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Uh.. so, how about a … Sugar Daddy AU…?

I have absolutely no idea how or why this happened. At this point I’m not even trying to find excuses.

It started off with only Kuro in a new outfit… then high heels happened. Guess rereading one of my favorite fanfics (Like Crystal Guts on AO3) didn’t help, either. So, yeah… have this.

Also: how about in this AU Keith and Kuro are best friends and sugar buddys XD Shiro and Lance are partners, leading a large company - since Shiro’s own twin brother, Kuro, refused to take his place besides Shiro in the company.

Despite being quite rich, Lance prefers to stay in a small-sized apartment with a roommate - not because he couldn’t afford anything else, but because he likes to have people around him. He tends to feel lonely quite often. But despite living together for almost 3 years now, Lance never asked Keith what he’s doing for a living. And Keith never told him.

Needless to say, that finding out the truth was quite a shock. Especially since Keith started dating Shiro recently, as his sugar babe… and Shiro’s twin brother Kuro took a liking to Lance.

Holy. Shit.

Why am I doing this…


Jenna: All the time, It’s stressful

You can’t tell me Uchiha Mikoto wouldn’t have adopted Naruto the MOMENT she realized he was Kushina’s son.

You can’t tell me she didn’t spend HOURS trying to convince Hiruzen to let her take him - to give him a loving home alongside Sasuke, because DAMN IT Kushina was her best friend. There’s no way she didn’t fight tooth and nail, until her voice gave out, to take him into her home and her family.

You can’t tell me she wasn’t devastated when the Hokage and his council refused despite her pleading, her arguing, her begging. 

You can’t tell me that she didn’t understand why she - the most suited of new caretakers - wasn’t allowed to give this poor boy a proper future rather than that of an orphan.

…you can’t tell me that her seeing Naruto in that maternity ward in the hospital - sensing that chakra sealed within him, that calls to her Sharingan - didn’t immediately put all the pieces into place. Realizing that not only is he kept from her because he’s the new jinchūriki…but because the Uchiha are no longer trusted to be anywhere near the Kyūbi after the attack.

…you can’t tell me that part of the reason the Uchiha began to rebel was not Mikoto’s doing, hurt and furious at such mistrust from their own village, which in turn cost Naruto a loving home and abandoned him to such a lonely fate. That she was willing to fight not only for her clan’s freedom, but in the memory of the friend she lost to the monster sealed inside her son. Knowing that, should Kushina have any say, that the Uzumaki would have trusted her absolutely - Kyūbi or no Kyūbi - to watch over her son and give him a chance at a happy future, rather than be kept alone and naive to his past and his future. 

…you can’t tell me that Mikoto wouldn’t have done anything and everything to preserve the last piece left of her dear friend…even if it meant war.


You know it occurred to me that i never showed off the awesometastic belated Xmas package i received from @enbae and @justonepurpose :U (which i got like 2 months ago. maybe because i already sent them a video of myself yelling lol) SACRILEGE ON MY BEHALF

They sent me a candy shop (of which i have already eaten most of XD) and also the piece de resistance…a 300 page sketchbook FILLED WITH 3 YEARS WORTH OF SKETCHES BY THE TWO OF THEM AAAAAAAAAAA IT IS SO FUCKING AMAZING MY EYES CRIED WITH AMAZINGNESS I DIE EVERY TIME I LOOK AT IT TTuTT

Also here is my reaction to receiving weirdo American circus peanuts gummy candy

10 Fandoms, 10 Characters

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1. Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy
2. Voltron - Lance McClain
3. Yuuri on Ice - Yurio Plisetsky 
4. Captive Prince - Laurent
5. Kingdom Hearts - Roxas
6. Noragami - Yukine
7. How to train your Dragon - Hiccup
8. Rise of the Guardians - Jack Frost
9. Once upon a time - Captain Hook
10. Miraculous Ladybug - Chat Noir

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THAT WOULD EXPLAIN THE FISTING [Best Friends “Play” Minecraft Story Mode (Part 8)]
  • Pat: When I yawn really hard or sneeze really hard, something happens to my voice.
  • Woolie: Become Yoda.
  • Pat: Yoda slash Kermit. A Henson muppet.
  • Woolie:
  • Pat:
  • Woolie: I mean you're basically already——
  • Pat: Oh, come on! Do you have to do that?
  • Woolie: It was easy.
  • Pat: Whatever.
  • Woolie:
  • Pat: Shut up.