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Podcast suggestions?


I’ve been getting a bit board with my podcast feed, does anyone have any podcasts they suggest? I really want like an audio-drama with characters and a story. I’ve listened to a lot and have some even to catch up on but I’m never in the mood for them. Here is a list of what I have listened to already, and a description if you yourself are looking for more to listen to:

Alice isn’t Dead- Spooky vibes, not too long, gay, mostly the main character talking to herself but gets into trouble with Thistle men 0.0

EOS 10 (WHICH I LOVE AND WANT TO RETURN SO BAD)- Hilarious, probably gay but no official relationships yet, doctors in space and their banter

Greater Boston- Super original ? Like a group of characters living in Boston but they don’t super know each other and also real interviews from people living in Boston, and LESBIANS

Hector Vs. the Future- Science comedy hilarious and weird

Lore- Real stories of folklore, can keep you up at night so watch out

Our Fair City- hilarious and suspenseful and wholesome, Capitalism takes over and people are trying to just survive

Radio People- Confusing space banter that is sometimes concerning for characters but most of it is just funny and weird 

The Bridge- just started, don’t know how i feel about it yet

The Bright Sessions- FANTASTIC! Listening to the counseling sessions of a therapist and her patients with abnormal abilities! Usually nice, all pure characters (except one -_-), you will love everyone and they all meet up in the current episodes AND ITS GAY WITH SEVERAL CHARACTERS AND HAS A CANNON ACE CHARACTER

The Far Meridian- Super chill like lonely aesthetic ? A character is trying to overcome her anxieties about life while super weird things happen to her every day and she just has to deal with it and she’s great!

The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air- I don’t even know other than great ?? A radio show you listen to but also hear the behind the scenes and you will fall in love with the janitor Julian he is my smol son and will be yours too

The Penumbra Podcast - SUPER LGBT+ Detective on mars, getting into way to much trouble and Juno just needs some help and maybe he will get that. Also random mini series that are also super amazing and always defying expectation and probably the most futuristic gay podcast because society has gotten to the point that being gay or trans or having pronouns that don’t match your voice (since you can’t see anyone) isn’t shocking to any character ever at all ? and boys wear wedding dresses :’D

The Strange Case of the Starship Iris- amazing gay space pirates and their adventures, cannon trans character!!!

Thrilling Adventure Hour- tragically ended but 200 episodes so hey you’ve got plenty. So many different shows but the best is a space western and a couple that are mediums but just want to be left alone to drink.

Welcome to Night Vale- spooky and I’m sure everyone has heard of it by now

Wits- A talk show from Minnesota Public Radio with comedian and musician guests that talk about things and play games, it’s over but the archive is great.

Wolf 359- Begins with healthy space banter, ends with you obsessing if your space children will ever be okay. 

Wooden overcoats- Hilarious and very little drama, when a second funeral home opens in the village a never ending feud begins 0.o except only one side is really upset about it, Chapman is nice to everyone. 

Take It All Back

Part One

Summary: As season one filming comes to a close, Jensen gets some shocking news from home.
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Macy)
Word Count: 1635
Warnings: Drinking, language, mentions of hospitalization. 

A/N: The new Jensen x OFC series begins! It will be twenty parts total, so hang on to your hats. Something new I’m doing with this: the intro stuff (summary, pairing, etc.) will pertain to that part in particular. Never too late to be added to the tag list if you’re interested! Also, if you haven’t already, check out this song, as it was the inspiration for this fic. 

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You Asked. Raul Esparza Answered.

Thank you for submitting your Facebook questions to Raul Esparza! Here’s a look at the cross-examination:

If there was a musical based on Barba’s life what would it be called?
“The Demon Lawyer of Chambers Street”
“Not My Yacht”

What is the best part about working on the show, in your opinion?
Mariska. 100 times over, Mariska.  And Warren Leight’s unbelievable writing for Barba.  And I love meeting all the different actors and guest stars, it’s like being part of a great acting school.  Oh, and Mariska.

For more of Raul Esparza’s answers to your questions, keep reading below!

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Dear Rubia,

Thank you very much for your compliments.  I’ve never been a guest speaker for a talk show, but I was invited to give a seminar at Themis Legal Academy once.  It wasn’t televised, but it’s probably the biggest public event I’ve ever been part of outside of the courtroom.  I really enjoyed it, and it felt like the students there did as well.

Being in the newspaper now and then is pretty cool, too, but I try my best to stay humble.

-Phoenix Wright

P.S. I’m more familiar with actual courtroom dealings than dramas based on them, so I’m afraid I haven’t written any books on the subject.  Unless we’re talking about the drama that happens in courtrooms, that is.


Just wanted to remind you my beautiful friends that there is hope and silver lining on the horizon!

Next weekend Melissa McBride is going to blow us away (and probably break our hearts!) in her very own episode!
Carol has transformed herself more than any other character on the show and as you can see from the promo she is not nor was she ever “cold or uncaring or ruthless” - her compassionate, loving heart is right there on display to the world!

Talking Dead has given us CARYL shippers the best combination of guests possible (aside from the lack of NR) to get some answers and clarity!

Just think there will be three hard-core CARYL shippers in the studio - Yvette Nicole Brown, Chris Hardwick and Melissa McBride herself!!!
The potential of that kind of dynamic is mind-blowing and makes me giddy just thinking about it!
Don’t forget to submit questions, tweets and comments - maybe they need reminding just how passionate and determined Carylers can be!

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CARYL is the Biggest and Classiest Ship Around
Let’s Keep It That Way