best group photo

my kink: idols in oversized sweatshirts 

This is the best group photo of 6th stage ever!

Just look at it!

Everyone is here and even the Shining Dancers! 

I wonder how long it took to get everyone in one photo anddddd I wonder who was the one that suggested this? Because whoever it was, you are the best! I thank you from the bottom of my “Utapri Maji Love Live obsessed” heart. And the quality of this photo is so good! Probably an iPhone lol. And I got this from Facebook where they said the source is from Mamo-chan. So I am assuming that they used Mamo-chan’s iPhone lol. But thank you Miyano Mamoru for sharing this legendary photo with us! 

On another note, I am very, very happy that this time’s Maji Love Live stage has a lot more casts photos than before. It gives us, the fans, especially those who did not manage to see 6th stage yet, a look into 6th stage. And to me, it looks like all the Utapri seiyuus had fun and that is important to me. The bond that they created through this is so endearing to watch. But now, the DVD needs to come out faster because I wanna see for myself all the things that happened during performances that some people shared. It sounded so fun and exciting! And a bit emotional too I heard. Ahhhh. I can’t wait!

In the mean time, I’ll be satisfying my thirst and excitement with all the photos and fan reports of 6th stage lol

(source: Facebook)


Has anyone seen the teaser pictures for their comeback? If you haven’t, then go look. But if you did, I’m surprised you’re even alive because their teaser photos are enough to kill babyz.

Like seriously, babyz will feel their heart stop because of B.A.P.

Two of the many reasons why I’ll miss the FIVE Drama...

I have quite a few reasons why I would miss the drama (but luckily my Limited Edition DVD box and CD+DVD will be arriving tomorrow ><), but I thought I might give two of my reasons why xD

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anonymous asked:

Hi buddy, what do you think is the girls' favorite social media to share stuff on? Who is the Twitter oversharer? The instagram filter lover, and the Facebook troll(if any) among them, do you think?


But seriously I love this questions oh my goodness.

Yui is and avid Snapchatter

Yui has the attention span of a pea, so snapchat is perfect for her because she only needs to pay attention to things for a maximum 10 seconds. And beyond the consuming social media aspect, Yui’s life is one big ol snapchat, since the girl gets distracted super quickly. So over the course of the day, you’ll see the dog she passes on the way to class, a snap of Ritsu sleeping in class, closeups of Azusa shoving the phone away from her face, her lunch, JUST SO MUCH. 

Yui loves snapchat, because she loves that she can constantly share what is of the utmost importance of that particular moment for all her friends to see. And there’s little to no reading, just pictures. Like, Twitter is fast, but Yui doesn’t want to read that much. Snapchat just involves her putting pictures and a story together, which is perf

AND FILTERS. Yui also loves the filters, particularly putting filters on her friends (Mugi also loves doing snapfilters with Yui) (they always put the cat one on Azusa)

Mio’s a wannabe hipster and has made her lowkey photography profile on her Instagram

At first her nerd butt was putting her stuff on Tumblr like the rest of of plebs, where she would also put her lyrics/writings paired with her pics. And then Ritsu found her blog (bc Mio left her comp open) and after some (a lot of) teasing about her sappy pics and captions, the supportive part of Ritsu (bc she’s not a complete dick) was like “Mio just put em on instagram and not on dead social media you pleb” ((bc apparently unless you’re in fandom, most people think tumblr is dead, ty marketing class reserch))

So Mio stuck her photos on Insta. At first she slapped the terrible filters on them, but then again, Ritsu is like “don’ do that” and shows her what the ~cool~ instagrammers do

And Mio’s account ends up being pretty popular. Not millions, but around 700+, not including people she knows. 

Ritsu is a Viner. At first I was like “reddit??” because shitposting, but I just oculdn’t see Ritsu taking ample times out of her day to sit down on the computer and shitpost.

Vine is easy for her. Ritsu is constantly moving, talking, being a nuisence. And now she can capture it all in 7 second videos??? and show the world what a Top Class Friend she is??? amazing. Her and Yui have definitely gotten over 1mil plays on a few of her vines (mostly them torturing Mio, or Azusa. Mugi is the featured accomplice to many vines)

she also does some sic 7 sec drum beat or beatboxing (have i ever said that??? bc i hardcore headcanon ritsu as having mad beatboxing skill)

rip vine…………………..

Mugi is moves from platform to platform, and mostly enjoys just looking at what her friends are posting. And then like, enthusiasically likes or comments supportinve loving things on them because mugi is literally The Best

but I’m at a toss up of she like Pinterest to see new food and thing creations and pictures (honestly, i really dont know pinterst). I dunno, I really don’t see Mugi as a huge social media addict. Like, canon, she texts her friends really cute texts with lots of emojis on things they’re thinking about (like in the movie with making Azusa’s song) so I really see her more as user rather than creator??

but her instagram is filled with candid friend shots (mugi is the best at getting candid group photos FI GHT ME ON THIS THEY ALL GIVE HER THEIR PHONES WHEN THEY WANT CANDID GROUP PICS)

o wait actually, WAIT WAIT FORGET PINTEREST. Mugi uses Twitter that none of the others know about where she puts short thigns that make her happy. Like when her friends are acting gay. or those nights she feels particularly alone and doesnt want to burden the girls, so she posts on her twitter YEAH YEHA, MUGI USES TWITTER

okay wait how funny would that be if Azusa was like a Yelper because i think that so hilarious and in character

THINK THINK THINK AOBU IT. Azusa hardcore planned out the girls’ London trip to a TEE. you don’t think for one second she went to a place that ONLY HAD THREE AND A HALF STARS??? AND ONLY 56 REVIEWS??? NO SHE HAS STANDARDS. 4.5 STARS AND MINIMUM 200 REVIEWS

and then andTHEN SHE REVIEWS. OH YOU KNOW SHE HARCORE REVIEWS. Azusa had no trouble telling the seniors, barely a WEEK after she met them, to stop being lazy– SHE HAS NO PROBLEM CRITIQUING A BUSINESS SHE WENT TO ON ALL IT’S FLAWS (and goods)

im like actually giggling at Azusa being a yelping OH MY GODDDDDDD

Color Photo of the Famous Duo which Winston Churchill called Damon and Pythias, after the legendary characters from Greek mythology, John T. Godfrey (left) and Don Gentile in front of Don’s famous P-51B 43-6913 “Shangri-La“.