best ginger ever!

Honey-garlic-ginger wings with cilantro and lime

30 chicken wings
4-5 cup Coconut oil for frying

For the coating/seasoning:
1 cup of tapioca flour
1 batch of my nightshade free masala mix (you can omit on AIP) or about 4 tbs of your own spice / herb mix

For the glaze:
1 cup of honey
3 tbs Coconut aminos
1 tbs toasted sesame seed oil
5 cloves of garlic finely chopped
1 thumb size ginger
Zest of a lime
Salt and pepper

For the plating
Zest of a lime
½ cup of chopped cilantro

1. Wash the wings and pat them dry.
2. Mix the coating with wings well.
3. Fry the wings in coconut oil on medium/high until crispy on the outside (about 3-5 min).
4. Place them on roasting rack (or napkin) to get rid of excess oil
5. (Optional) place them in the oven on 375F for 5-10 minutes for extra crispiness
6. Mix the glaze ingredients well, then place all your wings in the glaze and coat them well!
7. Put them on plates and sprinkle cilantro and lime zest on them!

You’re welcome! :)

i love fried rice and im so happy i make top tier fried rice but if i could make portions for one instead of thirty that’d b good!!!!

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Today’s Ed GiggleSqueal explosion was BEGGING to be ripped and edited. So I did and it was.  It’s just pure sunshine Ginger Perfection <3   (It also possibly may or may not be my OBFG chat/text notification….)

If anyone wants it, I’m happy to send it to you!  


I normally wait until Christmas to make my anniversary post about GG, but I think this year it’s okay to make that post a bit earlier than usual.

Nearly a month ago I took GG to his (and my) very first obstacle trail class. Being a blind horse, I expected to run into a few problems - however, after schooling on the course a mere 20 minutes, he’d already picked up the concept and ran it flawlessly. We pulled third place, which I was thrilled with. Then, it turns out we also got a Horsemanship Award for guiding a blind horse around an obstacle course.

On Christmas Day, it will have been 5 years since I first laid eyes on GG. At the time, he was a run down ranch horse no one wanted with a bolting problem, bought from auction for the pocket change price of $225. He didn’t know how to trot well under saddle, and had no idea what leads were.

Now, he’s the steadiest, most reliable horse I have ever sat on. He’s taught many of my friends and family how to ride - some even took their first rides on him. He taught @mule-madness how to post the trot and control the canter on a horse that had some enthusiasm, @think-like-a-thoroughbred how to sit the canter and how to ask for a leg yield, and he gave my younger cousin, @outclouding, the confidence to trot in a wide open field. And there no counting how much he’s taught me over the years.

He’s a favorite of everyone who meets him, from his his farrier, to his vet, to even his chiropractor. He’s the pride and joy of my grandmother, who regularly spoils him with treats.

GG has been through a lot in his life. He’s overcome his rough life as a ranch horse, suffering corneal scarring over both eyes, and even being run through a barbed wire fence on one terrifying occasion. Yet he still remains perky and ready to work, always looking for some kind of job. He’s lead trail rides, ponied young horses who tried to bite and cause mischief, and has shown in Dressage and won.

GG is truly a horse I can call “inspirational,” and I am so, so blessed to have him in my life. To five years, buddy, and to many more. Truly, the best blind horse ever.