best hairday

Day one: Favorite tiara of Belgium

Day two: Favorite tiara of Britian

Day three: Favorite tiara of Denmark

Day four: Favorite tiara of Luxembourg

Day five: Favorite tiara of Monaco

Day six: Favorite tiara of the Netherlands

Day seven: Favorite tiara of Norway

Day eight: Favorite tiara of Spain

Day nine: Favorite tiara of Sweden

Day ten:  A tiara you’d like to see Duchess Catherine wear

Day eleven: A tiara you’d like to see Crown Princess Victoria wear

Day twelve: A tiara you’d like to see Crown Princess Mette-Marit wear

Day thirteen: A tiara you’d like to see Crown Princess Mary wear

Day fourteen: A tiara you’d like to see Queen Letizia wear.

Day fifteen:  A tiara you’d like to see Princess Sofia wear

Day sixteen: Victoria or Madeleine’s 18th birthday tiara?

Day seventeen: Favorite bridal tiara

Day eighteen:  Favorite bandeau

Day nineteen: Best versatile tiara

Day twenty:  Best tiara worn as a necklace

Day twenty-one:  Favorite ruby tiara

Day twenty-two: favorite aquamarine/turquoise/sapphire tiara

Day twenty-three: Favorite emerald tiara

Day twenty-four: Favorite colorful tiara overall

Day twenty-five: Favorite floral tiara

Day twenty-six: Favorite tiara with pearls

Day twenty-seven: Favorite “new” tiara

Day twenty-eight: Favorite update to a tiara

Day twenty-nine: Royal lady with the best tiara hair

Day thirty: A tiara you’d like to see more of


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