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Being jealous (BTS)

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Jin (Seokjin):

Jin would try to hide it and act nicely but after seeing you hang out with that guy and him flirting a little too much, he’d walk towards you and place a protective hand on your waist while smiling a bit too sweetly. He’d make passive aggressive comments the rest of the night.

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Suga (Yoongi):

Yoongi would be the most protective boyfriend ever and wouldn’t be afraid of reminding you who your boyfriend was. He’d get angry while seeing you talking with some other guy and putting your hand on his arm as you laughed but since he wouldn’t like showing how jealous he really was, he would just take your hand and excuse yourself before dragging you as far away as possible from that guy.

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V (Taehyung):

Tae would be the sweetest boyfriend ever and basically your best friend but when he’d see you getting closer to one of his friends, his smile would immediately be wiped off of his face. He would never directly confront the guy or you though because he wouldn’t want to upset you but he wouldn’t be as playful and would cuddle you extra hard that night just to remind himself that you’re all his.

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J-hope (Hoseok):

Hobi would literally give you the world if he could and would always be kind and pay attention to you so he wouldn’t understand why you would talk so warmly to someone else but him. He wouldn’t really comment on it, not wanting to ruin what you had or make a fool of himself but he’d explain to you how upset he was that night and when you’d apologize and promise not to do that again he’d shower you with kisses.

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Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Namjoon would be fuming when seeing that guy openly flirting with you in front of him. He’d probably glare at him the whole night and when you’d pull him to the side to ask him what was wrong he’d be hesitant but try explaining the reason behind his sour mood. After you’d give him a sudden and passionate kiss that the guy had obviously seen, he’d feel way better and go back to being fun.

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Jimin wouldn’t be able to stand the fact that you’d spent most of your night with someone other than him. He’d be fuming and within five minutes he would take your arm and drag you away. After doing that, he’d realize what he’d done and that you’d want an explanation so he’d get shy and would start sweating, his eyes widening. When asked what the hell he was doing, he’d quickly apologize before explaining the situation which would make you smile a bit. You’d assure him it was only him for you before kissing him and spending the rest of the night beside him.

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Even though he’s the maknae, he would have the strongest reaction. He wouldn’t be able to bare the sight of you, laughing with someone he didn’t know. He’d go over to you and put his arm around your waist, holding on tightly and would stay like that the whole time. Afterwards, when being asked what that was about, he’d just kiss you and try to reassure himself. Having understood though, you would reassure him yourself and promise him that you were his and he was yours.

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[Rq] Each house as: a language
  • Gryffindor: Spannish – popular and festive and maybe the fastest spoken you’ve ever heard ¡ olé !
  • Hufflepuff: English – everyone’s best friend, nice and easy, v chill dude
  • Ravenclaw: Chinese – very different relationship to the world than the others, art&poetry
  • Slytherin: French – hella complicated and like you either find them really hot or want to crush them into oblivion there’s no in-between

How many of you has preordered Switch? Or asked for it on your bday or something? ;3c
I wish I could preorder it right now!!! I’ve spotted a good preorder deal but…ahhh!!! I’m helping my mom with her treatment and divorce and I have no tablet… I wish I could just ask for it for my birthday, like, it’s the best bday present this year?? I would have gotten it by now if I didn’t have to run away from my father and pay for my mother’s treatment aaaa 😢 But yeah one day… One day good karma will get back to me, or so I hope. And I will never let go of those neon joycons.

So who’s excited?

gosh i look back at old scenes with allison and lydia and i just think of how allison would be so so so unbelievably happy for lydia that she finally knows what it feels like to actually genuinely be in love she would be the proudest best friend ever and she would probably be the #1 stydia shipper wow i miss their friendship.

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I don't know how much longer I can make it without being near my significant other. They live in Missouri and I'm in North Dakota. Just imagine how far that is. I just want to be with them and cuddle them and hold their hand and be able to walk anywhere with them and sleep with them in the most innocent way and just be with them. It kills me being so far away from them and not being able to just be there... it really is killing me from the inside out

I’m not really sure what to tell you. When i first started dating my boyfriend we were on opposite coasts and it was hard but we also got to live our own lives. Now we see each other ever other weekend.

Skype is honestly your best friend. That helped us get through the hard times. Skype and lie down next to each other. Go on (that’s a website) and watch things together. Send each other little notes and care packages. 

and you could also start to save up to meet up. 

you can totally do it! LDR is really hard but it can be done and i believe in you guys <3


Ok so I was laying in bed thinking about Friends y'know, the best show ever, and I was thinking about who the Bucky, Steve, Sam, Wanda, Natasha, and Y/N for fics would be, and I started freaking out cause they were all freakishly simmilar… Chandler- Sam (the jokester) Joey- Bucky (the ladies man) Ross- Steve (it just seemed fitting 🤣) Pheobe- Wanda (Do I even have to explain the simmilarities) Monica- Natasha (the serious one and a sister to Ross/ Steve) Rachel- Reader (Also seemed fitting) WTH THO

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