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Surprise Christmas Special

My group hadn’t met since a couple weeks before Christmas so this weekend’s 13th Age game turned into a belated Christmas Special.  We were also meeting in a gaming store, so for my minor elements instead of asking the players to supply random minor elements off the top of their heads I asked strangers at nearby tables without any context and whatever they say becomes canon. The party consists of a Commander, a Paladin, a Rogue, a Sorcerer, and a Chaos Mage.  Some highlights:

GM: “Okay, so your mail route will take you through christmas town because woah are there letters to deliver there. Now…” <to someone walking by> “Name an abstract concept.”
Stranger: “Addiction”
GM: “So, Christmas Town is a mess right now because of addiciton. So, if you need to find Santa…” <To someone picking a game off the demo shelf> “Hey, who is Santa visiting at the Christmas Town Rehab Center.”
Stranger 2: “Himself, for his cocaine habit.”

Paladin: “I would like to interrogate the reindeer to find out what happened here.”
GM: “You can find some of them at The Stables. It’s a shitty dive bar, but it’s still the best in town.”
Paladin: “I’ll head there first then.”
GM: “They won’t talk to you much unless you join their reindeer games.” <To someone playing a board game nearby.> “What game are they playing in the bar.”
Stranger: “Russain Roulette.”
GM: “I guess it’s the last round, then.”
Paladin: “Sure, I’ll play that with them.”
Commander: “Can I join too?”

Comet: “It just hasn’t been the same since Santa started on the snow.”
Paladin: “That’s too bad. Who got him into that?” <Fires gun at head. Draws a white chip.>
GM: <To someone walking by> “Hey, who gets Santa his snow.”
Stranger: “Jack Frost.”
Comet: “Yeah, that Jack Frost rolled through town a while back and it’s been downhill ever since.”
Commander: “Too bad. Any idea where we can find Saint Nick?” <Uses a magic item to briefly become a zombie and immune to critical hits. Fires gun at head. Draws a red chip but doesn’t die. Resets bag of chips>
Cupid: “I haven’t seen him in a while, but someone at the…”
GM: <To someone at the next table> “Name a cookie.”
Stranger: “Shortbread.”
Cupid: “Someone at the Salty Shortbread might have seen him lately. That brothel gets most of the traffic these days.” <Draws a red chip.>
Comet: <while picking up Gun from Cupid’s corpse.> “The 34th Street Rehab Clinic might have something on him too.”

Rogue: “I’ll shimmy up the wall and into the window of Santa’s Office. 23.”
GM: “The factory’s walls aren’t tough to climb, you don’t have much trouble. Inside his office are shelves of various decorations and toys, some filing cabinets, and a large pine desk.”
Rogue: “What’s on the desk?”
GM: “There’s a heap of letters next to it where they were carelessly shoved off. Lying on the desk itself is only a single dirty razor blade.”
Rogue: “This is just getting sad.”

GM: “Santa is getting upset that you aren’t here to deliver more blow. He grabs your shirt and threatens you.”
Sorcerer: “I breathe fire in his face. 29.”
GM: “His beard is a bit singed but he doesn’t seem too fazed by it. He punches you in the jaw for 10 Christmas Damage.”
Chaos Mage: “It doesn’t go to your HP, but if you take 30 points of it your heart grows three sizes.”
GM: “That is not healthy for you.”



thereallukeevans: Huxley giving me some #MondayMotivation with the best head massage in town!

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Head canon: Whenever Eliza's in town, Maggie takes time off from work so she can always be at Alex's side, holding her hand under the table at dinner, filling her glass with water or root beer or soda just nothing alcoholic, changing the subject when things start to go south for Alex. One time her captain wanted to object, but had to gave in after Supergirl showed up and really politely forced him to grant Maggie the time off.

Kara Danvers for the fucking win yo.

So, um, Beekeeper, where are we heading off to?

Beexton. It’s a small little settlement right along the
river. We’ve got about, oh, three-hundred people or so,
and our main exports are honey, metal, and books.

And you just know all that off the top of your head?

Well, a mayor best know most about their town, I

(an aesthetic for Beexton and its inhabitants for anon)

My first experience with a spirit companion

The day A came to my home, I had a song stuck in my head called “Lean on Me.” I didnt think much of it. But every time I felt her telltale hand tingling, I kept either humming that song or having it stuck in my head.
Then while my best friend was in town, we were shopping for shoes for graduation. I started feeling my whole arm tingle very intensely. Then my FRIEND startes singing the same song! I never even told her about it.
It was so cool!
So now Lean on Me will always be A’s song.


