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fic recs plz where hermione is super badass & saves the world and is shipped with sirius, remus, neville, seamus, dean, fred, george, charlie or some slytherin that isnt draco or where she, luna and ginny have the best friendship ever or a fic where hermione have alot of older male friends (kingsley, sirius, remus) and there is this boy or gal she wants to date and they are like noo girl and sirius is like bang the fuck out of him/her. Idk something like that or a simply drunk fic with hermione

Sorry this took so long, I had to think about what fics to rec. 

So, to start- 

Hermione is super badass & saves the world and is shipped with Sirius, Remus, Neville, Seamus, Dean, Fred, George, Charlie, or some Slytherin that isn’t Draco

Vox Corpis by MissAnnThropic comes to mind. It’s Harmony and switches between their POV’s, but she plays a pivotal role in saving the world. 

Soul Bonding by MaryRoyale ( @dreadpiratemary) Also comes to mind. Hermione bonds with the twins Fred and George and proceeds to be a total badass. 

The Boy in the Bookshelf by @shayalonnie This one doesn’t exactly fit into the ‘badass’ category, but she does save the world and she is shipped with someone unexpected. 

Where she, Luna and Ginny have the best friendship ever:

I feel like I’ve read more that would meet this criteria, but I can’t seem to find them? Sorry. Maybe someone else can chime in. 

Where she had a lot of older male friends….:

Again, I feel like I should know this, and if I think of one later, I will add it. Hopefully someone else can reblog and add if they have any ideas. 

Drunk fic with Hermione: 

Morning Surprise by Pandora 80- Hermione wakes up married after a drunken night. Hermione/Twins

i love platonic love though i love it to death it’s always pushed aside in favor of romantic but platonic love is so simple and straightforward and easy… to have a bestfriend is the best feeling? to know that they also think of you as their bestfriend is the? best? feeling? to know that someone will always have your back? that they’re genuinely interested in your life and in your thoughts for no other reason than they just like you as a person? as you are? that they’re not distracted by your physical allure but are just there for YOU as an individual? that’s the best feeling. knowing you have a group of people who’ll stand by you through thick and thin. thats a good feeling. i think i’d take it over candlelit dinners any day. maybe that’s a bit naive to say. but that kind of support system isn’t something that should be taken for granted. it’s everything.


Her beauty and innocence shall not be lost.

Inspired by Adriane and her words.

One of my best guy friends asked to take me out on a “friend date” to just hang out & swap stories, pig out on tacos, & belt songs from musicals in the car. Even though it was just a friendly thing, I decided to get a little dressed up for the fun of it. I heard his car pull up, he knocked, & I opened the door. I expected him to just say hey & give me a quick hug, but instead, he stood there staring at me. But not like I’m used to from other guys. He wasn’t looking me up & down like a prize to be claimed. His eyes were locked on my face, & his expression reminded me of the way you get when you really stop to appreciate the sunset because everything has turned to a hazy pink and the clouds are parted enough that the last rays of sunlight are streaming through. After a few moments, he said, “Wow… You’re just so… Pretty. Wow. Beautiful.” I haven’t stopped smiling since.

Because we’re more than sisters. We chose each other. We’re best friends.
—  Agatha, The School for Good and Evil #3: The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani

This is it.
-This is what?
The last episode Amy Keating Rogers wrote for MLP.

I’m going to be a little melodramatic here, but yes I’m going to miss her. This wonderful lady wrote some of my favorite episodes for this show and now she will leave us for Disney. Which is awesome, because obviously they’ve seen her talent and she deserves it! However I’m going to be a little sad for us, fans of technicolor-ed horses. It’s very likely she won’t get to see this post, but it doesn’t stop me from making a tribute for her ;)

Godspeed Amy!

Explain to me thermodynamics and the chemical make up of the stars, and the biological processes that render us living. Tell me why the sky is blue and the oceans too and just how far removed we are from the creatures therein. Give me the science and I’ll find you the rhetoric to express the warmth of holding another’s hand, the reasons you’d rather not speak when you look up on the clearest nights, and why you’d take a broken ribcage over a broken heart any day. I’ll write in the books exactly how those shades of blue flooded through the window the first morning you woke up beside her and felt a stronger connection to the earth than you could ever have imagined. Tell me, then, of life, and I’ll tell you of being alive.
—  Payton Buckley 12.12.2015

♪ No one will win this time
I just want you back
I’m running to your side
Flying my white flag ♪