best gift ever right

Every question you can ever ask

  1. What’s your favorite color and why ?
  2. What’s your favorite movie and why ?
  3. What’s something you dont know but want to ?
  4. What’s something you don’t know and don’t want to ?
  5. What movie have you never seen but want to ?
  6. Whats the best piece of advice youve been given ?
  7. Whats the worst piece of advice youve ever received ?
  8. If you could have any superpower what would it be ?
  9. What kind of element bender would you be ?
  10. Do you fall in love too easily ?
  11. Where do you think you go when you die ?
  12. Where do you feel rollercoasters ?
  13. Have you ever done drugs ?
  14. Have you ever gotten a tattoo ?
  15. Would you ever get a tattoo ?
  16. What’s your favorite show ?
  17. What’s your favorite song ?
  18. Whats your favorite book ?
  19. What’s your favorite band ?
  20. Cake or Pie ?
  21. Milkshake or smoothie ?
  22. Sweet or salty ?
  23. Would you rather be blind or deaf ?
  24. Movies or books ?
  25. Coffee or tea ?
  26. When is your birthday ?
  27. Whats your zodiac sign ?
  28. Whats the longest relationship you’ve ever been in ?
  29. How tall are you ?
  30. Shoe size ?
  31. Do you believe in ghosts ?
  32. Do you sleep with the door open or closed ?
  33. Do you like yourself ?
  34. Do you have any pets ?
  35. What’s an interesting fact you learned recently ?
  36. Do you sleep with socks on or off ?
  37. Boobs or butt ?
  38. Biceps or thighs ?
  39. Favorite ice cream flavor ?
  40. Do you have any stuffed animals ?
  41. How many blankets and pillows do you sleep with ?
  42. What are you wearing ?
  43. Have you ever been in love ?
  44. Have you ever gotten a piercing ? 
  45. Whats something you miss ?
  46. Have you ever dyed your hair or wanted to ?
  47. Where do you go when you’re sad ?
  48. How long of showers do you take ?
  49. Have you ever been in a physical fight ?
  50. Do you think people say “I love you” too much ?
  51. Deepest darkest fear ?
  52. Smallest shallowest fear ?
  53. Last book you’ve read ?
  54. What runs in your family ?
  55. A classic: would you kiss the last person you texted ?
  56. Favorite food to eat ?
  57. Favorite food to make ?
  58. Do you have a crush ?
  59. When were you last insulted and by who and for what ?
  60. What color underwear are you wearing ?
  61. Do you wear bracelets ?
  62. What was the last song you sang ?
  63. Favorite kind of chocolate ?
  64. Where do you want to be right now ?
  65. What is the best gift you were ever given ?
  66. Who is your best friend ?
  67. Have you ever been kissed ?
  68. Are you a crybaby ?
  69. Do you consider yourself an artist ?
  70. Favorite comedian ? 
  71. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be ? 
  72. Are you good at holding back tears ?
  73. Do you listen to KPop ?
  74. Have you ever snuck out ? 
  75. Do you believe in fate ?
  76. Have you ever been in a haunted hosue ?
  77. Do you like horror movies ?
  78. Have you ever taken a picture of yourself naked ?
  79. Have you ever watched porn ? 
  80. Whats your middle name ? 
  81. Sexual/romantic orientation ? 
  82. Whats your kink ?
  83. Where are you on the dnd top/bottom/verse chart ? 
  84. What time were you born ? 
  85. Favorite food place ? 
  86. First thing you notice about a person ? 
  87. When was the last time you shaved your legs ?
  88. Have you ever tried to suck your own dick ?
  89. Have you ever been drunk ? 
  90. What are you excited for ? 
  91. Who do you trust the most ? 
  92. What was the last lie you told ? 
  93. Do you believe in aliens ? 
  94. Do you like the smell of gasoline ? 
  95. What nicknames do you have ? 
  96. Have you ever broken a bone ? 
  97. Can you touch your nose with your tongue ? 
  98. Favorite animal ? 