No place like home...(part 1)

A little bit of context: I’m playing an empty suit of armor that walks around on it’s own, my party at first didn’t know this. I couldn’t tell them anyway because my character can’t talk. No one even knows my character’s name yet.

In my party is a Human Paladin who is having relationship issues with me because One) I almost drowned him by accident and Two) He found out I have a crush on him. (long funny stories about those) Then there is our Elf Cleric, who has been working overtime as of late trying to get me and the Paladin together and to somehow get me to talk, she’s played by a wonderfully over eccentric yaoi fangirl, and lastly there is our Dwarf Rouge, our silver tongued thief who is pretty lucky with his rolls convincing people any lie he tells them.

Cue this scenario: *We’re in a new town after a hard battle and I’m getting close to the limit of how long I can stay “awake” before I fall to pieces on the floor “asleep”, so we pay for a room and I head up to rest there*

Elf: I head out to find someone who can enchant things.

Paladin: I’ll go an look for a smith to replace the sword I broke.

Dwarf: I wait for the fighter to fall asleep…

Me OOC: wait…what?

Dwarf OOC: I’m waiting for you to fall asleep.

DM: This should be good; okay he’s asleep, and he won’t wake for a whole day since he’s been up so long.

Me OOC: Crap…

Dwarf: I gather him up and shove him into a sack and head to the best shop this town has to offer.

*a few turns pass as the dwarf gets directed to the grandest shop in the town and enters*

DM: As you enter the shop you see a wizened old man behind the counter.

Old man: Welcome! What can I do for you today!

Dwarf: I’d like to sell this enchanted dwarven armor! *Rolls for bluff and succeeds*

Old man: Oh a very fine piece indeed! What is the enchantment on it?

*Player thinks on this a moment*

Dwarf: It allows whoever is wearing it to breath underwater and…charms people to like you…?

*another roll and it’s barely a success*

DM: The shop keep believes you but is suspicious, and decides to try on the helmet.

Dwarf: *Without missing a beat he falls to one knee acting this out* Oh my love! for I have found you at last!

*two of us choked on our drinks and the DM decided that was a good enough bluff*

*startled the store keep yanks off my head off his and quickly proceeds to pay the dwarf a ridiculous amount of gold to get rid of the him then places me on display*

*Almost a full day passes and the other’s haven’t noticed I’m missing yet, the dwarf is off spending his hardly earned money at my expense, and the DM has been rolling dice not explaining what he’s rolling for. Finally my rest period is up.*

DM: *texting to me* You wake up walking next to a Wondering Scarecrow, a Farm Girl and her little Dog too. You then realize a Lion-man is wearing you, everyone is singing for some reason.

*Turns out I was sold by the shop keep the same day to the lion and I am now on a privet side quest to the meet the Warlock of Zo, the Grand and Mighty. I need to find a way back to my true love, the Paladin, while helping a little girl back home, teaching a scarecrow how to get smarter and to possibly fight in a witch war a [now naked] lion-man fears is coming from between the north and the west.*

I’ll let you know how this turns out later after our next session.

You’re Not Going to Ruin Your Friendship - Calum Imagine

request; can you pleaseeee do an imagine where you have a crush on one of the boys and you over hear the boys talking about you? (and u end up together)

once again sorry for the wait. i just started writing imagines again. hope you like this imagine! X

All you could think about was Calum. He was on your mind day and night. There was never a time when your mind wouldn’t wonder off to him. Just hearing his name made you melt on the inside. Being around him was becoming harder and harder as your feelings for him continue to grow. 

You didn’t mean to start liking him. You knew you shouldn’t like him. But there was just something about him that made you feel the way you do for him. He makes you feel all these butterflies in your stomach and makes you smile without even trying. 

So to say you had a crush on him was an understatement. You have come to think that you might be falling in love with Calum. As crazy as that may sound. All you knew was that whatever you were feeling towards him was not going away anytime soon. 

With your luck, Michael invited you over to hangout with the other guys. His excuse to have you come over was that they were going to grill out. Michael knows about your “little” crush on Calum. It’s not that easy to hide how you feel about him especially with Cal around. Your crush is the most obvious thing, you’re surprised how the Calum, Luke, or Ashton have yet to notice. But that’s a good thing for you. A really good thing. For one, if Luke and Ashton knew as well they would never quit bugging you about it. You’re lucky that Michael has been a good friend and has kept his mouth shut about it to this day. And second, you’re not sure if you want for Calum to know that you have feelings for him. The risks of telling him are too risky for your liking.
What if you ignore your feelings long enough that they just fade away? Yeah right. They’re too strong now to get rid of them. 

