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Title: Flowers

Pairing: brohm

Word Count: 659

Rating: Teen

A/N: this was a part of my art/writing giveaway for second place winner @purplex-xendra16754​, but since this is writing, I am posting it on my writing blog. Enjoy and make sure to listen to this all the way through the fic.

Bryce stared at the vase of roses sitting next to his bedside table, thoughts consumed his sleep and his heart grew cold. In his bed laid the man he thought he loved, but his heart just wasn’t there, not anymore and it was the roses’ fault. No. It wasn’t the roses’ fault that he was feeling this way. The reason his heart raced wasn’t done by the simple rose, but the actual meaning behind the rose and its provider. The darn, masked gamer and best friend, Ryan Abbott.

He slowly sat up and swung his legs over the edge, careful to not wake his lover before standing up completely. Checking the clock in the corner of the room, he saw it was 3:55 am and began changing into clothes. He slid in his pants first and there was a note that fell out from Ryan, ‘Meet me in the park @ 3am…I’ll leave after an hour and I’ll know your answer then for sure.’ Bryce had completely forgotten about the note until now.

He quickly slid on his shirt and shoes on the way out. He quickly placed his phone in his back pocket and set both the note and his engagement ring on the side table. Quickly and swiftly, he put on his coat on and went out the door into the cold December wind of the Chicago city. Completely oblivious to his ex-lover sitting on the bed, Bryce didn’t give a second glance as he still tried to puzzle what went through his head.

His feet had a mind of his own and it carried him closer to Ryan…


Upon setting feet into the park fifteen minutes later and out of breath, Bryce clutched at his navy blue coat, gasping for breath. After catching his breath, Bryce checked his phone only to see he was too late and it was over the time limit. Searching around, he was in complete awe with the lights all strung around and the different colors dancing on his skin. The sweet sound of a music box filled the air and he ran towards the center, where the fountain was.

There, sat a dejected looking Ryan, a single rose in his hand and the sweet tune suddenly turned more sour as the clock ticked by. Ryan stood up and didn’t tear his eyes away from the rose, that is until he caught glimpse of a red, disheveled, and slightly tired Bryce from the corner of his eye. He quickly turned and received a heartfelt kiss from Bryce, the tears in his eyes prominent.

Ryan began wrapping his arms around Bryce until he felt a pull coming from Bryce’s end and then a push. Ryan stumbled back and tripped on the fountain’s edge, hitting his head on the bottom, the water looking a little redder than before. Shouting was heard through the water and he rose up to check what it was, only to see a struggling Bryce gripped and hurried away by his lover. Eventually, the lover got fed up and raised his hand to silence Bryce, the sound of a loud slap accompanied the reddening cheek.

Ryan sneered and ran towards the taller male, the rose fell from his grasp and laid forgotten on the floor. Ryan managed to make Bryce’s lover let go of his grasp, but also received a slap himself, more blood coming from his wound. Bryce ran to Ryan side, as the ex-lover ran at the sight of blood. Bryce had tears in his eyes as he called the ambulance and Ryan slowly drifted into sleep.


Ryan woke up in the hospital around five in the morning to see a single red rose laying by the bedside and a sleeping Bryce. Ryan looked out the window as the sun started to rise through and he gently placed a kiss on Bryce’s temple.The only words that he could think of in the moment were, ‘Thank You.’


We got my country, Pakistan trending at number 1 for their awesome win against India then 3rd is one of my favorite YouTubers, the Game Grumps and then Paul McCartney at 7th cause he’s survived another year of this world’s bs
Today is a fucking great day


The Loading Screen Best Of E3 2017:

Best Sports Game:

Madden 18 - The inclusion and use of the Frostbite brings the tight, realistic player movements that Madden players have been looking for. Added to the game modes, is a new career mode much like FIFA’s Journey mode from last year. Having played it on the new Xbox One X, the graphical improvements are very clear and present. This year’s Madden is shaping up to be a classic!

Runner Up:


Best Racing Game:

Forza 7 – What can I say, this game looks beautiful! Utilizing the Xbox One X’s new tech, it boasts a stunning 4K/60FPS on console. The cars, as with any Forza game, look extremely detailed and handle as they should. The sound and world design is nothing short of exceptional.

Runner up:

Gran Turismo Sport

Best Multiplayer Game:

Destiny 2 – Bungie is back again with a new inclusion into the Destiny franchise. Yes, your Guardian is taken back to square one due to the acts of a new enemy, but it feels refreshing to this time around. The story elements will be far more numerous than the lacking Destiny 1. The multiplayer changes in the crucible feel right. Also, the introduction of Destiny 2 on PC makes this game look and perform even better than before!

