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I could not for the life of me think of something to name this one. 😂

Request: Imagine Happy going to Gemma for advice on how to ask you to be his old lady. 
Request: Happy imagine where he won’t admit that he has feelings for you til he  has to rush you to lockdown where he confesses.


“I can’t just leave, Hap. This is my job.”
“I aint giving you an option.”
“And since when do I take orders from you?” You leant against the wall and scanned the dimly lit room and the girls swinging around poles.
“Since you started fucking me. Im serious, (y/n). You need to come to the clubhouse, now.”
You rolled your eyes.
“Im at work, Hap. I don’t finish til nine.”
“Your only a bartender at a goddamned strip club. Now do as your told and-“
“Fuck you!”
And then the line went dead. He clenched the phone tightly in his hand.
Happy threw the burner at the wall and watched the cell phone break apart before hitting the floor.
He clenched his jaw.
Why were you always so goddamned difficult?
Happy stood and marched out of his dorm room.
The clubhouse was already beginning to fill up which only agitated him more.
“Hey Hap can you give my mom a hand bringing in the rest of the boxes?”
Happy stopped in his path and look at Jax, fighting an internal struggle before finally nodding and storming towards the door.
He wanted desperately to go and drag your stubborn ass back here but he knew he had responsibilities and he could at least help Gemma out first.
Jax watched him march across the room and turned to his brothers.
“Whats his problem?”
Juice raised his eyebrows. “How much time you got?”

“Where you want them ma?”
“Just sit them in the kitchen.”
Happy nodded and carried in the last boxes of groceries.
Gemma followed him, carrying a paper bag of vegetables with her.
“She coming in?”
Happy glanced at the Queen as he lifted the boxes onto the counter and shook his head.
“Nah, Imma go get her.”
“Bet she’ll love that.” Gemma smirked.
“Its for her own good.” Happy said and turned towards the door.
Gemma grabbed his arm, stopping him and he turned back to look at her.
“Lockdown aint easy for outsiders. You gotta make her know how serious this shit is.”
“Shes not an outsider.” Happy answered.
“Does she know that?”
She could tell by the way Happy looked away that they still hadn’t discussed the status of their relationship and she sighed before stepping in front of him.
She grabbed his shoulders, making him look at her.
“Look, sweetheart. (Y/n)s a good girl. She’s a good fit for you. You gotta lock that shit down before somebody else does.”
Happy nodded. “Thanks ma.”
“Your welcome baby.” She kissed his cheek. “Now go get her. Gates closing soon.”


“What can I get you?”
He eyed you up and down, a sleazy smile on his face.
“How bout a piece of that ass, huh?”
You fought the urge to roll your eyes and plastered the sweetest smile you could manage on your face.
“Oh honey, no amount of cash is gonna make that happen. So what’ll it be?”
“Just a beer.”
You nodded and turned to the fridge when you heard the security guard arguing and you glanced up to see Happy pushing his way into the club.
You took a deep breath and gave the man his beer before stepping out from behind the bar.
“Its okay, T. He’s with me.” You told the security guard.
Happy shoved away from him and walked towards you.
You put your hands on your hips and raised your eyebrows.
“What the fuck are you doing here Hap!?”
“You need to come with me.”
“Jesus christ.” You turned away from him and headed back to the bar, Happy hot on your heels. “I told you on the phone, I’m working.”
“(Y/n), please.” He grabbed your wrist and moved to stand in front of you, blocking your path.
You sighed and crossed your arms over your chest and glared up at him.
“The club is dealing with some shit. Our enemies are coming for us. I need to keep you safe.”
His voice was sincere, and he seemed genuinely concerned for your wellbeing.
You sighed and scanned the club.
Tuesdays were generally pretty quiet, and there was another bartender on.
“Gimme twenty minutes.”
The ghost of a smile played on his lips and he nodded.
“Ill be out the front. I’ll ride with you.”


