best group best friends

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-Everyday texts between Jin

-Hyung line telling you to confess to Joon

-Scolding 95 line

-Cheesy Pickup lines

-When you’re sick

-Reacting to you being sexual

-Finding out you got slapped by your ex

-When they miss you- Hyung line

-When you get a wave of hate- Hyung line 

-Hoseok confessing to Yoongi

-Yoongi when he’s needy

-Best friend Yoongi

-Best friend Jungkook finds out you’re dating another idol

-Texts between the 97 boys

-When the maknae line wants a puppy

-Vmin as your best friends

-Daily texts between Joonie

-Hoseok asking for advice on how to confess to Yoongi

-Bangtan boys as your best friends Pt. 1

-Jungkook asking for advice on how to confess to Taehyung

-Jungkook confessing to Taehyung

-Bangtan boys as your best friends Pt. 2

-Hobi as your best friend

-Accidentally telling Jungkook you got tickets to their concert

-Daily texts between Jimin

-Daily texts between Tae

-Best friend Jungkook

-Yoonseok noticing you’re not feeling well

-Maknae line getting jealous of you singing rookie group songs

-Best friend Joonie

-Bangtan boys as your best friends Pt. 3

-Best friend Jimin

-Taekook as your best friends

-Bangtan boys as your best friends Pt. 4

-Maknae line as your best friends

-When the miss you- Maknae line

-When you receive a lot of hate- Maknae line

-Finding out their s/o can sing- Maknae line

-Getting excited to go home despite being there last night

-When their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems- Maknae line

-When their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems- Yoonseok

-When their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems- Namjin

-When their s/o is a movie star and they swoon over their co actor

-NSFW Namjoon

-Getting jealous of BTS’ best friend

-Setting Namjoon and Jin up

-Wishing Hobi a Happy Birthday

-Jimin accidentally confessing to you

-Vmin as your best friends

-Boyfriend Jungkook

-Dad Joonie

-Fluffy Kookie (Valentine’s Day one <3)

-Jimin accidentally confessing to you

-Happy Hobi Day (2017)

-Fangirling about the Not Today MV

-When your pet dies

-When they think you’re cheating on them (Maknae line)

-When they think you're cheating on them (Namjin)

-When they think you’re cheating on them (Yoonseok)

-Father Taehyung

-BTS and their first date with you

-Yoongi getting jealous of a boy flirting with you in Spanish

-When you talk dirty back to BTS

-Happy Suga Day (2017)

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Happy Easter 1/5

The Single Mothers Club (plus Gianna) decided to spend Easter together this year. The morning was spent decorating eggs.

Night in the Woods Review

Night in the Woods is a game that hits close to home. It’s a story about not knowing your place in the world and trying to figure out what everything means. The game takes place in a fictional town of Possum Springs. You play as Mae, a 20 year-old cat that just dropped out of her sophomore year of college. The story chronicles her return to her home, her reunited with her friends and family, and the darker mystery that’s surrounding the town.

The characters are the main highlight in Night in the Woods. Mae’s core group of friends include her old best friend Beatrice, her best friend from high school Gregg, and Gregg’s boyfriend Angus. The game has a finite structure of a kind of sort of daily rutine that you go through. You wake up in your old room at your parents house and go out everyday. You can choose to hang out with Beatrice, or Gregg, or other events around the town. This leads to a dynamic where you miss out on one activity over another, but that leaves you with your own story to tell.

In one case, I choose to hang out with Beatrice over Gregg. This lead to use visiting the local mall, which nobody visits any more due to the age of the internet. We went to a goth store and stole belt buckles and then messed with the wishing well and sprayed pedestrians as they were walking around the mall. I don’t know what would have happened if I decided to go and hang out with Gregg for the day, but that is what gives Night in the Woods a special quality. The developer has crafted scenes that you can miss out on and never see unless you decide to do a 2nd or maybe even 3rd playthrough. In a world where developers want you to see everything in the games they make, it’s refreshing to know that they’re are chunks of the game that I may never see, but I could have a conversation with someone and get an entirely different story out of them. The main plot goes on the back burner from time to time, but these personal stories that you get with Angus, Beatrice, and Gregg are well worth the wait for the twists and turns of the main plot.

The main plot sees Mae struggling to find her place in the world. Mae drops out of college and returns home, but what will she do now? Early on, as you and your friends leave the pizzeria after band practice, you all discover a severed arm on the sidewalk. After poking it with a stick and being stopped by your aunt, who is an local police officer, mysteries dreams start to plague Mae. You go through your day to day, talking to your mom and dad, hanging out with your friends, and finding out more about the dark secrets that are swirling around.

