best friends

My best friend and I send each other an awe-inspiring amount of text messages throughout the day. Sometimes it’s the most motivational, inspiring shit that makes me re-apply my eyeliner and mascara after crying for 2 hours straight. Sometimes it’s what makes us cry from laughing so hard, because obviously your best friend is the most hilarious person in the world. Sometimes it’s, ‘How did you sleep last night? Do you want to skip dinner and just get dessert together? We need to work out. What to wear on this date? Do I buy these shoes? How do I word this email to my boss? Please analyze this text message for me, what the hell is he even saying? Please look at this massive zit I have on my forehead, it’s the size of Alabama’, that gets us through our 8 hour work day. Other times, it’s pouring our hearts out to each other because no one else could possibly understand, and we don’t need anyone else to even try. But all of the time, talking to my best girl makes my day feel a little more #blessed. 

When I re-read our texts, sometimes I think, ‘Our friendship is magic. We’re hilarious. This is amazing. How are we so funny? How are we so smart? We’re so wild. How does my best friend know just what to say? Is she my soulmate or something?’. 

What are texts like between best friends around the world? What do they talk about? What makes them laugh? How do they support each other? What makes them feel connected and intimate?

We have an idea for a project that is for girls that promotes girlhood and girl+girl friendships. I want screenshots of text messages between you and your best girl. They can be hilarious, meaningful, sad, honest, touching, or motivating. They don’t even have to make much sense, as long as it is genuine and real. You can submit anonymously through Tumblr or email screenshots to 

Friendship is the most intimate force in the world.  Let’s celebrate that.

I know, I know! Two days late! That’s how busy I’ve been with big boy work! But thanks for being patient!


I don’t know what possessed Atlus to do it on a Tuesday, but it ran another remix music video on NicoNico for Persona 4: Dancing All Night, this time the song of the hour being Banvox’s remix of Best Friends. Personally, I just wanted to blast horn sounds the entire time like you’d hear in any good dance hall, but alas.

I’ll try to be more timely next time~



four songs for the good times, and four for the bad. you’ll be there for all of them. ( listen )

PART I: THE GOOD ↷ i. the great escape [boys like girls] ii. the reckless and the brave [all time low] iii. immortals [fall out boy] iv. long live [taylor swift]

PART II: THE BAD ↷ v. jumper [third eye blind] vi. how to save a life [the fray] vii. mona lisas and mad hatters [elton john] viii. lean on me [bill withers]