  99. What were you doing last night at 12am ? 
  100. What’s your favorite word ?
  101. Have you ever had sex ? 
  102. Have you ever been out of the state ?
  103. Have you ever been out of the country ? 
  104. Have you ever been to a concert ? 
  105. What concert do you want to see ? 
  106. Have you ever rode in an ambulance ? 
  107. Have you ever had surgery ?
  108. Have you ever broken a dish ? 
  109. Were you named after anyone ?
  110. What was your favorite toy as a child ?
  111. Choose one scar you have, how did you get it ? 
  112. Where do you want to live ? 
  113. What instruments can you play ? 
  114. Are you afraid of the dark ?
  115. Are you afraid of heights ? 
  116. What are you really unreasonably bad at ?
  117. Favorite pizza topping ? 
  118. What do you like about yourself ? 
  119. What was your last argument about ?
  120. What do you like about the person you like ? 
  121. What’s something you’ve never told anyone ?
  122. Say one thing about each of your siblings ? 
  123. Are you ticklish ?
  124. Is it easy to scare you ? 
  125. Do you like thunderstorms ? 
  126. Do you like fireworks ?
  127. Whats your favorite number ? 
  128. Have you ever had your fortune told ? 
  129. Favorite disney pixar movie ?
  130. Pet peeve
  131. Are you afraid of your future ? 
  132. Have you ever met an online friend in real life ? 
  133. Do you like hugs ?
  134. Favorite musical ? 
  135. Have you ever cut your own hair ? 
  136. Instagram or snapchat ?
  137. Have you ever layed on a roof before ?
  138. Water, earth, fire, or air ?
  139. Whats your opinion on pineapples on pizza ? 
  140. Stripes or polka dots ?
  141. First pokemon game ?
  142. Favorite candy ?
  143. Describe your perfect first date 
  144. What time were you born ?
  145. Favorite place to eat at ?
  146. Shoe size ?
  147. Favorite Holiday ?
  148. When was the last time you shaved your legs ? 
  149. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning ?
  150. Best gift youve ever recieved ? 
  151. How loud do you like your music ? 
  152. Which parent do you live with ? 
  153. How often do you wear a fake smile ? 
  154. Is there anyone you trust even though you shouldnt ? 
  155. When was the last time you hugged someone ? 
  156. If you could meet anyone from any time who would it be ? 
  157. Do you have any strange talents ?
  158. What was the last lie you told ? 
  159. Do you believe in magic ? 
  160. Do you believe in luck ? 
  161. Worst injury youve ever had ? 
  162. What do you want written on your tombstone ? 
  163. Do you have any relatives in jail ? 
  164. Have you ever failed a class ? 
  165. What’s your current phone background ? 
  166. Are you or have you ever been a vegetarian ? 
  167. Have you ever been to a wedding ? 
  168. Have you ever gotten your heart broken ? 
  169. Have you ever been in an airplane ? 
  170. Have you ever broken the law ? 
  171. What do you want for your birthday ? 
  172. Favorite stuffed animal ? 
  173. What color pen do you prefer writing in ?
  174. Would you rather live in the country or the city ?
  175. If you could learn any new language what would it be ?
  176. Baths or showers ?
  177. What’s your favorite item of clothing ? 
  178. Do you like your name ? Would you ever change it ? 
  179. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten ? 
  180. Do you like spicy food ? 
  181. Have you ever seen a shooting star ? 
  182. Where do you feel the safest ? 
  183. If you could travel back to any era when would you go to ? 
  184. Describe yourself using one word ? 
  185. What is your most used emoji or most recent emoji ? 
  186. What do you regret the most ? 
  187. Invent your own word . What does it mean ? 
Shiro/reader winter headcanons because why not

