best friend issues

Let me just tell you, the moment you realize the person you’ve been best friends with, for what feels like forever, isn’t your friend anymore, it’s going to be one of the worst moments of your life.

But let me tell you something else. When you figure out it’s not your fault, when you realize they weren’t a good friend to you to begin with, it’s going to make you feel better.

You don’t need someone who doesn’t appreciate you in your life. You don’t need someone who’s going to expect you to buy them things, or never be nice to you in your life. You’ll make better friends; or maybe you’ll find better friends in someone whose been there forever.

I promise you’ll be okay without them.

“So I was just shopping around today, minding my own business when this gray haired man came up to me and told me I was beautiful. I didn’t see any harm to it and said thank you and continued shopping. Twenty minutes later, the same man comes back up and asks if I have daddy issues and if I would like to call him daddy. I was so shocked at what he had asked me that I turned around and walked right out of the store. However, I forgot I had a pair of sunglasses on top of my head and security came after me. – And that’s how I ended up being arrested and why you had to drive all the way down to the station to get me.”

Best friends and tumblr

My best friend said she doesn’t want to go on tumblr because she doesn’t want to become “one of those people who spend all their time on it” she also said she had better and important things to do and it was a waste of good time.
T_T it just occurred to me that she is saying that I’m “one of those people” and I’m wasting my time.

I’m so mad off right now.

i’m annoyed.

Not extremely, just a bit irritated.

I feel like I’m more there for my best friend than he is there for me. I always pick up when he calls me sad at 2 in the morning, I always text him back right away when he has a problem, while it always takes him forever to text me back, takes him forever to return a call. And lately, I feel like he only contacts me when he’s sad and needs someone to talk him up. And also that he likes to focus on his stuff, while brushing over my stuff. I don’t like feeling used and I don’t like being taken advantage of. 

And then it pisses me off because we both like to joke about how much of an asshole i am and how he’s the caring empathetic one. And thats true, I am an asshole. But Im not an asshole to people I care about. If i dont care, I really don’t care. But when I do, I really do. And I honestly feel sometimes like I care way more than he does.  He texted me a couple weeks ago that he wanted to kill himself, which turned out to be more a vomit of the mouth on his part and not so much a kill himself in the literal sense but more he was just really sad. I called him right away. The night I tried to literally kill himself, I called him three times before I tried. It takes him a day to call me back. 

And then I try to critically think how much of that is my BPD and how much of this is actually a legitimate issue. Its really hard to tell sometimes. And then I feel stupid because it all sounds so petty. I mean, I’m not his boyfriend. It should be whatever.  I just expect a certain level of mutual respect, and I don’t think he always gives that to me. 

drabble [aokuro] | satsuki talks too much

They always said “let go”, but it isn’t without trying that Daiki can firmly rebuke this fucked-up notion. “I mean,” he tells Satsuki one day at a café, “look where that fuckin’ gets everyone. Just look at that Romeo and Juliet shit!”

Satsuki almost chokes on her latte. “You know Romeo and Juliet?”

Daiki shoots her a very offended look. “Of course I do,“ he mumbles into his cup, a little stung by the fact that his own best friend thought him an incompetent fool. “It’s not difficult to miss two idiots who just happened to kill each other off because of that love crap.” He takes a huge gulp of the black coffee, and somehow he can sense Satsuki wondering if it was a good idea to get him so pumped up with all the caffeine. Not like it’s his problem anyway. This is all her fault.

And Satsuki is just looking at him, so it couldn’t possibly hurt to ramble a little more about the whole let-go issue he’d been itching to discuss for ages, right? “Like, really, let go? That’s not a metaphor, is it? Because if it is then I’ll probably never know what it stands for unless you tell me, but I don’t think it is, which just makes it all the more fucked up—”

“Where is all this… angst… coming from?” Satsuki manages to ask, despite her obvious incredulity at the situation on hand. “Since when did you become so touchy about this letting-go thing? You had no problem letting go of Tetsu-kun.”

It had been this way for months now, the difficulty of acceptance and – well, shit – letting go, so upon mention of Tetsu’s name, he is promptly stunned into silence and opts for a glare and another deep swig off his cup.

Satsuki really needs to learn to keep her mouth shut sometimes.

Best friend issues end at Friday the 13th.