You closed the car door and looked around the lot.
The place was packed, cars everywhere, around a dozen more bikes than what was normally here. And people gathered around the clubhouse.
happy was parking his bike and you walked towards him.
“Whys there so many people?”
Happy looked at you, a look of disbelief on his face.
“Did you even listen to what I said on the phone? Clubs on lockdown. We need to keep everyone safe.”
You shugged.
“I thought you were just being over dramatic.”
Happy shook his head slowly and you rolled your eyes.
You both walked towards the clubhouse.
“Can you blame me? You don’t even let me drive home alone.”
“Im trying to protect you, (y/n).”
“I can protect myself, Hap.”
Happy sighed.
It was gonna be a long night.

You stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around your body and began to dry yourself off.
Despite what you initially thought, the night had actually been kinda enjoyable.
You’d been to dozens of parties at the clubhouse. You were best friends with a crow eater and that was how you’d ended up meeting Happy.
But tonight had had more of a family vibe and for the first time since meeting the Sons you could actually imagine this being your life.
The sense of home this place had, the sense of family was something you had never experienced before and you’d be lying if you said it didn’t make you want it.
All the guys had tried it on with you, that first night. They all assumed since your friend was a crow eater that you’d be easy too, but that was far from the case.
You loved the chase and you liked to make men work to get what was between your legs.
Until you’d met Happy. There was just something about him that had driven you crazy.
He was so mysterious, so dangerous and handsome. He had an energy about him that you were drawn to and you’d found yourself breaking rules for him..
That didn’t mean you’d given in to  him; he’d still had to work for it, just not as hard as the previous men in your life.He was suspicious of you, as were all they guys. You hung out with crow eaters, and they all had doubts about your intentions. Like maybe you were just trying to get a guy with a kutte, like all your friends were
It wasn’t purely sexual, as much as you hated to admit it. You were never one to crave relationships but you knew your feelings for Happy Lowman were the kinda thing people wrote songs about.
But god when he clenched his jaw it drove you wild, and you knew you’d never really be able to say no to him. You would  never admit it, but he had total control over you. You were undeniably in love with Happy.
He had rushed you here so fast you hadn’t bother to think of clothes and he hd offered you an old shirt of his to wear to bed.
You reached for it and pulled it over your head. It was big and baggy and it hung loosely over you, sitting on your upper thighs.
Slightly faded letters spelt SAMCRO across the front and you smiled as you breathed in the scent of him.
You stepped in front of the mirror and looked at your reflection.
Maybe one day you really would fit into his world, and maybe one day he would fall in love with you.
Maybe one day he could actually call you his girlfriend or, even his old lady.
One day, maybe. But for now; while you stood naked in the bathroom of his dorm room, the scent of him filling your lungs; you could pretend.

“What are you looking at, little girl?”
You smirked and stayed leaning against the doorframe of the bathroom.
Happy sat in bed, shirtless with the sheets draped loosely over him as he leant against the headboard, a joint between his fingers.
“Just admiring the view.”
Happy snorted and took a drag of his joint. “Come here.”
You pushed off the wall and skipped across the carpet and knelt on the bed beside him.
In clothes, Happy was the most beautiful man you’d ever seen, but out of them.. He was a masterpiece. You could spend hours looking at him, and you drowned in his tattoos and abs and every inch of his perfectly sculpted body.
He passed you the joint and you took a drag before passing it back to him.
“That suits you.” Happy said, gesturing to his shirt you were wearing.
You glanced down at it and brushed off the compliment.
“Greys not really my colour.”
Happy smirked and patted the pillow next to him.
You crawled over and tucked up next to him curling into his side, and he put his arm around your shoulder.
“Thank you for coming, (y/n). I know you didn’t want to.”
His voice always sounded huskier at night and you smiled at him.
“Im glad I came.”
“It wont be for long, couple days maybe.”
You groaned. “Ive got work tomorrow Happy, Im gonna lose my job if i don’t show up.”
Happy stubbed out the joint in the ashtray.
“I aint risking your life for a bartending job.”
“I can protect myself.”
He looked at you and sighed. “I know you can. But your staying here. Just go to sleep and we’ll sort it out tomorrow.”
“But I-“
His lips crashed against yours before you could protest and you gave in almost immediately.
His rough hands reached down and you moved into his lap, straddling him.
There was a sudden urgency to his kiss and he tugged the shirt up your body and lifted it over your head.
He tossed it to the ground and sat back.
You blushed under his gaze and he licked his lips as he looked at your bare chest before pulling you to his lips once more.


