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I want only platonic otayuri moments in the movie. At this point in their development, I feel like I’d much rather just see them be friends. 

  • Give me Yuri trying to convince Otabek to come to ballet practice with him
  • Give me Otabek going on a spontaneous, one-day road trip with Yuri
  • Give me Yuri and Otabek challenging Victor and Yuri to a skating contest
  • Give me a snarky but friendly banter session between the two before their competition
  • Give me Yuri and Otabek continuing their traditional exchange of the *thumbs up* and “davai!” 
  • Give me Yuri trying to convince Otabek that cheetah print would be A Look on him
  • Give me Otabek unironically buying best friend mood necklaces for Yuri because he’s never had a best friend and wants to do it right.

“I’m really glad
we had this conversation.
Because, honestly, you are so much more
than just a friend to me.”


Mrs. Antilly, I’m sure Hillary is awesome, but -

No, if we’re gonna be great friends you should probably know my name is Hannah.

What did I call you?


And that’s not your name?

No. Hannah.

Well, crap. I already got your best friend necklace engraved with Hillary.

Are there any students named Hillary we can set up with Jennifer?


Right, sorry. Jezebel.

No problem, Harriet.

Oooh, can I actually get a Jezebel? She’d be an amazing friend.

AU where whenever you make a friend, you get a tattoo somewhere on your body. you share the same or close to the same tattoo with that friend because some of them are just the exact same while others are like those best friend necklaces where you need the other part to complete the words. if it’s a shitty tattoo, it’s a sign of a shitty friend. some people have tons of tattoos that range from shitty to astonishing. some people have maybe 3 but they’re all beautiful and take up a limb and they’re fine with that. whenever you decide to get a s/o and there’s no tattoo after a few weeks of dating then it’s probably not gonna be a good/healthy/long lasting relationship bc it’s all just being built around romance with no vital best friend-ness. there’s always that one poor kid you knew in elementary school who was too shy to make friends and was considered weird for having such bare skin. being popular could be measured in the amount of tattoos you had so some people would form the most basic of friendships to be popular. but tattoos can fade if the friendships fades or stops. some people will try and cut and scratch at their skin to make a tattoo from someone who’s no longer a friend fade away faster. some go through so much hurt when their friend moves away or gets a new friend and see their tattoo fade on its own. some people get tattoos from internet friends and they freak out and love to it and take pictures to show it to the friend because it’s usually something that has that tech aesthetic but it still symbolizes a beautiful friendship. when the internet first began and people started talking to each other, stories about people getting friendship tattoos from people on the internet went crazy in the news. some tattoos are huge and complicated and intricate. some are simple and sweet and loving. some can start nice but change to something darker if the friendship gets unhealthy. the tattoos form without any feeling and seamlessly just like friendships do. hollywood stars and the like have some of the worst tattoos because the industry can be so shallow so they have to get makeup artists to try and fix the tattoo into something prettier or make it go away completely. throughout history some of the most iconic tattoos have formed. some cultures consider each tattoo holy. while others consider them silly and meaningless. very religious people sometimes form a tattoo with the god/goddess/deity they worship which are considered very holy to them and in religions you can’t be a religious figure without one. popular media figures get called out and looked down upon if they don’t have a tattoo with the person they’re married to or with a person they claim they are friends with. when people withdraw themselves, usually do to things like depression, friends try hard to be near them because they don’t want their tattoos to fade. some tattoos glow in the dark to symbolize friendships through tough times it can be apart of the tattoo when it first form or happen after a rough patch you and the friend went through. just basically friendship tattoos. i need more friend/platonic aus.

Wash Away (The Mess I’ve Made)

A/N: A second part to this story was requested, but this works perfectly well as a standalone story, too!! I’m so hyped to be sharing this with you, and I think it’s pretty clear that no sequels will be possible. That being said, please feel free to scream at me in my inbox about what you thought and pelt me with requests about the bae, Peter Parker/Tom Holland. This was surprisingly fun to write, and I hope that you enjoy it!! 

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A frantic scream rips its way out of your throat. The Vulture’s hold around your waist is bruisingly tight, but you don’t dare to ask him to loosen his grip. If he takes that statement a little too literally, you might end up in a puddle on the pavement below.

“Let (Y/n) go!” Peter yells, swinging after The Vulture in hot pursuit. “This is between you and me, right?”

“It stopped being between us the moment she decided to spare your miserable life!”

Breathing in quick little gasps, your eyes too round and large in a pale face, your frightened gaze meets Peter’s. Your hand is outstretched, uselessly trying to latch onto a boy who’s nowhere near enough for you to grab hold of. He’s shooting out strings of webs, probably hoping to catch you around the waist and tug you out of The Vulture’s grip and over to him, but the two of you are swooping away on metal wings, too fast for Peter to catch up with.

You decide to lend Peter a hand.

He promised to protect you.

And in all the years that you’ve known him, Peter has never broken a promise.