The presentation in Night in the Woods is also something that I couldn’t get enough of. The art style has a very paper craft, hand-drawn style, but the dialogue is very adult. Character talk about not fitting in, moving away to find better things, and dealing with family death. Their was a somber moment where I wend grocery shopping and had dinner with Beatrice and her father at her home. Beatrice’s mother had recently pasted away and now Beatrice is stuck running the family business because of the emotional stress that her father has gone through. It’s these real moments that made Night in the Woods special to me, and some moments that also hit close to home with some of my own struggles in life.

The game took me about 7 hours to finish from start to finish. It was paced exceptionally well. Even in the down time where your just running around town talking to people and growing relationships with past acquaintances, the game is a breath of fresh air. The world feels lived-in and has a history and it’s own story just as deep as any of the characters that inhabit it.  Getting to know Mae, Beatrice, and all of the other townsfolk was such a joy. It felt like I’d known these people from years ago and I was reuniting with them all over again. Night in the Woods is something special. It made me laugh more than most games ever have, the characters all felt like real friends, and it also knew how to hit me in all the right places. Like I said before, Night in the Woods hit close to home for me. In a world where you don’t know what’s around the corner or not sure if you can go on another day, this game shows that it’s a struggle that everyone goes though. Even a 20 year black cat that dropped out of college.

Score: 10/10

the signs (men and women)
  • aries women: the sexiest and fiery women of the zodiac. y'all will change the world with ur drive and ambition. get it boo 👅 emotional or emotionLESS
  • aries men: SEXY AS FUCK. protective and touchy as fuck. what is personal space
  • taurus women: can be rude and stingy, can play the dumb card but they're super intelligent
  • taurus men: horny 24/7. good as friends, but distant friends.
  • gemini women: yall... crazy and whack as fuck lmao. beautiful and outgoing. extra af. flirts with anything that moves.
  • gemini men: touchy as fuck. like everywhere. bipolar maybe?? emotional but hides it. loyal.
  • cancer women: emotional, about everything bro. tend to have mood swings when they're angry you're fucked
  • cancer men: the clingiest melodramatic people I've ever met. can be emotionally abusive due to clinginess.
  • leo women: some of my favorite people are Leo women. so beautiful and down to earth? SO real. if they don't like you, you'll know it
  • leo men: confident in who and what they want. always sexy and smells amazing. 👅
  • virgo women: sexy in the most virgin and earthiest way. when they fuck with u they'll defend u to the ends of the earth. can be distant tho. only touchy if they really like u.
  • virgo men: distant but in the makes u want more way. earthy and real as fuck. fun to mess around w. not serious relationships tho
  • libra women: cold and bitchy. they're flighty but once u have one you'll be set for life. BEST pleasers. usually has either a small group of best friends or a large group of acquaintances. flirts unintentionally???
  • libra men: the most shallow people you'll meet. sweet and goofy af
  • scorpio women: yall one of my faves too. u tell it like it is babe. very opinionated. worst enemies to have they're nasty. could def model.
  • scorpio men: genuine and loving. super quiet and sweet. i love them. may come off like they're hot shit but they're insecure
  • sagittarius women: yall wild and crazy. pretty in not the normal sense.
  • sagittarius men: loves to argue, can't take the shit they give :) not cold hearted
  • capricorn women: acts like they don't give a fuck. fragile. very loyal friends even if u fuck them over
  • capricorn men: time wasters time wasters time wasters time wasters
  • aquarius women: honestly what the fuck lol. super chill people. doesn't give a fuck that much about literally anything? high 24/7.
  • aquarius men: very distant. will pay attention to you and 5 secs later they don't care? weird af. fun and in the zone w the right people. good music taste.
  • pisces women: sweetest and open people i love my Pisces women. can easily flip a switch and be ur worst enemy. watch out.
  • pisces men: faithful and sensitive. have a really nice soft side. persuasive.
Silas Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Silas Dialogue

For the three anons!… I think. I’m notoriously bad at counting.

I was wondering why this guy was pretty popular but ah, I see, you guys want the childhood friend ;) Disclaimer about this being a fan translation and not to be taken as gospel!

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I feel positive this morning!

I have class and therapy and program I also have a job interview on Tuesday!

I need to figure out a time to meet with my psychiatrist because I have been feeling slightly hopeless/suicidal at night lately.

But overall right now I’m feeling positive! And like I can do things! So that’s a good feeling! I’ve been drinking too much coffee lately but I can’t help it I’m addicted lol I’ll try and drink less.

I also just feel super different from my friends after being in the psych ward for 3 and a half months so recently and there aren’t enough bipolar support groups that I know of there’s only one that meets on Friday nights.

There’s also one that meets on Wednesday nights!

I’m hoping to get this job.

I’m considering upping the amount of times I see my therapist per week instead of going to program the group of women right now I don’t fully relate to I’m more concerned with meeting people with bipolar disorder at this point.

My therapist is on board with this idea.

If I don’t get the job I might go to a dbt kind of treatment for other college students with mood disorders.

But right now I’m less concerned with treatment and more concerned with finding a job!


You guys are… really nice.