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Imagine you and Chris going to your best friends’ wedding weekend. (Part A)

A/N: Part 4A, which means it’s wedding time for SebAva ❤️😁 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B)

February 13th, 2020; 10:48PM.

Despite being only thirty one days away from your due date, you and Chris had plans to travel to New York for your best friends’ wedding. It wasn’t the best idea, but this was a wedding you couldn’t miss. Chris was incredibly reluctant about the trip, like if it wasn’t Sebastian and Ava’s wedding- he would’ve rather stayed in Los Angeles. He kept those thoughts to himself because he knew if he voiced it, it would’ve only ended in an argument. But you knew, you weren’t oblivious. Since announcing the date of their wedding, Chris had been subtly trying to convince them to change it. He didn’t understand why the date of the wedding had to be so close to your due date, but you did which was why you told him to cut it out. Ava was pregnant and if she waited until after you gave birth to have the wedding, she’d be too pregnant for the wedding. And of course neither wanted to have their wedding after their child was born because then their son would’ve been born out of wedlock. You were fine with the wedding date, it was a little risky but they were your best friends and you would’ve done anything for them.

Your husband and doctor didn’t share that same level of loyalty because they immediately shot down your idea to forge the papers and fake your due date so you could get on a plane to New York. Even though you weren’t at risk of preterm labor, neither wanted you to fly. And because the wedding was something you had to attend, Chris rented an RV and hired a chauffeur instead. The plan was to leave ten days before the wedding, driving through the days and stopping at motels and B&Bs when night fell. Both your families were also invited to the wedding, and while they could’ve easily gotten on a plane to New York- both moms opted to take the RV, just so the two of you had backup. Lisa flew to LA from Boston and your mom drove up to Laurel Canyon on the 4th of February, joining you and Chris on your long, long drive.

The journey was surprising pleasant, it probably helped that Chris got Vince, a professional who had the perfect route. The two of you had also gone shopping so the RV would be stocked with all the favorite candies and snacks. There was also proper food, but your moms had brought that on. It amazed them that the two of you were going to be parents considering how much of a kid you both were. If they hadn’t joined the both of you, you would’ve been stuck with gummi bears, jelly beans, sweet potato chips, white chocolate, cookies and cream ice cream, and God knows what else. It was a blur at the grocery store, you were both too excited about the road trip to remember that you were a pregnant lady who needed real food. ‘Go on a Road Trip’ was another thing you could now cross off your bucket lists; Chris had been wanting to go on one since he heard the idea on Anna’s podcast all those years ago.

Chris had also loaded the RV with all your favorite Disney movies, music, and board games, so while your moms talked and occupied themselves with their own forms of entertainment- you and Chris did everything else. It was fun until it wasn’t, but Vince had a few good places to stop off so the four of you didn’t go crazy trapped in an RV. There were a few places you stopped off at that you’d never been and fell in-love with: Santa Fe, Saint Louis, and Charleston. There were also a couple of B&Bs that you would’ve never found if it weren’t for the road trip, so there was a silver lining. You and Chris decided you’d go back if you ever needed a short getaway or holiday, except this time on a plane and with your son. Road trips were fun, but it was definitely a once in a lifetime kind of experience- though you had to do it twice because of the drive back. But that was it, you weren’t ever going to do it again as long as planes existed; it was an easy chorus of agreement from your travel companions.

But the drive was worth it because here you were in front of your two best friends who were getting married tomorrow. You’d all just finished the rehearsal dinner with the inner circle of family and friends, and now it was just the four of you chatting and eating the last of the desserts. Sebastian and Ava scored a luxurious B&B out on Long Island for their wedding. They’d reserved the whole place, so you could all have the privacy and the guests could have the option to stay on location if they wanted. It was such a beautiful place and it was going to be a beautiful wedding.

“Let’s just agree that in our next lives,” you said after telling Sebastian and Ava about your road trip experience, “we’ll all get married before we start on babies.” You all laughed as you nodded your heads in simultaneous agreement. “Oh God,” you groaned, leaning into a chuckling Chris because he knew what you were about to say next. “We still have the drive back.”

“We’re so sorry, guys,” Sebastian tried not to laugh, but he couldn’t help it. It was pretty sweet what the two of you were doing to accommodate their wedding date, considering how pregnant you were. He was definitely glad the two of you were already married, otherwise it would’ve been him and Ava stuck in an RV. “We really appreciate your attendance though, there wouldn’t be a wedding without the two of you.”

