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Title: [ ICE ]

Author: lolaisajewel

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Length: Two Shot

Genre: College/University!AU, Slight!Angst, Slutty-ish!Baek, Fluff 

Summary: “I want to. Please. It’s christmas… Can’t you compromise your morals for just this one day?”

The last place that Chanyeol wants to be stranded at the start of his Christmas vacation is a dirty frat house. 

Agreeing to do a favor for his long time best friend, he ventures into the cigarette butt of the campus only to be greeted by a very strange–and very naked–pretty boy. His flight home may be snowed out but luckily he’s found someone to keep him warm during the break. And maybe this snowy dilehmma could turn out to be the best christmas gift he’s ever gotten!

When you know you know… right?

Admin Notes: this fic is so beautiful! i really loved how the author characterized Chanyeol and Baekhyun TT - Admin N~


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Do you have any hamilsquad or jamilton Christmas headcanons?? :)

Do you have any hamilsquad or jamilton Christmas headcanons?? :)

* This is Laf and Alexander’s first Christmas in America.
* Laf has celebrated before, but Alexander hasn’t celebrated the holiday AT ALL
* He just was never able to as a child, and he didn’t really have much money either
* The boys have decided to make this the absolute BEST for Alexander
* Alexander’s first Christmas must be memorable
* He deserves it, honestly
* He works so fuckin hard
* Laf and Herc make a bunch of pastries and sweets
* They even get hot cocoa
* (And Alcohol)
* They gotta drag Alex out of his study and keep him away from anything he can write on/or with
* But after a while, Alex is in the spirit.
* The boys each give each other gifts, and Alex gets a couple from E A C H of them
* He doesn’t know what to say
* He’s so flattered and tries not to cry in front of them
* They’re tears of joy tho, and they all have an amazing Christmas

* Thomas and Alex have..interesting holidays
* Interesting in a good way tho
* Thomas finds one of those headbands/hats with mistletoe and wears it around Alex all the time
* (He’s had it for a few years now)
* He even has it in his case while at work, like no joke
* Right when they’re leaving the building, he puts it back on
* At first Alex thinks it’s cute and complies for a while
* But after a few days, he gets sick of the quick pecks (they were never just ‘pecks’ and we all know it)
* Alex ends up tackling his tall ass boyfriend to the ground when he’s wearing it.
* Let’s say they did more than kissing
* Another thing is Alex gets different hot chocolates to mix with his coffee
* Thomas stops him before he can have too much
* “But Thomasss~, ‘tis the season!”
* “I don’t give a fuck, we don’t want a repeat of last year.”
* They don’t talk about Last Year
* They try and be all cutesy too, making cookies and decorating them
* They’re horrible
* They get store-bought cookies instead
* They’re so competitive when it comes to getting gifts for each other
* Like Thomas will say, “I’m gonna get you the best gift ever this year!”
* And Alex takes it as a challenge, “Yeah right, I’ll get you the better gift!”
* They’re gifts for each other is either cute and thoughtful, or something kinky and inappropriate
* There is no in between
((This got deleted the first time, but I salvaged what I remembered.))


My amazing secret santa from /r/dragonage asked @feynites to write me a fic. I CAN’T STOP CRYING. I AM SO UNBELIEVABLY TOUCHED AND OVERCOME WITH EMOTION. I LOVE IT SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. 


They told me that Feynite gave me permission to share it, so here it is!!!!!!

  The Halla and The Wolf

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Calling all fans with an active libido who love love,

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Finally opened our Secret Stumpers gift this morning, and Zelda loved it! Our Secret Stumper was JP the Corgi! JP’s corgmom went above and beyond and we are so grateful! Seriously, BEST gift EVER!! Zelda absolutely loves the Hurley toy, you were right, it’s like crack for dogs! My favorite part was all of the little sticky notes, so cute! And, per request here are the photos of Zelda in her new collar! :D