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Abandon Route
Ian Murray

Another Undertale Comic done by @ya-ssui and I really liked how funny this

idea was. Abandoning the Genocide Route after finding out Chara is at the end.

Anyway I had fun voicing this and I hope you guys like it. Enjoy!

Comic = @ya-ssui

Voices = Me

Music = Chara | Undertale | PC

             Your Best Friend | Undertale | PC

             Ruins | Undertale | PC

             Snowden | Undertale | PC


The show continues…

Flowey - Emmykat Voices

Art by Katreal

Mixed by Jay Ikalima

Ok so like, hear me out for a sec, or don’t that’s fine too. 

Persona 5 was a good game, fun game play, good plot, a few twists here and there. But here’s something that bugged me, Ryuji’s social link. 

Overall it’s an ok social link, all buddy buddy with him helping the track team and he and the protagonist becoming super bff’s. But it felt really lack luster compared to the rest of the routes, almost kinda like the generic best friend route, where the best friend overcomes his personal issues and accepts himself for himself. 

Which is fine, except when he spouts a certain line near the end of the game, (Spoilers, from here on out) 

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Following these two comics and @tratserenoyreve ‘s Underfell brainstorm post: If Sans shows up as the Underfell Pacifist Endboss, then who’s the boss when you kill everyone?

It’s me! Your best friend!

If you don’t care for the Fell stuff, just consider it an alternate scenario where Flowey is a little more


not determined enough.

Welcome to the 10 Days Of Mystic Messenger Challenge. Here you will be able to post your fanfics,gifs,edit,fanart etc. Each day will have a different topic you guys will have to respond to. There is no specific date! You can start whenever you wish. Remember if you wish people to see your posts please tag them: 10 days of mystic messenger or 10 days of mm. Hope you guys have fun!

  • Day 1. Favorite character
  • Day 2. Character you relate to the most.
  • Day 3. Character that would be your best friend.
  • Day 4. Favorite route
  • Day 5. RFA or Mint Eye
  • Day 6. Favorite Ending
  • Day 7. Favorite RFA party outfit(MC or Character) 
  • Day 8. Favorite Platonic Relationship
  • Day 9. Favorite Ship
  • Day 10. Free (Whatever you want to post)

Any questions? Feel free to ask me at anytime (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*

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since you like Mystic Messenger, there's this new otome game which you've probably heard about,, but it's really really cute and I thought that you would love it, it's called "My Horse Prince"

okay so when you sent this i looked it up and oh. my. god. i immediately got it this is a godsend

jumin han who

@ the people saying Undyne couldn’t beat Vriska, that is incorrect. Vriska doesn’t even have arms, stupid, it’d be totally onesided

Asagao Academy Musical Theatre AU

What if instead of a prestigious boarding school, Asagao Academy was an exclusive performing arts school?

Hana Mizuno had been bullied out of her public high school’s theatre program.  Her father graciously let Hana audition for Asagao Academy’s incredibly exclusive program, as they’re the only school of its kind, allowing transfer students.  Hana calls it a miracle when she receives an acceptance letter in the mail.

Once there, she meets her new best friends; her roommate, Mai, The Normal Boots Club, and The Hidden Block Club.  They all have classes together (academic and theatrical), play video games together, and perform in shows together.  But when Hana starts to fall for one of the Normal Boots guys, how will it effect the show?

(This post is looooong, so I gave it a cut)

also thanks to @rainbowblue13 for help with some of these!

