best friends getaway

Mutual (Mature)

Shutting my car door, I ran a hand through my hair and headed towards the house. I was supposed to be spending the weekend with my best friend on a spa getaway but she said she started feeling unwell after we got done in the sauna resulting in us both having to head home.

It was a shame, really. I was looking forward to kicking back and cleansing, but of course, her health came first and I didn’t really feel like doing it all alone.

Unlocking the front door, I set my keys down and took off my jacket and shoes. Not bothering to call out for Justin, since this was typically his studio hours, I made my way over to the kitchen, grabbing myself a bottle of water.

Dozing in and out of a daydream as I leant against the counter, my ears caught onto what sounded like moaning.

Justin was home?

Raising an eyebrow, I set my water bottle down, following the sound. Realising that it was coming from the living room, I turned the handle on the door, and Justin came into view, his chest bare and basketball shorts low enough for his hand to pump himself freely as he watched the TV, displaying porn.

Clearing my throat, Justin turned his head before quickly covering himself and reaching to pause the clip, “B-baby? You’re home?”

“(Y/B/F/N) got sick…” I shrugged, “So this is what you get up to when I’m out?” I chuckled.

“Sit.” He said, signalling for me to come over, his eyes turning a different shade.

Giving him a confused look, I came and sat beside him on the couch. Turning his attention back to the TV, I glanced over and watched as a voluptuous blonde rode some guy, her loud moans surrounding our living room. “Are you crazy? I’m not watching porn with you.” I laughed in disbelief.

“Live a little, babe. Just watch,” He said, “Maybe even touch yourself.”

Choking on my own saliva, I looked at him with wide eyes. “Come on, you’re trying to tell me that you don’t masturbate?” He sent me a knowing look. Rolling my eyes at him, I rested my head on hand, watching the explicit film continue.

I’d never really watched porn before. Sure, I’d checked it out to see the hype, but I’m not reliant on it. Feeling my skin heat up, my eyes switched between looking at the TV and then the floor, it was kinda weird, but kinda hot watching it with my boyfriend.

Justin wasted no time in going back to please himself. Looking at him through the corner of my eye, I couldn’t actually believe that he didn’t care that I was sat right beside him. I always thought of masturbation as a private matter.

“Shit.” He grunted, causing me to squeeze my legs together. Okay, maybe this was quite hot.

“I can see what you’re doing. Put yourself out of your misery.” Justin announced, reaching over with his free hand to pop the button on my jeans. I looked at him with a blank face, and he looked back at me once more before rolling his eyes.

Taking my hand, he moved it to the inside of my panties, “I can feel for myself that you’re turned on, just touch yourself. I don’t judge.”

Biting my lower lip, I felt my arousal before a breath caught in my throat. Slowly giving in and rubbing my clit, I watched as the guy took her from behind, pounding her as if his life depended on it.

Whimpering quietly, I could see Justin look at me with a smirk on his face.


“This is so hot.” Justin said, his hand never stopping. Closing my eyes briefly, my body was on fire.

I watched as my boyfriend jerked himself, his head hung backward against the couch headrest, his mouth open partially. Moaning at the sight, I forgot about the porno and focussed on Justin.

Fed up of the restriction, I stood up and pulled my jeans down, leaving me in my panties and top. Sitting down and spreading my legs wider, I slipped a finger in, causing my free hand to grip the couch. I felt a hand at my panties, opening my eyes, Justin moved my hand out of the way and took over.

“Fuck,” I groaned, “Baby, yes…”

“That’s it, baby girl… ugh.”

Deciding to return the favour, I grabbed Justin’s wrist, letting him know to stop. Wrapping my fingers around his length, I mixed between slow and fast movements, causing his hips to buck. “(Y/N)” He called out, his voice low and raspy.

This was ridiculously erotic and I found myself unable to keep quiet. With the mixture of our moans and the ones from the TV, I knew I was close to peaking. Plus, Justin knew what to do with those fingers.

“B-baby…” I panted, “S-so close.”

“Me too,” He grunted, “Fuck.”