* He has a love-hate relationship with the snow
* Treasures those walks with you where you both get to make fresh prints in the crunchy snow
* But as soon as he has to walk somewhere or shovel it he’s immediately praying for spring to come early
* He likes to build snowmen and make them look like his friends!!
* He’s really good at making a snowman that resembles you
* You, on the other hand, just make a white blob and claim it’s supposed to be him
* He loves it regardless
* Expect him to go over-the-top when it comes to decorating for the holidays
* It’s the first time he gets to celebrate it with you so it has to be extra special
* Watch out for the mistletoe every 3 feet
* Has a collection of ugly sweaters
* They fit him so well?? It’s like they were made for his body
* If you celebrate Christmas, he’ll want to put the tree up with your help and make it personal. There might be some ornaments with pictures of the two of you on there!
* Will 100% belt Christmas songs in the car
* On Christmas, when you get to the tree you just see him with a bow on his crotch
* “Wanna open your present now or later?”
* 10/10 best Christmas

The Gift [Hux X Reader]

Summary: @destaria-alternativenerdgirl requested some fluffy Hux X Reader and gave me the reins to plot. So I decided to go with the season and write some gift-giving for our favorite ginger General. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 535

Rating: General

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Oh My, My, My - XVIII


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: fluff. 



You had come down with a horrible cold that didn’t seem to go away but with work and the holidays coming around, you didn’t have time to stop by the doctors. But there wasn’t enough cold medicine to make you feel any better. And after many pleas from Bucky to go get checked out, you finally took a day off and booked an appointment first thing in the morning.

You filled out paperwork and sat in the waiting room for a couple of minutes before hearing your name called out. You would never get used to hearing Barnes after your name. 

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Celebrating your birthday with your boyfriend Tom (FLUFF AND LOTS OF LOVE)!

  • honestly he’s gonna buy you so many presents you’re not ready for it
  • you explicitly told him that you don’t need presents you just wanna spend the day together having lots of sex and cuddling with him, in bed with Tessa and that’s it
  • did he listen?
  • FUCK NO (he never listens doesn’t he?)
  • the boy went all in
  • on the day of your birthday you wake up ‘cause Tom is peppering your face and body with kisses 
  • you wanna be mad at him but you can’t 
  • when you look out of the window you realise it’s still dark outside
  • “are you kidding right? what time is it?” you ask
  • “oh it’s 6:30am!” he answers, very much awake
  • you cover your face with the blankets “LET ME SLEEP HOLLAND!!!”
  • spoiler? you won’t sleep
  • “come on sleepyhead i’ve got a surprise ready for you downstairs!” he says slapping you lightly on your bum
  • what’s the surprise? your suitcases all ready to go
  • “we’re going on vacation baby” he says hugging you from behind giving you a kiss on the cheek
  • ready to go, you’re very much excited at this point
  • destination: maldives!!!!!!!
  • after a long ass plane ride you’re there
  • and it’s everything? It’s like walking in heaven
  • oh and the hotel room??? A BUNGALOW OVER THE OCEAN
  • you literally jump in his arms when you see the room, all wooden made with this amazing canopy bed, and this huge window that leads to a glass balcony in the middle of the water
  • this is what heaven looks like
  • and tom is so happy because you’re happy and so there’s a lot of kissing and thanking him for being the best
  • “oh baby this is only the beginning” he promises kissing you sweetly
  • you’re like whaaaaat
  • as soon as you open your suitcase looking for a bathing suit you are startled by the amout of sexy lingerie you find in there
  • “baby is this gift for you or for me? I thought it was MY birthday not yours…”
  • he grins giving you a very sexy kiss on the neck making you shiver 
  • “let’s say it’s a gift that will benefit the both of us”
  • splashing each other with water and playing like children 
  • followed by a hot as heck make out session in the sand (hotter than the sun lemme tell you)
  • “tom there are children” you whisper trying to push him away chuckling
  • he complains but he decides that it’s for the best (for now)
  • dinner time: you find a white long dress on the bed ready to be worn
  • did i tell you how over the top he is?
  • yeah well dinner is on the beach (tom’s an extra bitch)
  • you’re escorted there by a waiter and he’s in a tux near the table
  • everything is candle lit and you feel so blessed
  • he looks super nervous which only makes him more beautiful and adorable
  • you kiss each other and during dinner you never stop to look each other in the eyes 
  • you both feel so loved and special it’s insane you’ve never felt like this!!!!
  • “you shouldn’t have done this, you know that right?” you break the silence
  • “i want you to understand how special you are for me, plus i never have the chance to spend more than a weekend with you so i planned this now that i have a week off”
  • he gives you yet another present: a beautiful rose gold necklace with a diamond heart
  • “you’re crazy!!!!” you kiss him
  • after dinner a lot of SEX happens
  • thanks to the lingerie he bought for you to wear you feel even sexier 
  • you give him a little lap dance he is so turned on by it
  • let me just say you end up screaming his name multiple times
  • you wake up the next morning feeling amazing (the sex and tom’s love always help)
  • he’s still sleeping so you stare at him adoringly for a while with a dumb smile on your face 
  • “happy birthday princess” he whispers still with his eyes closed
  • a lot of kisses and breakfast in bed, joking and laughing all morning
  • you making fun of him “oh look at all these quacksons” 
  • “i hate you” he laughs tickling you
  • tickling ends up in lazy morning sex where you just kiss and look at each other and whisper each other’s names trying to last as long as possible
  • you spend the rest of the day on the beach sunbathing 
  • his hand rests always on your bum
  • “toooom” you chuckle
  • after a while “i wanna have kids with you” he says in the most random and nonchalant way
  • “is this a weird way to ask me to have sex?”
  • “no, i mean it. Not now obviously, we are still young but i’m starting to imagine my life with little Toms and little Y/Ns. Is it weird?” he laughs nervously
  • why is he this cute???? AAAHHH
  • you kiss him on the cheek to reassure him
  • “I want our kids to be just as beautiful, smart and witty as you. We’re both a clumsy mess so they’re gonna be so awkward, can you imagine?” you both laugh but you feel so emotional and happy
  • “little toms and Y/Ns running around” you whisper resting your head on his shoulder admiring the sunset over the ocean (tom’s admiring you though)
  • “life’s could be much worse”