No need to lie, half of the time you were debating whether or not to go to Michael’s place. You knew that Calum would be there. Which means you’d have to see him. And it kills you seeing him and not being able to call him yours. So because of that you were going to call Michael and make up some lame excuse to not go. Instead of doing that, though, you went to your room, retouched your makeup, changed into a casual yet cute outfit, grabbed your purse and keys, then headed out the door. You had decided that you weren’t going to hide behind your feelings. Maybe at one point you’ll have the guts to tell Calum. (Okay that’s a lie.)

“Y/N! You made it!” Luke grins as he opened the door for you. 

You give him a hug and smile, “Hey, Luke.”

“Y/N is here!” Luke shouts to the guys. 

Michael and Ashton greet you as you walk to the grill where they are grilling.
You were nervous to see Cal who wasn’t anywhere to be seen. You take a look around the backyard to see if you could find him. Then you turned back to Michael and asked, “Where’s Cal? I thought he was gonna be here." 

"I’m right here.” You can feel his breath on your skin. 

He had snuck up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You turned around quite nervously in his arms to face him. His gesture had surprised you to say the least. Although you’ll admit that it felt good to be held in his arms. 

“Oh, h-hi.” Was all you managed to breathe out.

“Let’s go in the pool?” Cal asks you, a smile on his face. 

He turns around and starts walking towards the pool stairs to get in. He was shirtless, his holy body on display. You couldn’t help but stare at him as he walked over to the pool. But then you remembered you weren’t alone and you needed to stop staring before anyone noticed. 

“I uh, I’m going to go change. I’ll be back.” You headed to the bathroom so you could change into your bikini that you brought with you. 

When you entered the bathroom and closed the door and put your back against it. A long sigh left your lips as you closed your eyes. 

How am I going to keep it together in front of him. He’s wearing just swim trunks and damn does he look good in them. Control yourself, Y/N. Don’t make a fool of yourself and don’t make your crush even more obvious.
You thought a couple of things before changing. Before going back out you took a deep breath. 

When you came out the guys were all in the pool, playing around. You remove the towel you had wrapped around your body and set it down on the lounging chair. You then sat down on the edge of the pool, putting your feet in. The guys were still playing around not paying any attention to you. Except Calum. You catch his gaze and you lock eyes for a few seconds before Michael splashes him. 

As you were going to get in the pool you noticed that whatever Michael had left grilling was burning. 

“Great cook you are, Mike.” You laugh as you got up to remove whatever it was he left on the grill. 

“Thanks. I know I’m the best cook in town." 

You laugh, shaking your head. "I’m gonna put this in the trash since it’s all burnt now thanks to the best cook." 

It didn’t take long for you to go in and throw away the burnt food. You saw that they had gotten out of the pool and were drying themselves off. You were going to step out, but stepped back when you heard Calum and Michael talking. 

"Could you make it anymore obvious that you were checking her out? I told you that you need to tell her about your feelings.” Michael says to Calum.

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship if she doesn’t feel the same." 

"Trust me, mate, you aren’t going to ruin your friendship.” You see that famous smirk appear. 

There was a possibility that he was gonna tell him how you felt so you decided it was time to come out. “Why’d you guys come out so early?” You try acting like you heard nothing. 

Shock was still flooding your body. There was no way that Calum had feelings for you too. It was hard for you to hide your reaction to the new information you just found out. But you just acted like nothing you heard was said. 

An hour had passed and Ashton, Luke, and Michael had gone in the pool again. Calum and you decided not to go in so you guys went into the living room. You were nervous to be alone with him for obvious reasons.  You decided you were going to tell him how you feel knowing now that he feels the same way. 

“Hey, Cal, I need to tell you something.” Even though you heard that he has feelings for you, you couldn’t help but still be nervous.

“I need to tell you something as well. I’m probably risking a lot by telling you, but I just need to tell you." 

You knew what he was talking about. He was going to admit how he feels about you. 

"I think I know what you’re talking about. I may have heard you and Michael talking earlier.” You admit. 

It was out of the blue and you sounded pretty calm about the whole situation. But you weren’t. Inside you were a nervous wreck. This was the moment where all your feelings were going to be out in the open air. Not something you’d ordinarily do. 

“Oh. So I’m guessing you know how I feel then..” He trails off. 

“Kinda.” A shy smile appears. 

“I’m sorry if this makes our friendship awkward and you don’t want to be friends anymore after-”

“Calum, it’s okay. I feel the same way about you.” You cut him off.