So, this past few weeks I had a rough time with my best friends. Actually, the term “best friend” should be intended for one person only. I have 3. 2 boys and 1 girl. Each of us have one right? But, it really depends on something you look for. And still between those two, I only have one that really is the BEST. ☺

Guy Best friend #1: I have this best friend that like really makes me laugh so much. “The lord of the lizards”. =))))))) We had a little fight because of some certain things. I was just hurt because of what he said to me that made me look through of what I am as a person. There was this “agreement" that we had which really affected the both of us or am I assuming? Okay, Which really affected me. To talk at a certain time or never talk again. And chose to NEVER TALK AGAIN. Damn it. But I can’t resist of course. This day, we we’re already okay. :)

Guy Best friend #2: Okay, this was the total bullshit. Because there was this great misunderstanding about what people say about me being with him. Which really sucks because it already went down and now raised again as shit. But at one time I was flattered because his mom said that he and his little brother almost punched each other because of that. Well, at least now. We’re okay because we talked it out and started it with: "Bakit nga ba natin pinagaawayan ‘tong katangahang ganito ha?" and ended with PAPER BURNING USING A MAGNIFYING GLASS. =))))))))) So for that, I can tell that we’re good. 

Girl Best friend: This girl, we fought because of her being a bridge for me and guy best friend #2. Which I appreciated because she was so sick. But, we held our pride to high. Mine is even higher than his I think? lol so yeah. She was already pissed with us not talking, with us going to her and being this drama bullshits. But after being okay (me and guy best friend #2) we approached her and kinda wrestled her just for being sweet. But she didn’t like it because she was so sick. But after our classes I can say that we we’re already okay because we started to play jokes around. 

I really don’t know what would happened to me without them. #1 JP #2 Joshua #3 Grace. :) Fuck you best friends lol

I made a very sad discovery. 

My best friend and I are like that couple that has been married for years and have fallen out of love but stay together because they are comfortable with one another. I mean, we just don’t ever talk about anything serious anymore. She isn’t who I go to when I need help and I’m not who she goes to. We watch movies and we pretend that everything is fine but it’s just sort of…dead. 

Hopefully me moving will spark our friendship back up to the awesome place it once was because this totally sucks. 

Hahaha I love how people are too quick to come up in my house and point out how Im on my phone waaay too much while they are there but all of sudden its okay for them to call their boyfriend and text them while they are at my house. But not only that but you leave my house to go out with them, but all of the while your MY company but leaving with your boyfriend to hangout with him.And yet you claim I dont spend time with you because Im on my phone? Okay, take that bullshit elsewhere. You have no room to even talk about what I do when your doing the same exact shit. It makes no sense… I dont say anything when you come over and you get on skype with your boyfriend or talk to him on the phone or even hangout with him, you know why? Because I have no room to talk. Because I do the same stuff, talk on the phone etc. But at least I own up to it.  I sure do wish I could go see my boyfriend anytime I want, especially when Im at a friend or family’s house. But I know I cant for two reasons. 1. Im there for company not to go off and hangout with my boyfriend. 2. Because that would never happen being since I dont have a car and neither does he. So dont be too quick to point out what I do when you leave me for your boyfriend to go hangout. I could have started a riot over that but I didnt. Im bit more understanding that way. So next time something like this is brought up remember to take some responsibility for what you do and then come and tell me what im doing wrong. But until then you cant say anything. But look, the whole reality of it all is if your just gonna come over my house to talk on the phone and skype and hangout with your boyfriend then dont come to my house. Your there to HANGOUT with me. Not for your boyfriend. And that is the only reason I get on the phone. Is when I see you talking to other people and paying me no mind. That doesnt seem fair does it? Nopee.

Rant over .lolol 

I’m pretty sure I’ve permanently fucked it up with my best friend. Like, to the point where she won’t want to have anything to do with me ever again. I know that a lot of it is because of my crazy, but the rest I know is because I let my crazy control me. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to handle it when she leaves for good. 

you're my best friend.

just because i don’t want to tell you something and i tell someone else, doesn’t mean i’m replacing you or that i ’m not going to tell you anything anymore. it’s just that i don’t want to tell you. you tell me something right when it happenes, that’s your choice. not mine. don’t make me do something that i don’t want to do.

I’m hurting. And my best friend keeps blowing it off as me being dramatic or it being nothing…. but I’m hurting. And I’ve been hurting for months. 

She says there’s no reason to hurt if my last relationship didn’t last long. She thinks I’m being dramatic when I say I miss him. 

Thank God my other friend understands. She went through the same thing as I did.