Happy watched you as you laughed with Lyla and Juice.
It had been two days since he had dragged you here and despite your initial protests you had actually been enjoying yourself.
He liked watching you, settling in with his brothers and their families. You seemed to fit in well.
Happy stood and headed to the kitchen.
Gemma was standing in front of the stove, stirring a large pot and Happy knocked softly on the wall to get her attention.
“Hey sweetheart,”
Happy nodded and leant against the counter. He pulled a toothpick from his pocket and placed it between his lips, rolling it across them with his tongue.
Gemma watched him intently.He was struggling with something.
“You told her yet?”
“Told her what?”
“That your in love with her.”
Happy paused and shook his head.
“I dont know how, Gem.” He said quietly. “Im not good at talking about this shit.”
“Look, sweetie. Girl like that, she don’t need to be told all the time. You want her to be an old lady?”
Happy nodded.
“Then you just gotta ask her. She’s good for you. Knows how to turn you on and treat you right. She’s been around the club enough to know what it means to be an old lady. She’s tough. She’ll keep you grounded. You need that.”
Happy nodded and rubbed at is neck.
“She loves you, sweetheart.” Gemma said reassuringly. “Take her on a date when all this is over. A real date. Ask her then.”
“Thank you momma.”
“Its okay baby.”


“Who wants a beer?”
Happy nodded and Jax and Opie raised their hands.
You nodded and headed to the bar.
Despite being locked in the club house all day you’d enjoyed every second.
Gemma had been watching you closely, but you got on well with the queen and she was always up to something, so you just ignored it.
The boys had been out for most of the day and you had leapt out of your seat the second you’d heard the bikes pulling into the lot.
Happy had to admit, coming home to you after a long day was something he could get used to.
You grabbed the beers, and one for yourself and headed back to them.
Happy met your eye as you walked and you smirked at him and tried to wink.
“Are you okay? Have you got something in your eye?”
“No, I’m.. I’m winking. Im trying to wink.”
Happy  raised his eyebrows and smirked while Jax and Opie laughed.
You blushed and passed the boys their beers.
“Thank you darlin.” Jax said, with an over exaggerated wink.
You laughed too and raised your middle finger at him.
Happy pulled you into his lap and you obliged, laying your hand casually across his broad shoulders.
The conversation was light and friendly and you were all laughing, except for Happy.
He couldn’t stop staring at you. His plans to take you on a date were flying out the window.
You tried to ignore it bit when Jax and Ope stood to go outside you turned to look at him.
“The fuck you staring at?” You asked and took a swig of your beer.
“I love you.”
You spat your beer at, spraying a mist over the table in front of you.
“What?” You wiped the beer dribbling down your chin.
“I love you.”  Happy repeated.
His voice sounded so.. nervous. Was the Tacoma Killer nervous?!
You stared at him, your mouth open, searching for any hint of a lie in those dark eyes of his.
But you saw only truth, and love.
You swallowed and placed your beer on the table in front of you before turning his lap to look at him fully.
“You love me?”
“I do.” He nodded.
You pressed your lips against his.
“I love you too, Happy.” You smiled against his lips.
He kissed you again and you breathed him in. You shifted in his lap til you were straddling him and he wrapped his arms around you.
“Get my crow.” He whispered against your lips.
You pulled back and looked at him questioningly.
“I want you to be my old lady.”
You pulled away from him and stood up and Happys face fell slightly.
You took a step backwards, your eyes never leaving his face.
“Is that a no?” He asked.
You smiled widely and shook your head.
“Its a yes, you dork.” You took another step back.
“Come on. I want my old man to pick where his crows gonna go.” You tugged your shirt down, flashing him a bit of cleavage and attempted another wink.
Happy smirked and stepped towards you, grabbing you by the waist and planting a kiss on your lips.
“You gotta work on that wink, little girl.”


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For anon…reader is a muggle as requested. Enjoy!

“Harry!” Y/N screeched as a masked man shoved her to the front of the pub.