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13 Things I Learned About Life From Lorelai Gilmore
  • 1. What we do isn’t as important as who we do it with.
  • How many times did Lorelai and Rory shop downtown in Stars Hollow? Hundreds. Did they ever get bored and complain about their limited selection? Of course not. Because they were together!
  • 2. Coffee is essential.
  • Most episodes illustrate Lorelai’s inability to function without coffee. I was too young when I started to watching to understand just how right she was. Caffeine also probably had a lot to do with Rory’s success and both of their lightning metabolisms.
  • 3. T-shirts can be dressed up.
  • How many times does Lorelai wear a Bangles t-shirt or something like it under a blazer with a pencil skirt and heels? Lauren Graham is gorgeous so I am sure that helps, but she was way ahead of the curve. It was a pinch of her personality mixed in with business dress. She ran the Dragonfly AND looked kickass.
  • 4. Junk food is delicious.
  • Pop tarts. Pizza. Cereal. Ramen. Was there anything the Gilmore Girls DIDN’T eat? Granted, their slim physiques would call bullshit on them actually subsisting on such food, but to a certain extent, it was a great middle finger to the media world proclaiming ‘girls need to eat celery’ and it stuck with me as a young girl. They were busy, smart, driven, and if they wanted pancakes at Luke’s, by god, they got pancakes. Power!
  • 5. Mother-daughter relationships are all different, always changing, but never beyond saving.
  • Lorelai and Rory are the best possible relationship, but go through their share of spats. Lorelai and Emily are arguably the worst possible, but also have their redemptive moments with each other. Women will always have complex relationships with their mothers, for good and bad, but it is never too late to say “I’m sorry” or “I love you.” Emily can be a total monster, but Lorelai can, too.
  • 6. Love who you love, and disregard socio-economic status.
  • Luke owns/runs a diner. Dean ended up a construction worker. Logan came from a rich family. Jess was a wanderer. Christopher’s career went up and down. Richard Gilmore could be quite an ass. None of this mattered in the story, because the Gilmore Girls followed their hearts, which I love.
  • 7. Do what you need to do for YOU.
  • Lorelai and Rory both did this time and time again. Lorelai ran away from home with her daughter and worked in an inn. It became her career and her life. Rory chased her dreams of being a journalist. Their goals for themselves mattered. THAT is a positive message for young girls.
  • 8. There is no “right” path for women.
  • Sookie got married and had babies. So did Lane. Lorelai had a baby, got married, got divorced, and got married again. And engaged somewhere in there. Rory joined Obama’s campaign and went to Yale. There are so many paths, and none of them are what we “should” do. (Yes, I am aware that 7 and 8 are similar- but I think by #8 I really mean that Gilmore Girls showed that women have choices; traditional or no. Some career women’s best friends take a traditional route, and that is great, too.)
  • 9. Be part of your community.
  • Stars Hollow would never have been the same without the participation of the Gilmore Girls in almost every event and celebration. Even when it was cheesy, they made the best of it and had a blast. Talk about sucking it up, taking off your cool cap (did the Gilmore Girls even have those at all?) and smiling pretty.
  • 10. Life is better with humor and sarcasm.
  • I once had a friend complain that Gilmore Girls was too witty to be real life. I disagree. Witty banter reminds us that yes, life can be trying, but we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously. Make light of the situations that you can, and go for laughter whenever possible.
  • 11. Our mother’s last name is important.
  • Lorelai named her daughter Rory GILMORE. Rory is her daughter, and her last name reflects her mother’s lineage. Our mothers’ family names are ours as well, and they deserve to be owned and kept. After all, the show is called GILMORE Girls, not Hayden and Gilmore girls. Rory’s dad is a flake, but even if he wasn’t, Lorelai is usually both mother and father to Rory. Without overstating it, I love that Rory has her mother’s last name.
  • 12. Our first love isn’t necessarily who we are meant to be with.
  • As SEXY as Jared Padalecki is, Dean wasn’t Rory’s ‘true love,’ and neither was Jess. Even with seemingly-perfect Logan, Rory didn’t choose any relationship over her own goals for herself. Lorelai loved Christopher, but she knew herself well enough to know that he wasn’t it for her. Though both Gilmore Girls struggle with letting go of their first loves, they ultimately choose themselves and their healthy relationships over any false ideas of whom or what their futures hold. They don’t settle.
  • 13. Moms are awesome.
  • If Lorelai taught me anything, it’s that moms are so cool and often times, they turn out to be our best friends. My mom is pretty kickass, and hopefully if I ever decide to take on that role, I will remember Lorelai’s cut-off-short-wearing, pop-tart-eating, fearless ways and that I do not shed all traces of my fantastic self just because I became a mom. My mom is a beast, and she inspires me constantly.
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Caught Takuto looking at food porn on my computer…!!  ゚Д゚)
++ feat. something from an old comic of mine haha. 

Sometimes I think about the fact that one of the reasons I think Rory and Jess are endgame is because Jess makes the exact same comment as Lorelai about Indian food.