The sight of Peter reminds you that you’re smarter and braver than this. You clamp your canines onto the fleshy part of The Vulture’s arm, which snaps back. His curses echo around you as you elbow yourself free. Before you can scream, before you even have time to regret your decision, you’re free-falling, hair whipping into your face, limbs flailing about ungracefully, Peter’s name being screamed from your lips.

A stream of webbing latches onto your waist; Peter yanks on the other end of the web, and you’re pulled up into his arms, safe and warm and secure in his tight embrace. Peter catches you with a grunt, and the two of you collapse onto a rooftop in a tangled heap, his back and head absorbing the brunt of the impact. You lie on the floor for what seems to be an eternity, trying to remember how to breathe, trying to distinguish the various aches and pains in your limbs. Peter’s moan pours out the pain around you, but he is strong and full of life.

Peter wastes no time in helping you stand, in checking you over for injuries. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

The growing silence, coupled with your lack of a response, must frighten Peter. His voice is practically a growl as he demands, “What did he do?”

You shake your head; try to find your voice. You’re shaking so badly that you can’t even stand on your own. “I - I’m scared.”

“It’ll be okay, (Y/n).” Peter promises fiercely, hugging you close to his chest. “I’ll take care of this, and then we’ll go home. Okay?”

Your chest convulses on a sob. It’s all you can do not to clutch Peter close to you and not let him go. As it is, you manage a choked, “This is all my fault. I’m so sorry.”

You don’t regret sparing Peter’s life, but every fibre of your being knows that The Vulture is furious at you for turning on him to help Peter. And if he had one target before, you’re sure that you’ve now been bumped up as The Vulture’s number one enemy.

Previous relationship as father and daughter be damned.

“It is not your fault.” Peter says, inspecting your teary face. With infinite gentleness, he wipes away a tear that slips down the curve of a pale cheek. “It’s one thousand percent not your fault.”

A watery laugh bubbles out of you. You lean into his touch. “You can’t have one thousand percent.”

“Yes, you can!” Peter retorts childishly, and you’re snorting snotty bubbles, which makes the two of you laugh even harder.

You hear the tell-tale whirr of an engine approaching. The shift in the mood is almost instantaneous; Peter grabs your hand and practically drags you behind the protective cover of a water tank. You hunker down behind it. It’s not much, not when The Vulture has lasers of mass destruction, but at least Peter isn’t asking you to run.

“I love you, (Y/n),” Peter says, brushing his lips over your hair, over your forehead. “I’ll come back soon, okay?”

He’s gone before you can reply; you can only hope Peter knows that you love him too. All around you, like a chorus of birds rising up from the ground at the same time, comes the other screams of fear, crowding one another on the streets down below. Fear for him hacks at your heart, even though he’s more than capable of defending himself. But he’s only gone up against petty thieves and thugs. This was The Vulture. You know what he’s capable of, you’ve seen what he can do –


There’s an agonized scream. Before you’re even aware of what’s happening, the Vulture’s appeared in front of you. You’re scrambling backwards now, away from your shelter, away from him, but a crushing blow strikes your chest, and you fly backwards, a ragdoll in the air.

There’s a furious high whine and someone – It’s Peter, it has to be Peter – screams your name, screams it out like a prayer. A feeling of heat, starting in your chest then spreading outwards to your fingers and toes, and the sensation of being lifted, thrown, by a giant’s hand; the ground beneath your feet is revolving, turning upside down and sideways, but then you can’t feel solid ground beneath your feet anymore, and you’re falling, falling, falling.

Peter’s launched himself after you, you can see him trying to grab onto you, your hand, the back of your shirt, anything really, but The Vulture slams into him, and they crash into the side of a building, sending shards of glass flying everywhere. Peter’s scream sounds positively frantic now.

They say that before you die, your life flashes before your eyes, but that’s not how it happens for you.

You see the happier times, filled with love and laughter and light, with people you loved and who loved you in return. You and Michelle, watching The Fault in Our Stars and crying when Augustus died, and how she’d sworn you to secrecy. Ned, trying on Peter’s Spiderman outfit and how you’d laughed yourself into an early grave at the sight of spandex and a ratty hoodie. The time you and Liz had gone shopping, and she’d bought a ‘best friends forever’ necklace in the shape of a heart, and had given you half of it.

And your first kiss with Peter, slow and sweet and hesitant, when you had felt so happy and bright and free, wishing that this moment could last forever because there was no way that this happiness would last.

Floating images and memories, moving in and out. A bright red and blue suit, a hand outstretched, the voice of someone who loves you saying (Y/n), (Y/n), (Y/n), making it sound like the most beautiful song. And Peter’s face, pale and beautiful, warm brown eyes and a smile that had been the centre of your world.