“Like literally,” Ava affirmed, “'cause we wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for the two of you.”

“Yeah, so you’d think you’d be more grateful and have the wedding after Y/N gives birth,” Chris bit playfully and you laughed, giving his stomach a light slap. Sebastian and Ava chuckled, sharing a glance. “No, we’re very happy to be here. I can’t believe how fast these past four years have gone, it’s like-” he snapped his fingers, “gone.”

“The past eight months flew by too.” You smoothed your hand over your belly and smiled when you felt a light kick. “We’re going to be parents in one month, baby.” You turned your head and met Chris’ lips. “Let’s hope you don’t do anything too surprising, Jack Jack.” You gave your belly a light pat. “I don’t want you to crash the wedding, or be an RV baby.”

“You’re fine,” Chris smiled, giving your arm a light rub. “Dr. McCullough said you’re not at risk for a preterm.” You nodded, remembering the conversation you had with her. “'I would’ve never brought you here if you were, wedding or no wedding.” He said, drawing scoffs all around. “Please, you’d do the same if the roles were reverse.”

“Oh, definitely.” Sebastian nodded, looking over at Ava with a smile.

Both you and Ava shared a weary glance, rolling your eyes at your overprotective men. They had a point though, if you’d been at risk for a preterm- there was no way the trip would’ve happened. Either they would’ve changed the wedding date or the wedding location, or you would’ve missed the wedding. It was just a wedding. Sebastian and Ava would rather you miss that than put Jack at risk because if anything happened to him- your first child and their first godchild- they would never be able to forgive themselves.

Chris glanced at the clock when he saw you yawn while poking at your half-eaten chocolate tart. “I think it’s time to call it a night,” he took his arm off your chair and slipped his hand into yours. “Can we trust the two of you to sleep in separate rooms, or do I have to get your guys up here to take you to your room and escort Ava to hers?”

“We’ll manage,” Sebastian laughed.

It wasn’t like the guys were able to do much considering how wasted they were getting at the bar. It was all of Sebastian’s groomsmen, male friends and family members. They were a rowdy bunch much like Chris’ were, which made sense because half of them were from the Marvel group. Sebastian also had his gym buddies, as well as cast mates from his days on ‘The Covenant’ and 'Gossip Girl’- Chace Crawford was one of the constants, having acted in both with Sebastian. The guys had asked Chris and Sebastian to join them, but they’d declined; they’d much rather end the night with their loves on a quiet note. Sebastian didn’t even want a bachelor’s party, nor did Ava. Instead they did what you and Chris were told you couldn’t and spent their night together, going out for a nice romantic dinner. In their defense, this all happened a couple weeks before the wedding and not the night before; they were still being forced to spend that one apart.

“Goodnight then, we’ll see the two of you tomorrow.” Chris squeezed Sebastian’s shoulder as he led you towards the exit. You smiled at Ava and she kissed the pad of her fingers, blowing you a kiss. The two of you bid them goodnight and headed for your suite upstairs, leaving them with the alone time they were waiting for.

“How do you feel about becoming Mrs. Stan tomorrow?”

“My initials doesn’t change so I’m feeling quite fortunate,” Ava quipped and Sebastian laughed, taking her hand and kissing the back. “I’m really excited,” she wrapped her fingers around his hand, squeezing gently. “I see the life they’re living and I am so glad we’re following in their footsteps because that’s the dream, right? Find and marry the love of your life?” Sebastian nodded with a wide smile. “Then start a family and settle down.” Her other hand rested on her small bump and she smiled. “We’ve got everything now, Seb.”

“I got everything when I met you, Ava,” Sebastian told her and smiled when she smiled. He leaned forward, and with his lips inches from hers- he whispered, “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, beautiful” then kissed her tenderly.

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Part 4B

“There were flower petals and candles and lights everywhere with a teepee with sparkling cider and pillows and blankets inside and a movie screen set up. Aaron pressed play to the movie he had worked on for hours, came and sat by me in the teepee, and started shaking and tearing up. That’s when I FINALLY had an idea that he might be proposing. The movie was so thoughtful, full of our favorite movie scenes, me singing our song, and pictures of all of our favorite moments together.”


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