Okay so this happened!!!!!!!

It has fluff and sex mentions (i mean obviously)!

I’m happy with how it came out, what you guys think? As, always, let me know!

I also accept requests if you’re interested! A message is always appreciated


anonymous asked:

Hi...i'm kind of sad right now...Just read a fanfic where Richie cheats on Eddie with Stan. Can you believe that? My heart is breaking, I need some fluff to put the pieces back together. Help me please!!! Even If you can't write anything right now, just tell me the reasons why you love this ship and why Richie and Eddie belong together and would never hurt eachother

Honeyyyyyy! I’m going to tell you what I told my Tumblr soulmate just yesterday who did the same thing, we scroll past cheating reddie and reddie that somehow turns into another ship because it only brings us pain!! Not that other ships aren’t wonderful but come on y’all, don’t do that to yourselves.

And I’m cranking this out for you and @sammy8675309 as reddie nourishment with a little Stanlon because I feel like it.

Also on Archive of Our Own

“Eddie, you seriously need to sit down and chill or I am going to stuff this ornament up your ass.” Beverly huffed out.

“It’s ok, Bev. He’s just being Eddie.” Ben said carefully taking the icicle ornament away from her.

“Sorry! I just want it to be perfect.” Eddie said quickly. He went over to the table and grabbed a candy cane offering for Beverly. She took it without malice, mostly because she loves candy almost as much as Richie.

“He’s going to love it, Eddie.” Bill said reassuringly.

“I fucking hope so.” Eddie breathed out slowly.

A Christmas Tradition

Eddie was freaking out. Well, Eddie was always freaking out but right now he was REALLY FREAKING OUT!

Christmas was two days away and he had zero gifts for Richie. He managed to get something special for all the other losers: Bill was getting a watercolor set; he got Beverly a charm that said “Loser Club President” to go on her necklace; Stanley would receive an engraved leather bound journal; he got a recipe book for Mike; and Ben would get a sweater Eddie made.

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The Christmas Prince (A Whoever You Want to Read With One-Shot)

        You two had made a deal.