The wizard’s eyes widened with shock as he saw Y/N, his girlfriend, being held by Death Eaters. He grit his teeth. Hermione and Ron shared an expression of confusion. Neither had seen this girl before nor had they heard that name before.

“Let her go,” Harry demanded.

One of the Death Eaters removed their mask and smirked. His wand dug further into the girl’s neck.

“Why? So you could just disappear?” he taunted, “I’d rather keep her for myself.”
“Get off me,” Y/N yelled while struggling.
“Quiet muggle,” the second Death Eater snarled.

Y/N and Harry connected gazes. Despite the desperation, Y/N understood what her boyfriend was trying to convey as he dropped his wand from his sleeve into his hand. She gave a subtle nod just before the wand was dug further into her neck.


Y/N stepped on the Death Eater’s foot before dropping to the floor. Harry sent a stun spell at the pair. Hermione and Ron were quick to follow it up with spells of their own. Ron, noticing Harry going for the girl, started to cover the two.

Harry hastily got his girlfriend to her feet before running back behind some tables and chairs. Harry moved her behind him as he started attacking the two villains. Hermione pulled Ron over to Harry and Y/N. Once they were all holding onto each other, the witch apparated them away from the pub.

Y/N let out a gasp as they fell into a large pile of hay. She opened her eyes to see Harry at her side. He worriedly pulled her closer to him. He held her face in his hands as he surveyed her for injuries.

“Are you alright? Did they hurt you? How’d they find you?”
“They didn’t hurt me,” she told him, “I-I don’t know how they found me.”
Harry knit his brows in concern. “You’re shaking, Y/N.”
She glanced down at her hands. “Am I?”
“Come here.”

Harry pulled Y/N into his arms. He began to rub her back before closing his eyes. This was the exact reason he hadn’t told anyone about her. He wanted to keep her safe. He opened his eyes to see Ron and Hermione watching him carefully.

“Y/N, these are my best friends, Ron and Hermione,” he introduced as Y/N peeked her head up, “Y/N is my girlfriend.”
“Girlfriend?” Ron asked with slight shock.
“Harry,” Y/N paused to hiccup, “he wanted to protect me by keeping me a secret.” She smiled softly at the pair. “He’s told me a lot about you two though.”

The two smiled softly. Hermione started to reach into her bag. Moments later, she pulled out a sweatshirt and bottle of water. She worked her way through the hay over to Y/N.

“Here. It’s going to be a bit chilly outside,” she cautioned, “And this is just something to drink.”
Y/N smiled softly. “Thank you.”

As the girls conversed Ron had pulled Harry aside. The red head was talking in hushed tones with his best friend.

“If the Death Eaters could find her in London, where do you suppose we hide her now?”
Harry ran a hand through his hair. “For now, I think she’d be safest with the Order.”
“Are you mad? You Know Who is looking from them too!”
“At least there’s more of them to protect her than us three,” Harry reasoned.
Ron was silent a moment. “…’Mione had to protect her parents-”
“No,” Harry vehemently whispered, “I don’t want her to forget. He could still use her pain against me.”
Ron licked his lips and nodded. “So, what are we going to do with her?”

The boys turned to see Y/N and Hermione having a conversation of their own. Harry frowned. He loved Y/N, but he wasn’t sure how to protect her.

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Now that this is finally done I feel kinda empty. Like oh. There it is. I did it. What now?

The second of two ideas from @thecronaguyandproud:

“Crona waking up in  a hospital bed after getting rescued from the moon to the sight of an older looking Maka and Soul waiting for them. Crona notices that they’re both wearing wedding rings, smiles, and they hug. Soul should have some light facial hair, Maka would have long unpinned hair, Crona having the third eye and either wearing a hospital gown or just the sheets (since I’m not sure what condition Crona’s clothes would be in after all that).”

The first prompt


“So I sing rain, rain go away, come again another day. When I say it’s okay to give a little hell to pay. And I know you’re so cool, but I must be a fool for taking you in and letting you win control of my heart.”

Dumbledore: master strategist

“And what will you give me in return, Severus?”