Runner up:

Sea of Thieves

Best Shooter:

Call of Duty: WWII – Call of Duty has gone back to their roots. Boots are back on the ground! Oh, does it feel so right! The game looks amazing! The new multiplayer additions change up the monotony that had seemed to fall on Call of Duty players. The cinematics are theatrical level. Multiplayer action is fast paced. We can’t wait to hear that M1 Garand reload clink this Fall!

Runner up:

Destiny 2

Best RPG:

South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Looks like they have won 2 years in a row! This game is just plain fun! The new theme of superheroes allows for some very funny shots at popular super hero franchises. Equipped with the South Park humor and artwork that is a clone of the show, this is a great follow-up to its predecessor.

Runner up:

Ni No Kuni II

Best Action Game:

Marvel’s Spider-man – Ok, to say we are excited about this game is an understatement. I want to be slingin webs from building to building right now! The game demo shown off just adds to that hype. This game looks excellent! From the combat to the visuals, Insomniac has gone all out with Spider-Man. Additionally, with rumors of character cameos, this game surely caters to fans! 

Runner up:

Shadow of War

Best Open World game:

Far Cry 5 – Far Cry 5 looks impressive! With an interesting storyline and the ability to choose from 3 diverse characters, it seems like this one game you don’t want to miss. The gun play as always is on point. The special little perks each character has, like the K-9 companion of one, add new ways to approach situations.

Runner up:

Crackdown 3

Best Platformer game:

Super Lucky’s Tale – This game came out of left field! When Microsoft showed it off during their E3 Conference, I was interested but not overly impressed. It wasn’t until I was able to go Hands-on with it on the E3 showroom floor did it blow me away! First, this game has many aspects of a Banjo game and that alone makes it worth it. The gameplay, however, is extremely fun and we can’t wait to play more of it when it releases!

Runner up:


Best Adventure game:

Sea of Thieves – After seeing this game a few times over the last 2 years and it being a runner up for many of our categories this year and last, we can finally give it an award! Sea of Thieves deserves Best Adventure game because that’s exactly what it is, a great adventure! Playing together with your friends sailing the high seas has never been more fun than it is with this game!

Runner up:

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Most Hyped Game:

Anthem – Anthem was a huge surprise for gamers this E3. Bioware throwing their hat in the ring with Destiny and the Division? Count us in! With an excellent writing team behind this game, expect more of a story than its competitors. The graphics and gameplay look amazing! It’s safe to say, we are HYPED!

Runner up:

Metroid Prime 4

Best Indie Game:

The Artful Escape- This game looks like a lot of fun! Music based platformer? What more could you want? The art style is excellent and I’m sure the soundtrack will be mind-blowing. This game just looks like pure fun!

Runner up:


Best Trailer:

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Runner up:

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Biggest Surprise:

This year’s biggest surprise were the announcements of a new Metroid and Pokemon game coming next year. Also, Beyond Good and Evil is making a comeback! Shadow of the Colossus HD Remake and Age of Empires HD Remake round out the list! Additionally, NBA Live was a personal surprise for me. EA’s NBA game this year feels and looks real nice! 2K better watch out.

Games we need/want to see more of:

Metroid Prime 4 (Obviously)



Best of Show:

This year’s Best of Show was rather simple. There weren’t too many games on the floor this year and not a lot that shouted, “Must See!”, but that doesn’t mean this year’s Best of E3 is a small feat by any means. I can say that even if there had been more stunning games on the floor, this one would still stand out amongst them all. One game stood up in the middle of the 65,000 people and said, “IT’S A ME!” That’s right, The Loading Screen’s Best of Show for E3 2017 goes to Super Mario Odyssey! The game threw its hat at us and made us jump around like fools! This is going to be one of the best Mario games yet! The fact that it’s on the Switch makes it even better. Controlling enemies with your hat, jumping from place to place, and traveling across a multitude of locations all while on the go is very appealing! If you don’t have a Switch yet, I promise you this one will make you go out and buy one! Super Mario Odyssey has won our hearts this year and has earned our Best of Show!

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Here The Joke: Gerald, You And Me Walk To A Bar Gerald Says: What On Menu? Bartender With A Mustache Says: *Takes off Fake Mustache*Your Mother! The Bartender Is Actuality.. Me And Looks To The Comic And Says: This Is My Story BITCHES! And You Say: No! My Comic! Then Roche And Iorveth Says: They Break The Fourth Wall For Nothing.