Quickening my pace, Justin threw his head back as his hips thrusted in attempts to gain more friction. My legs were on the verge of shaking and before I knew it, I was spent.

“I-I’m cumming, oh fuck…” Justin groaned, releasing himself over my hand and his abs. Both of us were panting messes, but it was one of the hottest things I’d ever experienced, mutual masturbation.

Turning off the TV, Justin smirked at me, “Shut up.” I laughed, knowing fully well what he was thinking.


Well would you look at me, putting pen to paper words to a screen after I pretty much just exploded my iPhone’s insides onto your dashboards.


As those keeping track will know, I took Friday off work and am just coming down from a splendid, long weekend - if I do say so myself. Work last week was busy and crazy and I was there way too late most nights, so I figured I better take Friday off before I got burnt out, and whoa, did that work? or did that work? Because I was outside about 90% of the time, and I am feeling so refreshed and ready for the working week. 

Although… I’m technically procrastinating from laundry, tiding my apartment, making my lunch for tomorrow, and a shower, but all this will be done soon enough, well, after this:

  • Jamaica in 20 days!!! Eek. I am excited. The resort will be the fanciest resort I’ve ever stayed at, and I’m really really really excited to celebrate my best friend on her bachelorette getaway!
  • I’m currently taking two courses. Blah. Booo. Hiss. One is for my old finance job - I’m licensed to trade stocks on the exchanges, but all my licenses will expire unless I take this course (it’s weird reading the chapters - such a world away from where I am now!). And the second course is a Pragmatic Marketing course, which has everything to do with my current job, so it’s a pleasure to read. That being said, studying while it’s summer out, and having a full time job, and wanting a social life is HARD. 
  • I am seriously thinking about getting botox. Cue whatever it is people will say. I’ve looked into it and want to get it as a preventative measure - as I think my wrinkles are fine now, but… they’re coming! And in DEVIL-EVIL-SATAN form. If they were happy lines, I wouldn’t care, but you guys, they’re not. So… if anyone has got it, please inbox me if your experience. As I, to my mom’s horror, debate this… 
  • I got myself a personal trainer! 6 months. Twice a week. And it starts this week. I’m really excited. It was my pre-30th birthday present to myself. Last Tuesday marked 6 months until I turned 30, which got me thinking. I’m very happy with my family, friends, career, apartment, life… but then there is my damn weight. The goal is to lose 15 pounds. I’m undecided whether I’ll blog about this adventure, because some people who live in my computer are complete assholes. We shall see.,.. 
  • I am really happy it’s summer for a plethora of reasons, but one of the top ones is my arm skin is becoming so nice. I know, weird. But I have those weird, little bumps on my arms, and the sun makes them better. 
  • I found out today the dog I was hoping to get got adopted - completely a bittersweet experience for me. That lucky family - because he was so fabulous!
  • So.. Orange is the New Black is back, baby back! I have yet to find time to have a date with Netflix, but plan to this week! (ps. My Tumblr dash keeps spoiling stuff for me!) 
  • I bought a new bathing suit from Modcloth the other day. Two things here: As someone who now works for a tech company, I appreciate a good user experience so much, and Modcloth gets a gold star from me for that, and secondly I love love love my new bathing suit so much. So much, in fact, I’ll even model it for you, cottage-cheese thighs and all. 
  • Speaking of cottage-cheese thighs. I went for an AWFUL run two weeks ago, and it seriously scared running out of me. I know, I’m the Queen of preaching two runs are never the same, so go again, and again, and again, but I keep thinking about how hard it was, and how slow I went, that I’m legit scared of leaving the house. But I must change this… 
  • What else? Guys. Going good. Strong. That’s it, and that’s all. 
  • Ummmm, so, Toronto Tumblr/blogggers/readers want to do a meet up? There are SOOOOOOO MANY fabulous things happening in Toronto this summer, and I need more friends, because seriously - my friends are sick of me asking already :) (Send me a note!)
  • Okay. And with this unedited - I apologize - post, I am off to shower.