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Do Me A Favor (Camping Trip) Part 1

Summary: Bucky suggests the two of you go camping in order to de-stress a bit from the wedding planning. Everything is fine until something important goes missing.

Word Count: 937

Warnings: None. There will be smut in an upcoming part, though.

“Do Me a Favor” Masterlist

A/N: Omg, I hope you guys like it ahhh.

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Bucky has his head on your lap, your fingers carding through his hair absently as you read a novel. He’s playing Battleship on his phone, Steve on the other end, probably cursing his best friend if Bucky’s gleeful chuckles are a sign of his victories. You smile at him and your eyes flit over the sparkling diamond on the fourth finger of your left hand. Sometimes, you still can’t believe it and yet, Bucky is there when you wake up, reminding you that your happiness is still around.

“We should go camping,” Bucky suddenly pipes up.

You raise a brow at him. “Random much?”

He beams at this, sitting up to look you in the eye. “Let’s go camping. We never do anything spontaneous.”

“Uh, remember that time we went to your hometown and pretended to be dating? And then we did it behind some bushes next to a lake,” you remind him with a slight scoff.

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  • She would be heartbroken, she always wears her heart on her sleeve so to not see her S/O there hurts. 
  • She’s fully convinced that her S/O has just abandoned her, and she starts to assume the worst. 
  • That S/O was using her, they abandoned her, they don’t want to be with her anymore, or worst of all that they hate her. 
  • She would start to go into panic mode so she wouldn’t hear S/O coming back out of the bathroom. Or them approaching her 
  • It’s only when she feels a hand on her shoulder that she snaps out of it. The confused look on her S/O’s face is enough to tell her that she was overreaticng. But she can’t hide the relief that floods her face as she crushes her S/O in a hug.
  • “I thought you left me love” “I would never do that”


  • Mercy always does her best to think logically. So when she wakes up the next morning and doesn’t see her S/O beside her anymore she stops for a moment but she doesn’t panic. 
  • She starts to think about what could have possibly made her S/O leave her side. They are both part of Overwatch, so the chance that they were summoned for a mission or debriefing is there. 
  • However that seems unlikely as she would have probably known about it and it’s far to early in the morning. It’s only when she goes through a bunch of different scenerios that she feels maybe her S/O has left her. 
  • Until she hears the bathroom door opening behind her and see’s her S/O come out. 
  • Of course in her haste to think of where her S/O could be she forgot the most obvious answer. 


  • She would act like it doesn’t matter. Waking up and not finding her S/O beside her. After all she doesn’t feel so why would she be sad. But of course those are just pretty words. 
  • She would be sad, not to the point of tears, but more of a stinging disappointment. After all she finally put her trust in someone and they repaid her by leaving 
  • She would start to think extremely bitter thoughts, about her S/O, about herself, about their relationship, about everything and anything. 
  • She just doesn’t want to admit to herself that she’s hurt. 
  • So when they just casually appear o their side of the bed she’s ready to curse them for thinking they can just do as they please.
  • Until they apologize for going to bathroom so early and waking her up. She stops dead and takes a moment to process what they just said. 
  • Before saying it doesn’t matter and acting like she’s going back to sleep. In reality she just doesn’t want her S/O to see her shame blush. 

◎ - finds the other injured (w/ husband!jimin)

Ever since you and Jimin tied the knot, sealed the deal, cross your heart and hope to burn your Netflix subscriptions and account if either of you skipped ahead in watching an episode before one another, there had been some things that should’ve just be left to you no matter what status Jimin had gained.

From a stranger to cute eyes boy to friend who somehow doesn’t save your number to best friend who can’t forget your number to boy who took more tries than the number of fingers you have to one who made use of both hands to hug you tight whenever you said goodbye, to that one person you said I do at the altar, some things never change.

One of that would be that he’s still horrible in trying to open up canned food. Well, he does try his hardest, especially when you started to have weird cravings the moment two lines showed up on the test. Regardless, it’s only a matter of time he gets himself hurt again and - “Damn it!”

That’s your cue to get up from the bed and even though you’re just two months in and nothing’s showing yet, Jimin refuses to - “Woman, sit back down! I’ll get this done!”

