best guard dogs

my nanas 90kg doberman is such a wuss omg I was given to instructions to watch him while he eats, otherwise he won’t eat and to tuck him in outside in his kennel and now he won’t stop crying bc nana isn’t here tonight


whenever i think about that dog protecting pregnant lady video i think of blackwall

he gets bit and he’s so fucking touched like “yes good dog!!! doing your job protecting the baby!!! who’s a good girl??? who’s the best, most fiercest guard dog in the world???“

the inquisitor is just like “thom, please do not reward the dog for biting you”

and when she’s not looking he turns to the other dog and he’s just like “you need to step up your game. look at your sister she’s a good dog.”


“well maybe daffodil should be more like dandelion”


A/N: Finals are killing me slowly so this was supposed to be uplifting for me. And it was! I just want to thank Fall Out Boy for reminding me that I’m not dying unless I am killed. 

Immortals // Dean x Reader

Words: 3484

Warnings: Mentions of bad dreams/night terrors. 

Request:  Request for much much much later when you are feeling better. Dean X reader song fic-fallout boy-immortals. He is"bad behavior but he does it in the best way" “guard dog of all her fever dreams"and "tries to picture him without her, but he can’t"feels that he is the bottom of the barrel"the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass”. Nightmares? Semi-illegal dates? protective? considerably younger reader, but she hunts good and compliments him? She sees good in him that he does not see?

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Tyr, not Thor, is the Norse god of warriors. He is notable for his bravery and willingness to protect warriors. He has a curious relationship with Loki’s wolf-son, Fenrir. Tyr was the only one willing to feed the ferocious wolf as it was growing up.

When the gods decided that Fenrir was too dangerous and had to be bound with the magic ribbon Gleipnir, Tyr agreed to put his hand in the wolf’s mouth to reassure him that the bindings would be taken off. The Aesir reneged on their promise and Fenrir bit off Tyr’s right hand in a rage. Most ancient depictions show him one-handed. According to the Poetic Edda, Tyr is destined to die in Ragnarok while besting Garm, Hel’s guard dog.