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Perhaps Snape should’ve realised something was amiss from the outset.  For when he arrived with his tale of caution, Dumbledore didn’t respond with gratitude for informing him that two of his Order members were in Voldemort’s line of fire.  

Instead, he responded with opportunistic manipulation.

We know that Dumbledore was leading a losing battle in the early 80s.  The Order were outnumbered 20 to 1.  Sirius discussed how Voldemort had won over the wizarding community and even when his intentions became clear, not many dared defy him.

Things were bleak.  That is, until the fateful night when Trelawney unleashed the prophecy.

“My – our – one stroke of good fortune was that the eavesdropper was detected only a short way into the prophecy and thrown from the building.”

I think the ‘my’ is critical – because this truly is about Dumbledore.  The events of that night were not good fortune for Snape, or James, or Lily, or Harry, or Voldemort, or Neville, or Frank, or Alice, or Sirius – or well, anyone.

But it was a stroke of good fortune for Dumbledore, because the eavesdropper was allowed to roam freely with just enough information to set the wheels of the prophecy in motion.  

Harry is rightly furious when he hears about the night in question.  Interestingly, he doesn’t think about Dumbledore’s role in proceedings – he blames Voldemort for committing the murders, Pettigrew for betraying his parents, and Snape for spreading the prophecy.  

But why doesn’t he think about Dumbledore’s role, and why one of the most powerful wizards in the world – the wizard who defeated Grindelwald – was unable to prevent a scrawny teenager from scurrying back to Voldemort?

Dumbledore states that prophecies only come true if people put stock in them. Had only Dumbledore heard the prophecy, it would’ve been of no use…Voldemort would never have acted upon it and then he couldn’t have been defeated. Oh no – far better to let Snape run loose with his tongue, and allow a child to do what Dumbledore could not: defeat the Dark Lord.

So, Lily and James go into hiding – but why didn’t Dumbledore act as their Secret Keeper, which was ultimately their undoing?

It’s simple: James and Lily didn’t trust Dumbledore.

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In PoA, we learn that Peter had been passing information to Voldemort for a year prior to Lily and James’ deaths. Presumably, Dumbledore was aware from his own spy in Voldemort’s camp that information was being passed.

And this is where it all gets dicey for Dumbledore.

Snape has joined his ranks, and promised him, “Anything.” But there’s potentially a caveat – Snape didn’t turn to Dumbledore and say, “Voldemort’s insane, I didn’t sign up for this!” Snape turns to Dumbledore and begs him to protect Lily. If Lily walks free, Snape could return to Voldemort’s side…especially if Voldemort keeps his word – and why wouldn’t he keep a promising young Death Eater forever in his debt for such little outlay?

Inadvertently, Snape gives Dumbledore the secondary motivation that he needs to put Lily and James in the line of fire – if Lily dies, he will retain his spy…a guilt ridden spy who would be prepared to do anything to avenge Lily’s death. What better weapon could he wish for?

But Lily and James trust Dumbledore, so it’s not as simple as turning them away without losing them from the cause entirely. So Dumbledore starts to behave in a manner that might just arouse a little suspicion.

“…the Cloak, the true magic of which, of course, is that it can be used to protect and shield others as well as its owner.”

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James inherited one of the Hallows – the one that allowed him to hide from Death. His family are in mortal danger, and yet Dumbledore asks to study the cloak a few days prior to their demise? He doesn’t think it’s best that the Potters keep the only item reported to allow people to ‘hide from Death’ himself? 

Dumbledore tells Harry in DH that he only had the cloak for a few days, but we know from Lily’s letter to Sirius that this isn’t true; Dumbledore certainly had the cloak for weeks…August seems likely. Other invisibility cloaks were available, and Dumbledore himself states in PS that he doesn’t require a cloak to make himself invisible.

So what’s Dumbledore’s justification for keeping the cloak from the Potters at the time they need it most? (I know he says, “I was blinded by the Hallows,” but Dumbledore is the master of misdirection.)

Back to September 1981. Severus Snape joins Hogwarts as Potions Master and Head of Slytherin. Did this news trickle back to the Order?  If Lily was happy to brand her best friend a wannabe Death Eater back at school, did she and her husband really think that Snape could be wholeheartedly trusted?  It’s not unreasonable to think that James and Lily may have wondered if Snape was a spy for Voldemort, and they may have believed Dumbledore’s decision making had become compromised.