“Fat chance,” You snort, already striding into the kitchen, popping out the first aid kit and standing by the sink with an arm stretched out to - “Give me your hand,”

He childishly refuses to look at you, holding his wrist to himself, “…no,”

“You said you’d do anything for me so my mood doesn’t get too messed up apart from trying to seethe my patience when the food takes too long to cook so before any of that happens, give me your hand,”

He lets out a deep sigh, one that seems like he just lost ten pounds at how heavy that was. Turning his body slightly, he places the back of his hand in your palm, just so you can tug him over and he yelps when he stumbles towards you, thigh hitting yours and he hisses, not because of the pain.

“Be careful!”

You scoff a laugh, patting his hand with a wet cloth, “You are in no position to say that to me, Mr. Cans-Can-Cut-Me-Anytime,”

“Real original, Y/N. Are you going to be as creative with our baby’s name?”

Maybe if his or her father won’t admit that he’s far too horrible in opening canned items and refuse to ask for help when he needs to,”

Jimin only decides to press his lips together in attempts to hide his smile frown, staring at you quietly as you dry his finger and proceed to place a bandaid over. Because when you’re done, Jimin’s insides combust at the thought of you doing this to your future child together. A small kiss planted at the middle of where the bandaid sticks on his cut and he knows, whoever his child turns out to be, he or she would be one lucky, very lucky child to receive your love.

When you set his hand aside, pack up the kit and store it under the sink, just as you stand up you feel arms being wrapped around your waist. Then the warmth of a chest greets your back, with plump lips against your neck and gentle sways from left to right and all over again because Jimin has a habit of doing so and you came to love that habit.

“What would I do without you?” He murmurs on your skin, eliciting a chuckle as your hands smoothen over his forearms, “You’d have less cuts because I have some weird cravings that revolve around them being presented in a can,”

“For you I’d get a million cuts and I wouldn’t care,”

“Easy now, Mr. Park. I’d rather not have my husband get admitted to the hospital every other day,”

“…still though. I would,” He reaches up and carefully makes you turn your head until you look over your shoulder in efforts to meet with his eyes halfway, “For you, anything,”

“I appreciate the thought,” You turn, going the extra mile to hold onto his hand where his battle wound is, “And I always will. Just, maybe call me when you need to open up the cans,”

“…fair enough, Mrs. Park.”

  • Bucky: I come in here, and the first thing I'm doing is I'm catching the sightlines and looking for an exit.
  • Tony: I see the exit sign, too. I'm not worried. I mean, you were shot. People do all kinds of weird and amazing stuff when they are scared.
  • Bucky: I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside. I can tell you that our waitress is left-handed and the guy sitting up at the counter weighs two hundred fifteen pounds and knows how to handle himself. I know the best place to look for a gun is the cab or the gray truck outside, and at this altitude, I can run flat out for a half mile before my hands start shaking. Now why would I know that? How can I know that and not know who I am?

So my mom found this contest this woman was hosting, where “Autism Moms” could win a cruise by submitting a video about how hard their life is raising their autistic kids. If the premise alone was not gross enough, many of the videos were sickening. One woman filmed her adult son stimming privately, doing innocent things like flapping his hands, and sped it up and overlaid “yakety sax” on it, and then looked at the camera at the end and said “as you can see, I really need to get out of here”.

My mom left a comment on the contest page, that was very polite, saying how this contest was encouraging a bad attitude, and they should think about how their kids would feel if they saw these videos, and if they must do a contest like this it should be about whoever showcases how wonderful their autistic kid is in the best way.

Well, they simply deleted her comment and went on with the contest.

I hate Autism Moms.

Home isn’t the town I grew up in, or the halls of an old school building. Home isn’t the bed I slept in every night. It’s not the faces of the people who were supposed to be my family. It’s not the street downtown where I told my friends the truth. Home is the people I love. It’s my best friend, who has been there through everything, holding my hand, doing the best she can. It’s the people who surrounded me and cheered me on as I bared my soul to the world and to my mother. It’s the people who were my real family, the ones who filled the gaps left by those who share my blood. Home isn’t a place. It’s people. And they’re all out there, looking for a purpose. I’m going out there to look for them.