“Peter, I –”

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Can you tell us some stuff about the nature of Ben's and Maleks relationship?? I assume they're close bc of the best friend necklaces but I like lowkey LOVE the idea of them together even if its just as a brotp and I ??? Love them both so much I just wanna hear about their silly antics and lowkey loving nature pls bless me Bell I beg 😩🙏

Ben is a good-natured kid so he gets along well with everyone. I’m pretty sure Ben would agree to Fake Date Malek If Malek ever needed a Bro like that. So Malek’s closest friends are Dallas and Poppy, but Ben is just. That Guy Malek can be his usual disgusting emo self with. Ben and Malek probably wrote ironic songs about each other. And. And it’s Canon that they kissed at least twice. Yes. They’re so close with each other Ben has probably seen Malek naked and it wasn’t sexual, at all. I kind of wrote them to be sort of childhood friends, like. Ben’s mom is in prison. And he probably got made fun of for that a lot. And I imagine his only friend at the time was Malek, ‘cause, hey, Malek doesn’t have a mom, and he can relate to Ben’s troubles. Somewhat.
One time Malek and Ben were playing casual football and Malek threw the ball too hard at Ben’s face his nose bled. And Malek had to give Ben a piggyback ride to his place and lend him a shirt. Since then they’ve been swapping clothes a lot.
Ben can’t swim. So every summer him and Malek practice at the river near the back of the baseball field. Sometimes Ben just. Freaking dives in and looks for rocks, and Malek is such a show off, cause out of all of them, Malek is the only one who can swim underwater with his eyes open o-o

Big Bang reactions when you say you wouldn't date an idol, but he has a crush on you

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[you are best friends with the member and he wants to confess to you]

He loved hanging out with you and he invite you everywhere. At first it was because you got along very well and he liked how you thought about things, but he realized he likes you way more than just a friend. You just happened to be talking about your love life when he asked you if you’ d date any idols. You had no wish to date a guy who has to focus on his career all the time and you told him that, you thought it was a waste of time to date an idol.When he heard your thoughts, he was really surprised, because he thought you like him too. He didn’t give up over the fact you told him you wouldn’t date him-or an idol ever. He tried to convince you that idols aren’t all about careers and told you all about benefits about dating an idol.
“But we are artist in a way. Can you imagine how many people we meet? And… Well… If an idol falls in love he will probably write you a song…”

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He was always thinking about you and he loved everything about you. He felt the best when he was with you. Lately all of his songs were about you and he wanted to sing you one of them. Before he could text you to come over at his house you texted him, that someone asked you if you would date idol. He called you and you were talking about that question. He understood why you said you wouldn’t date an idol, but he wanted to confess anyway so he invited you over and he sang you one of his songs, he wrote when he thought of you as only best friend. His proud was little hurt, because everyone loved him and every girl would love to date him, but the one he loved wouldn’t.
“I get it, but what if any idol has a crush on you? I mean you know a lot of idols through me…”

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He met you through T.O.P and he was really thankful he met you. At first you were just hanging out in a group, but then he started asking you out just you and Taeyang, but you were still friends and you got along very well so you got each other Best friends necklaces and bracelets. You both like things like that. He wanted to confess to you for a long time and before he wanted to call you, he got a text with a screenshoted message you, saying you wouldn’t date idol, even if you were desperate. He was really hurt and he stopped calling you, which got you really worried, after that he was in a really bad mood for a while and wanted to hear that words from you in person.
“Do you really hate the thought of dating an idol… I mean… what if… it was… me who liked you…?”

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He was your childhood friend and you were always together, but you never felt anything towards him and neither did he. Until now. After some time he just couldn’t stop thinking about you and you kept appearing in his dreams and he couldn’t work without thinking of you. He knew you weren’t very fond with the idea of dating an idol, so he asked you again about dating an idol. When you asked him why was he asking and he wouldn’t answer you told him you still felt the same way.He gave up on you and just comforted himself thinking you think different of him. He was very committed to confessing his feelings to you.
“Do you mean it? Because I like you!”

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He is the nicest person you know and you told him that a lot of times. You were always flirting together as a joke, but he started having feelings for you. He made Jioyng to ask you if you would date an idol. He was very disappointed when he told him you said no and you have some really good reasons, but he didn’t give up that easy. He invited you out more and he was more flirty than ususal. When he was sure you wouldn’t be surprised that he likes you he confessed his feelings towards you and he felt really proud on himself.

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taako: winged eyeliner, $50 manicure, wedge heels, sephora VIB rouge, has never left home without a full face of makeup, rackin up charges on his fantasy nordstrom credit card

lup: cheeto fingers, owns 50 bro tanks but one bra, always fighting people in the parking lot of the fantasy 7-11, underwear-free because she hasn’t done laundry in two weeks, rackin up points on her quiznos loyalty card


This started out as me wanting to draw Jonathan in a different outfit but he ended up kinda grunge so I drew a pastel Sock to go with him

Dedicated to @lord-amidala because we talked about Sock in flowerprint earlier