         Shook hands and all, very solemn looks on your faces, promising one another a very simple thing.

         No gift exchanging on Christmas day.

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Title: [ ICE ]

Author: lolaisajewel

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Length: Two Shot

Genre: College/University!AU, Slight!Angst, Slutty-ish!Baek, Fluff 

Summary: “I want to. Please. It’s christmas… Can’t you compromise your morals for just this one day?”

The last place that Chanyeol wants to be stranded at the start of his Christmas vacation is a dirty frat house. 

Agreeing to do a favor for his long time best friend, he ventures into the cigarette butt of the campus only to be greeted by a very strange–and very naked–pretty boy. His flight home may be snowed out but luckily he’s found someone to keep him warm during the break. And maybe this snowy dilehmma could turn out to be the best christmas gift he’s ever gotten!

When you know you know… right?

Admin Notes: this fic is so beautiful! i really loved how the author characterized Chanyeol and Baekhyun TT - Admin N~


That’s What I Want For Christmas

In Honor of Christmas I wrote this Fluffy holiday Story!

Summary: Rob gives you what you want most for Christmas, him. 

Inspired by the song That’s What I Want For Christmas by SheDaisy 

Characters: RobxReader, mentioned- Jared and Gen Padalacki, Misha Collins, and Mark and Sarah Sheppard

Warnings: None! Just cute fluffy stuff!

There was never going to be a second part to Under the Mistletoe, however this is meant to take place after the events in that fic and is mentioned, so I guess this is a part two. 

You can read Part 1 here: Under The Mistletoe

Standing in the doorway of the living room, you admired your work. This was your and Rob’s first Christmas in your new home and you wanted to be sure it was perfect.

“You finished without me?” Rob said walking past you carrying a box of decorations.

“I got a little excited,” you said shrugging your shoulders. “Besides there’s still plenty for us to finish together.”

“You do really love Christmas.”

Walking over to him you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Well can you blame me? I mean the best thing to ever happen to me, happened on Christmas Eve.”

“Oh yeah, what was that?” he asked with a devilish grin while wrapping his arms around your waist.

It had been almost a year since the Christmas party at Jared and Gen’s where you and Rob finally admitted you had feelings for each other. The two of you had been inseparable ever since.

“Wine, that wine that Misha gave me in the gift exchange was the best wine I had ever drunk.”

“Yeah you’re right,” he said, nodding in agreement. “As I recall you liked that wine so much that you insisted we drank it all in one night and once you had gotten drunk I was able to have my way with you.”

“Robert Patrick Benedict,” you scoffed, pretending to be insulted by what he said. “The truth finally comes out that underneath all that adorable sweetness, you’re just an average pervert.”

“I’m your adorable pervert though and that’s all that matters.”

“Yes baby, that’s all that matters.”

You leaned in giving him a kiss, when he suddenly pulled away from you.

“I almost forgot something, I got us some new docrations,” he said excitedly. “I’ll go get it, just don’t go to crazy decorating the tree till I come back.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

You watched him leave the room and run upstairs before turning on the Christmas music you had on your phone. Grabbing some of the ornaments from the box Rob had just brought down you began placing them on the tree, a smile forming on your face as the first song started playing. It had always been your favorite Christmas song and with you and Rob starting your relationship on christmas, it really was perfect.

When you said yesterday that it’s nearly Christmas

What did I want and I thought just love me, love me, love me

That’s what I want for Christmas

While decorating the tree, you sang along with the music.

When I walk through a room let them see you need me

Walk through a room

let them see you love me, love me, love me

That’s what I want for Christmas

Anyone can wish for all the trinkets in the window

Some can even buy the things they see

But the presents that I want 

You’ll never find in any window

Bring me love and bring it just for me

When you come home at night

Take me in your arms and hold me

Kiss me, and say you love me, love me, oh love me

That’s what I want for Christmas

Da da da da da da da da

Da da da da da da da da

Love me, Love me

Oh that’s what I want, that’s what I want for Christmas

Turning around you realized Rob was standing in the doorway watching you and quickly put your music on pause.