You keep telling me to come home. I don’t know how to tell you that I’m already there, and that you don’t belong here.
—  EMJ // Never Coming Home

Jackson oppa, please do aegyo
JS: 😐😐
(He did it later anyway lol love his 😐 expression, another emoticon kkk ❤️)

Jackson, if you have to choose between Jaebum and Jinyoung, who would you choose? 🤔
JS: Can you choose between your left and right hand/leg? (if I’m not wrong)
(🙄🙄😏 he will choose his heart Markiepooh of cuz, what qn is this… kkkk 💕)

Staff: who is Jackson?
JS: Jackson is *aegyo
😒😒 kkkk 💕

How come your american accent is better than Mark
JS: what do you mean, no, he’s American
(he looks annoyed? 😏😏 yes your bae is the best ❤️❤️)

Sorry, Markson delusions here 😂😂

170105 Jackson’s FB live for In Style Korea
watch the full video on In Style Korea FB page

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Athena, contrary to her resting facial expression is a major goof ball. She’s very playful and curious and is usually distracted by the smallest things in dire situations.

“Is that a Biryum? I haven’t seen one of those since I was a kit! It’s so cute!”

“Athena please just disable the bomb we have like 15 tics left.”

She’s an expert fighter in hand to hand combat, deadlier with her dual swords, the best of the bunch no matter where she’s put and isn’t afraid to put people in their place for belittling her or her friends.

She faces alot of prejudice for her heritage and race but all in all doesn’t really care, she goes about her business as best she can and if she cracks a few skulls along the way hey, that’s just a perk.

Since I had nothing better to do I revamped Athena’s old design in light of the variety of the Galra in season 2

Look at my alien space daughter I love her. I have big plans for this baby<3

I’ll doodle her weapons later maybe if I feel up to it, those are actually pretty cool.

Almost didn't make it

Well, I think it is safe to say that this has not been my week for planned wettings. Its finals week so obviously the number of times I can use the restroom at school is reduced, and this nearly cost me my dignity yesterday. I wore brown knee high boots, dark blue skinny jeans, and a pair of cotton, pink and white striped panties. I was taking the final for my 2nd class when I began to feel my bladder filling up. Slow at first but within an hour I really really had to go. I used my right hand to fill out the answer sheet, and had my left hand crammed into my crotch doing my best to hold it. As I moved my legs up, down, and side to side I regretted my decision earlier to not go after 1st class. An hour and a half into the test, I raised my hand and asked the proctor if I could take a quick restroom break, as it was an emergency. She said, “Absolutely not! You must finish the test first”. Deciding not to argue, I went back to finishing the test. By the time i finished 45 mins later, I was doing a full on pee pee dance in my chair and quickly becoming worried I wasn’t going to make it. I asked to go again and she said “ now that you are done, you may go”. Relieved at the thought that relief was only minutes away, I quickly got up, out of my chair. But that was a bad idea, as I stood 4-5 spurts rushed out into my pants. I grabbed my crotch, and 3 students looked at me in confusion. I acted like I hit my hand, and went off to the restroom..on the far end of the hall. Once out of the room, I inspected my crotch by pulling up on the front of my pants. Sure enough my crotch was a darker color than the rest of my pants..luckily it wasn’t visible to others. I hobbled my way down the hall, when I was only 5 feet from the door I stopped and gasped as I had no choice but to let go of my bladder for a good 6-7 seconds. I heard a faint hiss and felt the warm wetness crawling up the front of my panties and a few drops running down my legs and into my boots. I got ahold of myself and ran into the restroom. Luckily no one else was in there. I went into a stall, closed and locked the door, trembling, I was having problems unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. As I pulled my pants down, I took too long trying to take them off and just gave up on holding, the pain was too much. A violent stream came through my panties(at this point my legs were bent and I was seconds away from taking off my underwear and sitting down )and onto the butt part of my jeans, making a loud continuous “pat” sound. I grabbed and pulled down my panties faster than ever before and finished sitting on the toilet. 1 minute later I had finished and took a sigh of relief. Before I pulled my pants back on, I looked at what had happened and how bad it was. The white stripes on my panties were now dark yellow and they were soaked from the crotch up to the front with a line going through the middle of the butt. I put them back on felt the now cold wet cotton hug my crotch and front. My pants crotch was even darker than before, and had a dark spot at the lower part of my butt and a dark line up the middle. There was also a faint but visible line down my left leg into my boot. My sock was also wet. I rebuttoned and zipped my pants, did that little wiggle girls do to fix their pants and looked in the mirror. The wet spot covering the lower half of my butt and the line through the middle, as well as the line down my leg was all visible. (The leg wasn’t bad and you really had to look to find where it was.) Luckily the shirt I had on was a little too long for me and I was able to cover my butt. I went back to class and sat down, my wet clothes clinging to me the whole day. Later when I got home and changed, the pee had dried and needless to say my panties are now pink, and half white and yellow stripes. Sorry for such long stories, I try to describe the events as much as possible. Hope you liked it, and I’m sure there’s more to come😜

