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Reasons Hercules Mulligan was Badass

- He knocked over a statue of King George III with the Sons of Liberty
- His family practically fostered Hamilton for a few years before the revolution
- He had changed Hamilton’s opinion of the war (Hamilton sided with the British before the war) 
- He saved Washington’s Life twice
1) When a British troop came to his shop to fix his uniform and slipped out ‘We’re gonna get that rebel General tonight’ and he warned Washington
2)  In a raid with the Sons of Liberty (ft. Hamilton and Cato), they discovered a spy that was sent to kill Washington and Herc demolished him
- His slave ‘Cato fought beside Herc until the war was over when Hercules was rumored to have released him
- one of the founding 19 members of  New York Manumission Society alongside Burr, Hamilton, John Jay and Adams where they established and funded for the African Free School
- Buried in the badass grave site: Sanders tomb Trinity Church (where he met his wife)
- Never Cheated never beated, happy wife happy life 

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I have a huge presentation in a few days and your gf art always calms me, especially Ford. This may seem a lot to ask (FORGIVE ME) but could you draw a Ford winking back and saying "You can do this"..OR JUST HAVE YOU WISHING ME LUCK. IM SORRY FOR THIS!! You know what just ignore this ask!!! Forget you ever saw this!!


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Can you do a scenario with SHINee baking (or trying to bake for some 😂) I stan you tbh 🙏

i stan you too babe!!! everyone follow her on insta @vidyatheshawol for up to date quality shinee content ❤ i was actually saving this prompt for today 

김종현, 생일축하해 우리 블링블링이~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! (KIM JONGHYUN HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR BLING-BLINGY)

shinee bakes for jonghyun’s birthday 


  • opens the bag of flour and some poofs up and just powders his face (minho walks past “wha-” / onew: cocaine”) 
  • smells the vanilla extract and really wants to taste it (key: “i’m telling you rn that this is the worst idea” / onew: “BUT IT SMELLS SO GOOOOOOD” / key pulls up multiple articles that essentially boils down to hoe don’t do it)
  • pours a little on a spoon and licks it anyway 
  • absolutely crestfallen that it sucks 
  • largely unhelpful and eating batter 


  • shit did the recipe say ½ cup of milk or a full one
  • well he poured in a cup
  • maybe even a little more than a cup
  • they don’t own an actual measuring cup, he used one of jonghyun’s mugs
  • while stirring the v watery batter ………… comes to the conclusion that he was very mistaken
  • he can cook really well why is baking so much harder than it initially appears
  • just dumps in flour until it achieves cake-batter-like consistency 


  • cut up the strawberries (one for the cake, one for taemin, one for the cake, onew hyung want one??)
  • pipes half the bag of frosting into his mouth (key: *hits him on the head* yah don’t eat it all) 
  • the bag is danger….ously emptyish 
  • it’s okay he stashed away a tin of frosting for this exact situation (taemin…….you could have just not eaten all the frosting) 
  • he’s so smart 


  • ok so their oven has a timer and he turned ON the timer 
  • doesn’t know WHY he expected that it’ll automatically would start baking bc clearly, ovens don’t work like that 
  • he knows that you shouldn’t do the whole raise the temperature to cook the thing faster but he’s going to do that 
  • burned it  
  • omg they’re never going to let him live this down 

after singing happy birthday: 


  • “wow thanks guys but this is clearly a store bought cake???? taemin posted in the group chat that you were making one this year”
  • taemin: minho murdered your cake 
  • minho: *in tears* WE TRIED THE BEST WE COULD 

An AU where a big and advanced alien species enslaved humanity some centuries ago, and they consider humans as cute, fashionable pets.

Aliens are big and weird, and in a size and social role comparison humans are like a small housecat.

So you’re minding your business in your home, climbing up on the improbably big furniture and prodding at the incomprehensible alien knick-knacks. They use some really unintuitively behaving materials and they bounce when they should crack, or break when they’ve obviously taken harder knocks before.

Sometimes an alien picks you up with half a dozen tentacles, brings you close to its weird, bad-smelling eating and sniffing orifice, and proceeds to rub its face on your chest while you hang in there, while the alien goes “SNOOFMURFMURFSNUFMOOF” on you. Because it loves you, that’s why. Then it carries you to a different room while lovingly caressing you behind an ear with a slightly damp, cool tentacle, and plops you down in a seemingly random spot.

Occasionally, you spot someone else peering at you from around a corner or behind a bit of furniture, and you run over to see who it is, but they vanish - only to appear a little way off elsewhere. This only ever happens when the alien is in the room, watching you, and while it’s holding a strange-looking rod. That’s right - you’re pretty much chasing a laser pointer.

There’s this huge bowl in one room, kind of like an oversized punch bowl, and the alien pours some sort of slurry into it every day. It looks like week-old borscht, but the flavor changes by day. Sometimes it tastes like bacon, other times like candy. As soon as you’ve gotten comfortable with it, the alien starts serving you some completely different kind of slurry that tastes like aphids and old socks, and makes this frustrated “BLURBLEPLURPBLORRB”-noise while wiggling its flagella at you when you shun this substandard fare. There’s no way to make it clear that the place the alien got your food stopped carrying it and now the alien is trying very hard to get something as similar as it can find so you’ll be happy, but how’s it supposed to know how it tastes to you?

But when all is said and done, the alien does care about you. You get some weird-looking but fun toys to play with, you have a nice, soft and enormous pillow to lounge on, and the alien apparently enjoys listening to you talk at it while it gives you gentle tentacle-pets. And you can usually sleep curled up next to its big and soft midsection when the house is dark for the next 27 hours.


I went to FanExpo Dallas!

Gail Simone signed two of my Secret Six singles, then personalized an original script of Secret Six.

I MET ALI HILLIS AND JENNIFER HALE. We talked about anxiety and bullying, how to deal and that Ali is so proud of being part of helping bring the start of equality to gaming.

Katrina Law was so sweet and yes that thought bubble says “hottie”.

I’m exhausted but it was amazing despite not getting my photo with Katrina. Gail and her husband let me hang out behind the booth when I was starting to panic because of anxiety.


Happy Birthday Leigh Daniel “Dan” Avidan! (March 14, 1979) → “Don’t make fame your goal. Make your goal doing what you do to the best of your ability, and that’s something no one can take away from you.” 

(MAGFest concert photo in the mid-right corner courtesy of @kawaiittrash)

“Dan is one of the best human beings I’ve ever met in my life…if Dan says you’re cool, then you’re cool.” ~ Arin Hanson

“Danny is literally the worst person I know…one of the least talented and most selfish people I’ve ever met. I also think Danny is a total diva.”  ~ Brian Wecht

“Danny is a cute motherf*cker.” ~ Vernon Shaw

“He’s like 7 feet tall and a palm tree of hair.” ~ Barry Kramer

“I peer review Dan all the time. I look at him like ‘His thumbs look stupid’. I mean Dan looks like a big f*cking muppet, you know.” ~ Ross O’Donovan

“I would say Dan’s whole personality is badass positivity. He’s an awesome rock star, a hyperactive 8-year-old, and the world’s wisest oldest man, all living in the same brain.” ~ Phoenix Carver