Relief washes over his face. “Good because I’ve been dying to do this.”

Calum leans in, gently grabs your face and kisses you. On instinct, your lips start moving and your arms make their way to his neck. 

“About damn time, Hood.” Michael’s voice interrupts the two of you. 

“Get a room. No body wants to see that.” Luke says, walking into the kitchen. 

“I knew you two had a thing for each other.” Ashton joins in. 

By this point, your face is as red as a tomato. But there was still a big smile on your face. 

“Stop teasing me and my girlfriend.” Calum speaks up, looking at you and giving you a smirk. 

“So it’s finally official?” Asks cupid Michael.

“Yes, it’s official.” You smile, giving Calum another kiss. 

“Get a room.” This time all three boys groan, making you and Calum laugh.

THE8 From SEVENTEEN as Your HUSBAND {Requested}

“can you please do a minghao/the8 as a husband pleaseeeee? If you haven’t already!! there is like no minghao on tumblr *sigh*”

Here you go @sighmukes! :)

Originally posted by 7teans

Being Married to this Ball of Fluff would include:

- Calling in to work just to stay in bed all day
- Having water fights while you both wash your car
- Wearing his house slippers when you’re too lazy to find your own
- Him pulling you down to sit in his lap
- picnics at a different park every week
- Forehead kisses
- Secret handshakes
- Him trying to teach you how to dance
- Him doing aegyo to make you smile when you’re sad
- Cocoa by the fireplace
- Him lying his head in your lap so that he could cuddle
- Taking an art class and both ending up with horrible messes
- Teaching you Mandarin
- Him giving you his full attention whenever you speak
- Assembling furniture and getting so confused
- Back hugs just because
-Big bear hugs that make you feel warm and safe
- Him holding your hands and playing with your fingers

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

- Him dancing with you to your favorite song
-  Cooking new recipes together 
- Dream about your future family
- Scratch your back when you can’t reach
- Have intense Monopoly game sessions
- Have flowers delivered at your job
- Kiss you even when all his friends are around
- Go on vacations with his family
- Bring you a gift from every city he visits
- Tell you his secrets
- Searching the entire city for the best pizza in town
- Falls asleep with his head in your lap
- Remember every birthday and anniversary
- Adopting a pet from the animal shelter
- Laser tag dates 

Basically being married to this aegyo king would be a romantic adventure. His thoughtfulness and attention to detail will be the traits you are most thankful for as you live your lives together. He’ll never let a day go by without letting you know how deep you are in his heart.

Jackson: Teen Wolf

Context: After a particularly rough encounter with the villains residing in Beacon Hills, Scott advised you to take Jackson, your kind of, almost boyfriend, out of town for a while, not forever, just enough to clear his head. However, once you’ve traveled miles away from Beacon Hills, Jackson begins to turn, and there’s no one around to help but you.

**I like this idea because we never actually got to see what kind of werewolf Jackson would be

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Imagine bumping into Rafael in an antique bookstore.

Since I mentioned the book collecting thing in an earlier imagine, I’m making this one a continuation of that one

It had been months since your run-in with ADA Barba in the courthouse.

You saw him twice since that day trapped in the elevator. Both times at the coffee cart, where he was sure to make eye contact and pay attention after your first unfortunate encounter. He lingered to chat both times, but after your week covering for Marla was up, you had no reason to show up at the courthouse.

You chalked it up to a pleasant encounter not to be repeated.

You hadn’t even given him too much thought since then, until that Saturday morning, as you perused the titles in a little used book store a friend recommended. It was a small shop, with your usual used fare, but they had an entire section dedicated to beautifully preserved first editions.

Your great-aunt had sent you a gift, a check that she insisted be used only for something truly frivolous. Strict instructions were given not to spend the money on necessities.

This was a well-deserved opportunity to treat yourself.

And here you stood. In an old book store. Probably not what she had in mind.

You walked past the glass cases, filled with pristine copies that cost more than your rent. They were beautiful, yes, but even with the spending money burning a hole in your pocket, you thought it would be best that you examined some of the less than pristine copies.

You grabbed a few old primers, smiling at the thought of the people who held them in their hands a hundred years before you.

As you stared at the shelves, reaching for another book that caught your eye, you heard a voice behind you.

“Don Quixote?”

You turned to see him, the ADA from the courthouse, watching you with interest.

“Mr. Barba, right?”


You smiled, holding up the book. “It’s one of my Dad’s favorites. I love the cover of this one.”

He held out a hand and examined the book.

“It’s not in the greatest condition. And look,” he turned to the inside page, “there’s a stamp in here. Property of the Portanenko Family. It’s not going to be worth very much.”