“I should’ve looked for you.”

Warnings: Cursing, death

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Requests: Hey! I absolutely loved “You left me to die.” I don’t know if you’re gonna do a part 2 or not, but you should consider it! I just found your account and I already love it! :-)

Do you think you could do a second one of “you left me to die”? Like one where Daryl gets out and asks y/n to go with him and she does. And he takes her to hilltop where they all reunite in tonight’s episode???

Please can there be a second part to “you left me to die” :)

Words: 570

(This is probably the best I could do in 40 minutes. Will edit!)

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Part 1

You sat still on the bench, your hands wrapped around a mug full of dark coffee. The taste was distinct in your mouth, but it kept you calm and placed. Thoughts were flying across your mind, did Negan really kill Glenn? Did Carl really miss you? Did Negan really care about you or were you nothing but a pawn to him? There was a large commotion as Negan sauntered into the cafeteria with Lucille high upon his shoulder. A young man with fear in his eyes was shoved into the middle of the circle, meeting Negan. “So. My friends. Fuckin’ amigo’s. It seems. That we have a little bit of a situation here!” Negan raised his voice and walked around the man, “Seems that this fucker. Was taking OUR supplies and getting ready to go on the fucking run! Now. I don’t tolerate rule breaking, that shit is extra plus not fucking okay. So I’m gonna let my dear friends here vote. Do we bash his head in, or throw him to the walkers.” Shock evaded your eyes, Negan was tough and brutal but not this cruel, you’ve never seen him like this. Everyone was shouting out answers to beat his head in and you held your breath. Negan’s eyes scanned the crowd before stopping on you, he raised his brow and stretched his arm out so Lucille was facing you. “Y’know. I would usually do it but today, Lucille is feeling the touch of someone else. (Y/N). Get over here.” Your eyes widened as you shuffled forwards towards him, Negan leaned forwards and whispered in your ear, “I can’t have my best gal going soft. Can I?” You took the bat from his hands and pleaded “Negan please. Don’t make me do this.” The man’s lip trembled and his eyes were full of fear. Negan rolled his eyes and whipped out his pistol putting the barrel to the back of your head, “I think you’re gonna do as I say. That’s fucking what. Or should I go get Carl and bash his head in instead?” You faced the man, kneeling on the ground and shook your head. “I’m so sorry.” You raised Lucille in the air and smashed it down on his head. A sickening crack filled the room as everyone cheered out. “Thatta girl. Get Lucille out and fuckin’ do it again!” Crying out you continued to kill the man on the ground. “Just like I did to that fucking Chinese man and the red head,” You froze, blood still splattered on your face “He was right. You killed him! You killed. Glenn.” Dropping Lucille you pushed past the Saviors and into the court yard

You were in shock. You’ve never had to kill a living, breathing human before and now your hands were stained due to Negan’s relentless pushing. You had killed someone the same exact way your dear friend had been killed. You couldn’t be here anymore, not with this maniac on your heels. You were sat on the ground, your hands clasped and hung between your knees trying to calm your breathing. “(Y/N). (Y/N).” A voice hissed from behind the trucks. “What the hell. Daryl?!” His face was shadowed but he beckoned you forwards, “Negan is gonna kill you if he knows you’re out!” “I’m escaping.” You looked behind him to see another man with long blonde hair and a beard, “You’ll never survive. He’s gonna kill you. us.” Daryl shook his head and whispered back, “Come with us. You can’t stay here anymore, not with your family. Your real family. Come with us.” Your eyes dropped but nodded. “Okay. Let’s go.”

