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Drew soso much today! 1. The Two Sweets 2. Henri in his apron, hair combed back, serving korvapuusti 3. Henri and Eikko 4. Henri sideglance. 5. Henri without the effing suit. 6. All my sketches for today. I like the flag designs that I added. It’s like pride and nationalism at the same time.

My Dearest Commander, 

I was deeply distressed when I first read your letter and I believe I’ve come up with the perfect solution: my room has no holes in the ceiling and therefor no cold draft to keep you up at night. It also has a rather large bed that could easily fit another person (provided he doesn’t wear his armor all the time).
A ‘stunningly beautiful woman’ is, I’m afraid, nowhere to be found in my chambers, but if I am sufficient enough for the role, you’ll find me waiting there before the day is out. However, I feel I must warn you that my bed can be very warm. I would advise you to leave the majority of your layers behind. A simple undershirt and breeches will work. Something easily removed is best. 
I’ll be with you soon. 

All my love, 

My Brother, the big hero

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AN: GIF isn’t mine and I’m super sorry for the wait! Hope this is okay! 


Pairing: Tony x reader 

Prompt: Hey lovelies :) can you do a one shot where Tony Stark treat the reader like a little sister bc they get along so well and he saw her watching Big Hero 6 so he build her her own Baymax? I love your blog ❤️

Warnings: none

“Hey Y/N, What are you watching?” Tony asks, looking up from his phone, as he passes through the living room.

“Only the best film ever!” you grin. He raises an eyebrow at you in response. “It’s big hero 6, It’s about a bunch of super sciencey kids who become super hero’s”

“A film about mee?” Tony flaps his arms around like a 6 year old. 

You laugh and shake your head. “Want to come watch it with me? It just started”

“Sure” Tony smiles, taking a seat next to you.

Tony sits there, watching the film with you in silence. When the credits roll you turn and face him. “Well???”

“Was alright” he grins before jumping off the couch. 

“Where are you off to?” you ask, slightly taken aback that he didn’t share your love for the film.

“I’ve got things I need to do”


“Hey Y/N can you come in here for a moment?” Tony calls out to you from the lab. You sigh deeply, place your bowl of popcorn down on the table, pause your film and stomp your way to the lab.

“I’m watching a film this better be important-” you groan but are cut off when your eyes land on the large white figure in front of you.

“What-” you stutter, lost for words.

“Hello, I am Baymax.. Your personal health care companion” The large creature waves it’s hand at you.

“Oh.. My..God..Tony” you squeal, Jumping around from foot to foot.

Tony lets out a laugh. “He’s for you” he shrugs.

You turn around and place your hands to your face in a gasping motion. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”. You run towards him and fling yourself on him, hugging him as tightly as you could.

“Yes” he laughs again. “All yours, I saw that you were so obsessed with this film and we all know I’m the best big brother in the world so I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to make you your very own Baymax” Tony boasts, flailing his arms around everywhere.

“Thank you so much” you chuckle, punching his arm slightly. “You really are the best brother in the world.

“I went to get a drink from the bar by the pool and the bartender just gave me a strawberry daiquiri and said I didn’t have to pay because I was so pretty, so far this is the best cruise ever,” Rory grinned, taking a sip of the tropical drink from a straw.