“How long have you been standing there?” you asked giving him a nervous smile.

“Not long, but I have to say I was enjoying what I heard.”

Walking into the living room he set a department store bag on the couch.

“You really bought new decorations?” you questioned motioning towards the bag.

“Well, I thought since we are in our own home now, the two of us, that we should have some decorations that are also ours. Not just some of my stuff and some of yours.”

“I take back what I said earlier, you are only sweet and adorable,” you said giving him a wink.

He gave you a big cheesy smile, causing you to laugh, and he continued.

“So I have been trying to figure out what to get you for christmas and I was just wondering if you had any ideas.”

Turning back on your music, you began walking towards him, again singing along with the lyrics.

Anyone can wish for all the trinkets in the window

Some can even buy the things they see

But the presents that I want You’ll never find in any window

Bring me love and bring it just for me

Reaching out you grabbed his hand, pulling him to you and throwing your arms around his neck.

When you come home at night And you take me in your arms

And you hold me, kiss me

And say you love me, love me,

That’s what I want for Christmas

With the song over you placed soft kiss on his lips, Pulling back to rest your forehead against his.

“I got everything I ever could of wanted last christmas when I got you.”

“Well at least I have an idea now,” he said placing a kiss on the top of your head.

Christmas Eve

“Rob are you ready to go?” you yelled as you slipped on your shoes. “We told Mark and Sarah we would be there at nine, so we should really get going.”

Walking into the living room you found him standing in front of your tree. He was so handsome standing there in that dress shirt and tie.

“Well Look at you sexy,” you said walking over to him. “You really do look like a gift standing in front of our tree looking this handsome.”

“Speaking of gifts I do have something I want to give you.”

Stepping aside he put his arm around your waist, prompting you to stand next to him. Taking his free hand, he brought his hand up next to the tree and pointed towards a group of ornaments. Looking at the ornaments, near where he had pointed you noticed one that didn’t look familiar.

Stepping forward you reached up and turned the round, golden decoration over, revealing an engraving. Will You Marry Me? After reading the writing you noticed the engagement ring at the top of the ornament. Gently pulling the ribbon hook off the branch, you turned around to find Rob down on one knee.


“I want to marry you, y/n y/l/n,” he said interrupting you. “When you said that you got everything you could’ve wanted when you got me, I realized I felt the same way about you. I also realized that the only greater gift than that would be if you agreed to spend the rest of your life with me.”

Feeling a tear fall down your cheek you reached out and handed him the ornament. As he took it from you, you saw the tears forming in his eyes.

“No, no!” you yelled, quickly kneeling down in front of him. “I didn’t mean no I don’t want to marry you, I just figured you would want to be the one to put the ring on my finger.”

“Yes,” he said with a laugh. “I should be the one to put it on.”

Slipping it off the ornament and down the ribbon, he put the ring on your finger. Once he was finished you brought your hands up to the back of his head, pulling him in and crashing your lips into his, wanting to make the most of this moment. When you finally pulled back for some air you brought your hands down to straighten his tie that in the middle of everything had somehow gotten crooked.

“You gave me exactly what I wanted for Christmas.”

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Life with a Trickster (Part 9)

Title: Home

 Prompt: JoanneSBlack: I have one little request: Could you write a fanfics where Gabe and the reader got into a fight just a few days before Christmas so Chuck with the rest of archangels/Sam, Dean and Cas decide to make the best Christmas and get them back together?

 Summary: Every relationship has its moments of hilarity, of sadness, happiness and joy.  But when you are dating the Trickster/Archangel Gabriel…those moments are a daily occurrence.

 Warnings: mild language.  Fluff.  

Life with a Trickster Master Post

Masterlist of FanFiction

Originally posted by castiel-left-his-mark-on-me

Chapter 9 

Gabriel flew you back to the bunker that night.  Sam and Dean were quick to wrap you up in warm hugs, while also giving cautionary glares to Gabriel.  You didn’t see them, but Gabriel sure could.  Not that he blamed the Winchesters.  After what he did, he figured he had a long way to go before he had everyone’s trust again.

