best heroine of all the kdramas

Jack and Bitty as the main male lead and second male lead in a Heterosexual Korean Drama romance and they’re both like “i would like to be excluded from this narrative”  

lardo is the heroine and everyone is thinking that she’s going to end up together with jack while coming in between jack and bitty’s “best friendship.” bitty as the tragic kdrama second male lead who is so “in love” with the heroine but will obviously never get a chance with her.

all the things that bitty does for her the fans of the show are like “OMG SO ROMANTIC i want someone who would cook for me and tuck me into bed like bitty does for lardo.”

as bitty and jack’s friendship goes to new heights fans lament about the fact that their friendship is going to shatter because they both fell for the same girl. they dread the day when a the Best Friends Physically Fight episode is going to air. it never comes.

in the season finale lardo runs away from the engagement party with bitty (long story, arranged marriage, family obligations) ends up with the THIRD MALE LEAD aka shitty knight aka the person no one thought had a chance with lardo EVER. everyone thought she was going to run to jack but NO she ran to shitty and kissed him and we see jack running into the room where the engagement party is held and the fans are like “NOOO JACK MISSED HER” but no jack strides up to bitty and kisses him instead.