“I know. But it has character. I kind of like that it has the stamp in it. I like to imagine who these people were who had this on their shelf for so many years. Also, it’s ten dollars, so that makes it look that much better on my little bookshelf.”

“I guess I can’t argue with that.”

“Are you here looking for something in particular?”

“No, not really. I had some time, for once, and thought I’d see if anything caught my eye.”

“Well, don’t let me stop you. There’s some gorgeous stuff up in the cases.”

“You’ve already looked?”

“I gave it a longing glance, then proceeded to the section I could afford.”

“Care to take another look?”

You thought about the check from your great-aunt. A hundred dollars wasn’t going to go very far, but it couldn’t hurt to browse. Who knows? Maybe you would find something.


He stood by your side as the two of you scanned the cases, books in plastic jackets to protect their aged covers. Some very old, others signed first editions, all of them expensive.

You put your hand to the glass when you noticed one in particular.

“Something caught your eye?”

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez. First edition, first printing.”

“‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’?”

You nodded. “Yeah. I went through a phase in high school where I was completely obsessed with that book.”

You turned to see Barba nod toward someone.

“It’s not a bad price. Let’s check it out.”

A woman walked over, unlocking the case while he pointed to the book.

“Here you go, Mr. Barba.”

“Thank you, Cynthia.”

You raised an eyebrow. “I thought you didn’t have that much time to go looking for books?”

“I don’t. But this place isn’t far from work or home, so I check it out when I can.”

He looked over the book and held it out to you. You took it, almost afraid to touch it.

“It’s beautiful.” You took one last look and handed it back to him. “And twice my budget.”

“Is that all? Treating yourself today?”

“My great-aunt is.”

“Special occasion?”

“Of sorts.”

He raised his eyebrows, waiting for further explanation.

“I passed the bar.”

“That is worth celebrating.”

“It is. But I think I’ll be okay with a few tattered books and a fancy dinner out.”

“With friends?”

You shook your head. “No. My best friend is out of town.”

He nodded slowly as the two of you continued looking through the cases.

“Doesn’t look like I’m going to have any luck today,” he said finally.


“Well, it wasn’t a completely wasted trip.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, handing you a card. “If you decide you don’t feel like celebrating alone this evening, a fancy dinner sounds nice.”

You took the card, a bit shocked at the suggestion. Even more shocking was your reply as you set your books down on the counter.

“I’ll call you.”

[victuri] his hair grows longer

Victor’s hair is getting longer. When Yuri asks him why he’s growing it out, he smiles and says, “To keep me warm during the winter.”

“Are you a bear?”

Victor props himself up on an elbow. “To try something new, then. Or something old, I suppose.” He grins. “Do you like it?”

“Of course I do,” Yuri says, running his fingers through the soft silver strands. They reach Victor’s chin, and tickle Yuri’s chest when Victor kisses his way up, finally reaching his mouth.

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bros-before-dinooos  asked:

I just love your Nalu storys so here's the prompt: Lalochezia (I'm really curious about that one :))

Lalochezia - The use of abusive language to relieve stress or ease pain.

Ooh that’s a challenging one! I hope you enjoy:)

Lucy Heartfilia slammed her head down onto the counter in frustration. When Mira passed by and asked her if she would care for a drink, she just groaned in response and continued her sulking. It wasn’t until she heard the barstool beside her screech over the floor that she slightly lifted her head to see who had the nerve to bother her at a time like this.

It was ecaxtly who she thought it would be.

“Leave me alone, Natsu.”

“Woah, what’s with you, Lucy?” - “Lucy is so moody!”

“Shut up you two.” Her head found its way back to the cool surface of the bar. “I’m busy.”

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It still is suspicious, even in D&D

It had been a particularly nasty battle for our group and our ranger had been killed by a bunch of Gnolls. No one was at a high enough level to resurrect him, so their best bet was to head back to town.

They had to trek back to town with the ranger’s dead body in tow. The problem was, the town was heavily guarded and everyone was searched going in. The party didn’t think it was a particularly good idea to just walk through town carrying a dead body. 

An argument ensued about what the best way was to get the ranger’s body into town so they could resurrect him. 

This led to a quote by our Paladin who didn’t understand all the fuss.

Paladin: “I just don’t understand what’s so suspicious about carrying around a dead body?”

Day 470: 

John Green is not my best friend yet. 

I’M IN THE VLOGBROTHERS VIDEO!!!One step closer to best-friendom. Also, fishingboatproceeds is out of the hospital, hooray!