After chatting with everyone for a few minutes, Gabriel led you back to your room.  “Will you stay with me tonight?”  You asked timidly.  You still weren’t exactly sure where you and Gabriel fell.  Would you just pick things back up?  

“Hells yea! I’m going to cuddle the crap out of you.”  He wiggled his eyebrows and you felt your heart melt.  A big smile filled your face as you burst out with laughter.  

“You are such a dork.”  You smiled up at him as you wrapped your arms around his neck.  “But you’re my dork.”  

“You betcha.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any hamilsquad or jamilton Christmas headcanons?? :)

Do you have any hamilsquad or jamilton Christmas headcanons?? :)

* This is Laf and Alexander’s first Christmas in America.
* Laf has celebrated before, but Alexander hasn’t celebrated the holiday AT ALL
* He just was never able to as a child, and he didn’t really have much money either
* The boys have decided to make this the absolute BEST for Alexander
* Alexander’s first Christmas must be memorable
* He deserves it, honestly
* He works so fuckin hard
* Laf and Herc make a bunch of pastries and sweets
* They even get hot cocoa
* (And Alcohol)
* They gotta drag Alex out of his study and keep him away from anything he can write on/or with
* But after a while, Alex is in the spirit.
* The boys each give each other gifts, and Alex gets a couple from E A C H of them
* He doesn’t know what to say
* He’s so flattered and tries not to cry in front of them
* They’re tears of joy tho, and they all have an amazing Christmas

* Thomas and Alex have..interesting holidays
* Interesting in a good way tho
* Thomas finds one of those headbands/hats with mistletoe and wears it around Alex all the time
* (He’s had it for a few years now)
* He even has it in his case while at work, like no joke
* Right when they’re leaving the building, he puts it back on
* At first Alex thinks it’s cute and complies for a while
* But after a few days, he gets sick of the quick pecks (they were never just ‘pecks’ and we all know it)
* Alex ends up tackling his tall ass boyfriend to the ground when he’s wearing it.
* Let’s say they did more than kissing
* Another thing is Alex gets different hot chocolates to mix with his coffee
* Thomas stops him before he can have too much
* “But Thomasss~, ‘tis the season!”
* “I don’t give a fuck, we don’t want a repeat of last year.”
* They don’t talk about Last Year
* They try and be all cutesy too, making cookies and decorating them
* They’re horrible
* They get store-bought cookies instead
* They’re so competitive when it comes to getting gifts for each other
* Like Thomas will say, “I’m gonna get you the best gift ever this year!”
* And Alex takes it as a challenge, “Yeah right, I’ll get you the better gift!”
* They’re gifts for each other is either cute and thoughtful, or something kinky and inappropriate
* There is no in between
((This got deleted the first time, but I salvaged what I remembered.))

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*they're visibly pleased he likes the idea.* "yep! we're gonna need to pick the right size though, and a good location, somewhere no one will fall into it just because they're not paying attention. -and of course it'll probably be more fun if you wanna help." -(💙)

Magnus vanishes from your pocket with a delighted squeal and hugs your neck, purring so loudly that he’s practically vibrating with joy.


He’s far too excited to even think of anything practical right now. This is the best gift anyone’s ever given him!


My amazing secret santa from /r/dragonage asked @feynites to write me a fic. I CAN’T STOP CRYING. I AM SO UNBELIEVABLY TOUCHED AND OVERCOME WITH EMOTION. I LOVE IT SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. 


They told me that Feynite gave me permission to share it, so here it is!!!!!!

  The Halla and The Wolf

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🎁 + a cute little drawing of harold and eggette queening it up with an army of dolphins that look like they have lasers attached to their heads

Send in 🎁 + an item to give my muse a Christmas present!

  Now THIS was a gift. Look at that ! Look at that ! That was pure art in it’s finest form right there. Talk about one of the best gifts ever, actually? 

  “ THIS IS PERFECT. The best drawing yet! ” And totally not because she was in there or anything.