Dumbledore certainly seems untrustworthy: he’s holding their cloak, he hired Severus Snape and Lily’s letter refers to Bagshot’s tales about Grindelwald.

Furthermore, Dumbledore must have warned the Potters that they had a traitor in their midst.  So whilst he’s acting suspiciously himself, he plants the idea that one of the Marauders is a traitor.  He’s adding insulting to injury, by casting aspersions amongst people that James has known and loved for half of his life.

“No, I think you’re like James,” said Lupin, “who would have regarded it as the height of dishonour to mistrust his friends.”

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Is it this belief that pushes James away from Dumbledore to Sirius, and therefore to Peter?

Dumbledore makes it publicly known that he’s offered to be Secret Keeper, thereby preventing any condemnation when the Potters ultimately select another.  Dumbledore is absolutely the best person for the job, and yet he doesn’t demand the role.  Yes, he’s high profile but if Voldemort had been able to kill Dumbledore, he’d have done it already.  James may trust Sirius with his life – but Sirius was too obvious a choice, and would’ve been slaughtered.  

So why does Lily agree to this course of action?  If my child’s life was threatened, I wouldn’t have turned down the offer of protection from a powerful wizard such as Dumbledore in favour of a weak wizard such as Pettigrew – friend or not.  She must’ve agreed with James – that Dumbledore had been acting suspiciously, and couldn’t be trusted with their location.

The irony of the Fidelius Charm is that it makes them sitting ducks.  They believe they’re impossible to locate – in fact, they’re so oblivious, neither adult has their wand on their person when Voldemort appears.

We know that Voldemort wasn’t overly bothered about James and Lily; he was after Harry.  But Dumbledore has to put James and Lily in harm’s way, otherwise their protection of their son would mean that Voldemort wouldn’t have the opportunity to mark Harry as his equal.  

Dumbledore  had many opportunities to prevent Voldemort from reaching the Potters, yet he actively steered away from this course of action, all whilst quietly protesting that he’d done his best.

Worst of all, Snape unwittingly gave him all of the ammunition he needed – he delivered the half prophecy, he pledged his undying allegiance to Dumbledore, he narrowed down the targets to the Potters and presumably, he continued to feed Dumbledore with information during 1981. Had Snape not asked for his help, Dumbledore may have found it much more difficult to see that the prophecy was enacted.

Remember:  we only care that Lily and James died because we see the series from Harry’s perspective.  Do we really care about the members of the Order who died in 80/81?  Of course not. 

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Dumbledore was gifted an opportunity that was too good to pass up…this wasn’t just the whisper of possibly being able to ambush Voldemort - this was an explicit promise that someone would appear with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord.

His back was against the wall.  He either accepted that he’d lose two strong Order members - which was entirely probable anyway, given the danger that they were all facing - but was comforted by the idea that they would finally have hope…or he kept the prophecy quiet and kept fighting the battle in the same way they’d done for the previous 3 years, with no real belief that they’d have a breakthrough.   

Dumbledore made the correct decision, and that’s why he was leader of the Order – sometimes you have to sacrifice a few battles in order to win the war.

anonymous asked:

hi bnha latest chapter i realized that if mirio had one for all and used his own quirk he would almost be unbeatable he would have been able to leave both with villains unconscious and (potentially captured) with one hit and been able break through the exit route with eri so my question is do you think almight made the correct decision or is that the point to show that mirio is much better than izuku

From a totally utilitarian point of view you’re right anon. You can’t even argue that Mirio does not have Deku or All Might’s will to save people because he definitely does. It’s different from say Bakugou, where you can tell why All Might might not want to trust the world’s strongest power with somebody of that attitude when All Might’s view of heroics is based entirely around saving people as much as he physically can. That’s not a knock against Bakugou, it’s just Deku’s world view and definition of heroics is much closer to all might’s. 