The doors of the Hilltop opened quietly as Daryl, Jesus and you crept through. Maggie’s turned to face you after hugging Daryl and turned to tears. You walked forwards and hugged her waist, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry about Glenn.” She stroked your hair and leaned to kiss your head not saying anything. The doors opened once again. You swallowed thickly and turned to face Rick and his group. They stared back at you with a certain shock in their eyes. Carl’s eye met yours making your heart thump hard in your chest. “Carl.” You ran forwards to him and jumped to hug him. “I’m sorry. I should’ve stayed. I should’ve stayed here with you. He-he made me I.” Carl kissed your hair and hugged you closer, “It’s okay. (Y/N) It’s okay. I should’ve looked for you. I shouldn’t have left you.” You broke apart and smiled tearfully at each other. A hand touched your shoulder and you looked to see Rick. Carl reached down and held your hand tightly in his. “if it’s alright. I’d like to stay here with you.” Rick nodded with the tiniest of smiles and squeezed your shoulder, “You’ll always be one of us.”

Accidents Happen

Genre: Smut 

Summary : Baek ends up in hospital due to an accident and smut ensues in room

Maybe they shouldn’t be doing this, you know, considering his current condition. See the thing is the doctor didn’t say which extraneous activities he shouldn’t do, the word sex never left his mouth. That was Baekhyun’s argument and the very reason he’d managed to convince you to shed your panties and straddle him. But still.

Worried about the possibility to making his stay any longer, you halt your movement, “Baek, I don’t think-”

Groaning, he places his hand on the curve of your hip and attempts to make you move, “No babe….please can you just move?” He asks, “ Please.”

You’re doing your best to ignore his traveling hands,but their frostiness feels heavenly against your fiery skin, “You’re gonna get yourself killed,” Your words die out in a soft moan as he thrusts into you.

“You’re so flipping stubborn,” He attempts to sit up but you quickly push him back down, “Just lie down.” the fierceness of your words are overshadowed by the whimper that quickly follows. Following your commands, he lies against the pillows and begins to roll his hips, your hands quickly fly to evident bones sticking out, you’re hell bent on the intent of stop him but as his thrusts just keep the right spots.

“Stop being w-worried,” He chokes out between an erotic mix of a moan and groan, “Just enjoy it.”

Taking in his words, you nod and close your eyes hoping to eradicate the worries and be engulfed in the hurricane of pleasure. Plus he’s doing that thing where he kneads your breast in his hand then rolls your nipples between his fingers, its bordering on being painful but nonetheless it manages to cause your fingers to dig pits into hip bones.

“See, I knew you’d like this,” He murmurs suddenly closer than before, close as in his mouth is ghosting over your ears and you can just feel the smirk he was giving you. Whatever sound of protest you make dies a fiery death against his lips, god was he devious. Against all the righteous thoughts in the world, you melt into kiss and open your lips allowing his tongue to slide into yours.

You continue to kiss each other, moan into each other mouths but amidst the moans and kisses, you hear something. At first the sounds overshadowed it, but now as you were both reaching your pinnacle, dear you say it, it was getting louder.

Frightened, you tear your lips from his, “Wait…can you hear that?”

At first his face is all scrunched up, mind you, he was close but then his eyes bulge and he turns to his left, “The monitor…” He says before looking towards the door, clearly expecting something.

In two short seconds, the door burst open. Standing between the door open with a stethoscope wrapped around his shoulder-

“Baekhyun, wake up!”

