltsman, otherwise known as the coach to rising figure skating star – and Yuuri’s idol – Viktor Nikiforov.

Lie to Make Me Like You -  Victor is a retired actor looking for love, and Yuuri happens to be the (un)fortunate soul to unwittingly ask him out at the beginning of the month. Except relationships don’t come with a script, and it’s much harder understanding love than roles.

In Your Eyes Alone I Found Grace -  The one in which Victor Nikiforov, five time world champion, is still more than a little lost on the ice and finds love and life in one Katsuki Yuuri, principal dancer with the Boston Ballet.

Dance to the Beat of My Heart -  The college AU where Victor is a photography student without a subject and Yuuri is a dancer without a theme. I think you all know where this is going.

Premier Dans Mon Coeur -  That one ballet au where Yuuri never started skating, but kept dancing instead and becomes Lilia’s premier danseur and assistant when she comes to train Yuri for his senior debut, and Viktor falls in love.

Pirouettes and Personal Bests -  Feeling old and uninspired, pro-skater Victor Nikiforov is on the brink of giving up skating for good, until he witnesses a young principal danseur for the Tokyo Ballet who moves like he’s floating on the stage. He sets off on a mission to learn to love skating again and may find more than he bargained for along the way.

Multiple Pairings

Pick Lilacs for the Passing Time -  In which the outlandish prodigy Victor Nikiforov hits Yuuri’s life like a whirlwind after he transfers to a prestigious ballet conservatory in Moscow, two grumpy teenagers learn to be friends, and Mila’s Straight Girl CrushTM might not be so straight after all.

Wannabe Rockstars and Prima Ballerinas -  basically yuuri gets bullied into supporting vitya’s band, there’s some ballet, phichit is the ultimate wingman as usual, and there’s fluff and college student hijinks


Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the ISU Grand Prix Final for the first time despite five previous showings. In the Short Dance they scored an 80.50, becoming the first ice dancers to break eighty and surpassing their own world record set earlier this season. In the Free Dance they received nine level 10′s from the judges and a new season’s/personal best score of 116.72. Their combined total of 197.22 is a new world record combined score and they broke their historical record of silver medal finishes. Congratulations Tessa and Scott, and welcome back.

Viktuuri La La Land AU?

Imagine you have Viktor, the ice skater. He’s very passionate about what he does, he loves it and it’s his whole world. He’s made it his mission to teach everyone he can about the art of ice skating, how to appreciate it, how to feel the emotions and the music and the skating and just appreciate it. He has a dream, to go to the Olympics, to break World Records and win a gold medal.

And then there’s Yuuri. Just barely escaped his hometown to pursue his dream. He’s not ice skating, but a dancer. He practices and auditions and tries his best to get any dancing job he can…but he works at a coffee shop. He serves coffee. He auditions. Coffee. Auditions.

Viktor currently has a job teaching kids. Well, tutoring really since it’s usually one-on-one with rich brats. He’s at the local rink with one of his regular students who keeps insisting on Viktor teaching him jumps. But the mother has forbidden it.

Yuuri is at the rink, his friend helps run it after all, and he sees Viktor decide “fuck it” and does as many jumps as he can, spinning in the air and gliding smoothly on the ice. It’s beautiful.

“I saw you on the ice,” Yuuri rushes to say as he sees the silver haired man fired for disobeying his employer, but the man doesn’t reply, only bumps into him on the way out.

Little do they know that’s the beginning.

They keep running into each other for awhile. Yuuri dates his friend Phichit for a bit before realizing they’re better off as friends. Viktor pushes himself to choreograph an amazing piece for an exhibition coming up. And they’re drawn to each other.

Viktor shows Yuuri why he loves skating so much. Shows him various performances on the internet, takes him to the rink and skates with him. And Yuuri begins to love ice skating because Viktor helped him learn to love it.

And Viktor watches Yuuri dance, becomes even more enchanted. When audition after audition fall through, Viktor suggests Yuuri put on his own show. A dance show or exhibition, choreographed and performed by Yuuri.

So they move in together, happily in love, the honeymoon phase never ending.

Until Viktor attracts the attention of a famous coach, Yakov. And Yuuri tells him to go for it, go for his dreams. And soon Viktor is following Yakov for training and recruitment while Yuuri is left at home planning his show.

And it gets tense. Missed phone calls, texts left without replies, sleepless nights and hard work.

And then Yuuri’s show comes and Viktor doesn’t. Yuuri sits in the dressing room and cries for what feels like hours as he listens to reviewers mock him outside, remembers how the seats were all so empty. Viktor shows up right before Yuri leaves, but it’s too late. Yuuri leaves and so does Viktor.

It’s the beginning of the end.

A call comes for Yuuri, but Viktor gets the call. A casting agent saw Yuuri’s show, wants Yuuri as a dancer, and Viktor drives to Yuuri’s hometown and drags him back. It’s Yuuri’s dream, and he gets it.

He gets the dancing job. One that will launch his career.

“I’ll always love you"s are said. “We’ll see where we are in a few years.” Because they love each other, but their dreams don’t mesh.

Five years later, Yuuri is happily married. His husband supports his career and they work together to see each other even while Yuuri tours.

He and his husband turn on the TV for the Winter Olympics and there’s Viktor. The piece he’s skating to is "Stay Close to Me.”

And Yuuri sees it, feels it, Viktor’s love for him. But also feels Viktor saying it’s okay. We’re both happy and we love each other. But we’re happy where we are and though we may not be together, this love will stay close to me. They accomplished their dreams.

“Are you okay?” Yuuri’s husband will ask. And Yuuri will wipe away a stray tear with a smile and say yes. Because he was happy and he is happy and everything works out in the end, even ways you don’t expect it too.

Congratulations, Yuuri thinks when he sees Viktor win gold. And maybe one day they’ll meet again and he can tell Viktor that in person. But for now he has a husband that loves him and a dog at his feet and life is good.

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Do you like Italy?

I love Italy.

I love Italy because it’s the country of good food, wine and hospitality, pizza, pasta and coffee. We surely have the best food of the universe. Lasagne, Ice Cream, Tiramisù, Mozzarella, Cannoli, Spaghetti, Parmigiano Reggiano.

I love Italy for its history. Poets, painters, actors, dancers. Dante, Boccaccio, Da Vinci, Bolle, Piano, Saviano, Michelangelo, Donatello,… the whole world envies us.

I love Italy because of its unique places. The Coliseum, the tower of Pisa, the Vatican. Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, the beauty of the sea: Genova, Palermo, Sicily and Sardinia. 

I love Italy because it gives born to handsome men and the most beautiful women in the world. There’s the charm of Latin, the olive skin, Greek traits refined over time. None is as beautiful as us.

I love Italy because it’s the house of beauty and fashion, with a unique style. Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana.

I love Italy because it brings together many cultures. Land of conquerors and conquered, of emigrants and immigrants. Normans, Byzantines, Arabs, Greeks, Romans.

I love Italy because it’s like the phoenix from the ashes: there is no war, there is no crisis, there is no scandal that stop us. Willpower, with a touch of healthy indifference 100% Made in Italy.

I love Italy because being a woman today means seeing a lot of people who are fighting to defend the dignity of the woman.

I love Italy because it’s made of people. 

Italy means also Mafia, illegality, corruption.

But to me Italy is the best country in the World.

I love Italy because, after all, it’s my country. And I love it as it is.