Mirio has a great will to save others, and also the empathy towards others that Deku demonstrates. Mirio even is able to draw out the positive traits of his own best friend sun eater, just by constantly being encouraging towards him the same way that Deku is a positive influence on characters like Todoroki. Mirio’s visual design is even meant to draw a close parallel to All Might, his eyebrows are similiarly pointed, he has blonde hair, and his expression is just as exaggerated and cartoon. The Tin Tin looking boy might even be closer in mentality to All Might than Deku. As it’s explained clearly in the beginning that Mirio is actually extremely dedicated and close to becoming number one. Whereas Deku himself is known to prioritize saving people over compettition between others. He basically forefeits his advantage over Todoroki in order to council them in the middle of their fight. 

If All Might is two qualities in his public persona, the number one hero and the hero who saves everybody Deku cares way more about the latter than the former whereas Mirio is able to balance both. However, I think the manga begs the question of whether a completely utilitarian strandpoint is okay to adopt in every situation. That was basically the entire point of last chapter’s discussion. 

If this arc is about anything, it’s about admitting the selfishness of heroics. Originally Mirio made a decision based on efficiency, one that directly contradicts his own stated goal of saving everybody in sight. He let a small fish get away to catch a bigger one.

Mirio was willing to let Eri suffer a little more because it would be more convenient for him to save her at a later date. That’s the utilitarian mindset once again, that actions have objective worth beyond personal feelings. That heroics then can be reduced to a numbers game of efficiency. 

Then Mirio made a selfish decision on two counts, his want to save Eri now is not out of genuine concern for Eri’s well being, but to make up for his own decision earlier to let her go. 

Much earlier in the arc we see a selfless character Kirishima get ambushed twice because of his attempts to empathize with a villain. It’s his concern for the villain’s feelings and well being that creates an opening. 

The villains of this arc are also strictly obsessed with using people as much as they are worth. Overhaul lectures Shigaraki, not that he let people fall easily out of his organization because he did not care about them back then but rather he was not able to extract them for all they were worth before he fell out of his hands. Shigaraki did not lose people, he lost potential tools.

Then much earlier we see Deku himself accused of being selfish because he hoards a power that would contribute more if Mirio were able to hold it in his hands. All Might has already retired, he’s in despreate need of a successor now and not in three years. Mirio is already on pro level with control of his own power, meanwhile Deku for most of the time can barely bring out a fraction of All For One without permanently destroying his own body. 

When Nighteye says these words, it’s not to be cruel to Deku but rather pure cold utilitarianism. He knows already that Mirio is more talented than Deku now, and could help more people now, so the logical choice is for Deku to sacrifice something that it would not even hurt him to give up in order to save all the potential people that Mirio could save with All For One. Just as you suggested in this chapter, if Mirio had All For One in combination with his own power he could have easily taken down Overhaul.

When Deku makes this decision then to keep fighting, he’s not thinking of how many people he can save but only of his own personal journey and what it means to him to be chosen and acknowledged by All Might. He’s thinking entirely selfishly, he’s just like Mirio putting his own feelings and his need to make things up for himself over the needs of the many.

Deku did not need to inherit all for one if his primary goal was to save people. He could have also just as easily become a police officer even while quirkless and contributed to society that way. He’s selfishly fixated on becoming a hero though. 

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. Remember, Nighteye is modeled to contrast All Might’s western influences. 

There could be a commentary on the clash of collectivism vs the more individualist mindsets that western superheroes tend to embody. The idea that you should do the best for society vs the idea you should do the best for your own personal narrative.  In this clash of ideas I don’t think there is an answer that leans heavy towards either side, but it’s important to remember that Mirio’s strength comes in particular from acknowledging his weaknesses.

It’s because Mirio is so constantly focused on himself and his own weakness that it’s become a part he acknowledges in his life and is able to accomodate for. He’s not phased at all by the truths that are lying deep within his heart, because Mirio carries those things with him every day. 

Especially if you read Deku and Mirio’s states, Mirio having a weird, clumsy and hard to control quirk and Deku being Quirkless as metaphors for the equivalent of disability in this world where everybody is born with some form of super powers. While both of their implicit weaknesses in life holds them back, and also they do make some selfish decisions in their need to compensate for that weakness (Deku wanting to hold onto All For One because finally being given a quirk and acknowledged meant so much for him personally who had been looked down upon for being quirkless for so long, etc. etc.) Their weaknesses can also be a source of strength for them, because the long suffering they’ve endured also means they have developed the strength of will to move past these things when others have not. 