The sharp voice causes him to bolt upright in his bed, whats’ going on? He thinks to himself as he stares around the room with bulging eyes. He places a hand to his heart and plops back onto the pillows. Suddenly noticing the ‘strain’ occurring at his nether regions, he shifts his leg but quickly stops the moment a bolt of pain shoots up the leg.

“Don’t move your leg silly,” You tut shaking your head as you start to gather the bags you brought for his stay, “Doctor said no exertion,”

The word ‘exertion’ immediately reminds him of the events that’d occurred in his head. He’s thankful for the fact you’ve now turned your back on him since you can ‘t see him silently choking on his spit.

the lover. the final episode.







god bless you mnet. really. thank you for this. it was the best ending you could ever show to us. thank you very much.

but it’s kinda sad to say goodbye. i will miss my takujae.

Jim and Ed's Confrontation

Because they’re due one right? Here is my personal headcanon: Ed has been brought in to the GCPD to identify Oswald’s body and on the way out, Gordon stops him.

‘So that’s it? You just saw your best friend on a slab and all you say is ‘that’s him?“

‘Forgive me if I don’t have a witty zinger on hand Gordon’, Ed deadpanned, pushing his glasses up, 'As you say I’ve just seen my best friend on a slab. Why do you care anyway? Oswald thought you were friends once. Seems he was a bad judge of character’.

'You did this Ed and once I have proof we can send you back to the hole he helped you crawl out of’.

'Well, nobody helped him crawl out of it did they Jimbo?’ Ed challenged, 'He begged you for help and you just left him to rot’.

Gordon scowled and Ed responded with a bitter smile.

'At least I’m leaving him to rot because he’s dead and that’s what dead people do’, he said, turning on his heel to leave.

'Why’d you shoot him Ed?’

Ed froze.

'I can’t be bought, but I can be stolen with a glance. I’m worthless to one, but priceless to two’, he recited.

'That doesn’t make any sense’, Gordon said, shaking his head, 'If you loved him why kill him?’

Ed swivelled back around and Gordon’s eyes widened at the fury in his face. Ed didn’t know what he was angrier at: Gordon getting the right answer of 'love’ or the fact he had assigned the answer to the wrong person! This was about Isabella not Oswald!

'I. Do. Not. Love him’, Ed growled.

’'Did not”, Gordon corrected.


'You 'did not’. Not 'do not’. Like you said he’s dead isn’t he?’

'Yes’, Ed said, cheeks reddening at the slip of the tongue, 'He is. Forever’.

He ignored Oswald’s drowned spectre smirking triumphantly at him as he left the morgue.

you’ve been gone for one month as of today
and I still can’t throw out your toothbrush,
bristles rough with the memory of being used.
what does that say about me?
what does that say about the heavy-handed nature of loss,
that something made of plastic has seen me
more times this week than I’ve been able to touch you?

maybe negative space is supposed to teach you something,
and it’s thoroughly conceivable that that ‘something’ will never feel worth the hours you spent tying up loose ends,
doing your best impression of a sailor that still has pieces left to
but in the past twenty nine days all I’ve learned how to do is
ignore the yellow light hanging over my head.
close my eyes to the dust on the computer monitor.
turn away, again and again, from the bathroom counter.

—  monday, the thirteenth - Caitlin Conlon

“I don’t have much time left… You need to promise me this, I beg you. I did my best to build you and now you’re more than just a robot. I made you so well that I can’t even call you my experiment anymore because it just doesn’t feel right,” the man sniffed, trying not to cry. He felt a warm, human-like touch on his shoulder when the robot boy placed his hand on it. “Please, I will do anything, Mr Father.” His voice was soft and calm. It almost carried real feelings but of course robots couldn’t feel emotions. This one was special though. He could experience something similar to actual human feelings, thanks to a certain file in his programme called LOVE.exe. “Promise me that you will protect my little daughter at all costs. When I’m gone, you have to be her brother, her father, her hero… Don’t let her cry and be everything I couldn’t because I spent her childhood making robots in this basement. I lost her mother because of my foolish project but I can’t lose my girl. I don’t know if I will ever come back home. I don’t know if they let me see you again.” “I promise. She will feel like home. It is her home anyway.”

10 years later

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