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Can we talk about how good Louis looked during the livestream?? Like I don't think he got enough appreciation over that day. The all black with the tight, low cut shirt and COLLARBONES. I'm just.

Despite the shadiness afoot, Louis in all black and a scoop neck was the one good thing that came out of that livestream.


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July 15th, 2011: The Speak Now Tour
June 14th, 2013: The RED Tour

AKA, the top 2 best nights of my entire life. I’ve seen Taylor twice, both in Toronto. I’ve been a fan for the past 9 years, from 12-(almost)21. Taylor’s music, more specifically the Speak Now and RED albums, have helped me through so much. Her music has helped me through some really dark and sad times, but its also been with me during my happiest days.

I remember when I was 13 in the principles office having a panic attack, and they’d let me listen to my music so I listened to Love Story and Fearless. I remember listening to You’re Not Sorry and Cold As You on repeat when I was 15 and I found out my crush didn’t like me back. I remember when I was 17 crying until I fell asleep to Dear John and Last Kiss when my boyfriend and I were fighting and when I realized I had lost all my friends because of him. I remember being in the car when WANEGBT got released, 2 weeks after my boyfriend and I broke up. I remember singing 22 and IKYWT at the top of my lungs on my 18th birthday with my best friends.
I remember listening to Treacherous and Begin Again when I finally had feelings for someone else. When Shake It Off was released, I remember making my mom watch the livestream with me and crying in public because I was so excited. I remember listening to Welcome To New York, knowing it was now my dream to make a life there. I remember listening to New Romantics for the first time, and realizing that I could get through anything that will ever get in my way. And now I’m listening to Clean, as I’m being cleansed of my depression.

taylorswift I know it’s so hard to get your attention because you have so many incredible, beautiful, dedicated, passionate fans. But you have done so much for me, and you’ve become such a big part of my life. People know I looks up to you and love you as an artist, but no one in my life really understands how much you mean to me and everything you’ve done for me. I’ve grown so much as a person, as a woman. And I owe a large part of who I am to you.

I love you, and I’ll see you in Toronto again on October 2nd.

Boyfriends and boybands have come and gone, but taylorswift and I are 9 years strong ❤️