Deku may not be the most perfect choice for One for All to every exist, but there are plenty of things that Deku has been able to do that others might not have because of the suffering that exists in Deku’s personal narrative. He was able to reach out and empathize with Todoroki because Deku himself knew what it was like to feel powerless. If Deku had never been given All for One, Todoroki might never have used his flame half, Iida might be straight up dead for attacking hero killer stain alone, Bakugou may as well have been recaptured by the league of villains as it was Deku’s understanding of Bakugou that saved him.

All of these are things that only Deku, and somebody on Deku’s personal journey could have done. They might be statistically less than the people Togata might have saved in the same timeframe with the same raw power, but that doesn’t meant these instances are lesser or that they don’t matter at all.

Selfishness in motivation is not exactly bad either, an acknowledged selfishness can be put to use as a motivation to do great things later. Just as it was Mirio’s own acknowledged weakness that gave him that strength. So how can you say exactly that Mirio would be better off if he was handed the world’s strongest super power rather than forced to on his own, develop his strange and clumsy quirk into a weapon. 


What’s a soulmate?

It’s a.. Well, it’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person, well, actually they don’t make you a better person… you do that yourself— because theyinspire you. A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you, and accepted you, and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would. And no matter what happens.. you’ll always love them.

When ppl actually know me
  • Me at a slumber party: GUYS I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE
  • Everyone else: Wut is it?
  • Me: I'M IN LOVE
  • Everyone else except best friend: OMG SRSLY? TELL UR MORE!
  • Best Friend: Alright, now is this said person 3D or animated?
Survivor’s Guilt

Pairing: Sirius Black x reader

Summary: You lose your best friend in a Death Eater attack, an attack that you would have been present during if you hadn’t decided last minute to stay at Hogwarts during the holidays. If you’d been there, would you have been able to save her? Sirius helps you cope with your survivor’s guilt

Warnings: Death of reader’s best friend, survivor’s guilt, implied depression, crying

A/N: Hope y’all are having a nice day/night, love you all!

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I Know Places

Day 5 of SoMa week, and I chose to go the night swimming route rather than skinny dipping. And the beautiful eisschirmchen did some very cute art for this!. 

As with the other posts, all my fics this week take place in the same AU so I recommend reading the other days before this one if you haven’t already. I hope it’s bonerific!

Warning: slightly NSFW for Soul admiring Maka a little to much

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

He doesn’t immediately go to talk to her, but instead opts to hang out by the refreshment table near her house.

Taking a sip of punch from the red cup, he watches as Maka talks to some of her close friends, her laughter ringing out across the yard toward him. It reminds him of bells on a Sunday morning. Bright, cheerful, full of life. And a familiar warmth creeps along his skin, spreading from his toes up his legs, torso, along his arms until it reaches the nape of his neck. It’s the same feeling he gets anytime he’s near her, and seeing her know, it isn’t surprising.

Three months.

Three months have passed since the last time he saw her, and his heart is beating wildly in his chest. And it isn’t because of nerves. It’s because he’s seeing her beauty for the first time in so long, the curve of her neck as she tosses her blonde hair over her shoulder. The faint dimples on her cheeks shine in the faint light from inside. Every bit of her body is intoxicating, and he wants nothing more than to walk over and touch the small of her back. To gently kiss her in front of everyone.

But he can’t. He needs to first confess that he loves her before doing anything like that.

Throwing his cup into the trash can beside the table, he makes his way over toward, a determined look in his eyes.

He can do this. 

The Valentine card burns in his back pocket as he walks across the grass, scooting around people as he goes. This is his one and only chance, and he isn’t going to fuck anything up.

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SoMa Week 2014- Day Two, Nosebleed

Summary: Lingerie is always fun, especially on their wedding night.

A/N: Here is the second drabble for the prompt Nosebleed. I would say, this is rated T. Enjoy wedding night fluff!

Day 1 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7

Also available on and AO3

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